Love Really Is Strange – Episode 15

By Lydia Jonathan

Evans seemed a bit shocked but recovered quickly and pulled away from her and she frowned a bit turning to look at me then back at Evans

Evans: (clears his throat) Janet this Lizzy and Lizzy, this is Janet

Janet: so you’re Lizzy… (she turned Evans and back to me, extends her hands) I’m his girlfriend

Me: ri..right, it’s nice to meet you (I gave her half smile and returned the shake)

Evans: you were gonna say something Liz?

Me: oh it’s nothing, forget about it

He looked at me, as if knowing I wasn’t been honest but shook is head anyway in acceptance

Janet: come on babe, I have something to show you (turned to me) mind if I steal him(flashing a mega watt smile)

Me: no of course not, he’s all yours, I better go check on my work

I smiled and got up and she literally dragged him out the café.

“he has a girlfriend” I thought, sighed and went back to my work

I got home later, feeling tired frustrated angry, you name it and I just wanted to talk to my bestfriend but she didn’t come down to answer like she usually does if we didn’t come home together and she’s home alone

“Mimi you there? I called out but there wasn’t a reply I went ahead to check in her room but she wasn’t there frustrated I sat on the dining and there I saw a note

“Out with Henry, don’t wait up,I might be late”

Fúcking perfect, I’m alone and have no one to talk to. I’m going die alone , I breathed out and headed straight to bed, too tired to even change

The next day, Mimi came in shoes in one hand, sporting a walk of shame

I cleared my throat and immediately she jumped in fear

Me: good morning

Mimi: hiiiiii Liz you’re looking lovely this morning

Me: hmmmmm?

Mimi: okay, I know what you’re thinking, but nothing happened,he just took me to a fancy restaurant and we talked a lot, and we actually have a lot in common, he said he loves my smile and it was just perfect…

She made a dreamy face as if still thinking about the moment

Me: I’m so happy for you (I went and hugged her). But I can’t believe you left me all alone, and I really needed someone to talk to

Mimi: I’m sorry, I got carried away.(she threw an apologetic smile)

Me: it’s fine, I’m just so glad you’re happy

Mimi: I am, but did something happen?

Me: he has a girlfriend Mimi? (I sat down and so did she)

Mimi: I’m so sorry Liz (she held my hands squeezing it reassuringly)

Me: nah, its fine(i waved it off) we agreed to be just friends anyway. Now go freshen up, we have to go

She smiled got up and went ahead. Later, we both went together to the café after a long conversation between Mimi and Henry on who’s to hang up first. I love her but I swear, that moment, I just felt like breaking her phone

Mimi: Hi abigail, hi miriam, hi Dennis hi everybody….

(she singsonged, smiling like a wierdo as we entered the café, while everybody turned to look at her like she’s crazy and turned to me for explanation

“ She has a boyfriend” I replied and they chorused “oh” while the girls went to congratulate her

“ I hate my life” I murmured and started my morning ritual

Just then a customer walked in

“ Welcome to Helen’s” I raised my head smiling but stopped when I saw who

Me: Hi Janet(smiling) what can I get you

Just then Mimi walked up to us

Mimi: you know her?(turning to me)

Me: yea, she’s Evans’s girlfriend

“Hi, I’m Mimi” she extended her hand to her but she just ignored and turned back to me

Janet: can I talk to you?

Me: errrrr sure

She turned and walked away, while Mimi turned to me

Mimi: I don’t like her

I shrugged and went to meet her

Me: so, what’s up?

Janet: I want you to stay away from my boyfriend.

I sat there shocked at what she just said, and actually shocked she’s seeing me as threat

Me: I’m sorry but I don’t know what you’re talking abou……

Janet: look here Lizzy or whatever it is you’re called, I’ve heard so much about you and Evans. I know you’re his first love and all, but I know how long it took for him to actual look at me, and have my time and I’m here to stay. So you better say clear from him

I could literally feel my mouth drop as stared wide eyed as she ranted on,

“have I made myself clear”, she finished looking straight at me as if waiting for a reply which angered me I quickly cleared my throat and composed myself

Me: don’t you think acting the crazy jealous girlfriend is a bit cliché (crossing both my hands on my chest)

Visibly seething, she got up fiercely from her seat attracting looks from my girls who were busy arranging the café. Seeing as she’s been looked at at, she smiled and sat

Janet: I know you’re type, just cause you dated and fell in love, you think you’ll magically end up together, but I hate to burst your bubbles, actually I don’t (she laughed menacingly) he’s mine, we are gonna get married and we’ll live happily ever after, you know why, cause he loves me now and you’re in the past

Me: wow, are you shooting a telenovela (I turned around looking for hidden cameras not believing my ears) Janet, look, I get it you’ve got it all planned out, and I wish you luck really, so just leave me alone please, I don’t care about Evans and we’re just friends and I’m not a threat to you

I got up to leave but she held my hand standing up also

“you’re right, you’re not a threat to me, I actually feel sorry for you, and can’t believe he actually went out with you. Maybe he felt sorry for you, maybe that’s why he left you in the first place. She threw a sly smile and walked away. “ See you around Liz” she opened the door and walked out leaving me alone standing frozen on the spot.

Mimi came up to me

Mimi: I told you I hate her(She turned to look at me) you’re crying

Me: what? I touched my cheek and indeed, it felt it wet from tears

Mimi: are you okay? Do I need to break someone’s head?

Me: no, (I wiped my tears) she has a point, he has her now, and they look good together. I turned to her, I’m fine

I turned and went back in, my mood automatically sour for the day

The gang came in later on with Henry and Mimi acting all lovey dovey but Evans wasn’t with them and I was actually glad cause I couldn’t face him

Stephanie: hey Liz are you okay you seem cold

Me: yea I’m fine (I waved it off)

Mimi: where is Evans anyway?(she turned to them) he didn’t come?

Stephanie: yea, he’s with janet(making air quotes)

Mimi: he’s girlfriend?

Stephanie: yea, she’s back

Unable to take it anymore, I got up and excused myself while they went on with their discussions

They left later on, and Mimi came up to me

Mimi: are you sure you’re okay?

Me: yea, (I nodded) I’m just gonna head home

She nodded, and I went out the café

I stood at the bus stop waiting for a taxi when a car honked at me. Confused I looked at the car, not recognizing it, so I turned away, but he came closer, got down his car and came over to me, while I stood rooted to the spot

“Hi Lizzy….”

“George? I called out

George: you seem not happy to see me, do you really hate me that much?

Me: no,no, no, I don’t hate you, I can’t hate you actually, just surprised to see you

George: same here, why are you standing here?(he looked around)

Me: wanna catch a taxi home

George: are you okay? Aren’t you working?

Me: wasn’t really feeling it today

George: good, (he smiled and turned to his car opening the door for me) come on in

I raised by brow not sure what he was on to

George: trust me, I’m not gonna bite

I smiled, breathed out and went in. He got in also and started driving

Me: so, we’re are we going?

George: just somewhere(he threw me a smile and continued driving

We arrived at a very fancy restaurant, and he rushed my my side of the door to open it.

“Thanks” I said and got out

Me: it’s beautiful and really….fancy(turning to him)

George: don’t worry about it, come on(he pulled me and we started walking in)

We got in and just like the outside, the inside oozed class and fanciness. A waiter walked up to us and showed us to a table before leaving, greeting George like he had known him before.

Another waitress came in later on, flashing a mega watt smile batting her lashes, it didn’t take a genius to figure out, she was trying to flirt with George. Key word trying, cause he wasn’t even looking at her

He ordered and turned to me for my order, and I just went with what he ordered because half of what’s written on the order is still confusing to me. The waitress left, but not before turning once more to George smiling, but he didn’t even spare her a glance, either he was oblivious to her flirt or not interested

George: so, how have you been?

Me: Good (I nodded)

George: and the café? How’s Mimi doing?

Me it’s fine, and Mimi’s fine too. She’s actually working with me, quit her job, crazy story

Goerge: no doubt when Mimi’s involved (he laughed and I did same)

Me: so, you look good? How’s life been treating you

George: pretty good, job’s fine, everything’s going well….

He was about going on, when the waitress came in with our order. I munched in pretty excited about it while he just looked at me smiling and he joined me. After the meal we talked pretty much about everything except our love life which for unknown reasons we both stayed clear off

George: so, how’s Evans(he asked out of the blue taking me by surprise)

Me: errrrr, he’s good

I turned to look at an old couple who seem to enjoy each others company. He noticed my staring and followed my gaze

George: you know, I always thought we’d be like them, together

Me: I’m really sorry George(i threw an apologetic smile)

George: nah its fine, being with you was the most amazing thing that happened to me, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way(he smiled looking straight into my eyes) you still love him don’t you?

Knowing what he meant, I nodded, my head falling I defeat. “But he has a girlfriend, so we’re just friends” I added

George: hey(he raised my chin up, making me look at him) he’s a fool if he can’t see you the way I see you, you’re worth more than that

A tear rolled down my cheek and he wiped it with his thumb

Me: I always thought you’d hate me

George: I can never hate you, even if I tried, and I don’t wanna try

Me: Thank you, really

George: don’t mention it

He smiled and I mirrored his smile. We chatted more and it felt really nice, just being able to talk and laugh freely without thinking about anything and anyone. I forgot how funny he could be

After a while, we got up and decided to head home, while he went his way, but not without dropping me off at my place and promising to be in touch. I waved him goodbye and went in smiling like a maniac

The next day I went to work, feeling a lot better and decided to put anything Evans related behind me. The days rolled by, with George coming from time to time and we became close, just like old times. He found out about Mimi and Henry and congratulated them, but Evans seem scarce all of a sudden. I asked the gang about him, but they always shrugged, and sometimes they conclude it’s work. With that, weeks turn to months and no sign of Evans. I called numerous times but no answer. I guess he’s busy with work and he’s girlfriend I thought

After work, one day, Henry dropped us off, like he usually did now that he’s dating Mimi and since I had a free ride everyday, I didn’t complain, quite enjoyed it actually. She kissed him goodbye and we got in

“You and Henry, pretty serious huh?

Mimi: yea, (she said smiling) and last night, he said he wants me to meet his family, (her smile dropped) but I’m freaking out Liz, what do I do?, what if they don’t like me? Wh..what if…..

Me: okay breath Mimi, I sat her down(and she did as I told her) Now, I know he’s crazy about you(she smiled) and you are too about him(she nodded) he’s family is gonna love you okay, cause you’re an amazing person, so just relax okay?

She nodded, her spirit lifted already.

“Thanks Liz” I smiled. “I’m gonna go make dinner” she got up and skipped away like a little girl, while I shook my head smiling, glad my bestfriend actually succeeded in finding love. A knock snapped me of my thought

I went to the door, and was shocked to see Evans standing there

“ I love you Liz” he breathed out

…to be continued


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