Love Really Is Strange – Episode 26

By Lydia Jonathan

The words “I killed him” kept echoing in my head, zeroing out all other thoughts I was having.

He had killed someone, people. He is a killer and I’m under his hold.

“Don’t you dare try asking questions you can’t handle the answers to” he had growled “I’m the worst guy you’d ever meet, so I’d better stop shedding unnecessary tears if I were you and just await your fate” he spat and had left, leaving me shaking in fear

“He’s a killer, and I’m going to die, if his boss so wishes. A tear rolled down my cheek. “This isn’t how I wanted my life to end” I cried. I want to live, I like my little family, which was Mimi and her family. My friends, Evans….. “This is not fair” the tears poured freely and I had no intention of stopping it

I didn’t know when I lay down to the ground, still shakend up, but the sleep so far away from me. I laid on the ground, eyes closed, scared for my life, and now shivering from cold cause of the pouring rain, but it didn’t seem to stop the fear within me

I heard footsteps coming towards me, and wondered how I didn’t hear the door opening. But my concern soon turned to fear. What if he wants to ki*ll me now, in my sleep, without me knowing. The thoughts consumed me and I screamed when I felt hands on my forehead

“Stop screaming” he spat angrily and his hand left my forehead, and I breathed out relieved. I heard him move and soon a switch flicked and bright light came on. My eyes shut close on their own, due to the brightness, but opened when it soon got used to it.

“There was a light bulb all these while and you didn’t bother putting it on?” my fear got replaced with anger, seeing his bored expression

“Didn’t see the need to” he replied and shrugged, making me even more angry, which I shouldn’t be, cause I was talking to my soon-to-be-potential-killer

“What to do even want” I spat, “Have you come to ki*ll me now, did your boss give the go ahead?” I questioned but gulped when I saw his jaw clench and unclench. He stood and we shared gazes, me too scared to back down, and I don’t even know what’s going through his mind

“Here” he threw a small bag at me, which landed on my lap. “You’re burning up” he stated and turned to leave

“My hands” I called out and he turned back to me with hardened features. I gulped “They’re tied, I raised them up for emphasis. He came untied them, and left, closing the door a little harder than usual. I flinched from its banging sound, recoiling for fear

I raised my shaky hands with the drugs in it, and downed it with the water by my side. After sitting a while, shaking from, I’m not sure at this point if it’s the cold or the effects of the drugs. I laid down, my eyes closing but sleep still eluded me

My eyes flung open, not sure how I slept, or for how long exactly. I heard people talking in hushed tones but couldn’t make out their voices because of how low they were speaking. Then I heard his voice “In there”

“In there” I thought, what does that mean? Are more people here? Fear crept back into me. Maybe his boss is here. I felt scared to say the least. His boss is here, that means, my fate is on the line. I gulped and sat up, feeling dizzy, tired and fatigued. I was so sure I had bags underneath my eyes, but those were the least of my problems.

My heart in my hand, I awaited the door creaking open and I heard female stilettos. A lady perhaps? I gulped hard, breathing heavily and then came the voice


“Janet” I muttered. As she came closer to me “So you’re the boss” I stated

“Why yes, yes I am” she smiled. You look terrible by the way, her smile broadened. I’m so sorry Dennis didn’t take care of you well, when I specifically asked him to. She turned to Dennis, but his facials hardened, showing no emotions whatsoever.

“Oh well” she turned back to me “I never planned for it to end this way, I thought you were going to do what you were told, judging from the warnings given, but you just don’t listen do you?

“I did what you wanted, I left him” I spoke out, unable to contain the treacherous tears from spilling. ”You already sent my best friend to the hospital. What else do you want from me?”

“You see, that’s the thing. You left him, but he still wants you and you want him too. And that can’t change, that is until you are out of the way” she spat and I felt my breath caught in my throat. And I’m so sorry about your friend, didn’t mean for that to happen”

Out of the way? She wants me gone?

“You have to not be in the picture for him to realise his mistake and come back to me, don’t you get it? She smiled and tears trailed down my cheek wetting my lap in the process

“I’m sorry it had to be this way, I really am, she bent to my face level and I spit right on her face

“Fúck you” I spat, and a ting of pain ran through my face, as her hands collided with my cheek. I whipped my face back to her to see the anger in her face, but from my peripheral vision, saw Dennis’s jaw clenching

she got up, cleaned the spit and straightened her blouse. “I have someone you’d love to see” she smiled and just then, the door opened and in he came


“Hi, my love” he smiled. Suddenly I became claustrophobic, the room got smaller and my breaths came out in pants. The dizziness came in full force and I felt light-headed.

George….. I muttered and fell into a pair of hands.

My eyes fluttered open a little bit before it widened to realisation. George was here…..

I turned my head to see the hands holding me up and was surprised to see Dennis. How he got to me that fast was a mystery cause he was obviously very far from where I was, or he was very observant to know I was going to pass out.

He sat me up and after eyeing me thoroughly to see if I was okay, he got up, glancing a while at George who was holding an unreadable expression before going to stand at a corner. I looked into the eyes of a now smiling George and my heart tightened. Maybe there was an explanation as to why he was here, or he caught up to Janet’s doing and wanted to stop her. But I know, what I wanted to happen isn’t what is happening. With a trembling voice, the question “why” came out, more like sad mutter than a question

“Baby” he came and held my tied hands, but the glare I sent made him drop his hands and cleared his throat still holding the smile

“I know, you’re surprised and angry, but I can assure you, it’s for your own good, he gazed upon me, taking in my ragged apperance

“You mean, kidnapping me and keeping me here has been for my own good? I gritted out, my voice betraying my thought at being calm

“I’m so sorry about that, it wasn’t my idea, I just wanted you away from “him”. You didn’t even bother taking care of her properly? He turned to an annoyed Dennis. She looks terrible, you get paid to do a job, the least you could do is do it right, he snapped whilst Dennis’s face scrunched and his jaw clenched

I scoffed and George turned back to look at me with that innocent smile that won me over in the first place

“I should have done better” he went again for my arms but decided not to when he saw my facials

“I know you’re angry, but if you’d just understand my plight, you’d know I did it just for you

“Understand you say?” tell me exactly what you want me to understand

He beamed and came to hold my hands, ignoring my scowl.

“Isn’t this charming?” Janet commented from where she was standing, the hate evident in her tone. “As entertaining as this is “not”, I’d rather not be in here. I’ll be outside” she turned to George and he nodded. She turned to meet my gaze, giving a sickening smile, before matching my own scowl. She turned, opened the door and banged it on her way out. George turned to Dennis as if wanting him to leave us alone. He got the idea, but turned to look at me. I looked at him,pleading with my eyes for him not to leave me alone with George. After staring a while, he turned back to George, backed away from the wall he was resting on, before turning on his heels, leaving me alone with George. I felt my heart crumble, and my breath hitched. Yes he was a bad person and couldn’t care less about what happens to me, but the idea of being alone now with George now scared me, especially with this stupid grin plastered on his face

“I missed you so much” he pulled me in for a hug, after Dennis left. With my binded hands and legs and I couldn’t do much but try and fail to wiggle out of his embrace. He pulled away, still holding my arms while I tried to fight the tears and disgust I was feeling.

“Get your hands away from me” I gritted out. His smile fell a bit, but he masked it with a grin

“I know you’re angry, but, I did it all for us, for us to be together. He let go of my arms and held my hands smiling innocently

“For us?” I scoffed

“Yes for us”. “You know I lied” he let go of my hands and sat on the ground close to me. “About when I first saw you. I saw you when you first stepped on campus. God you looked so beautiful, and so innocent, and from that day, I vowed to have you. But whenever I wanted to talk to you, there was always something in the way. Then there was the party, and I saw you and Joy arguing and I had to do something about that. My eyes widened when realisation dawned on me, so that’s why Joy left me alone and I didn’t hear from her anymore.

“What did you do to her? I wanted to ask but he beat me to it. “Relax” he smiled, I didn’t ki*ll her, I just gave her a warning to stay away from you.

Although part of me was relieved he didn’t ki*ll her, but I was very scared now, he has been on my case all this while? Like a stalker. Do I even know the person in front of me?

“She was forced to adhere, he gave a sinister smile. “Then I thought I’d have a chance with you when I heard you were single. But then imagine the disappointment I felt when I noticed you already liked that àsshole, his face contorted to that of furry. “Even went as far as loving him. I felt defeated. But,you know what they say, a patient dog gets the bone eventually, and I am a patient man, and I somehow always get what I want. It took me all my willpower not to get rid of Evans then, but what do you know, I guess the universe was on my side and he dumped you. It’s like it all worked out for me and I made my move. All I had to do is guilt you into thinking I was angry with you, when we were in the class, and you fell for it. Although you didn’t accept me, I agreed to be friends with you, just to have you close, his smile widened

After he was done, I was already shedding tears “What happened to you? You were so nice…. I whimpered amidst tears

“You see, that’s the thing, I was never nice he smirked. It was all an act to get what I want”

“You never going to get away with This, my friends are going to find me, I gritted out, trying to stop the tears. “They are going to be onto you soon

“Ahhhhhh, he grunted, I wouldn’t count on that. You see, your friends think I’m actually a good friend who cares about your well being and trying so hard to find you. Little did they know right? He laughed menacingly causing my heart to hurt more, if that was even possible. But then his words hit me, he said he took all his will power to not hurt Evans then, what did he mean? My eyes widened

“What did you do to Evans”

“Ah, the boyfriend or should I say the ex. Never really liked him, and I guess the feeling was mutual with him. I mean, everyone trusted and believed me, but he didn’t, which irked me and he was all up in my case. I had to get him off my back, so had to get rid of him.

“No, I muttered, fresh tears trailing down my cheek. “No” I shook my head. “you’re lying, he’s still alive” I cried, trying to convince myself, but the triumphant smile he had on was not helping

“Believe What you want sweetheart, but like I said, I always get want I want” he smirked and pulled me closer to him, and with a knife, he cut off the rope binding my legs. He pulled my jeans off and with a swift movement, he dragged me closer to him. He straddled his legs in-between mine, ignoring my struggle to break free. He began unbuttoning his pants nd then it dawned on me what he meant.

“Please don’t, please, I begged, struggling with him, but he didn’t flinch, obviously stronger than I am, and I was already weak as it is.

“Please, I stopped struggling, obviously too tired and he noticed. He smiled and caressed my cheek, wiping my tears with his thumb

“I’m going to be quick” he snickered and undid his buttons from his pants, pulling me even closer to him

“No, no,no, please Noooooooooo

I screamed when I felt his hand on my panties……

…to be continued


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