The Prognosticator – Prologue

The Prognosticator

Written & Produced by PESMAN. All Rights

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A ray of flash light flashed across my face, my eye swanged opened to face the reality, there were two guys in my room with local gun and cutlass held firmly in their hands, my heart skipped like 10sec before it started to be beating faster, my underware was soak with my sweat, i felt like ground should open and swallow me, one of the guys moved close to me and landed hot slap on my cheek, my ear started malfunctioning immediately, i can’t hear clearly ( Am doomed i’m not president buhari oo, who will fly me to London for ear treatment?)


Guy1: Stand up, where did you keep your

phone and money?

Me: My lord, i don’t have any money on me sir, and i just lost my phone this afternoon

Guy2: Don’t tell me you don’t have any money and phone in this room, if we search your room and find money and phone, you are in trouble.


The second guy went outside, entered again with chair in his hand, oya sitdown on this chair my friend, he commanded me

I sat on the chair, he unzip his bag brought out a robe and tied me down to the chair, my mouth was also plastered.


They started searching my room looking for what to steal. My mind flashed back to Dupe, her words continued ringing in my head ” Something is telling me that you should not sleep in your room this night, i don’t know what is going to happen o, but my instinct is telling me something bad will happen, pesman please don’t sleep in your house”


Pesman you are doomed and dupe warned me ooo, how I wish i could turn back the hand of time


To be continued

PS: This is the first work of Adebayo Luqman Adekunle, do look beyond the errors and enjoy the story. And please drop your comments and criticism.

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