DEFILED – Episode 12



� Danny Biitka


When all the obstacles that prevented you from achieving your aim is finally removed, when you are finally at liberty to fall in love, enjoy life with your partner, when all souls gives way, and all in your lonely heart gives way�that is when you hear the best beat of your heart, and the soul dances to the rhythms of the heart stereos�Love is said to be a beautiful thing�.

Aquila and Rama after all this months have built a strong bond, the atmosphere around them was soo lovely and conducive for marriage�.Like yes. Marriage!!!

Rama was awoken from bed by this stomach aches, she quickly dashed into the washroom and ended up throwing up some funny substance from her guts…

Aquila: Rama, what is it? Are you alright

Rama: I don�t know ooo�but I�ll be alright

Aquila: You think?

Rama: Yeah

Aquila: No, let�s go to the hospital

Rama: I said I�ll be fine…

Aquila: I insist. Get ready

Rama: Ok…I hear…

The two were soon at the 37 Military, Rama was asked to visit the laboratory after she had gone through the regular physical checkup by the nurses…

On reaching the Lab, she was met by her long time lost friend, Esi, who happens to be the laboratory technician…

Rama: Eiii You? What is the name? It�s been long�Esi?

Esi: Yeah…Esi…Rama?

Rama: Yeah Rama!!!…..long time

Esi: Yeah long time. So what do you do now? I mean where are you know

Rama: Am an Economist, but just resigned from my place. Complicated reasons tho�

Esi: Awww nice. Am the Lab Tech here�at your service…

Rama: Oh sorry. This is Aquila, He is my…

Esi: Yeah your fianc�Hi Aquila…

Aquila: Yeah Hi. Nice meeting you

Esi: Nice meeting you too�

Okay Rama, let�s go get you tested. Esi said…

Rama�s blood sample and urine was taken and sent into the inner rooms for testing, and within an interval of thirty minutes, Esi returned with the Lab report…

Esi: Hey Rama its ready

Rama: Oh yeah…

Esi: .You are a week pregnant…

Rama: Pregnant?

Esi: Yeah Why, aren�t you ready or?

Rama: Oh not that, I didn�t see that coming

Esi: Yeah, but it did come, just do well to keep you and the baby safe�

Rama: okay

Esi: Are you gonna tell him? I mean Aquila

Rama: Yeah when we get home

Esi: Ok fine…Give me your contact. I�ll check up on you

Rama: This is my card, do well do call, I�ll be expecting it

Esi: Yeah, I sure would

Rama: I must take my leave now. Bye

Esi: Bye baby girl

Rama was quiet all through their journey home, Aquila noticed it but kept his cool, He has grown to understand her switch of moods, and He knows she�s going to be fine�

On getting home, Rama went straight to the washroom to cool up whiles Aquila comforted himself in the sofa, He wondered why she still isn�t saying anything to him, so he dived in…

Aquila: Hey Baby, what is it, you have been quiet since you left the Lab

Rama: Nothing really…

Aquila: I wish, what did the report say?

Rama: Aquila, Am pregnant�

Aquila: What? Pregnant? Wonderful�Since when?

Rama: She said a week…Yeah

Aquila: Am really happy, am gonna be a father�wooow! C�mon, this calls for celebration

The two embraced and were soon missing in the worlds of locking lips, the heat embrace and love making melodies got them to the bedroom, and soon,moans,sweats and orgasms embraced the day. And both were left naked asunder�.breathing heavily and smiling to the skies�we are expecting a baby! Aquila said and they both laughed it off…

Haylie was back in Ghana from her honeymoon, she was desperate to see her best friend and her boyfriend, she called and they both planned to meet at Rama�s place. There was a lot to talk about…

Rama and Aquila arranged the room in other, their little meeting early on in the day got something�s displaced, others broken, and some too spilled�.

Aquila got some drinks from the shop whilst Rama prepared dinner, and some hours later, they heard the doorbell ring…

I�ll get the door, I think its Haylie…Rama said…

Aquila dashed into the bedroom to get something nice to wear, He didn�t actually want Haylie to meet him sitting in the leaving room, like waiting for her or something. He wanted to play Mr.Boosy a little bit!!

Aquilaaa!!…c�mon here, Haylie is here…Rama shouted to Aquila who was still inside…

Aquila: Ok, I�ll be with you in a few minutes…

Haylie: Let him be wai

Rama: Yeah was supposed to be seated here�

Haylie: Maybe He is nervous

Rama: Nervous? No He isn�t…

Haylie:..Ayoo I hear you wai

Aquila: Hey Haylie, welcome

Haylie: Hi Aquila, finally

Aquila: Yeah finally. Nice meeting you

Haylie: Nice meeting you too�You look good�Rama has eyes for good things�

Aquila: You look gorgeous too�

Rama: Hey hey!!…this is not the time you guys will be admiring each other wai. Not under my very nose

Haylie: Jealousy babe. Can�t I admire nature too?

Rama: Admire the flowers outside there

Haylie: Mtchewww

Aquila: Hey hey…You guys should stop the brouhaha and come to the table�

The trio were soon dissolved in a long convo, Haylie told them about her experience at Hawaii…Rama was the only one amongst them who is yet to visit the place…

Haylie: Am a month pregnant too

Rama: What? I was surprised at the sudden change in weight�

Haylie: Am expecting twins�

Aquila: Wow�that�s nice�

Rama: Wonderful, just make sure you let him pamper you wai…don�t put yourself in any tedious jobs or chores�

Haylie: Yeah, Asare is very supportive

Aquila: Wow, that�s good of him�

They resumed eating for some time, everyone was silent until Aquila cleared his throat to draw their attention�

Mmggrrmm! I have fallen in love in times past

I have meant ladies,beautiful,black white etc,everyone with her conduct, But meeting you Rama was the best thing that ever happened to me, I can�t measure or exaggerate the quantum of love I have for you, we went through a lot, we have just dated for few months, but being with you seem like decades to me already, I can�t stop appreciating you for the kind of support and love you have shown to me all this while, I believe I was sent to meet you�.My Mom ever told me that, The best thing that can ever happen to a woman is for her to get wedded to the man she loves�..Rama will you marry me???

Haylie opened her bag and brought out a little case which she handed to Aquila. It was the engagement ring�

Rama: But how did she come to have the ring on her?

Haylie: Small world�.shhhhh

Aquila: Yeah. Small world…

Aquila went on her knees and proposed to her for the second time…

I know people will say we are not ready for marriage, but we both know we are in love�Waiting for too long proves nothing. He said.

Rama: Yeah, yess�Aquila. I�ll marry you. I love you. She said in tears as she watched him slid the engagement ring up her finger�

Haylie popped the champagne to grace the little party they just had before Aquila told Rama how Haylie had the ring…

Aquila: You told me a lot about Haylie. So I knew how much you trusted her, I took her number from your phone and discussed about this marriage thing, she was happy to hear that, we made arrangement for her to get the best engagement ring for this�So don�t worry�It was a planned thing�Marriage proposals are supposed to come by surprises�.

Haylie sought permission to leave the two to spend the rest of the day together, she was very happy Aquila was finally wearing an engagement ring, especially, with a guy who has proven beyond doubts He is fit for the marriage…

When you get the right person, don�t waste time studying each other like WAEC Past questions. She said to herself�

Aquila and Rama were left standing in the living room in a warm embrace, the tears from Rama�s eyes flooded the broad shoulders of Aquila, and He understood what every tear meant. It was a dream come through for her�

Aquila: Rama…Let�s go tell my Mom about it…

Rama: Ok..I…

Aquila: We will visit your Dad when He returns from his trip

Rama: Oh ya…

It was 6:45Pm when Aquila and Rama pulled up at Ms. Lina�s house, Aquila went down to open the gate because the door was not locked, and He didn�t really want to disturb his Mom, He closed the gate after He drove in, He held Rama�s hand and walked her to the door, He knocked for some time but no one answered�

I think the loud music is making it difficult for her to hear us�Aquila said as they walked to an alternate door which leads to the second living room, He opened with a spare key and there the woman was�.sleeping away�but naked�not just naked�but with somebody else�s father�Rama�s father Mr.Vandy�.

Whaaatt? The shouts from the two woke them up from their slumber, Mr.Vandy quickly used the bed sheet to cover her nude and tried explaining, Ms. Lina was left naked and pleading to the two�.

Aquila couldn�t believe his eyes, Rama was freezed at her position like a statue, and her mouth opened with shock�her heart beating with the speed of light�

Aquila rushed into her Mom�s bedroom for no reason, He couldn�t stand what He just saw, He shaked his head countless times and cursed his stars�Then his eyes caught the attention of some kind of report similar to what Rama got from the hospital, It was her Mother�s Lab Report��

Oh No…Mom? How heartless you are�You are pregnant for my Fianc�s father? He wailed as he came to the drama scene�

Mom, Mr.Vandy? Why can you be soo wicked to us, can�t you see what you have caused? Where is Rama and Mr.Vandy? He said angrily

Ms. Lina: She left

I can�t forgive you two for this�Mom�what did I do to deserve this?

Please am sorry, Aquila please�.am soo sorry…

Aquila: Tell me, who is responsible for this pregnancy

Ms. Lina: We started seeing each other secretly after you guys introduced us at the Mall�.We have been seeing each other since then…

Songs of Aquila

�How can this be?

When your sudden joys gone sour

When your dreams become haunted

When your blood gets defiled

Defiled by your own bloods

Oh death, be kind to me and give me better sleeps

Love has never been good to me�

Rama couldn�t stand what she saw, she walked on the road absent minded, and then ���������.A speeding trotro run into her�..Her father Mr.Vandy witnessed the whole drama, she run to her daughter and lifted her onto her chest, the blood was severe, a taxi was soon brought and she as rushed to the hospital. Luckily, she survived the crash�

Mr.Vandy call Haylie who rushed to the hospital in few minutes�.

Haylie: Dad, what happened, Aquila just proposed to her few hours ago

Mr.Vandy: Proposed? Few hours ago?

Haylie: Yes, and I thought you were supposed to be in Qatar, why are you even in your boxer shorts and singlet?

Mr.Vandy: Hmmm…

Haylie: Hmmm what?

Mr.Vandy: I was caught in bed with Aquila�s Mom, we have been seeing each other secretly for some time now.

Haylie: Whaat? Cursed be you. Did you ever think about you daughter? What kind of a father are you? Do you think she�s ever going to forgive you for that?

Mr.Vandy: Am sorry Haylie, I don�t know what I was thinking

Haylie: Let her wake up, and you can tell her that�For me, Am very disappointed in you

Haylie left him after this and called Aquila immediately, He left his Mom and came straight to the hospital�Mr.Vandy was left standing alone, Aquila walked past him, He pretended He did not see him. He went to the ward where Rama was…

The doctor walked in a few minutes later�

Aquila: Dr., what is her condition now?

Dr: Where is his father?

Aquila: You wouldn�t like to speak to him

Dr: Why would I speak to you?

Aquila: She�s my wife

Dr: Ok sorry�Your wife suffered a brain shock. She�s fell into a coma. I don�t know when she gonna be back…

Aquila: Oh no�this cannot be happening to us now�

Dr: You better let her remain peaceful, it will help her come back…

Aquila: Ok…

Aquila left Haylie to stay with Rama,he walked back to his car and went towards his Mom�s house, On reaching home, He walked angrily into the house mentioning his Mom�s name with disrespect, but the woman was nowhere to be found, the bedroom,washroom,living room�He checked the kitchen. And there she was�.still naked. But this time motionless�with deep cuts in her writs�.

Aquila couldn�t react, it was a difficult for him�a part of him was telling him she deserves what she did�A part also made him remember she was still his mother. He did well by calling the ambulance�.He still feels there was no way He would have forgiven her�.The remains of Ms. Lina was soon in the morgue�

The day soon closed and another opened, the bright morning sun smiled through the curtains of Rama�s ward room, Aquila had come to watch over her whilst Haylie gets some rest, He was fast asleep when He heard someone sneeze, It was Rama was back from coma, her eyes was fixed to the ceiling, she couldn�t move because of the bandages, Aquila went to call the Doctor..

Dr: Miss Rama welcome back, thank God you fought through safely

Rama: Ahh?

Dr: You just survived a coma

Rama: .Who are you people?

Aquila: It�s Me Aquila

Rama: Who? Aquila. I don�t know you

Dr: Aquila, come with me�.

Aquila: Ok Doc

The two left Rama and went outside

Dr: Errmmm, I didn�t tell you this about her condition�

Aquila: What condition?

Dr: Even though she survived the accident and Coma, she suffered a severe Amnesia

Aquila: I don�t get you well

Dr: She�s forgotten everything she ever knew before she got the accident�.

Aquila: Whaat? Including people she knew?

Dr: Yeah, Everything…

Aquila: Oh No!!…what am I supposed to do now?

Dr: We will help you get a psychologist for her, it might help her remember some things…

Aquila: you mean might?

Dr: Yeah…we can confirm whether she can really remember�.she might remember nothing at all. It�s severe�

Aquila: Hmm…What about the baby?

Dr: Its fine�

Aquila: Ok, Thank you

This was a hard nut for Aquila to crack, He sat on and looked at Rama,who was looking at him as if He was some kind of alien�She kept asking him why He was countless times�

Aquila called Haylie and told her about the condition, she soon arrived at the hospital, she cried when she realized Aquila, her friend of all friends couldn�t even say her name�Haylie mastered courage and called Rama�s father, He came there some minutes later with shame spelt boldly on her face, He couldn�t control his tears, Her daughter couldn�t even remember the harm He did to him. He just looked at him like that. And she did too�

Aquila called Haylie outside…

Aquila: Haylie, am leaving the country

Haylie: Just like that?

Aquila: Yes, there is no way we can go one, we have been defiled by our own bloods, I can�t see her like this

Haylie: Hmmm…What about the baby

Aquila: I�ll call her Rama Thompson Brews II

Haylie: After her mother?

Aquila: Yeah�I�ll come for her when she grows

Haylie: Hmmm

Aquila: Take her to my Mom�s house, I�ll give you the necessary documents, the cars too, the cash here�.They must start proper lives together�It�s a fresh beginning for her

Haylie: Hmm ok…I get you

Aquila: Make sure you never tell her about what happened, don�t mention me to her�Let her have a fresh life�Promise me Haylie

Haylie: I promise

Aquila: Good

The two embraced, Aquila went in to look into the face of Rama before leaving. Like nothing ever happened. With Haylie looking on as He left, with tears flooding her chest, and Rama looked on�She does not even remember what crying is�

Love is good

But life is wicked

When you find love

Life finds Evil

Until you fight through the shackles

You are a victim

The worst pain is to too painful

When your blood is defiled…

You need a fresh start�



A Story by Danny Biitka



Book Closed

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  1. Your Message…this story doesn’t make much sense to
    me. many deaths and tragedy. how does their parents
    relationship affect them. don’t they have a right to be

  2. Hmm
    Which kain story be this one..
    It started well buh ended rather distastefully.
    Anyway he who plays the pipee dictates the tun
    e. Its the writer’s choice.
    Uhmm Oy in, this your website design is good b
    uh kinda boring, please make it more lively and t
    he words tends to separate when it gets to the e
    nding. If you understand what I mean. Thanks

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