A Game Of Love And Obsession – Episode 22

� Lewis Dampson

He was glad Sandra didn�t turn down his proposal. He got up and hugged her. �I will always love you Sandra. I will never let you down. Please, let us keep this fire of love in our hearts burning. We will be the happiest couple ever, � Jesse said and smiled. They hugged again and separated because they didn�t want any of the workers to chance upon them. Before Jesse could sit, Theodora walked into the office. She jumped on Jesse and hugged him. �Jesse, you are such a darling. I would have given you a kiss if this wasn�t your workplace for giving me such a brilliant idea. I love you, Jesse. You are my angel,� Theodora said as she still hung on Jesse. Now, Sandra couldn�t believe her eyes. What was happening. She remembered Theodora as the lady in the portrait that used to hang on Jesse�s wall. What was happening to her minutes old relationship? She got angry and stormed out of the office.

When Jesse realized it, he quickly got out of the grips of Theodora and chased after Sandra. �Sandra!! Sandra!! Sandra stop!! Wait and listen to me!� Jesse screamed after her. Sandra maintained her pace. She was so angry at Jesse to an extent that she didn�t want to turn to look at him. Jesse increased his pace and soon caught up with her. �Wait, Sandra!! What is the meaning of this!?� he asked. �Are you seriously going to pull up this card? You want to use reverse psychology on me? Isn�t that, Theodora? What is she doing in your office? Look at the way she was all over you! To an extent of telling you she loves you!! Wow!! I didn�t see this coming! Do you know the price I had to pay to be in this relationship And for what!?? Eh!? For you to return to your ex-girlfriend!?� Sandra lamented.

Jesse listened attentively for Sandra to finish with what she was saying. �Sandra, you need to calm down. It is not as you think it is,� said Jesse. �Why, do you think I am blind or deaf!? What do you take me for? I saw what the lady said and did in that room. I can see you can�t get over her. Go back to that room and continue what you have started,� Sandra said in anger. As soon as she finished her statement, Theodora walked in on them. �You don�t even have to bother going back to the office. She has brought herself right here in the corridor. Please, let me excuse both of you so that you can have ample time to catch up for lost times,� Sandra walked out on Jesse and Theodora.

Jesse was confused as to what was going on with Sandra. They were happy just moment ago. What happened? It seemed that no happiness had existed before. Theodora smiled at him and walked closer. �I can perceive that is your new fiancee. Don�t worry, she will come around. We ladies are like that. We tend to be jealous when we see another lady encroaching our space,� Theodora assured Jesse. �I don�t understand what is wrong with her. I have never seen her behave this way before,� said Jesse. �My dear, that is the power of jealousy. It makes one do things they never imagined they could do. Trust me, everything will be fine,� said Theodora.

Jesse was almost done for the day at the office so he asked Theodora to wait for her in the company�s waiting room. He told her he would be with her in no time. Theodora agreed and went to the waiting room. There were a lot of things she needed to tell Jesse. Jesse came to the waiting room in thirty minutes. �Please, let us go. I can see you have some exciting news to share,� said Jesse as he led the way out of the company�s building. �Of course, I have an exciting news to share. And I will explode if I should keep it bottled up. Please, let us go to my car. We can talk there,� Theodora suggested. �If you say so. Please, lead the way to your car,� said Jesse .

Theodora led the way to her car. Before they could enter into her car, another car pulled up

behind them. Three muscular guys came out of the car and charged at Jesse. Jesse didn�t know what was happening. All he knew was to escape from those guys as fast as he can. He didn�t even think about it. He took to his heels and the guys chased him. Newman got out from the car. He went straight to the now horrified Theodora. Theodora was mortified. She thought she was done with Newman�s threat forever. Fear was her evident friend at that moment.

�You think you can do whatever you want and walk away with it? I told you not to tell anyone about my secret and you went ahead to tell your parents. Do you know what those stupid parents of yours did? They called my aunt to inform her. Now the whole village knows about my activities. Everyone is calling me a ritualist and it is all your fault. You will pay for this, trust me!� Newman exclaimed. �Boss, the guy has run away. He was too fast for us,� said one of the muscular guys. Jesse had outrun them. �Get hold of her and let us go,� Newman commanded the guys. They forcefully pulled Theodora into Newman�s car and drove off. One of the guys took Theodora�s car and drove behind them. Theodora was sore afraid. She feared for her life. Newman had warned her to remain quiet or pay with her life. Was that a threat or he actually meant what he said?

Jesse came back to see that Theodora�s car was gone. He immediately took a taxi to a nearby police station to report the incident. Since Jesse wasn�t around to see Newman�s face, he didn�t know who was after him. In fact, even if he had seen Newman, he wouldn�t have recognized him. He wrote his statement to the police and decided to go to the house and return later to check if they have any leads.

Meanwhile, Desmond had come to pick Sandra from work without the knowledge of Jesse. She was so angry with him. She needed someone to talk to and the only person that came in mind was Desmond. Desmond didn�t waste time in coming to get her. �What is the problem, Sandra?� Desmond asked. �I am sorry Desmond for the way I treated you this afternoon,� said Sandra. �Please, I don�t think that was an answer to my question,� Desmond insisted. �I just got into a fight with, Jesse,� Sandra confessed. �Jesse� Jesse.. Oh, the guy I met at the hospital. The one you said you are working with?� Desmond asked. �Yes, Desmond,� Sandra answered. �Why? Is he giving you a hard time at work?� Desmond asked again. �He was the guy I told you I am in love with,� Sandra confessed. �Actually, we started our relationship today. We had a disagreement some hours ago and I am worried, Desmond. He should have called by now,� said Sandra.

Desmond looked at her for some time before replying. �Tell me what really caused the problem,� Desmond requested. �I went straight to the office after we met at the coffee shop. Jesse was already in the office when I got there. Actually, he had been pestering me for an answer to his proposal. I decided to give him answer after I had sorted out things with you, which I did. Immediately after i said yes to his proposal, his ex-girlfriend came to interrupt our nice atmosphere. She came and threw herself at him and even tried kissing him. She even told him she loved him. Can you imagine!!? She didn�t even have the courtesy that I was present in the room. So I got angry and left. Jesse ran after me and tried to explain things. But, I was so angry to listen. Jealousy was eating me up at the time,� Sandra explained. �You shouldn�t have done that, Sandra. You should have allowed him to explain himself. Maybe it is not as you are imagining,� said Desmond.

Desmond drove Sandra to her house. Sandra knew she had made a mistake by jumping to conclusion. What if Jesse wouldn�t want to see her again? What if Jesse judged her as a jealous and an impatient lady and decides to end everything? That was a possibility she wouldn�t want to hear. She would be so shattered because she loved him very much. Tears welled up in her eyes and she began to cry. She got out of the car still crying. Desmond crossed over to her side and hugged her. Sandra sobbed and held on tight to Desmond. �What is happening here!? So this is your solution to the problem? I see,� said Jesse as he walked away in anger. Jesse had come to see Sandra to explain things better to her only to find her in the arms of his rival. He couldn�t stand the sight of what he saw so he walked away. Sandra quickly left Desmond and ran after Jesse. Jesse was so brokenhearted that he didn�t have the emotional stamina to listen to her. Relentless Sandra continued to follow him. She implored him to listen to her, but Jesse would have none of it.

…to be continued


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