Cracked Sources – B03E05

Beatrice paced the aisle, with two cups in tow. One was coffee, and
was for her to keep vigil; the other was mineral water, should Andrew care. He
was erratic, hence, had to be restrained. By the time Beatrice arrived the
ward, the straps that bound Andrew was still there, but there was no sign of
him. She panicked, which caused the cups to slip off her hands; the splash of
the hot coffee burned her exposed legs.
made it to the nurse at the reception, close to the ward. The nurse claimed to
have no knowledge of Andrew passing. �What do you mean he’s missing?� she asked
in confidence, before she grudgingly followed Beatrice back to Andrew�s ward.
            �Where is he?�
eyes shone. Wasn�t she the one who came
to report Andrew�s disappearance?
The nurse was consciously trying to pin
the disappearance on her, rather than suggest ways to begin his search.
�How dare you?� Beatrice asked. �How dare you try to put this one me?�
�How dare you try to teach me my job?� The nurse fired back.
nurse took offense. Both women were on the brink of exchanging blows, before Dr.
Gusanu arrived the scene.
            �Nurse, go wait in my office,� he
she didn�t play ball, he threatened her with disciplinary action. The
possibility of a suspension scared her, after a dauntless career spanning
twenty years.
            �What happened?� The doctor asked
don�t know,� Beatrice began, �I went out to get a drink and by the time I was
back, he was gone.�
Andrew paraded the streets of Lagos for roughly two hours.  His bare-feet graced the hard floor, even as
the sun scorched. He had spent the time searching for The Church � a place that looked like he had just been there
yesterday, but in reality, it�s been twelve years since his last visit.
had changed drastically from how he last remembered. He hoped the only person
he craved more than Ramon at that moment � Lewis
� still lived there.
�The Church in the Dark,� Andrew said; reading out the name as
displayed on the banner overhead. He thought to himself that the church wasn’t
much in the dark since everywhere was more opened, brighter, filled with shops
and businesses. He wondered again, how so much changes could occur in a day. At
the back of his mind, he wondered if the woman at the hospital (Beatrice) was
telling the truth when she said he had lost his memories. Everything seemed so
normal, yet, so confusing.
�Hello, brother. Can I help you?� A young greeted.
�I’m sorry,� Andrew apologized, �I was about leaving.� He turned to
           �Nonsense,� another voice said.
paused on his steps: the voice was familiar. He turned, and saw an old man, who
he called Prophet � He was the leader
of the �Church In The Dark�.
           �My son,� the prophet called; he
opened his arms wide for an embrace. His browned teeth escaped their hold in
excitement when he said, �I knew you�d return.�
Andrew buried himself in his embrace, a familiar place. Both of them walked
side-by-side into the church. Andrew’s eyes caught sight of the most beautiful
lady he’s seen in recent memory; the one responsible for his unaccountable
missing heart beats.
�You remember Lewis, right? She�s my youngest wife.� The prophet
�Yes, I do,� Andrew quietly replied. The full story was coming back to
him. He remembered his time with the church, the prophet, and how he met Lewis.
The prophet�s smile almost tore the corners of his mouth, his
excitement knew no bound. �I married her. We have two children, Praise and
Worship,� he said, wearing a grin.
Andrew took a better look at Lewis and her children; he realized the
beauty he saw on her when he first walked in wasn�t really there. She looked
worn out, and her children, Praise, two years old, and Worship, three months
old, had seen better days.
�What happened to her?�
prophet heaved a sigh of exhaustion, �She grew up,� he said, �And you should
He walked towards the altar, forcing Lewis with him. He called out for
Andrew�s attention, he needed him to watch what was about to happen. Andrew was
to understand that all that transpired between him and Lewis was in the past;
it was ordained by God to make Lewis the vessel to carry his miraculous seeds.
�Pay attention, my son, to the word of the Lord,� he said, You shall
have no other god before me. So, cheer up.�
looked away; she broke off contact with her husband. She walked away with her
children without saying a word to either Andrew or her husband.
The Prophet returned to Andrew�s position, he put a hand on his
shoulder, cleared his throat, and said, �You are full of surprises, my son, and
I am happy to have you back.�
The young man who met Andrew at the door, walked in. His name was
Elias, and he shook Andrew�s hand. �I�ve heard so much about you,� he said,
full of admiration.
wanted Andrew to know he really respected him. Andrew was a legend at �The Church�, a role model of some sort
for them diligently doing the work of
God in their various capacities: the prophet always referenced him.
�I want to become a Lawyer someday, just like you,” Elias said.
smiled. �That’s good,� he commended him. His voice betrayed him, he sounded
unsure, and tried to play along so as not to let the young man down.
also wanted to know who Andrew preferred to take him on a tour round the
Church’s facility, him or Glory, a young lady he had been bickering with behind
the scene.
           �He�ll wants me,� Glory said from a
Elias squeezed his face, and bit his lips. Glory
walked closer.
Akin walked in to his living room, looking disturbed. The events of
the past weeks caused him anxiety unlimited, everywhere inch of the place
triggered memories he was trying to suppress. Once upon a time, he was a man
who had everything he ever wanted � a successful law firm, wealth, children �
now, all that was left were memories. The exquisitely decorated space held no
sway over him anymore.
           There was a sound behind him; he
quickly looked.
�Abigail!� He shouted, �Is that really you?�
walked into the light, she gave her father a hug. Akin was surprised to see
her, she never told him she was returning to Nigeria; he hadn�t even spoken to
her in months, since Andrew�s hostile takeover. As much as he didn�t want to
admit, he wanted her around.
           �I�ve missed you, daddy,� she spoke
softly; not wanting to let go, she held onto him tightly.
           �I�ve missed you too, my angel,�
Akin replied. �Why did you return?� He wanted to know, �You should have stayed
back till all these was over.�
           �Not when my family needs me.�
broke off the embrace. He didn�t want to hear what she was saying. �Why are you
here? Why are you here, Abigail?� He stressed. �You need to return to the US
first thing tomorrow.�
           �No, daddy. It is you who needs to
return. To the firm. Your legacy,� she said, �Your people need you back as soon
as possible.�
closed the gap between them, and placed her hands over his shoulders. She
wished she could fully understand what was happening inside his head, to better
share in his pain, but it wasn�t possible. She had to settle for what she had
now. He�s supposed to be her strength, and here she was providing succor for
him instead.
�Daddy, please. You need to consider this,� she started, �I can�t do
this alone. I need you with me.� She said with pleading voice.
�I don�t know how to,� Akin said.
�You don�t have much of a choice.�
�I have nothing to give you anymore, Abigail. If I reenter your life,
you�ll die. I�m like cancer, I destroy everyone I touch.� It was becoming
increasingly difficult to fight back the tears trying to escape his broken
wiped away her tears. �Okay. So, now I�m giving you a choice; you either come
back to the firm or forget about it and me forever. You�ll be removed from the Board of Trustees,� she said.
said nothing. Abigail left.

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