Love Really Is Strange – Episode 28

By Lydia Jonathan

“Henry?” he didn’t move or say anything. I blinked, hoping to clear my hazy vision, but only succeeded in noticing that he wasn’t alone. “Who?” I tried asking, but was suddenly engulfed in bear hug thereby blocking my passage for breathing

“Can’t breath Mimi” I mumbled and immediately she pulled away, and I got to see her face. It was red and sore and I’m presuming from all the crying she had been doing. I raised my free hand and wiped the tears spilling from her face with my thumb

“Its okay”, I smiled, prompting her to do same amidst her tears

“How are you feeling? Are you feeling any pain? Are you sore” she kept bombarding me with questions, not even waiting for answers as she began scanning my features

“Mimi” I called, and she stopped to look at me. “I’m fine” I sighed,my eyes twitching

“Then why are you crying” she wiped the tear away, her bottom lip beginning to quiver.

“I’m fine alright, no need to cry” I smiled and she nodded, and just then Henry came closer, kissed Mimi on her head, before turning to smile at me

“How are you feeling?” he checked my vitals instinctly making my shake my head, rolling my eyes.

“I’m fine doctor” I cooed, and he giggled.

“Sorry Lizzy” it’s a doctor thing, plus she’ll have my head(nodding towards Mimi) if I don’t make you better. And Mimi as if agreeing, nodded and entwined both their hands as they looked lovingly at each other, as he lowered his head and planted a kiss on her lips, which hurt a little to watch. I am happy for them, really, but seeing them together like this when I know, I’ve lost him, and will never see him again made my eyes burn, as my lids rimmed with unshed tears. My mind drifted back to “that room” with George and Janet, and Dennis. “Dennis” my eyes widened as Mimi and Evans turned back to me

“How’s Dennis? Did he make it, is he okay? My breaths were now coming out in pants since I was over working my brain thinking back.

“Okay Lizzy, you need to calm down” Henry came over as my eyes drifted to Mimi’s and I could see the worry and fear in them. She grabbed my hands in fear trying to calm me down, but I couldn’t calm down

“He didn’t make it did he? The tears trailed down and Mimi wiped it off immediately

“No, Lizzy he made it” Henry smiled down at me

“He did?” I tried calming my breathing

“Yes” Mimi nodded still holding my hand

“I want to see him”

“No, you need to rest” Mimi protested, but gasped, when I pulled my hands away from hers and tried pulling out the needle connected to me.

“Lizzy stop” Henry held my hands immediately but I was putting up a fight. “Okay fine, we’ll take you to him” I nodded and let go as both him and Mimi sighed in relieve. Few minutes later, I was being wheeled out my ward to go see Dennis. We got in and what immediately caught my attention was the cuffs restraining him to the bed, and he was facing the opposite direction from us. I nudged Mimi to wheel me in closer to his bed

“Can he hear me?” I turned to Henry who was also studying him

“Yes he can, His voice startled me and I turned to face him

“Hi” I smiled and he smiled also

“Are you feeling okay? He held my hands

“Yea”, I nodded. He was about to say something else, when the doors opened and in came policemen.

“What’s going on?” I turned to Henry and Mimi, but their face fell. “They’re here to take you, aren’t they? I murmured turning to face him, but he looked away from my gaze

“Can I have just five minutes with him?, please, he saved my life” I begged. After contemplating a while, the police officers nodded and stepped out. I nodded to Henry and Mimi, and they left also, closing the door after them. I turned back to look at him but he was still looking away, his jaw clenched. He had a bandage wrapped round his ribs from where he got shot I presumed

“Does it hurt?” I finally broke the silence. He turned to look at me

“Not much” he answered, grunting as he sat up “How are you feeling?”

“I’m good” I nodded with a smile which faltered soon after. “You’re going to prison?” I voiced out as our gazes matched

“I am a bad guy after all” he snickered. “It’s only natural, I serve my time

“No, No, I shook my head, you saved my life, you are a good person, they should know that, I sniffled, letting out a low sob, he drew me close and embraced me as I sobbed on his shoulders. After he was sure I had calmed down, he pulled away and with his thumb wiped my tears

“Thanks” he spoke and I raised my head perplexed. “Thanks for making me want to live again, I really needed that, he let out a sad chuckle and turned back to me. “You are incredible, and the guy that will end up with you got himself a gem” I smiled and he went on. “Not sure what the court will say, since they let me get treated cause of your doctor friend, he said it was your wish for me to be saved, but since I’m treated now, I gotta face the law. I nodded,sniffling as he smiled. “You’re gonna be okay” he squeezed my hands reassuringly and almost immediately the doors opened and the policemen came back in. “Time’s up” one of them bellowed and uncuffed him from the bed, as they cuffed both his hands behind his back and started dragging him out.

“Wait”, I stopped them, as I wheeled to where he was, took a pen and and paper from the corner, as I wrote down my house address, and café’s. And also my phone number. “Call me. And when you’re out, please visit, okay?” I put the paper in his pant’s pocket, as he nodded and they dragged him out. I felt my eyes well up as Mimi came in and hugged me and I let it all out on her shoulders.

“Lizzy, we have something to tell you” Henry spoke from behind as Mimi pulled away and he came to stand in front of me. “It’s about Evans”

“No, No, please don’t”, I sobbed. “I can’t handle it now, please” I begged. They looked at each other and nodded

“When can I go home?” I turned back to Henry

“You can tomorrow, but for now, you still need to rest”. I nodded and Mimi wheeled me back to my ward, as she helped me back on the bed, and immediately my head hit the pillows, I drifted, as I let the sleep take over me


I woke up slightly better than the day before and ready to head home, tired of staying in the hospital as it is. Mimi came in smiling, “You ready?” she grinned

“You bet” I said, a small smile gracing my lips as I got out the bed. Mimi came to help me stand still and made sure I could walk before letting go to pack up my things.

Henry came in with the discharge papers, and Mimi signed them. I excused them as I went out of the hall and started walking down, but stopped when I saw a couple. The guy holding the hands of the his pregnant wife on the bed as they were grinning from ear to ear. I sighed and walked past them and got out, breathing in the fresh evening air. Just then Mimi came over with Henry’s car keys in her hands

“He said I can use it” she grinned. I shook my head smiling as we headed to his car, got in and soon we were on the road and headed to the house

We got out and carrying our things and headed to the door. “home sweet home” I breathed out as Mimi pushed the door open and we got in and plopped up on the couch tiredly. “I’ll go make us something to eat” Mimi spoke and got up heading to the kitchen but abruptly stopped half way gasping

“What’s wrong?” I got up and walked up to her but stopped dead on my tracks as she did

“Mummy” I gasped.

I stood way to stunned to actually comprehend what/who was standing in front of me

“Mummy what’s going on?” Mimi asked shakingly, as her mom came closer to us. She stopped, as she neared us taking in my stunned expression.

“You’re….You’re….You’re”…. I stuttered, walking backwards unsteadingly. “No, No, You’re not…. I shook my head, my breathing becoming erratic.

“Calm down sweetie” Mimi’s Mom came closer to hold me, but I shook her away heading back to the living room

“This is not happening, I muttered mostly to myself. “I’m well now, I can’t be dreaming. They saved me Henry saved me, the police was there, they saw and rescued me, I chanted in my head, as I paced the living unaware that Mimi was beside me. Was it all a dream, was it just in my head?

“Lizzy?” she called out to me and my head whipped up immediately to her also stunned feature

“I’m dreaming, aren’t I? I turned to Mimi pleading for her to tell me it’s real. “I’m going to wake up still back there, right? My breathing now coming out in pants. “This was all just a dream, wasn’t it? I sobbed, holding unto Mimi but she was crying also too. “He’s still alive? Isn’t he? George is still alive? “I’m going to wake up in that small room? “I’m going to die won’t I? I sobbed more clutching unto Mimi. “That’s why I can see you guys? I cried bitterly. “I don’t want to die, Please…. I yelped holding unto Mimi and shaking her vigorously. “Pleeeasseeee” I wept scooching down to the ground, as I cried my eyes out

“Sweetie” Please calm down” Mimi’s mom came over to calm me down which only resulted in me panicking and yelling at her. She got the idea and stood back and let me cry.

I felt cold, really cold, as the shivers went down my spine and my eyes flung open as I took in a deep breath. What’s going going on, I blinked, noticing I was in my house. My shirt was wet and sticking to my body.I raised my head and saw worried faces staring down at me

I sat up immediately. “What happened” I turned to Mimi who looked worried sick

“You passed out” she said, sighing as she plopped to the floor opposite me. We’ve been trying to wake you up, that’s why you’re wet

“I’m not in that room? I asked

“No, you’re not and you need to calm down Lizzy, you’re…

“Elizabeth” my name was called out, cutting her off. I turned to the direction and saw my supposed dead mother, very much alive and she had an apologetic look on her face. It really has being long hearing my name being called like that

“Oh no, this is so not happening” I muttered holding my now aching head on my palms, wincing in pain and immediately she rushed to come hold me

“Please don’t touch me” I cried, shifting from her touch. I didn’t miss the disappointment on her face but she nodded and backed away. “This dream is so vivid, I’d really wish I’d wake up now” I turned to Mimi

“Lizzy, it’s not a dream” you need to get a hold of your self.

“No” I shook my head, getting up abruptly, with an unsteady gaze, I turned and hurriedly made my way to my room.

“Lizzy” Mimi’s mom called me and I stopped and turned to see her. “You need to calm down” she came up to me and held both my shoulders to keep me in place as tears trailed down my cheek

“She’s alive? How is she alive? She died, I saw her dead. We buried her, I sobbed and Mimi’s mom wiped my tears and pulled me in for a hug. “You just need to calm down and listen” she murmured, stroking my head. “But for now, I’m taking you girls home, you girls have passed through enough to last a lifetime. I nodded, as she let go.

“I’ll go pack” I turned but she stopped me.

“Your brothers and I already did that. I nodded not having any strength to say otherwise as we made our way back to the living room with my head bent, cause I was avoiding the view before. It scared me too much to be real. Mimi came and held me, as she led me out to the car and put me at the back seat with her mom. I rested my head on her lap and everything became a blur, as I fell asleep, troubled to say the least


I woke up and saw myself in the old bedroom Mimi and I shared. The room sure brought back memories as I reminisced about the times Mimi and I laughed, fought and make up in this room and even turned the room upside down. It still looked the same, I sighed, but then wondered how we got back here, as bits and pieces of yesterday kept flashing through my mind but I shook it off. The door opened and Mimi came in

“You are awake” she smiled, walking to the bedside and she sat close to me

“Yea”, I groaned, rubbing my head. “I had the wierdest dream Mimi” and she tore her gaze away from the room, as she looked at me. “You were there and so was mummy. But then I think I saw my mom” I frowned and she tensed up

“You should freshen up and come down, they are waiting for you downstairs” she said and got up abruptly and headed for the door, closing it on her way out

That was weird, and who’s they? I frowned as I got out of the bed, and went straight to the bathroom. I washed up and got out the bathroom with a towel covering my body and entered the room. I glanced through the wardrobe, my things had already been arranged. I sighed and put on my undies and threw in a skinny jeans with a tank top, combing through my weave with my hands and made my way to the living room. It really feels good to be back here, I smiled and got to the foot of the stairs. “Mummy I’m hungry”, I yelled but my smile dropped when I saw the living room filled with people. Curious, I walked in and saw Mimi’s three brothers all present, her dad and mum, and herself, all sitting quietly, and then my my eyes caught the figure I thought too well was a dream, but it wasn’t. My mom.

…To be continued


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