Cracked Sources – B03E08

Anna sunk herself onto the soft couch in Patricia�s office. It was her
first time out since the incident; she�d finally convinced herself that she
needed some time with friends. Her head still hurt, even though she had started
medication, it still troubled her, and there wasn�t much she could do about it.
Patricia feigned sympathy at Anna�s complaints. She tried hard to not
let herself feel angry that her secretary, Nimah, let Anna into her office in
her absence; she had to play along, else, Anna get suspicious over her true
�Hope you�re alright, sweetheart?� She asked.
�Yes,� Anna replied impulsively, but on second thought she reformed
her answer, �I�m not so sure.�
It was Patricia�s idea Anna come to the office to pick up Mark�s
stuffs he left behind. Anna thought it was her friend helping her to find
closure, not knowing Patricia had other agendas.
�What�s the matter?� Patricia sked, fondly.
question triggered memories Anna was trying hard to suppress. She really wanted
to answer, but her strength was failing her; she gave up, and said, �I can�t. I
really can�t.� She panicked.
            �It�s alright,� Patricia said, and
handed over Mark�s box to Anna.
 �Thank you,� Anna said, as she
received the box.
smiled, and said, �All I want is for you to be happy, Anna.�
put down the box and gave her a hug, befitting a good friend, for old time
sake, and for the deeds of the present.
been a very good friend,� Anna said, �� and I love you.�
Lewis� head found succor on Andrew�s shoulder. She couldn�t bear for
the beautiful moment to end. For the past twenty minutes, she enjoyed the sweet
pleasures his strokes offered her; she talked about lots of things, from Andrew
leaving her for Ramon, to the twelve years she�d spent living life without him.
As Andrew still had difficulties remembering things, he did most of the
�I loved you, Andrew,� Lewis said, with so much sadness written on her
�Loved me?�  Andrew rightly
asked. He was confused, yet, surprised.
sighed. �What more can I say? You�re poison. You destroy everything you touch.�
            �I�m sorry,� Andrew apologized
again, for the umpteenth time.
            �Sorry doesn�t cut it, Andrew!� She
had an outburst. �You destroy everything and everyone. You destroyed my life.
You destroyed me. And that�s why you�ll never find love, or be happy.�
Andrew immediately rose to his feet. Her reply was unexpected, and it
shocked him. �What do you mean? What do you mean?� He repeatedly asked, but
Lewis gave no reply. Andrew could tell something in her words weren�t true. He
might not have his full memories, but he felt he experienced true love not too
long ago. For some reason, he remembered what true love feels like, thanks to
�Good for you,� Lewis congratulated him, �I really hope I�m wrong. And
if you do find her make sure you
treat her better than you did me.�
tried to make sense of the way she spoke. He had a question that had burdened
him since he first arrived in here. �If you�re so unhappy here, why do you
immediately stood up; he was going into territories she�d rather have
unexplored yet. Even though she found herself inclined to give him a reply, she
fought hard not to, but within seconds, she let her guards down and concluded it
was for the best to tell him the truth
�Talk to me, Lewis,� Andrew chided her. �What does the Prophet have on
you?� He pressed further.
�Don�t worry about me, I can take care of myself.�
Prophet walked into the hall at that exact moment.  His presence caused them to become
disconcerted. Lewis immediately rose, and made to leave, but not before she
said, only to Andrew�s hearing,
�A mother shouldn�t leave her children to chance, no matter the
reason. My children are in need of their mother.�
she left.
face tightened with anger and disgust. He took a good, long look at the Prophet,
and his vex skyrocketed. He clenched his fist in response.
�Andrew!� Someone called him from behind. Lewis stopped moving, and
turned to the direction of the voice; so, did her husband.
�Andrew, my name is Huey,� the gentleman said, �You might still not
remember me, but I�m a good friend, and you value my opinion.�
just looked on, perplexed.
�It�s time to come back home, Andrew. We�ve come to get you.�
felt slighted. �Who was this Huey guy,
who thought he could pop up and whisk him away?�
He thought. He further
tightened his fist, and rushed towards Huey�s position.

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