Love Me Again – Episode 2

� Christabel Hilda Anani. (Loudest Thoughts)

�Trust is like a pencil, when the edge gets broken, you can sharpen it to a point, but once it gets to the extreme where there is nothing left to sharpen; you lose everything or you tell yourself I got to keep trusting�

I remember I came home one evening and I yelled!

Me: Babs where were you today Babs: Darling I have been home doing your laundry all day.

Me: Are you lieing to me right now.

Babs: For Christ�s sake Clyde, have I ever lied to you? And where is this coming from.

Me: I saw you at Mr. Biggs today with Dr. Livie, your gynecologist.

Me: how many times have I warned you not to see him again, not as a friend or your gynaeo?

Me: Answer me Babs, Come here! I dragged Barbara by her hair to my face.

Babs: Clyde you are hurting me, besides, I already told you I was not out today, neither do I have anything doing with Livie. Ask Mrs Ibe nextdoor, she was doing laundry outside as well.

Me: Oh you guys are now on an informal name basis.

Babs: You are reacting for no reason, call Livie and ask him when was the last time he saw me and Clyde what point of I love you and you are my husband so I see no other man do you not understand.

Every day you seem to have all sort of allegations about Livie and me, to the point of changing my number. What�s wrong with you? Is this what I travelled so many miles for? Am pretty sure this is not only about Livie anymore.

Until you are ready to tell me what it is about, I will be waiting but for now do what pleases you. I am fully aware, am still so much in love with my husband, his grunts, and sense of jealousy these days I must admit make me feel I am losing him slowly but I also knew I have to let it be. Time will reveal and heal everything.

Me: Are you talking to me like that. We exchanged words for a while and I ended up not eating that evening and I took over the guest room for a week.


In the second week, i heard a knock on my door in the middle of the night and it was Barbara.

Babs: Clyde please open the door.

Me: What do you want, am not in the mood for s*x. We can talk in the morning.

Babs: Look am sorry about what happened out there last week, I shouldn�t have spoken to you that way.

And I want you to know I love you so much and if I had to cut off my male friends because of you I will. Besides I did the last time you saw us over a friendly dinner, just to save my marriage.

That was the last i saw or heard of Livie, so whoever you saw with him recently wasn�t me. I kept quiet for a long time and since I wasn�t hearing her voice anymore i assumed she had left.

I made it a point to avoid her that morning like i have been doing for the past week, hence skipping breakfast. From then, we were always at each other�s throat, well basically I was always at her throat. I do eat what she cooks, but we barely communicated.

I then decided to move back in our bedroom when my mum informed me she was coming over but couldn�t make it. I know my mum wouldn�t hesitate to take my side when she comes.

My mum, Mrs Obi is the best mum ever, not because she takes my side but even as the only son she knows how and when to rebuke me.


It was Saturday so I knew she might oversleep like she does these days, but was surprised to wake up and Barbara was not beside me, i thought I was watching over her when I carried her in last night, Did I sleep off, how? I asked myself I walked down to the sitting room and looked all over and there was no sign of my wife.

My eyes caught food on the table, then I remembered yesterday�s experience. I decided to ignore! I went to meet Ibweke my gateman and asked the whereabouts of my wife, he said she saw her going out. Her car was parked in the garage, Close to an hour she entered the room.

Babs: Good morning I hope you saw your food.

Me: Yeah, but I didn�t touch it, you can eat yourself.

Babs: sorry about last night, today is better, should I come feed you Darl�

Me: I quickly cut her off before she could finish, Babs I need no drama this early morning.

Babs: sorry, she walked away in what seems like tears I wished I could console her, but that hatred part of me was holding me back. The day was uneventful, Babs was in doors throughout until I heard a knock on my door while I was trying to take a nap in the sitting room. I opened just to see who it was then my demeanor changed.

Dr Livie: Hello Clyde

Me: I stood at the door for some time and he asked aren�t you going to let me in, then I heard my wife�s footstep coming down I stepped aside for him to enter and gave a fake smile.

Then my wife came down to meet us, he made way to go hug Babs, and I interrupted saying come on let�s sit here, Babs see to our guest. He followed me to the sitting area, we exchanged pleasantries.

Babs brought him water and a drink, I gave her a look that would have given her a heart attack if not for the fact that she understood me. She sat down beside me, then I asked her to get me a drink myself Just to avoid her seeing Livie.

Me: what brings you here today, been a while.

Dr Livie: Can�t I visit my friends and my patient anymore.

Me: yes you can, that was sarcastic, I meant is everything okay since you�ve never been to our house before. How did you even know our house address. Hope it wasn�t difficult to locate. I asked just to satisfy my own curiosity.

Dr Livie: Oh how! I have been here on two occasions, but always met your absence. It seems I always come at the wrong time. But then, haven�t seen you guys in a while, Barbara hasn�t been to any of her appointments and she keeps ignoring my calls. Wanted to find out if everything is alright.

Just when he mentioned why he was there, Babs came in with the drink and made a gesture to talk but I interrupted.

Me: emmmmmmm, we are around just that��.. I was cut short by Barbara. I was so furious within me when I heard he was here in my absence. Then I kept playing some drama�s in my head, what could they have done. OMG!!! Babs you have killed me, I thought.

Babs: I travelled somewhere with my husband for some time,I did see your calls and I definitely planned on returning them, but then wanted to do that when I get back.

I was impressed what a perfect lie my wife has told, I wasn�t sure if Dr. Livie believed but he left after some few minutes on an emergency call he had.

Then I became worried, does he have my wife�s new number, When did he call, was it after or before I changed her line? Immediately he left, I saw him to his car, when I got back, I saw Barbara waiting with folded arms behind the door.


Babs: she shove me an eye, are you satisfied now, If you are can we go back to those times of no fighting? I would really love to be at peace with you.

Me: so you can lie perfectly like this, what shows you haven�t been lieing all along? I kept the part when he mentioned he visited on two occasions to myself, because I wanted to investigate first.

Babs: What do you mean Clyde?

Me:I mean you managed to fool Dr. Livie. What shows everything you have been telling me all this while is true?

Babs: Whatever.

Me: Babs did you just say whatever.

Babs: yes I did, am so tired of this emotional trauma, I mean why am I even still with you if you think I have anything doing with Livie? It doesn�t work that way, am still here because for �better for worse� And she tried to walk away, then I shouted on top of my voice, come back here.

Babs:And if I don�t what will you do I was so furious to the extent that I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her towards with the intention to give her the slap of her life, she tripped and fell on her ankle.

Babs fell on the floor once again and groaned. Selfishly and heartlessly I left her there and walked out of the house. I heard her say Clyde you are heartless. I made up my mind while driving out am leaving my matrimonial bed this time for good. Can�t imagine what my wife had done with Livie in my own house.


I tried crawling to the home phone table just to put a call through to someone, The one person that came to mind, I dialed the number. Yes I have his number off head.

Babs: Livie, Please its Barby, knowing very well he doesn�t know our fixed line number, I then said could you please help me, amidst tears I told him I fell down and I think I can�t move.

Dr Livie: What, How, don�t worry am turning round, whatever you do don�t risk walking about until I take a look at it.

Babs: Thank you, he kept calling to check in until he got here While still on the floor, I thought about what has gotten over Clyde lately, at first I could just enjoy the silence treatments but now he is becoming violent, then I heard a knock on my door.

Babs: come in Livie.

Dr Livie: Oooh Barby, it looks serious He said while rushing to my end, he sat beside me on the floor with his first aid box. While checking my leg out and finally deciding what to do to relieve the pain, he kept asking questions.

Dr Livie: Are you sure you just fell, because the magnitude of the fracture is saying something else. Are you sure you were not pushed.

By the way where is Clyde? Why is he not here? Shouldn�t he be your first call? Are you sure he wasn�t the one who did this to you.

Babs: Livie, please I don�t need you to be inquisitive right now, I am not on one of those your examination tables to be questioned Tell me can I walk again, is it that bad.

Dr. Livie:Yes you can walk, but I need to take you to the hospital for an x-ray considering the fact that you can�t walk now. You know am a gynecologist, not that kind of doctor to give you all the answers you need.

Babs:I understand this isn�t your field, but I called you anyway, Knowing very well you might know a thing or two, Can�t you do anything for now to relieve the pain? Whiles I look into the hospital tomorrow if it gets worse?

And by the way, my husband didn�t do this, He went out not long ago and his phone is not reachable, that�s how come you are here now, Besides you are the only doctor friend I happen to have his number lying around

Dr Livie: Really am your friend? You seem to have given me another impression lately, especially earlier when I visited. I doubted that act you put on there. Well-done Barby.

Babs: Livie, I don�t know what you are talking about, But then do you think I need this blame games right now. Please help me to my room.

…to be continued

This story would continue on Monday and weekdays only


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