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Cracked Sources – B03E06

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Andrew had been trying for the past two weeks to get an audience with
Lewis, alone. Apart from the days of church services, she was a rare commodity
to find; she had her hands full, taking care of two children of demanding ages.
Today was his lucky day, Lewis walked into the church through the western door. He was excited to see her.
“Lewis,” he called. But she wouldn’t answer. She instead, hurried out
back out as soon as she took what she came in for.
 “Caught you.” He sounded
“Leave me alone, Andrew,” she shouted at him.
could clearly see years of pains buried behind her eyes.
“What did I do to you? Why do you hate me so much?” He asked,
with concern written all over his face.
began to stroll down Lewis’ cheeks. “You left me, she said, “For that old
woman, you left me. Me.”
            “I don’t remember, don’t you see?”
turned her back on him.
            “I’m sorry for whatever it was
between us. But this is me, the Andrew you used to know, the one who loves you
more than anything else in this world.”
grabbed him by the head and kissed him deeply before he could apologize any
further. He was the love of her life, and he kissed her back. His hands quickly
found their way to her back, her zip quickly came undone. Thoughts of her
husband kept coming, but Lewis kept on suppressing them; all she wanted at that
point was Andrew.
            She had undone his trouser zipper,
and was on her knees to suck him off. After two thrusts from Andrew, there was
an interruption; both quickly covered their shames. Before they could address
the intruder.
            “Mummy!” Elias shouted. He was too
shocked at what he’d seen that he couldn’t utter any other word. Lewis felt so
ashamed, she ran away.
            “You cannot say anything to the
prophet please,” Andrew begged.
           “Of course not,” Elias quickly
responded, “Why would I want to be a killjoy?” He asked. His voice was layered
with seduction. He readjusted his shoulders and started to walk towards Andrew
with the full feminine force he could muster. “Why would I expose the man I
love to harm?”
fought hard to hide the disgust written all over his face. Elias fingered his
bellybutton, and toyed with his lips, all in a bid to further attract the man.
            “You’re a fine young man, Elias,”
Andrew said, “But I’m sorry, I don’t play for your team,” he added, and walked
Elias still couldn’t help his infatuation, he
admired Andrew since the first day he walked into the church, and the only
thing he’d on his mind was bedding him.
Patricia increased her pace to get the letter in her hand to Abigail. Many
things had gone wrong within the past few weeks, especially the unexpected
appearance of Abigail, Akin’s legitimate and much unknown daughter, but she was
up to the task of fixing it; that was what she was good at – fixing things. She
looked up and saw her rival, overseeing
the finishing touches to the newly repaired conference room.
“This just came in for you,” Patricia said to Abigail, “It’s very
the Federal Government of Nigeria‘s
seal on the front cover, Abigail could tell the parcel didn’t bring good
tidings. It was a letter, warning the Board of Directors of Lewis Chambers to
curtail the incessant death of staffs at the Firm.
            Abigail stared exhaustively into
space; running the firm was proving harder than she initially thought. Everyday
brought with it a new kind of trouble. She was getting frustrated.
KC (the guy from the engineering division Patricia slept with at the
parking lot some time ago) arrived their position carrying a large board; it
was his design for the final stage of the conference room that was destroyed in
the explosion. Abigail praised his work. He was full of joy at her admiration
of his work. His eyes naturally drifted towards Patricia, they exchanged quick
Patricia’s office phone rang. After five seconds on the line she
turned to Abigail and said, “You’re needed in your office.” It was an
emergency, so, KC was dismissed.
When they arrived, they saw the reason for the emergency.
married couple was there, demanding to see Andrew, who they knew as the best
lawyer in the firm. They were creating a scene, and this angered Abigail.
& Mrs. Nnabuike had a huge problem, and they needed a lawyer of high
Twelve years ago, they had adopted a girl
child from a young lady who got pregnant out of wedlock. They paid her off
financially, enough for the lady to self-train herself, as her parents rejected
her after she became pregnant. The problem now was that, the Nnabuike’s never
officially adopted the girl, Ndali, and her birth mother, having become
successful after her education, wanted her back.
was a big issue, and according to them, their survival depended on them getting
help. That’s why they needed Andrew.
Abigail fought with her inner instincts to explode. How dare they come into her firm and ask
after her father’s bast
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