Why I Can’t Love – Episode 8



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Francis was an occult which I never knew. We went out that evening where the official proposal was done. I accepted the proposal with all my heart . Not knowing, as a demand from his occult group, he was supposed to marry a disabled person in replace of his late wife. He actually used that woman for sacrifice.

The whole thing was just like a dream come true for him. Because with he being able to marry me will mean a promotion in his ranks as an occult, increased wealth and fame. He was supposed to sacrifice his first born that he will have with the woman, and initiate the woman into the group afterwards since they lacked women.

His father was much aware of this but lied to me. hmmm. So after his father spoke to him about me, he informed his occult masters about it and that was when they gave him the go- ahead to marry me.

On the day he officially proposed to me, he actually made me feel that despite my disability, I was still worth loving. He said a lot of things to me just to encourage me and also increased my desire to have him on my side.

I realized he had some qualities of William (my all in all). He narrated how his late wife died just before their honeymoon some horrible accident and how painful the death was to him, but all that he said were fallacies . I equally sympathized with him just as any other person would do.

Within two weeks of we knowing each other, he proposed marriage to me. Before that marriage proposal, we never had anything to do with sex. He disguised himself to be a very righteous person. so I knew he was in for good. He do bring me to work and would come for me after work. I can’t even count the number of gifts he gave to me. He was just too nice to be with. I almost forgot about William.

People will say travel and see. There are better things out there but am not relegating the fact that William was among the best lovers this world have ever produced. My co-workers who do not stigmatize, discriminate against me and referred to me as the devil’s incarnate started to get jealous of me. Now their defense was that, I charmed Francis because they saw no reason why a very rich, young and good looking guy like Francis could easily fall for a one eyed person who doubled up to be colour blinded.

To be honest, Francis was a very nice looking guy who was 43 years by then. Wealth was nothing before him. At his age, he had three mansion for himself and one for his parents. He also got four cars. But the interesting thing was that, he couldn’t mention an exact business he does to me. Anytime I asked, he will only say he was a business man in the United states.

Little did I also know that he was a drug dealer coupled with the occultism. But his father once told me his son works with an engineering firm in the states, so that was what I knew he was doing. That was why I didn’t pressure him to stress on his professional career. Within a month and a half of his stay in Ghana, we went to see my parents for them to advice us regarding our marriage ceremony which was in the pipeline.

My mother was surprised to hear me tell her that Francis never touched me since we started dating. My parents, especially my mom was happy to see me getting married. They were happy not just because I was getting married, but also getting married to an ‘American borga’ who was dorsted with wealth.

I wished you were there to witness my engagement ceremony. More than that of the princess of Brazil . People from far and near, media men and women, my family members, staffs from both GES and GNAT, etc. I was overwhelmed to see that multitude. It was a very colorful and glamorous event. Francis promised that the wedding itself would be held in the states where some top ministers of the states and other dignitaries in America will be in full attendance. It got to a point and it was as if I was daydreaming. Because how could such an opportunity get to a common person like me ? I asked myself. All I said to answer myself was “what belongs to you will always be yours. ” little did I know that Francis was just building castles in the sky. People still find it difficult to decipher how this great chance could locate me.

Still no sex after the engagement? How? When I asked him why we can’t have sex, he said his church permits sex only after wedding. I asked him the name of the church and he said ” The Strong Believer’s Church International ” I agreed to that. All he was doing was just to satisfy the requirements of his masters. I will tell you how I got to know later. We do sleep on the same bed but just like a brother and a sister in Christ, Lol . This made me to come into realization that, disability is indeed not inability. What most people fail to understand is that, the disabled in society also deserves better.

I would like to congratulate the education sector for being disability friendly. But I will also request from them that they should try to provide us with the devises and infrastructures that will enable us to unearth our capabilities. Two weeks into our marriage, I wrote my resignation letter to my director who doubled up to be my in-law. It was approved and wished me well. I wished I got someone to tell me not to resign but just request for a leave. You wouldn’t know until it happens to you.

Hmmm. Our plane tickets were ready so the only thing left to do was to officially inform my parents about our leaving. Already they were more than happy to see me. I packed almost all my belongings and sent them to my parent’s place. I even gave some out to friends. On the day that we went to their place, they had some church program in the evening so they said we should wait and attend the church with them, so that we could pray and commit our journey into the care of God. I thought that was a good idea but my husband said he doesn’t attend just any church but his church only.

Anyway, freedom of worship so we left him behind and went for the service. During the prayer session, my mother requested for a special prayer for me. The church prayed very well for me. Personally, I am not very good when it comes to prayers. Two prophecies came that evening. One was from a member and the other was from the prayer leader. The member said she saw that, someone has removed the womb of a virgin for rituals . But I was not a virgin so how could that be my problem? I said to myself.

So as the people were praying over that particular vision, I was just imagining how nice America was going to be . The second one which was from the leader said, he saw that people were clothed in black and red attending a wedding which was supposed to be white or any colour that signifies happiness but not black. He asked us to pray over it. In my mind, that prayer was for those who will do their wedding in Ghana because how can he see something that was going to happen in the Whiteman’s land. Even though I also prayed over that particular prayer, it was not with any enthusiasm. Little did I know that they were just revealing what was in store for me at my much awaited visit to America.

This world is very dark. It takes just the grace of God for one to withstand this test of time. Eventually the service came to a close around 10:00pm. But after the service, the head pastor invited us to see him for a short discussion. He asked me if I really want to enjoy my relationship. I answered yes.

He said then the person I have engaged myself to was not the best for me. He said he felt in his soul that the man was not genuine. Quickly my mother interrupted. “Pastor am sure you are NOT telling my daughter to divorce her husband? That man is just the best man for my daughter. Can you even imagine that he believes in the laws of the Bible? ” she reported. My father tried to stop her from interrupting with what the pastor was saying but she would not listen. The pastor in response to my mother said, that was not what he meant. My mother said if that was not the case then he should continue. “I won’t let anybody take my American borga from my daughter. She deserves better. ” my mother added. There, the pastor said He believes even if they should bring someone from America to replace my father she would have done that without any hesitation.

My father laughed. I also smiled. The pastor couldn’t continue with what he planned saying because of my mom’s interruption. He only prayed for me and also committed my journey into God’s care. We got to the house around 1:00am. By the time we got home, Francis was no where to be found ” I asked my siblings where he had gone to but they said they also didn’t know where he went. I called all his lines but none went through. I also called his father at that night to ask of him but to no avail. What?? Where has my husband gone to?” I asked myself in panic. I tried calling some of his friends to check whether he was with them but my efforts were futile.

Where has Francis gone to? And what next? Follow Me to the next episode for the answers.

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To be continued

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