A Game Of Love And Obsession



By Lewis Dampson 
A lot of people claim to be in love. Love is sometimes seen as a flame. People pursue this flame with everything they have. In the quest of pursuing, things happen. Either a person is being made perfect by the flame or burnt to ashes by it. Just like fire, which is said to be a good servant, but a bad master, so is love and obsession. Love can be beautiful when the chemistry is right, but can be awful when the wrong chemicals are combined. Many people in the course of keeping this flame burning become too close to it forgetting it has the ability to maim and perfect.
Jesse, a man whose heart has been shattered several times by the women he loves chooses to shut his heart permanently. But as destiny would have it, he comes in contact with Sandra, a lovable woman who had never fallen in love before.
Jesse’s past would not allow him consider Sandra until a merger brings them together. But just before anything could start between them, the women from Jesse’s past return. One of them is desperate to keep Sandra away from Jesse and goes about it diabolically.
On the other hand, Desmond, a very nice guy is ready to do anything to gain Sandra’s love.
Is there any possibility of something happening between Sandra and Jesse, with the threat to her life and challenges against them? Will Sandra survive the diabolic plans against her?

Find out in this mind blowing story, A Game Of Love And Obsession.



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