Cracked Sources – B03 E14

KC killed the engine of the car, and remained glued to his seat to think. He was pained and his heart was heavy; this was because he�d always held out hope that in all this deceit, Abigail actually felt something true for him. The hope for this perfect life he had painted in his head kept him sane, and was his gauge to never go all the way with whatever it was Patricia had planned for her. But, if what just happened at Abigail�s office didn�t teach him an important lesson, then he was as stupid as most people always suggested. He was nothing more than a glorified sales-boy with whom Abigail satisfied her sexual urges when stressed. He felt sad and betrayed. He was finally ready to commit all the way to Patricia�s plans.

As he walked through the passage, carrying an unlabeled large brown paper bag in his right hand, all he could think about was not messing things up with Patricia. If he did well, he was certain he�d get a chance at true love with her, after all, what he wanted was just love, someone to accept him for who he truly was. He arrived the room that was supposed to be Anna�s, but it was empty. He panicked. He asked the first Nurse he could see and was told that Anna had checked out not too long ago. He dialed Patricia; his hands shook terribly.


�Harder! Harder! Harder!!!… Oh my god!� Patricia screamed. She held the man who battered her region, and pulled him closer to ram some more. She turned to her phone as it rang for the fifth time in succession. She silently prayed that the phone switch off and forever refuse to come on, or just disappear from plain sight and reappear when done. In that moment of stray thought, Larry plunged deepest into her than he�d done in the last two hours they played. Patricia�s eyes bulged in an expression of ecstasy. By the time a part of her consciousness had returned, the phone rang for the eighth time.

�Yes. What is it?� She asked angrily. Hostility reigned supreme in her voice.

�Hello, Patty. It�s me. It�s KC.�

�What is it?� Patricia asked again, this time milder, to encourage him to start talking.

KC relayed the bad news of Anna�s disappearance from the hospital. The conversation got heated at Patricia�s end, which didn�t escape the Larry�s notice; he laid on the bed as he stroked the grey hairs on his bare-chest.

�Bad news?� He asked, when the call was over.

�I�m afraid so, sir,� Patricia said, afraid to look him in the eye.

�What is it?�

�Anna is missing.�

The news didn�t faze Larry one bit. According to him, Anna wasn�t their problem to deal with, �If Mr. M wants Anna dead, he can do that himself,� he said, �The person we�re in town for is still very much around. We should be getting ready to attend the party: we don�t want to keep our hosts waiting.�

Both shared mild smiles as they further collapsed into each other�s arms.


Abigail paid her father a visit in his home where he�d been living secluded from the rest of the world for a while now. According to her she was here to make peace. More than anything, she needed her family to be one now, and as Akin was all she had left, she wasn�t ready to say goodbye yet, as she was ready to cherish whatever time they had left.

�Daddy, it will please me very much if you attend the party we�re throwing for our new investors tonight.�

Akin found it difficult to speak, even when all he wanted more than anything in the world was to. His heart was too broken. He was devastated. They say men don�t cry, but he called whoever formulated that phrase a liar, as he he�d been incessantly crying over the loss of his sons. Since his words were failing him, his action wouldn�t. He wrapped Abigail tightly in his embrace, �I�ll be there,� he whispered to her. Both began to weep for their fallen soldiers.

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