Love Really Is Strange – Episode 27

By Lydia Jonathan

I saw the lust in his eyes as he played with the hem of my panties. My breaths were coming out in pants and I sucked in a deep breath

�Please George, don’t do this please�, I shook my head and pleaded, my eyes soaked with tears. He stopped and his hands left my panties. His gaze landed on my thighs. He sucked in and squeezed, causing me to shudder in repulse. He turned to stare at my tear stained eyes and smiled, caressing my cheek with his thumb, wiping my tears.

�God you’re so beautiful� he sighed, biting on his lower lip seductively. �I love you so much� he brought his lips to mine and kissed me. I remained tight-lipped as he forced my mouth open with his hand, shoving his tongue into my mouth. He hissed, and pulled back, cursing under his breath breaking the kiss, and swiped his lower lip for blood

�You bit me� he growled staring intently at me

�F�ck you! I hissed, breathing heavily, taking in much needed breath

�tsk tsk tsk. You don’t seem to understand your situation right now, do you? He pulled his hands out from his back and brought out a metal gun pointing it at my temple.

�Now, how about we start again. I’m going to have my way with you, and you’re going to shut up and enjoy it, or else…. he smirked and planted a quick kiss on my lips. This is going to go through your head. He jabbed the gun to my temple. I felt my lower lip tremble from fear, and my entire being went cold. He’s going to ki*ll me, I chanted in my head, tears trailing down my cheek as he smirked and pushed me, my back to floor.

�Please, please help me….Somebody help me� I raised my head and yelled, not sure who I’m calling out to exactly, since we were alone. But it was my last resort.

�Shut up� he hissed, hitting my head with the gun. My head fell back to the ground and my visions got blurry as his hand made its way back to my panties as he fumbled with it

I heard the door swing open, and in my blurred vision, I saw a figure walk in, pointing at George.

�Step away from her�, I heard a faint voice, and felt his hands leave my panties as he stood beside me, his hands in the air in surrender.

�Move�, the voice now closer and clearer, which seemed to be Dennis’s, growled. George moved away from me and Dennis ran to my side, his gun still pointed at George. He raised my head up with his other hand and made me sit up

�Are you okay?� he turned to glance at me briefly before turning back to George who was spotting a smirk

�Yea, I croaked weakly and he turned to look at me, his eyes scanning my frame

�Well well, George let out, his words echoing in the empty room. Our heads snapped to him and he was grinning. �Who would’ve thought. The hired kidnapper with the girl.

�Shut up�, Dennis hissed causing George’s grin to widen

�I wouldn’t blame you bro, he smirked. I mean look at her, she’s very beautiful, so I wouldn’t blame you that you got attracted to her

�I said shut up�, Dennis left me and got up walking towards George, his jaw clenched

�No, stop Dennis, he has a gun� I tried to warn, but it came out as a low whimper. His head snapped to me, to check if I was okay but immediately, a shot got fired and I saw Dennis on his knees, clutching unto his rib, and there was blood

�Nooooooo, I cried, dragging myself to go touch him, but was yanked almost immediately by my shirt and thrown to the ground.

�Now, where we’re we?� George hovered over me, smirking.

He pulled my panties too one side and started fiddling with the folds of my clits. He let go and losened the ropes from my hands, but I was too tired to fight him off, even if I was strong, I still wouldn’t have been able to

�You’re so beautiful� he lowered himself and whispered seductively in my ear, as he traced kisses down my neck, nibbling on it. I shuddered in repulse, my eyes closing, as hot tears trailed down to my ears. I felt numb and unable to do anything. I lost Evans, I’m not sure I was going to see Mimi or my friends anymore, and he just shot my only hope. I layed still and just awaited whatever he had in mind

�Look at me� his mouth left my neck as his breath fanned over my face. �Open your eyes and look at me� he growled forcing my face to his, still my eyes remained shut. �Look at me, you piece of sh�t� he yelled and I felt a stinging pain on my left cheek and more tears trailed down from the pain

�Well, he laughed menancingly �I don’t mind you not watching� he lowered himself and planted his lips on mine. Not getting any reaction, he pulled away and tore my clothes causing me to whimper.

�I am so going to enjoy this� he laughed hard and I felt the tears polling over my head wetting my hair, as I let go of everything. It’s over, there was no point fighting it, I cursed mentally. I stopped my sobbing and lay still

�Now we’re talking� he hovered over me, opening my legs and fitting in-between them. And then it happened all so quickly. Shots went out

I jerked when I felt splatter of liquid on my face and his weight pressing on me. My eyes flung open immediately and I saw George lying lifeless on me making it hard for me to breath. I pushed him away with much difficulty before turning to see Dennis, a gun in his hand, smiling sadly at me, and then the gun dropped from his hands and he fell limply to the ground. On impulse I dragged myself to his side, supporting his head up with shaky hands

�Dennis, please stay with me okay, we’re going get help soon, I said pressing my other hand to his bleeding rib, to put pressure on it. I rested his head on my lap, tearing off a bit of the shirt george had already ruined and pressed down on the wound

Please stay with me, you can’t leave� I said in between sobs as his eyes fluttered open and he winched in pain as I pressed down a little to hard

�I’m so sorry� I released a bit

�It’s alright� he croaked, bringing his bloody hands over mine. Flashing a pained smile, he brought his thumb over my face to wipe my tears. �He wasn’t kidding when he said you are beautiful�, he joked, earning a snicker from me, but it left as soon as it came.

�Thank you, he said and squeezed my hands

�For what?� I sobbed

�For trying to help, even when you didn’t have to

�You did save my life�, I let out, still sobbing

�You think she’ll forgive me�? His face fell and immediately I knew who he was talking about without him saying who

�Of course she will�. I let out, after a little moment of silence, �and she’d also want you to live, I added

�No, he shook his head. I’m a bad person, I don’t get to live. I think the world would be glad to be rid of me

�That’s not true� I countered. You have good in you, you’re just misunderstood.

�I’ve killed people Lizzy� it’s only natural I die as well

His words laced with sadness as I realised, this is the first time he had said my name.

�That’s crazy, and you killed bad guys, I think the world owes you for that. So you have to live okay�? I nodded, as if nudging him to agree. �We’re going to get help soon� I muttered, quite unsure of what I was implying but choose to believe it anyway, cause I also needed the hope

�Wow, I left for some minutes and I come back to this?” Janet snickered, as she stepped in, turning around to see George lying lifeless on the ground, and Dennis still on my lap. �Well, isn’t this lovely. I’d say good riddance� she turned back to George and smirked. He was a pain in the �ss�

�Now that leaves us with you two” her smile grew. �Honestly, I just wanted a quiet life with Evans and I, living a carefree without hurting anyone, but then, you didn’t seem to want to get the idea. Now I could choose to leave you both to rot here, but where’s the fun in that?� she smirked, as she pulled out a gun and pointed it at us, and immediately Dennis got up limply, and acted as a shield to me.

�I guess you’re going first then. It was nice doing business with you� she cocked the gun and aimed for him

�You don’t know, do you? I questioned, pushing Dennis aside to get a good look at her

�Know what?� she barked, her brows furrowing. I laughed out, causing the crease line on her forehead to increase in anger and even Dennis turned to look at me, but I ignored his stare

�He’s Dead. He killed him�, I turned to George and back to her and sniffled, trying to hold the tears forming in my eyes from spilling. �So even if you ki*ll me, there’s no point, you can’t go back to him�

�You’re lying� she sneered, he promised not to hurt him�

�I guess he lied� I said with a straight face. We shared gazes before she broke it to turned to look at George, still lying still. She walked up to him and after staring a while started kicking him, spewing curse words, and then shots went out causing me to jerk in fear

She walked back to us, wiping the tears in her eyes, then I saw the vulnerability in her eyes. She really did love Evans in her twisted way, and was just sad he didn’t feel the same way about her

�Well, she cocked her gun again, I guess there’s no point right? She pointed the gun at me, and instinctively, my eyes closed shut as tears trailed down, awaiting my fate. Seconds passed and nothing happened, no shots were fired. I opened my eyes slowly and saw Janet standing stiffly her hands over her head, a man standing at her back, with a gun pointed at the back of her head. Then the voice came

�Miss Janet Peters, you’re under arrest for the the assault and abduction of Miss Elizabeth Stevens. You have the right to remain silent as whatever you do or say will be used against you in the court of law

The door flung wide open, and I saw the blue nd red light police light flashing outside and cuffs were chained to her hands as she struggled with them, spewing curse words.

I looked down at Dennis and shook him but he didn’t move, and I was getting light-headed and then I heard my name being called out faintly

Henry, I breathed out, as he rushed to my side catching me just in time before I collapsed. �Please save him� I muttered, before darkness clouded my vision and my eye lids closed shut as my hands fell limply to the side.

�Hey, stop” I droned, not looking away from my dough, but apparently he didn’t get the idea as he tickled me, and I got into fits of laughter dropping the barter to the ground and it’s content splattering everywhere on the kitchen floor.

�What the h�ll Evans” I was going to say, but he caught my lips in his,almost immediately, nibbling on my lower lip, requesting for passage. I sighed and opened my mouth, welcoming his tongue into my mouth as both our tongues fought for dominance. We pulled away shortly gasping for breath

�Are you still angry?� he pecked my lips, giving me a half smile while I crossed my hands over my chest feigning anger

�Of course I am� I gritted out while he just stood there, looking so handsome, I could jump him. �Are you going to wipe that stupid grin of your face or what?� I asked angrily, but obviously not angry at all

�Can’t help it sweetheart� your b**bs are calling to me. I followed his line of sight and saw that my folded hands indeed made my cleavage to spill

�I’m angry at you for spilling my batter, and you’re looking at my b**bs?� I dropped my hands, clearly exasperated

�Hey, it’s not my fault you made them look inviting� he defended, the teasing clearly evident from his tone

�You are insuffera…. he cut me off with his lips on mine again and I welcomed it, snaking my hands round his neck as he left my lips and trailed kisses down my neck to my d�collet�

�Bedroom?� he mumbled on my neck

�Yea� I breathed out, gasping when he bit down on my my sweet spot

�Good� he chuckled and lifted me up by my thighs chuckling, while I giggled like a child opening an early Christmas present

My eyes fluttered open as I took in the walls of my surrounding. The white walls and the beeping from the machine beside me that I could tell was connected to me. I blinked away the soreness under my lids but it not seeming to work. I heard the door open and shut, and turned my head to see him walking close to me.

�Evans? I breathed out happily

�I’m sorry Lizzy� my smile dropped

�Henry? I felt the tear dribble unto the pillow I was resting my head on. I tried raising my head but the dizziness hit me, and I groaned, prompting Henry to rush to my side, putting my head back down gently

�You need to take it easy Lizzy� he checked my vitals, flashing a flashlight in my eyeballs.�How many fingers are my holding up?� he raised two fingers at me

�Two� I murmured, then he nodded he put it away. �How long have I been sleeping for?�

�Two days� he answered looking at me

�Where’s Mimi?� I choked, fighting the tears straining in my eyes as I looked away from him. My mind drifting to that small room,I was in with Dennis, and Janet and George. George was no good I thought as the tears kept trailing down. �He shot Dennis. He killed Evans I felt my breaths coming out pants as I grabbed unto Henry. Evans, Evans…. I muttered, suddenly feeling shortness of breaths. The room seemed to be closing in on me. �Calm down Lizzy� I heard Henry’s faint voice calling out to me but I was too far gone to calm down. I was gasping for air as I felt my lids getting heavy and the machines beeping out of control. �Lizzy� Henry’s faint voice came again but then there was an oxygen mask covering my nose as I felt a needle pricking into my skin, as I fell into a deep slumber


I woke up again, still in the hospital bed staring at the ceiling. Then I had another d�ja vu moment as the door opened and closed and Henry’s figure walking towards me

�I’m fine Henry� just had a panic attack, I mumbled. �I just need to rest and i’ll be fine�. But then he stopped

�Henry?� I called out but he didn’t answer

…to be continued


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