In The Dark – Episode 28

A Story By Stanley Oluwatosin


“why will he do this?” I asked rather too loudly.

“Maybe he just want to contribute” Mi mom said as a response to my rhetoric question.

“But i did not ask him for a thing. I mean i can take care of myself” I said, talking to no one in particular.

Mi dad came close to me and said “Probably you should give him a call honey. He is in the position to answer all this question.”

Mi mom handed my phone back to me and i dialed kelvin’s number.

“What is the cash deposition for?” I asked immediately kelvin accepted my call.

“Chill honey. First things first. Good morning and how was your night beautiful?” Kelvin said, not realising my mood.

“Just give me an answer already kelvin” I said not responding to his greetings.

Kelvin cleared his throat loudly and said “Okay iron lady. Actually am not kind enough to deposit such amount into your account and before you will start feeling like a celebrity that i need to beg with money, i did not make the deposition. Dad did, and he used one of the accounts he opened in my name, that’s why my name appeared as the depositor. Hope am safe now?”

After kelvin’s explanation, i could not help but feel lucky for the kind of family i was going to have has inlaw.

I told kelvin to forward the president’s contact to me and i also asked him to inform Loretta that we would be meeting by 12:00pm.

“Can i come along? You have enough to shop for me and i don’t have any boxer again”

Kelvin said and i told him to get lost before i ended the call.

I narrated all that kelvin said to my foster parent and they were excited. Mi dad joked about me lending him money before he placed a call through to the president. We all took turn to express our gratitude and the president been the humble man he was, told us were worth more than the money.

I remembered Mi dad of the chat he was suppose to have with the chairman of my office before i left for my room.

We had breakfast lately that morning, after which i got ready for the shopping with Loretta.

At exactly 11:40am, i was on my way to Kelvin’s.


I was surprise to meet Jordan at kelvin’s, according to him, kelvin invited him for shopping.

I found out that Loretta and Jordan were getting closer and even a blind man would see that they were fond of eachother.

After alittle chat with kelvin’s mom, i left with Loretta, leaving the men behind.

The driver assigned to take us around the town drove us to different beautiful Ladies shopping complex and we were able to get all the things we needed. Loretta was fun to shop with and with her fashion taste, she made the best choices.

After shopping with Loretta, i decided to plead with her to come shop with me for my wedding instead of going with Mi mom. After little persuasion, loretta agreed and i told her all the places we got khole’s wedding materials for. She also made new suggestions and i found myself happily looking forward to having fun with Loretta.

Loretta also promised to invite some of her friends who would love to be a member of the bridal train.

When we were done shopping around the town, i went home excitedly and tired after getting my ride from kelvin’s.


I told Mi mon about my new plan of travelling with Loretta instead of her, thinking she would be a bit angry of my new decision. Instead Mi mon was happy she would have enough time to make all the arrangements needed in Nigeria. She was also happy about my new found friendship with my sister inlaw.

After discussing with Mi mom, i called khole and invited her over for my pre-wedding pictures before i had lunch.

The rest of the day went uneventful apart from getting freed from work as a result of Mi dad’s meeting with the chairman.


I woke up super excited the next day, though it was just pre-wedding picture i was going to take, it made me realise my wedding was near.

At exactly 11:00AM, Myself and khole left for the suit we would be making use of. Kelvin also came with Loretta and Jordan.

Makeup artist and hair stylist were made available as well. I was stunned when i saw my new look in the mirror after been worked on by the specialist.The invited designer helped with the dresses i shopped with Loretta.Without been told, i knew i look gorgeous after dressing up.

I could not help but thank my stars for my choice of husband when i saw kelvin as well,we were what most people would call “The perfect Couple”

“Josh Collage photography” got to work immediately we were set.All in all, we had different beautiful pictures from three different dresses.

At the end of it all,I smiled home with fullness of Joy.


Few weeks later the pre-wedding pictures were out and without much effort, it went Viral on social media. Over the night,i became a public figure.


Bags were packed, goodbyes were said and two weeks to my wedding i was on a private jet with my bridal train. (Loretta and friends)

“Let the shopping begin!”

I shouted immediately the jet took off.


“Let the shopping begin!” I shouted immediately the jet took off. If any sooth sayer had reveal to me that i would be going to shop for my wedding in a private jet, few months from then, i would have told the person to get lost. Thanks to my father inlaw (the president), i got more than i had always wish for.

The flight from lagos to Los Angeles was interesting. I had lots of fun with the ladies. With their sense of fashion and their class, i was rest assured getting the best would not be a problem. Through the ladies, i was able make a new choice of my shopping location. Since dad loaded my account with enough money after the deposition from kelvin, i had nothing to worry about in terms of money. All i needed was quality.


We found our way to Beverly, hills where a reservation was made for us after the long flight from Nigeria. In less than an hour, i found myself feeling at home already. I placed a call through to my foster parent, the president, khole and then kelvin who was also on a trip to get his wears. We all had our dinner in our hotel room after which we had a long chat before we decided to call it a day. The next day was ment to be the beginning of my wedding shopping, since we had just a week to round everything off.


The ringing of my phone woke me up the next morning. Everything changed since we were in a foreign land but my love for kelvin never changed. He called me early that morning and said lots of beautiful things that made me feel butterfly in my tommy. The long talk with kelvin woke some of the ladies up and they got jealous to the extent that they could not hide it. This made some of the girls narrate their experience with love and again, we started the day with a long gist.

After chatting for awhile, we went to the hotel restaurant to got breakfast and before preparing to hit the city.

At exactly 10:00AM, we left our hotel for Flagship Boutique, owned by Monique Lhuillier. Her boutique was one of the best in B.H and we settled for flagship because it had everything we were looking for.

Flagship boutique was more exceptional than i thought it would be, the whole of Monique Lhuillier collection caught my eyes but the one that took my breathe away was the “2015 Bridal landing”

the wedding gown was super gorgeous and when I tried it on, even without looking into a mirror, i knew it looked best on me.

I also got a red and cream colour dinner gown, for the wedding reception and my bridal train got a beautiful long cream dinner gown for the event.

We all went home happy and fulfiled that very day.

I was the happiest girl in the world.

Throughout the week all we did was shopping.At the very end, i found the shoes of my dream in “Signature Bridal” by Monique Lhuillier and charming set of jewelry from “Fine Jewelry” also by Monique Lhuillier. We shopped for the little braids and all that were absent but would be participating on my wedding.Mi mom got most of her wealthy friends daughters to fit in all the roles before i left Nigeria.

After the whole shopping,i was more than fulfilled at all the things i got.Though, a huge amount of money was spent, i got all that i had ever wanted for my wedding.It was a huge success.


At exactly 4:00pm, our plane landed in Lagos Nigeria. Cars were already waiting to take us home and around 7:00pm,i was at my door step in Ilorin while the ladies went to their various house as well.

I was happy to be with my family again and i was most happy it was a week to my introduction.All the arrangement Mi mom successfully made also made me love her the more.We had a long mother/daughter chat before i finally retired for the day.


Before the blink of an eye, it was my introduction day.

Stylist, makeup artist, khole and all that i would be needing was made available. Though it was suppose to be a low key family introduction, the sight that welcomed me made me doubt if it was just an introduction or the wedding proper.There were heavy securitys in the whole arena as well.

Since Yoruba culture was showcased, i was dressed in “iro and buba” while kelvin wore Agbada.

Groom’s family were welcomed, each family member was introduced and other necessary things were done.The introduction was nothing but a huge success as well.


The event had an impact in me. Afterwards, I isolated myself in my room and thought about all that happened. Even those that never spent a kobo on me were introduced but the lives that brought me into this world were missing. I let tears fall freely from my cheek at my sudden realisation that i was an orphan.Due to the love i received from my foster parent, i almost forgot i was alone without a family.

I rose to my feet and looked through the window.

I let the thought of the past wander in my head and after a long time of letting go of the past.Memories of my parent’s death came calling. Before i could say jack, i lost control over my body.It was all like a nightmare.


I lost myself to the past and all the memories i had long forgotten re-surfaced.The events of my parents death came calling and before i could say jack, i lost control over my body.It was all like a night mare as all that happened during my parents death came in a flash.

It all felt like it was in the present though it was the past i had always tried to forget.

Just like a movie,everything came right before me.From the death of my dad,to the last words of my mom and the moment my mother was given back to mother earth.

I unconsciously fell to the ground as different thought came to my mind.At first my it was only the tears falling down my cheek but has i got deeper in my thought, i started to weep. The deeper my thought got, the more it took over me and from weeping, i started to wail not minding the number of guest in my house.

I wailed and shouted with the whole of my strength, as if my living depend on it.I cried for all the years i have lost track on the past that was my root.

Few minutes later, i felt i was losing my strength, i tried to stop myself from wailing but i could not.Getting up became a difficult task for me.

If my parent were to be alive, they had always known when i was in discomfort but with them gone far away from this world, i was left with no comforter at that moment.I was sure everybody in the house would be bussy with their problem.Though i had people i called my family, they could never be compared with the father that brought me to this world and the mother that carried me in her womb for nine months.I was still in my state of dilemma when Mi mom showed up like a guardian Angel.

All my thoughts were proved wrong.

“Nancy! What is wrong with you?”

mi mom shouted immediately she entered my room.I could not say a word, i only looked up at her with my swollen eyes as she knelt down beside me.Mi mom held me to herself for a long period of time.She released me when i had stop wailing and gently carried me up. Instead of questioning me, mi mom slowly led me on the bed and made me lay on my back.She covered my body and placed a hand on my stomach.She gently tapped my stomach in a relieving way until i forgot both the past and present. I enventually fell into the hands of sleep.


I woke up to the sound of foot step in my room.I knew i had company but i could not place who it was.My head felt heavy and weak.I slowly opened my eyes and saw my foster parent sitting close to me in bed.Mi dad held my hand immediately i moved my body. “Baby, are you okay?” He calmly asked and i nodded.Mi mom gently sat me up and placed a tray in front of me.It contained a simple dinner of rice and fish stew.I had my dinner in bed with the help of foster parent that day.With the care i got from my foster parent, I felt ashamed of thinking i had nobody when i had the whole world.After eating my foster parent cleared my bed and put me to sleep before they left.I gussed they knew the reason of my sudden breakdown and they decided not to question me.

Since i was not sleepy after my foster parent departure, i placed a call through to kelvin and we had a long talk before i finally ended the call.I stayed up thinking about nothing all night.


Days rolled into nights and nights to weeks.

I had my bridal shower at khole’s residence three days to my wedding day.I could not use my foster parent home because of the guests and it felt more alive at khole’s.I had fun with the ladies, including Loretta and with the help of “Josh collage photography” All the beautiful moments were captured.

After the event, i went home thinking about the following day.It would be friday and it was scheduled for my engagement.Throughout the day, i looked forward to becoming kelvin’s braid traditionally.


At exactly 3:00pm on friday afternoon, i was fully dressed in my traditional attire.I wore an expensive set of jewelry and local bead.Some minutes to 4pm, i matched out of the house to “Stela Obansanjo multipurpose hall” where the event was to take place.I was in company of myladies dressed in the same attire.My foster parent,khole and Josh also had the same attire on.In all different colours of aso-ebi could be seen,ranging from class and colour.

Music could be heard from a mile to the hall.Their were fleets of cars everywhere and i could not help but marvel at the turn up.

An unexpected event occurred when i danced into the hall with khole and other ladies behind me.The smile on my way disappeared when i saw uncle mike sitting close to my mom as the bride’s father.I decided to speak for myself and take a bold step.I knew the man that was there for me when i became father less and somebody else representing him while he was still alive was something i could not take. Instead of going to the sit provided for me after the dance, i walked up to uncle mike and said “Is either you get up from this chair now or i will have you dragged out of this place”

the smile on his face faded immediately.


“Is either you get up from that chair right now or i will have you dragged out” I said to uncle mike and the smile on his face faded immediately. He only looked at me with a straight face. His facial expression was blank and this made me doubt if i had created enough fear in him or not. I did’nt want to cause a scene on my own engagement but i wouldn’t mind causing one by dragging uncle mike out of the hall on my heels.

At that particular moment the engager was doing her thing on stage and i was not needed on stage but i knew i would be call upon soon. I bent alittle closer to uncle mike with a fake smile and said “Am sure the least you want right now is to be embarrassed infront of all this camera. Remember what i did to your wife? That part of me is still so much alive. Now move it uncle”

My last statement created enough fear in my uncle and he reluctantly stood up from the chair. He looked at me directly for like a minute and with my two inches heels, i was way taller than him. I looked down at him and told him to make himself feel comfortable in the crowd.

Mi mom who had been carried away by the engager performance noticed the exist of uncle mike. She gave me a questionary expression and i replied with a smile, telling her to calm her nerves. I knew it was the family’s arrangement for uncle mike to sit with Mi mom, but i did’nt give a poo about their arrangement. It was my day, everything was suppose to be about me and everything was suppose to go just the way i wanted.

The engager called on the groom’s men to prostrate before the bride’s parent. This was the time everybody noticed the bride’s father absence. Before it got suspicious, i walked graciously to where Mi dad was sitted and ushered him to the sit vacated by uncle Mike. He was not prepared for it but he accepted and acted normal. Uncle mike and the family could rot in hell for all i care.

Bridal rites were paid, prayers were said, i sat on kelvin’s parent laps for prayer and vice versa, everything was super fun.

At exactly 6:00pm, the engagement came to a lovly end. Pictures were taken and many memories were captured. I could not help but notice the frown on my mom’s family throughout the event but i cared less.

I looked everywhere for Lizzy but she was no where to be found. I gussed i really bleeped up when i delt with her mom and she might probably be willing to take the grudges to her grave.


I returned home with my family and i was happy to be traditionally kelvin’s braid. He was my everything.

My foster parent invited me to their room after i undressed. At first Mi dad was mad at me for going against the family but at the end, after expressing my feelings to the duo, they were both proud of me and mi dad agreed to give out my hand in the holy matrimony.

I went back to my room and with the girls with me, the night was fun. Loud music, noise from every angle, laughter, delicious aroma and get together were all that filled my house because of the huge number of guest.

I excused myself from the girls and looked through my window. The moon was shinning so bright and a broad smile spread across my face when i thought of where i would be at the same time, the next day.

…to be continued


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