Cracked Sources – B03 E16

Patricia easily maneuvered KC: momentarily letting go of Abigail’s hair to disarm her lovesick puppy. She sent him crashing in pain with the scissor buried into his chest. He started bleeding profusely. Turning back, Patricia saw Abigail running for an open window ready to jump to her welcomed death.

“I refuse to be a part of whatever you’ve got planned in that your sick head of yours.”

Patricia laughed. She made Abigail realize she had been a part of it for a very long time. “The people I work for are very powerful, Abigail. You can do nothing to stop their plans,” she said, “Who do you think made you return to Nigeria?’

Abigail became more afraid. She looked down from her position, knowing fully well that she couldn’t jump to her death, neither could she let Patricia win that easily. Patricia reached for her hand and dragged her in, she delivered her two dirty slaps, and smashed her head into the glass-pane of the window.

“You shouldn’t have made me stress myself. Now, see…”

Her speech was cut abruptly. Blood streamed down and began to hit Abigail on her back. On getting away, Abigail could see KC had stabbed Patricia in the neck using the scissors. He was bleeding profusely. Abigail called the emergency line for an ambulance.


Larry waved his gun, should it be that Akin had forgotten he still had the upper hand in this gathering. They strolled the hallway leisurely; their destination known to Akin. They stopped at the door of the VIP room.

“I want the firm. We both know it should have been mine,” Larry said. He brought out a well-arranged document saying it was the necessary documents for a handover. “You can go through it once we’re inside.” He added.

As they walked into the room, they were greeted by blood everywhere and Abigail pulling Patricia’s gun on them. Abigail wasted no time firing against Larry; only that the gun wasn’t loaded. It was an express command from Mr. M for Abigail to not be hurt, hence, Patricia’s decision to not hold her hostage with a loaded gun. But as Larry had said and reiterated, he wasn’t playing by Mr. M’s rules anymore.

“Who’s this Mr. M, and what does he want with me?” Abigail asked in frustration. KC was dying, the pressure on the wound was doing little to stop the bleeding.

“You’ll find out soon, when you join Patricia at the other side.” Larry took a second look at Patricia’s body.

Larry dropped a pen before Akin, commanding him to sign over the firm. He made it clear that he was going to ki*ll Akin anyway, but signing the document meant Abigail didn’t have to die as well as she meant nothing to his quest for revenge. “You have my word,” he said.

Akin signs the document even as Abigail told him not to. Next was Abigail, but she refused to sign.

“Do you want to die, young lady?”

Abigail was silent at first, before she responded by saying, “I refuse to sign away all my father had worked for his entire life just like that.” Tears flowed down her cheek as she spoke.

By the nature of the document Larry had carefully crafted, it was obvious he had been planning this for years. Once signed, the document couldn’t be revisited. It meant he’d own the firm for life.

“We will stop you. The police are on their way. I called them myself. They’ll ki*ll you. Senseless, worthless, useless old man. They’ll ki*ll you.”

Larry became angry. He brandished his gun and pointed it at KC’s head. He claimed that Abigail and Akin didn’t know what hit them, and that Mr. M was coming for them all, stating that by the time his plans for them get to the final stage, Akin will be begging to die. He corked his gun and wanted to repoint to KC head, before Akin jumped on him. They scuffled for control of the weapon for a while before the gun was fired. Everywhere was momentarily quiet, before Abigail passed out.


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