Love Really Is Strange – Episode 16

By Lydia Jonathan

Me: what?

Evans: I love you

Me: I heard you the first time I’m just….wh..what do you mean?

Evans: I’m in love with you Liz, always have

Me: bu….

Evans: I know I said we should just be friends but….i don’t think I can do it anymore. I can’t seem to focus, I’m losing sleep,I’m losing it. And whenever I see you, I just want to hold you close, ju..just want you to be mine. I love you Liz, I’m crazy about and it’s driving me crazy and I just wan..

� You have a girlfriend Evans”, I stated, knowing how I felt about him, and here he is confessing is love for me, but all I can’t think about is how happy they’re both gonna be together

She loves you and you love her, please go to her and leave me alone, I’ve had it, I can’t keep doing this to myself, keep thinking that maybe we have a chance. But this reality Evans. You should move on and I promise I will too, not sure when but I will, so just leave me alon…..

I broke down but he grabbed and embraced me. I tried pushing him away but he won’t budge.

Me: I can’t believe you left( I sobbed hitting on the chest but he still held me close) I waited for you, I had dreams about you, I wanted you close but we’re never there. I know I said it’s fine but I lied, I wasn’t fine, I got you back but you still weren’t mine (I wept, dropping my hand,tired of hitting him)

Evans: I’m so sorry babe, I’m sorry I left, I thought I was protecting you but I was wrong, I hurt you and it’s my fault

Me: no, it’s not your fault, (I pulled away from him to look at his face, he looked so vulnerable, so tired) you got sick, and I get that you wanted to protect me, but being with you is all the protection I needed you understand

He nodded and pulled me back to him. We stood there both unable to move, overwhelmed with emotions

� I love you too�, I breathed out. �Never stopped�, and he held me tighter to him and I didn’t mind cause it’s all I needed. He was all I needed

Me: but (I pushed him away) you have Janet, you guys are gonna get married

Evans: no we are not

Me: what?

Evans: we broke up, a long time ago actually. I just played along with her cause she begged me to, her parents didn’t know we broke up, so she wanted to break the news to them before we went our separate ways

Me: so, you are not together?

I felt the tears rolling down my chin. He wiped it with his thumb

Evans: no we’re no……

I held his face with both hands and kissed him desperately and it took him exactly 0.5 seconds to kiss me back. He kissed me back with same desperation. His lips played with mine in harmonic lustful rhythm. His tongue entered my mouth making the kiss even hotter and I felt my legs start trembling he noticed also and he carried me by my thighs and I wrapped my legs around his waist both not pulling away from the kiss. My mind was all over the place, what if Mimi was watching, what if….heck I didn’t care, I want him and that’s all.

He carried me to my bedroom, how he knew it was my bedroom didn’t even matter. He finally left me down and we broke the kiss both breathing heavily. I look in his eyes and there was pure lust, he was staring as if he was undressing me with his eyes. He came came closer and pulled me in for a kiss again and I couldn’t resist heck I didn’t wanna resist, I wrapped my hands around his neck deepening the kiss. I rubbed my self on him, and smiled a little by the reaction I got, and he grabbed my waist pulling me even closer if that’s even possible our clothes now becoming a barrier.

I pulled away from him and tore the buttons on his shirt. I can’t believe I just did that, I was acting like a h�rny teenager and I didn’t mind, and I guess from the look he’s giving me, he didn’t mind also. He took off is inner shirt and my breath got caught in my lungs. His muscled torso was on full display and I couldn’t look away. I wet my lower lip, my eyes travelling to his face and he had a smirk on

�Done checking me out�? He threw a loop sided smile

�aren’t we full of ourselves” I smiled and went ahead to place a hand on his well defined abs, and he shivered. I smiled and looked up to him and his eyes were filled with lust

He grasped the hem of my shirt, his eyes never leaving mine. My heart was hammering so loud in my chest, and I wondered if he could hear it cause that would be so embarrassing. He raised my shirt a little as if seeking for approval. I nodded and with a swift movement my shirt was gone and he threw it aside leaving me alone with just my bra. He gulped taking in the sight of my almost Unclad body. I became concious of body, the last time he saw me Unclad I was a teenager, now I’m a grown woman, what if I’m not what he wants, but that thought flew right out the window when he carried me and laid me on the bed lying on me, his hand on the other side of the bed to support his weight. He used his free hand to unclasp my bra and threw it aside, now scanning my bare chest

�You’re beautiful”, he uttered each word slowly and pressed his lips on my neck sending shivers down my spine, tracing it down to my Tips earning a moan from me. I could feel him smirking as he traced the kiss down to my torso, teasing me in the process. He pulled away to stare at me getting me all hot, I couldn’t take it anymore, I needed to feel his lips more. I held his face with both hands and kissed him passionately and loving every moment with him. It felt like the first time but even better, I wanted him badly and now I got him. Now I’m never letting him go.

The next morning Evans woke me up with a kiss on the forehead. My eyes shot open immediately

Evans: good morning (smiling)

I rubbed my eyes with the back of my hand. For a moment there, I thought it was too good to be real, a dream, a really good one at that. I raised my hand to touch his face and it felt real, it was infact real,and all the events of last came flashing and I couldn’t help but smile. Evans said he loves me, and we slept together and……I felt my face heat up just thinking about it

Evans: that good huh?

Me: what?

Evans: I know I’m good, but I didn’t think, it’ll make you blush when you think about it (smirking)

Me: shut up

I pushed his chest, but he didn’t budge,he just still had that silly smirk on

Evans: how did you sleep?

Me: really good(I grinned, biting my lower lip)

He smiled and hovered over me bending his head to steal a kiss and I moaned in his mouth. He pulled away

Evans: you’re making me not wanna go, you know that?

Me: really? (tracing my hand on his lower lip)

He groaned and kissed me passionately and I responded by crossing hands on his neck, deepening the kiss.

He grabbed the blanket to drape us

�Hey� I protested, you’ve got work and I……

The words got lost in my mouth when he whispered �just five minutes� and bit gently on my neck, I moaned in enthusiasm

An hour later, we got dressed and went down. Mimi had already made breakfast

Mimi: hey guys (grinning)

Embarrassed, I bent my head and walked to the table

�Morning� I murmured sitting down, Evans sat close to me

Mimi: so……(gesturing to both of us) you guys had a lovely time last night and this morning too

She wiggle her brows grinning

Me: Mimi……

I trailed, my cheek heating up in embarrassment

Mimi: what? The walls are thin, and you guys weren’t exactly quiet

She defended.

�Yea, by babe’s a screamer�, he winked, smirking, and I like it. As if I wasn’t already embarrassed enough

Me: you’re enjoying this aren’t you(turning to him)

Evans: a little (smirking even more, earning a groan of frustration from me)

And they both laughed while I was spotting a scowl, but joined them in the end

We finished eating breakfast and he dropped us off at the caf� and headed home for change of clothes after kissing me goodbye

�Morning guys� I called out and they all turned and chorused morning to Mimi and I and went back to their duties

The morning was a quiet one with everyone tending to one work or another until customers began trooping in and out.

Henry came in a little while later

Me: not that I’m complaining or anything, but do you work in your hospital at all?

Henry: hello to you too, and don’t worry babe, they don’t miss me much cause they’re always occupied (winking)

Mimi: hey, I saw that

faking a scowl, she came towards us

Henry: you don’t have to be jealous babe, you still got my heart(giving her a peck)

Mimi: love you too (giggling)

Me: awwwww, that was almost touching

I said with a straight face while Mimi childishly stuck her tongue out to me

Henry: you ready?

Me: (frowning, a bit confused) ready for what?

Mimi: oh yea, Henry’s taking me out

Me: (raised my brow) you didn’t tell me, so you’re just gonna leave here?

Mimi: sorry(came to hug me) i’ll make it up to you

She whispered earning a smile from me

Me: have fun, but not too much fun

I turned to Henry, giving him a silent warning

Henry: I promise (he winked, took her hand and they left)

The girls didn’t come, as they called and gave reasons why not

The day stretched out but I didn’t get a call from Evans since he dropped us off and now it’s evening I gave up staring at my phone all day and just then a text came in

� Sorry I couldn’t call, was caught up with work, we’ll talk later…..Love you�

I smile sent a � Love you too� a dropped the phone finally satisfied

It was soon closing time and Mimi had already called to say she’ll be late and will be brought home by Henry. So I locked up and made my way to the bus stop to catch a cab when a hand held me down. I looked up to see whose, and lo, it was Janet’s a scowl playing on her facials. I slapped her hand away

Me: what do you want?

Janet: you don’t listen do you? Cause I remember specifically telling you to stay away from my man

Me: what the h�ll are you talking about? And for the record, he’s not your man

I crossed my hands on my chest and smiled feeling confident, after what Evans told me

Janet: (smirking) cocky aren’t we? Well since you don’t wanna heed to my warning, I promise to make your life a living h�ll. If I can’t have him, the no one will. And I hope you get that through your thick skull

She smiled menacingly, turned and left. While I stood there frozen to the spot

� What the h�ll was that about”, I thought aloud.

…to be continued


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