Love Really Is Strange – Episode 23

By Lydia Jonathan

I woke up to a killer headache with my head throbbing like it’s gonna explode. I groaned holding my head in my hands. Glancing up I caught George looking down at me and I did a double take my head shooting up fully, staring at him intently

Me: wh..what..what are you doing here?

I stuttered regretting whipping my head up too quickly. Groaning more I tried getting up but quickly sat back down

Evans: take it easy will you, you had a lot to drink last night

Then it hit me, I drank quite a lot last night. I became self concious, did I say something, do something I shouldn’t have?. How did I even get into bed. Oh my God, this is so not good, I stressed pulling on my hair. As if noticing my confusion

�I brought you in when you passed out in the living room last night� he spoke out blowing out air, nothing happened

�Oh..I…I… I stuttered awkwardly. Mentally cursing myself for blanking out after drinking, I tried hard to say something but my hand went straight to my mouth as I felt a gag coming on and my legs carried me straight to the toilet as I emptied out my bowels. After I’d thrown up pretty much everything in my stomach, I got up from bent position, wiped my mouth and flushed before stepping out feeling the ache coming on full force now. I groaned out and saw George holding out aspirins and a glass of water out to me. I thanked him and downed the pills and went to sit back down

We stayed in an uncomfortable silence before I cleared my throat. �Did I do/say something�? I feared, asking cautiously seeing his stoic expression, But he stood still hands crossed, looking indifferent. Oh I must have done something, I mentally nagged and waited for his outburst but it didn’t happen. After staying still a while, he finally cleared his throat

George: Evans came over

My head whipped up immediately and I regretted doing so immediately holding my hand in my hand

Me: What?

George: you were still out and he left after checking up on you

Me: He did?

I sounded out, feeling my voice betraying me by not sounding strong

George: he looked worried Lizzy and a mess. And so do you right now

Me: I’m fine, ( I breathed out blinking away the tears welling up) we broke up, so he doesn’t have to worry anymore

George: Why do you do this to yourself? He seemed miserable and so do you and last night was a clear indicator. Why did you break up when you both seem to want each other. I thought you were stronger than that

Me: you wont understand. It’s complicated

I muttered wiping away the stray tear that escaped my eyes. I felt him come sit close to me and started robbing circles round my back soothingly

George: What’s so complicated? Why won’t you just open up?

Me: I can’t, I can’t put him or anyone else’s life in danger, even you right now

George: Is this about Janet?

Me: What? (I looked up at him) how did you? How?

George: you spoke about it last night before you passed out. Why are so scared of her? And who is she?

My mind went into overdrive. This is not happening right now, how can I be so careless. I can’t put him also in danger

Me: it’s nothing, must have spilled out of my mouth

I lied, hoping he’d drop it

George: Lizzy, I know you’re lying. Why won’t you just tell me, I want to help if this Janet person is dangerous, please….

Me: it’s nothing really, so drop it

I yawned, trying to ward him off. I think I need to sleep it off, I’m really tired. He stared for a while before nodding and left me alone. I sighed and lay back done, feeling all the guilt wash over me. I can’t keep pushing them away I muttered, drifting into sleep immediately my head hit the pillows


I got up even more stressed than I was before I slept. I picked my phone up and saw missed calls from Henry

I called immediately and after three rings he answered and his voice came up

Henry: Hi Lizzy,how are you?

Me: I’m okay. How’s Mimi doing? Is she okay? Does she want me come over?

Henry: Relax Lizzy, she’s fine, she was going to talk to you but she’s sleeping now

Me: I’m sorry, I missed it

Henry: I get it, you were tired, she understands

Me: thank you Henry

Henry: for what?

Me: for Mimi, for everything

Henry: you don’t have to thank me, I love her, I’d do anything for her

It put a smile on my face and we said our goodbyes with him promising to have her call back when she’s awake

I got and decided staying home is too depressing and should be out. I freshened up and headed for the caf�. But my mind was troubled all through, from George’s urging to open up an receive help, to Evans and how much I missed him. I decided he needed to know, I couldn’t do this anymore. I decided to call him as I was heading to the bus stop at closing hours. I stood by the bus stop waiting for a cab and scrolled down to his number pressing call. After four rings his voice I’ve missed came up and I found myself unable to utter a single word

�Hello, Lizzy, he tried again, and I stuttered a �Yea� before taking a deep breath.

�Evans, I need to talk to you� I spoke out. I was cut off when a hand enclosed my mouth and nostrils from my back, with a cloth of some kind, making it hard for me to breath

�What was happening? Was I being kidnapped? My brain tried figuring out as I kicked and struggled from the strange grip,but it all turned to mush as I got dizzy and collapsed to a strange hand…


�Hello, Lizzy? I called out when she kept mute. I could her her breathing on the other line but not saying anything. It seems it wasn’t hard for just be alone, cause God I missed her so much. I know it’s just been a day but, I don’t think I can take it anymore. I needed to see her, to touch her, to feel her. So I went over to see her this morning but saw him instead. I was so ticked it took me all my will power not to hit him right there and then till he bleeds,but I know it isn’t his fault. She was passed out, he said she got drunk. Must have been hard for her. Something’s bothering her, something big, but she wouldn’t let out. She said she’s trying to protect me but I don’t need protecting. I want to be the one protecting her. She was supposed to be my responsibility, but alas. I finally got her again, and lost her again. I’m starting to think the universe don’t want us together

�Evans, I need to talk to you� she finally spoke out. She called my name, I loved it when she called my name. I waited for her to continue but instead I heard muffled moans.

�Lizzy? I called out, but nothing and the line went dead. I called again but it was switched off now. what was that about? I thought and called again but still nothing. I became worried. Was she still not gonna talk to me? But she called and said she has to talk to me, what does that mean? Frustrated from not getting through to her, I called him instead but he said he hasn’t seen or spoken to since morning he left her. Unable to sit still, I drove down to the caf� but it was locked. I went to her house but she wasn’t there and the door was locked. �What the h�ll? I pulled out my phone once again and tried calling again, but still nothing. I called Henry immediately that I was coming over. I got there and they also hadn’t seen her, although he spoke with her earlier on. Angry and frustration clearly visibly in my features, I paced up and down the house not even noticing when Henry came over to me

Henry: I’m sure she’s just too distraught cause of the break up. She’ll be back man

Me: but that’s it, I never wanted to end things with her in the first place. I love her man, so I’m just so angry about the whole break up

�What break up�? Mimi came in from inside, brows furrowed and confusion on her face and clearly waiting for answers

Mimi: what are you guys talking about?

Evans: she doesn’t know yet?

I turned to Henry but he shook his head

Mimi: seriously guys, what’s happening?

Me: Lizzy and I broke up

I breathed out and turned to her. Her face contoured to even more confusion, with a little bit of sadness in between

Mimi: what do you mean you broke up, and why didn’t she tell me?

�Babe, take it easy, you know you’re not well� Henry went to hold her but she wriggled free from his hold and walked straight to me.

Mimi: What happened? I thought you guys were happy? What did you to her?

Her face turned angry which made me angry a bit. Why does she think I did something, if anything, it was Lizzy’s fault, she called it off

Me: Look, she broke up with me okay? I did nothing wrong, she just ended it

Mimi: what do you mean she just ended it? Is she okay? Oh my God I need to talk to her. I can’t believe I didn’t know she is suffering alone

Me: That’s another thing. She’s nowhere to be found. I’ve gone to the caf�, her house, even called George but nothing. Can’t seem to get to her

Mimi: What? But I saw her yesterday

She frowned and started hyperventilating. I guess it was wrong on my part to break a bad news to someone who is still recovering from an accident.

�Babe? She was caught immediately by Henry when it seemed she was about collapsing but she didn’t stop. He passed her to me immediately and ran in and I was on the verge of panicking. He came out seconds later with a first aid box, took out a syringe and a tiny bottle, not sure what was written on it and now wasn’t the time to check as he was the doctor and her boyfriend as well, he seemed to know what he was doing. He injected her with the substance from the bottle and seconds later, she passed out in my arms. He took her from me and went to lay her down. Few minutes later he walked back to the living room

Me: Is she going to be okay?

Henry: Yea, she was just having a panic attack,so I gave her a sedative. she’s going to be fine. ( he raised his head to look at me) but you don’t look fine. Lizzy will be back okay? She just needs space.

Me: but there’s something else

He raised his brow as if waiting for me to continue

Me: she called me this evening. She said she wanted to tell me something but then her line went dead. That’s when I started looking for her

Henry: I guess it was too much for her to handle (he sighed) Don’t worry, we’ll find her,(he patted my back) let’s just wait till tomorrow, if still no sign of her, then we’ll alert the police

I nodded and heaved a breath. That sounds reassuring.

Me: okay the, I have to go

I turned to leave but he stopped me

Henry: are you sure you can drive this night? You seem distorted, you can stay over

Me: i’ll be fine Henry

I turned to leave his house �And when she wakes up� I turned back to him, �tell her I’m sorry, I wish it never happened�. He nodded and I left his house


The next morning we were all gathered at the caf�, though the workers didn’t know about her where abouts, we tried to keep her disappearance discreet and business was going on as usual

Princess: so where could she be? Is there any place she could have gone to?

She turned to Mimi and we all did, but she shook her head. She seemed a bit calm this morning, though still looked very worried

Mimi: None that I know of. She’s not even at my parent’s

Stephanie: What about her parents? Her family?

Mimi: she has none. I’m all she’s got

The group went calm and gloomy. Only I and Mimi knew she hasn’t got any family, and they didn’t, and hearing it again made my heart clench and I bent my head trying to calm myself down, and from my peripheral vision I could see Mimi’s eyes watering, and she turned to Henry’s shoulders, who was trying to comfort her

Princess: so what do we do now?

Henry: I guess, we just have to wait till the end of the day, if she still doesn’t make any contact, then we alert the police

I didn’t like the idea, because I knew something must be wrong. She wasn’t the type to go AWOL, and last night’s incident was a clear indicator that something was very wrong, but there was nothing we could do but wait and hope.

We were all still seated and calm, no one uttering a word and Mimi silently sobbing in Henry’s arm, him trying his best to comfort her, when George walked in. Seeing him made me even angry that he was with her when she needed comforting but I wasn’t but I clenched my hands and remained at my spot

George: Any news guys?

He came to sit with us. The group shook their heads, with gloomy faces, looking as if the they were mourning, and who could blame them, she’s grown on them. I know I’m just holding it in cause there’s nothing we could do?

Princess: but did she seem like she was sad, or panicked? How could she just disappear just like that, without telling anyone?

And just then George’s brows furrowed, and he raised his head and turned to us

George: Do you guys know who Janet is?

…to be continued


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