Love Me Again – Episode 5

� Christabel Hilda Anani. (Loudest Thoughts)

In fact I was hoping they come whiles he is still at home, but then they came in a little early. I was inside talking with Malia, while Livie wanted to pick up his phone from the car parked outside.

Suddenly we heard some yelling�s outside. Malia and I quickly rushed out, and saw Clyde holding Livie�s shirt at his neck.

Clyde however was trying to beat the hell out of Livie. We rushed to their end and Livie gave us a sign to pause and do nothing.

Clyde: What the hell are you doing here in my house?

Livie: I came to see your ex-wife, since she has no obligation towards you anymore And you decided to let a good woman walk away just because of your stupidity and jealousy I came to check on her. Do you have a problem with that?

Clyde: Did you just call me stupid. Well it�s not your fault, you got what you always wanted, now you can put on my shoes.

I knew all those gynecologist appointments were just a means of sleeping with my wife. After several yelling�s and insults from one end to another, I saw myself yelling out so loud.

Livie: Look, man you are making a big mistake here.

You know a man slept with your wife, when you catch them red handed or you come face to face with the other guy. You should be able to tell right now I don�t have a thing for your wife.

I never did If I did, she would be running into my arms, just after her divorce. She isn�t that cheap, like the street ones you pick up.

Ooh you think I don�t know, Ruby, Mercy, Chinaza, should I continue, I have a whole list, I knew all along. I could have told your wife but then I wanted you guys to work your own thing out, When I found out you guys were having a problem.

The last time I visited was to confirm my suspicions, after I confronted some of the ladies after you guys met.

Me: Livie and you never told me anything, what the hell is wrong with everybody around me. Malia you knew too?

Malia: Was just trying to do well by my husband, we agreed, your problems are ours but then we wouldn�t be part of breaking your marriage. We tried reaching out several times to find out if you guys are okay, but then we couldn�t really talk about it.

Me: So that was what all these coffee meet ups, the how are you text messages were all about, and am thinking anytime I receive those messages from you malia, you guys might have met this cheat of a husband somewhere.

Malia: It wasn�t an easy topic to decide to talk about in just a day Me: So this started when and you two never bothered to talk about it right?

All this time, Clyde was still face to face with Livie with his shirt in his grips.

Clyde:So you want to tell me you didn�t sleep with my wife, you liar.

And I can see you brought a camouflage of a wife, You both think you can fool me. Malia or whatever you call yourself.

You believe this cheat of a man and this tramp of a wife here I then shouted stop it now on top of my voice, when I heard Clyde call me a tramp. He immediately let go of Livie.

Malia and Livie tried to reach out to me on the floor and I slowly told them to leave me alone and leave my house, as if it was still mine

I picked up myself from the floor and went inside. That coward of a husband left the house like he always does.

What he didn�t know is I was waiting patiently for him this time I have been hurt too much not to do anything I waited until 1 am when I heard his car enter the compound I quickly opened the door when I heard him turning the knob.

Me: Welcome you cheat, take a seat there.

Clyde:What is this? In my own house? Really?

Me: I said take a seat, or I will beat the hell out of you now.

Clyde: And you want what now? I quickly dragged him to the seat, bringing the gun behind the door, holding a gun to his head.

He forgot he brought his father�s hunting gun to our house when he said he wanted to take me on a hunting journey. Clyde quickly sat down,and made several attempts to talk but with the gestures I made with the gun he couldn�t.

Me: I think I have been quiet enough, this is my time to ask questions. I need correct answers, or you will see the other side of me.

Me:How long have you been seeing those girls? He wasn�t responding, I threatened with the gun again.

I said how long have you been cheating on me with those whores Answer me you coward, I hit him with the gun on his head and watched him yell out.

I said how long has it been?

Clyde: 6 to 7 months, I think.

Me: Wow, you think?

Really. I was about to cry but I realized if I do I might not achieve anything here yet. Why?

I mean i gave you everything, my life, my body, my heart, Or was it something I wasn�t doing right? To the best of my knowledge we had no issues, with our s-x life,so am asking you why?

Clyde:Why? Because you cheated on me and you think you are that good in bed? Common Babs you and I know you fake it sometimes.

Me:Wrong answer, you think I cheated on you? Or you know.

And what makes you think I fake it, Besides should that be the reason why you should rip my heart out that way?

Tell me what exactly, when or where, because I can�t remember a thing. Clyde: I don�t know what you want to achieve here, but this is like kidnapping, I can sue you.

Me: Go ahead, if you are a man.


Just then I heard a car pull in the compound and I saw my mother in law coming out I then shoved my eyes at him and asked; so you called your mum here to do what.

I am waiting to see what she will do, she better not try anything funny or else she will smell pepper I left him there, and saw him walking towards the door to meet her mum.

Still scratching and checking his head out. I was in my room, and his mother came knocking.

I welcomed her and she enquired why I didn�t come down to see her, I told her I was asleep and had no idea she was around. We talked for a while and I decided to cook dinner just for the sake of those days.

After laying the table, i told them I was not hungry and then was going upstairs when she insisted i just sit with them. It was so weird at the table, I just kept burning inside, How this man destroyed my life and still had the guts to eat my food.

They finally finished and I packed up the table and kitchen, just went straight to my room to sleep Woke up to an annoying knock on my door, it was my mother in law.

Maa: We need to talk.

Me: By this time?

Maa: Yes, besides its just 3 am. And I need an explanation to why Clyde is sleeping on the couch.

And don�t tell me nothing, like he did last night, I noticed how weird and silent the whole house is since yesterday I arrived I know you guys, but your husband told me nothing.

Me: Maa with due respect, since your son told you nothing is going on, I think it should remain that way.

Maa: Come with me downstairs.

We walked to the living room and found Clyde sleeping on the couch His mum woke him up immediately while he struggled to get the sleep off his eyes.

Clyde: What is it again, I want to sleep Then he opened his eyes and saw me sitting on one of the sofas

Clyde: What did you tell my mum?

I hope whatever you told her, you included the fact that you cheated on me with your gynecologist and tried to sh00t me down this evening with my father�s gun, if she hadn�t showed up, only God knows what would have happened.

His mum shoved me an eye, and surprisingly, the mother in law, i thought i knew was somebody else for once I was always under the impression she supports the son even when he goes wrong.

The only thing she managed to say was OMG.

That was it, she stood up and off she went to her room. Without asking to hear my side of the affair tale.

I can�t tell how I managed through the night, but I woke up late and Clyde was not home My best guess was he left for work.

I met my mother in law at the dining table, chewing on something.

Maa: My daughter, you are awake, how was the night I was shockprised, couldn�t utter a word for a minute, when I finally found my voice I managed to say, yes Maa am fine.

She asked to join her at the table which I did, apparently she was waiting for me but couldn�t wait anymore so she took the lead.

I contemplated on eating her breakfast, as I don�t know what is going through her mind, but if she had wanted to harm me, am not sure I would be awake now. We ate in absolute silence, until getting to the end of packing up the table she asked to see me when am done.

I finished washing up, took along my copy of the divorce paper and headed downstairs I met her already in deep thoughts I decided to start the conversation as I know what she wanted to talk about.

Me: Maa before you say anything, I want you to know,I would never do anything to hurt your son, before I could finish my sentence, she cut in.

Maa: I know you didn�t cheat on my son my daughter, I know my son so well. He was a lot of things before he got married, though I understand he changed for you.

Anytime he becomes so insecure and aggressive with someone cheating on him I know he is lieing, besides you aren�t the first one he�s done that to.

The only difference from the earlier one�s are you guys are married. I know it might resurface again, those traits.

I don�t know how much he told you about his past when you guys decided to spend your life�s together. I was thankful he found someone who could love him despite his past, I know I defend my son too much sometimes.

But yesterday, I looked into his eyes when he was talking about you, I know my son too well and when he is lieing, I know my son too well, when he starts his things, I can tell if he is lieing or not so don�t worry, I believe you cannot hurt a fly.

She called several times before I came out of my reverie, simply because I was dumbfounded.


Yes I know about my husband�s past, he told me he was a �Casanova�, but then I trust him after we realized we are so much in love with each other and can�t go a day without feeling what I know is love but now hatred.

I loved him despite his numerous ladies he slept with in the past, I understood, his looks got him that far. Was I selfish to want to keep him all to myself, or I was stupid to marry a fine Casanova.

Just when I was busy thinking about his past, my mother in law spoke up.

Maa: My daughter, how can I change this great damage that has been done?

Am sure you have already taken in enough of his lies, And how he would defend himself when he is caught cheating.

I know he cheated, the same thing he did to the many ladies we wanted him to marry, They all left, but you stayed. He told us, he got his act together, and I can clearly see that�s not true.

Me: Maa, this is beyond repairs, I then showed her the divorce papers.

Maa: What? How? When? Then how are you still here. I narrated to her my proposal to stay for at least two months.

Me: Look I love your son, but if he doesn�t want me anymore, I have to leave that wasn�t my decision, it was his and I accepted my fate the moment I signed those papers.

My intention was to stay for this two months and check if there are any regrets from his end but he is not going to change now, I have to get going too, my tickets and visa would be ready very soon.

Maa: You sure you don�t want to give it another try?

Me: Yes Maa, I want to get back home to the family I have left behind for this one which only ripped my heart out.

…to be continued


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