A Game Of Love And Obsession – Episode 20

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A  lot of things were going on in his mind. Because he remembered what happened at the hospital when he went to visit Sandra. He knew the guy was interested in Sandra. But, as to if Sandra was also interested, he wasn’t sure. Now, this is the same guy who had come to drop her off. He even hugged her passionately and gave her a peck on the cheek. “Why would Sandra be avoiding me and moving around with this guy?” he asked himself rhetorically. “No, there is nothing going on. I am just being jealous for nothing. I know Sandra likes me very much and she wouldn’t do that to me. I am sure he saw her on the junction and decided to give her a ride. After all, they are very good friends,” said Jesse trying to give himself some sort of hope. He was still troubled and needed answers. He was just waiting for Sandra to come to the office to explain everything to him.

Sandra stood at the gate that led to the office for some time because she didn’t know how to explain things to Jesse. She knew Jesse would be expecting an answer from her which she wasn’t ready to answer. She mustered courage and entered the office only to see Jesse sitting on the office desk upright facing her. She became petrified by the process. “Won’t you close the door?” Jesse asked. Sandra still became mute. She moved and occupied her seat in the office trying her best to avoid eye contact with Jesse.

“Sandra, you seem not to be yourself today. What is the matter? I have been trying severally to contact you, but all to no avail,” Jesse inquired. Sandra managed to put herself together to reply Jesse. “I have been around, Jesse,” she replied. “Around!? I have been to your house on several occasions and I always meet your absence. What is going on with you? You are behaving strange of late,” said Jesse. “Jesse, I said I am fine. I was still recovering and needed time for myself. That is why you haven’t been hearing from me of late. I am sorry,” Sandra lied.

Jesse looked at her for some time, sighed and continued “so do you remember what we discussed the last time we met?” Jesse asked. “Yes, I remember,” Sandra replied. “And you promised me you were going to think about it. I guess you have had enough time to consider my proposal?” Inquired Jesse. “Not really, Jesse. I am still thinking about it,” Sandra replied. “Still thinking? Oh, Sandra! I thought we had some sort of connection. I thought the proposal would have just been a formality for us to build something together. I don’t understand why you are dragging your feet,” Jesse lamented.

Sandra became uncomfortable when she realized Jesse was becoming emotional with the whole thing. Part of her wanted to confess to Jesse that she was dating Desmond while the other part wanted to keep it a secret. She knew she would lose Jesse immediately she confessed. She was so confused at what to do or how to reply Jesse.

Luckily for Sandra, she was saved by Jesse’s phone. Jesse got a call while waiting for Sandra to answer his question. The call was from Theodora. Jesse didn’t want to receive the call in the presence of Sandra so he went outside to speak to her. “Hello, Theodora. Please I am at…” Jesse heard her crying before he could complete his sentence. “What is the problem? Why are you crying?” Jesse asked. “I can’t take it anymore, Jesse! I can’t Just take it!! He is ruining my life! Can you imagine he sacked me from our matrimonial bed only ti be replaced that animal!! I need a way out, Jesse,” said Theodora in tears. “Calm down ,Theodora. Listen, this is what we are going to do. I want you to meet me at the coffee shop near my workplace. Let us discuss everything properly there,” suggested Jesse. “What time, please?” Theodora asked. “You can leave the house now. I have nothing doing at present. I can meet you,” said Jesse. Jesse hung up the call and went back into the office.

Sandra was sitting in the office thinking about what to tell Jesse if he should return. It was undeniable that she was attracted to Jesse. But, she was committed to Desmond. She had been trying all her best to fall in love with Desmond, but all to no avail. She thought she would with time. To Sandra, Desmond was a nice guy who deserved the best. He needed someone who would love him and reciprocate his tenderheartedness. Thinking about it, it was selfish for her to be holding on to Desmond while her heart lies with Jesse. She reasoned that if she wasn’t careful, she might lose both of them. She had to make the right decision and make it as fast as possible before she loses everything. And the first thing she was going to do was to talk to Desmond and make him understand the situation. She would then tell Jesse the truth and accept his proposal.

“Sandra, I have to meet someone right now. I will be back soon. Please go over the files I worked on yesterday to see if I did everything right. And don’t forget, I will come back for my answer, Jesse said. “Don’t worry, your answer will be ready the next time we speak about the subject,” Sandra replied. Jesse smiled, took some things from his desk and went out of the office to meet Theodora.

Sandra saw the opportunity to speak to Desmond when Jesse went out of the office . “Hello, Desmond. How are you doing?” Sandra asked when Desmond picked the call. “You know I am doing well, sweetheart. Ever since you came into my life, everything has been working perfectly,” Desmond responded. “Hmmm… Desmond we need to meet and talk. We need to have a discussion, “said Sandra. “Talk about? I was just with you this morning. You are sounding too serious on the phone. Can’t we talk about it on phone?” Desmond asked. “Please let us meet over lunch and talk. The time for lunch break is almost due. What I want to discuss cannot be done on phone,” said Sandra. Desmond had to agree to that since he was so anxious to know what Sandra wanted to discuss with him that couldn’t be done on phone.

Jesse met with Theodora at the coffee shop. They exchanged pleasantries the moment they met. Theodora started crying immediately she saw Jesse. Jesse tried his best to comfort her. “Have you come up with anything, Jesse?” Theodora asked. “I have been thinking about this for some time now, Theodora. The only thing that came in mind was that, you should report the matter to your parents and then to the police. He is tormenting and threatening you, my dear. Your parents and the police should know about it before he carries out his threats one day,” Jesse advised. “I have thought about that, Jesse. But, the shame! The public ridicule!! I don’t think I have the capacity for that,” Theodora said. “And do you have the capacity for what he is doing to you?” Jesse inquired. “No!” Theodora answered. “Good! That is why you need to do what I am saying as soon as possible. They may say they advised and you didn’t listen, but come-on, they are your parents. They will do anything to make sure you are okay, “ said Jesse.

Theodora thought about what Jesse said and realized it was a good idea. She had to inform the police and her parents. She had gone through enough torments under the roof of Newman. It was about time she stood up for herself before she goes to her early grave. Thoughts about committing suicide had flooded her memory for some time and she knew she would act on those thoughts with time. She went into a pensive mood for something and Jesse knew that she was thinking deeply about what he said. “Thank you very much, Jesse for the advice. I think I should be on my way now,” said Theodora. Jesse was shocked at that statement. “why?” he asked. “You just gave me an advice and I need to act on it now! I am going to see my parents from here. I have to tell them everything. I can’t keep all these things from them,” Theodora said and took her leave.

…to be continued


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