Cracked Sources – B03E10

Andrew spent the next five days at Huey’s trying to piece back his
life together. Huey, as a friend, tried his best to return him to the same
quality of person he was known to be –the indispensable warrior who’d give
everything for a cause he cared for, the man who’d murder orcs before he’d let
harm come to the ones he loved. But the truth was, that man was gone for good
and, for good, he was never coming back. The best anyone could do was to
remodel him into something recognizable – a shadow of his former self.
During the course of their discussion, Andrew had
name-dropped Patrick, which caused Huey to momentarily believe his friend was
somewhere inside, fighting to be let out, but he knew better now, it was all
Andrew’s head trying to remember Anna. Anna was beginning to seem like Andrew’s
one true love –that kind one can never be fulfilled being apart from– he knew thence
reconnecting Anna with Andrew would do the latter so much good, all he had to
do was find Anna. That would come after they had finished visiting Patrick.
Helen didn’t know what to do to both men standing at her door; these
two were supposed to be her husband’s friends, or at the very least his
professional colleagues; but they were a disappointment, they broke the bro code when they left him his
disability, unattended. Patrick had always been the odd one at Lewis Chamber,
that was the reason she wanted him to leave; it was time he took charge of his
life and put the firm and its occupants behind him. Seeing Huey and Andrew
reopened old wounds for him, which she didn’t like; she feared he might reconsider
his decision to join Tiffany-Janes,
because of his ever-considerate nature.
“He’s not in,” she lied to them.
sighed in disappointment, and turned their backs to leave, but stopped, at
Patrick’s timely intervention. He had seen them through the window.
Patrick was happy to see both men. He exhibited a
calm too surprising. If there was anything he’d learnt over the last few days
it was that, “no one likes a liability” a fact he reechoed to their hearing. He
spent the first few weeks whimpering, “why hadn’t anyone come to see me?” He’d
ask. But as the days passed and no one showed, the question turned to, “how
best can I help myself?” That was his driving force accepting the offer from
Barrister James.
            “I don’t know if
you’ve heard, but Andrew isn’t really himself,” Huey whispered to Patrick, as
he helped wheel the chair out, leaving Andrew alone in the sitting room.
            “I heard rumors, but
I wasn’t sure.”
            “It was the blast. It
caused him his memories.” Huey handed Patrick a can of water he procured from
the fridge.
Patrick took a gulp and said, “I see,” he took a pause and continued,
“but he looks normal to me.”
            “I’ve been helping
him remember people. He’s been getting better at the pretense.”
            “I see,” Patrick said
again. “It’s alright. I understand better.”
            “I’m sorry once
again,” Huey apologized; he meant it. “Isn’t there anything I can say to make
you stay?”
He shook his head and said, “It’s for the best.”
Anna sauntered into the reception at the ground
floor, she removed her sunshade and relaxed the bulb of her weave-on simply by
vigorously moving her shoulders. The receptionist greeted her well enough for
anyone who cared to know she was a familiar face. Anna had on, a blonde weave,
sharp red lipstick, a cream-colored hybrid jacket, and matching red pumps.
Taking another look at her, the receptionist asked, “Are you alright,
            “I’m fine.” Anna
flashed her a smile, and walked away. She got to the office she used to know as
Patricia’s on the 10th floor. It turned out Patricia had moved up, walked up
the ladder to the position of PA to the
new CEO
– Ms. Abigail Akin. By the time Anna finally found Patricia, the
latter’s effort to get rid of her in time was futile: the Abigail had already
walked in on them.
            On realizing that the
person before her was the infamous Anna, the girl whose named had plagued the
entire firm since she took over, Abigail was furious, she could hardly contain
her disgust for ‘the opportunistic b***h
who joined her father’s bas***d to destroy her family’. As long as she was
concerned, Anna wasn’t welcomed in the firm – not while she was CEO!

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