In The Dark – Episode 27

A Story By Stanley Oluwatosin

Words could not express my love for kelvin. At that moment, all i could do was to to pull him to myself and give him a full kiss on his lips.

With my lips on kelvin’s and my eyes closed, i was so lost in our world. All i could do was to inhale his saint and enjoy the moment with the only guy that made my heart beat increase.

“Hmmm… Enjoy your meal sir and ma”

The waiter’s voice interupted my moment with Kelvin. I opened my eyes and saw that our table was full already, the waiter was also walking back to the kitchen with an empty tray but he had a funny look on.

I looked at the table, then looked at kelvin and we both started to laugh.

“We had our lips locked together for like how many minutes? I managed to ask in between my laughter.

Kelvin stopped to laugh and said “Actually i don’t know but am sure i loved every bit of it. Why is the waiter pained though? You really need to flaunt this ring everywhere we go”.

I only hummed and kelvin kissed the ring on my finger.

We had our meal with lots of joy in our hearts. We made lots of sweet promises and kissed at interval as well. Just like every other outing with kelvin, i had fun.

Kelvin took me back to the office after lunch and i left for home after spending an extra hour to complete my day’s work.

At exactly 4:00pm, i cleared my table and signed out.


“Mom! Dad! Am back” i shouted immediately i got home.

“Over here honey, we are in the study” I heard Mi mom’s voice from within.

I rushed into the study and hugged the duo on sight.

“What happened? Why are you so excited? Mi dad asked as he held my hand.

I released my hand and walked round the room in a funny way.

I then faced my foster parent and said “Mom, Dad am getting married to Kelvin!”

I could see the excitement in their faces as Mi mom kept on muttering “Woah” and mi dad jammed his hands together in excitement.

“Tell me, what happened? What changed your mind?” Mi dad asked as he hugged me tightly.

“Did you think it over?” Mi mom also asked before I settled in a chair and narrated what prompted my decision to them.

“Actually, i had lunch with kelvin today and contrary to my fear and doubts, i saw the truth and i felt the love. I love kelvin no doubt but i just confirmed i love him enough to give the rest of my life to him. Mom, Dad, i can’t really thank you enough, because of you I am who I am today. I owe everything to you both and now i realise there is nothing more important than family. I love you both so much”

I said and i took turn to hug my foster parent. They both took me into their arms one after the other and showered me with blessing.

” Now let the wedding plans begin! I want the whole world to be present” Mi dad shouted and we all laughed.

I took a sit close to mi mom and we all discussed about the introduction arrangement. According to plan, the introduction would take place in a week to the wedding and the family members of my late parents were to be present.

Since Mi mom was the only family left from my paternal family, the only family members that could cause trouble was my mom’s.

To avoid disagreement, Mi dad took it on himself to inform my late mom’s family of my wedding arrangement and they would be allowed to make most of the family decisions since Mi mom could be addressed as a weaker sex, been a woman.

Mi mom agreed to Mi dad’s decision for the sake of peace and we all agreed on Mi dad visiting uncle mike the next day.

I excused myself to my room and placed a call through to khole. I felt how excited she was when i informed her of our plans and she also promised to come around the next day. I layed on my bed after ending my call with khole. I faced the wall and refreshed my memory on all that had happened in my life. I realised everybody can move on and let that unforgettable past havs little effect on them. When i lost my parent, especially my mom, i thought it was the end for me, but with God, faith and the people around me, i was able to walk past that dark part of my life. I also believed there was no limit to chasing my dream, do you?.


The ringing of my phone woke me up and i realised

I slept off while thinking about my past. I slowly opened my eyes and reached for my phone. I accepted the call without checking the caller I.D and murmured “hello”.

“When were you planning on telling me?” The caller from the other end said.

I checked my phone to confirm the caller and i saw it was Jordan. My heart skipped a bit as i said “Tell you what?”.

“You are getting married to him, right?” Jordan asked and my mouth went dry. I was able to slowly erase Jordan from my heart, but i was never able to get rid of the guilt of betraying his love whenever we talk.


My heart skipped a bit and my mouth went dry, i did not know the reply to give Jordan. Though we were no longer in a relationship, i could not bare to hurt him with my words.

“Answer me Nancy! You guys are seriously getting married?”

Jordan asked, raising his voice.

I blinked consecutively and all i could manage to say was “Who told you?”.

“Is that a reply to my question?” Jordan asked in return.

I took a deep breathe and decided it was time to call a spade a spade.

“Jordan, you were there when kelvin proposed to me and you did not show any sign of been hurt. What’s next after a proposal? Is it not suppose to be marriage?. Am sorry we did not end up together but that won’t stop me from getting married to the man of my dream” I said without considering Jordan’s feelings.

I was expecting to hear Jordan raise his voice at me or get angry but i was surprised to hear laughter from the other end.

“Jordan? What’s funny?” I asked when the the laughter increased.

Jordan did not reply and i decided it was time to hang up on him.

I was about to end the call when someone said “Hey babe” from the other end.

“Are you kidding me?” was the only question i could ask when i recognized the voice.

“No, actually am adulting you. Get down here babe, we’re outside” Kelvin said from the other end and i rushed out of my bed. I looked through my window and saw no sign of him. I quickly forced a jean over my butt and wore a loose top.

“Hey, are you there?” I heard kelvin’s voice from my phone again.

I got a slippers and said

“I will so deal with you kelvin” as i rushed out of my room.

Kelvin only laughed into the phone without a reply.

I hurriedly informed my foster parent of my emergency outing before i hurried out of the gate.

I saw a Range Rover parked outside the gate. Without been told i knew that would be kelvin’s.

I knocked on the side glass and the back door was opened. Kelvin pulled me in and engulfed me in a hug immediately i got in.

I tried to pull myself away from him but he held me tight and kissed me on my forehead. “Am so proud of you baby” Kelvin said with his charming smile and kissed me on my lips. I could not resist the urge to kiss him so i only kissed him back.

“hey guys that’s enough. Lets get going” A voice i recognized to be Jordan’s interupted from the driver’s sit.

“What!” I exclaimed as i break from the kiss. “So you are still here? You naughty boy” I said as i hit Jordan playfully on his shoulder.

“I told them not to prank you sister inlaw” I heard another voice from the front sit.

“Loretta!” i screamed when i recognized her voice.

“Sorry sis, kelvin dragged me into this” loretta said and I put on a angry look.

“You know what sis. Let me clean myself. Kelvin told me your romantic story and he was scared you might not be able to tell Jordan about your wedding plans. My Cute brother was also scared of Jordan pulling funny stunts at the wedding. So i advised him to inform Jordan himself and he did. Jordan on the other hand agreed on the condition that he will question you on it. If you were able to tell him yourself, he would give up and if you were unable to, he would come back hard. So thats why we are all here and the loser will clear the bill for tonight. See? Have done nothing wrong”

Loretta said and i could not help but laugh.

“So now that you’ve painted me black, can we get out of here already?” Kelvin said and Jordan started the engine after laughing out loud.

I could not help but appreciate kelvin looking out for me.

“Is the story forreal?” I asked as i held kelvin close to myself.

“Yes it is” kelvin said and i placed my lips on his as i murmured “Thank you”.


Jordan drove into a five star Joint and we all alighted after he parked.

We found a empty table and we settled in the chairs with me sitting close to kelvin and Loretta sitting close to Jordan.

Myself and Loretta ordered for Asun and fruit wine while Jordan and Kelvin ordered a bottle of red wine.

We had fun eating, drinking and chatting. Loretta was able to blend well and i could not help but notice how cute herself and Jordan looked together.

They seemed to understand eachother and at interval Loretta would hit Jordan playfully on the shoulder whenever she find his words funny.

At exactly 10:00pm,Jordan cleared the bill and we left the joint. We were all in high spirits as we left for home. I was taken to my house first after which kelvin said they would go to Jordan’s house before he would head home with loretta.


My foster parent were fast asleep when i got home. I gently went to my room and had my shower. I wore my night wear and settled in my bed.

I thought about the outing of the day and I could not help but smile.

“Since Jordan is out of the way, the only problem left is uncle Mike”

I thought but i was sure Mi dad would handle him well and his greed would make him and his family member agree to our terms.


I woke up the following morning at exactly 6:30am. I said my prayer and got ready for work. After dressing up, i had breakfast with my foster parent during which we discussed.

In the middle of breakfast, Mi dad made it known to us that he would meet with uncle Mike and the rest of the family during lunch.

I also informed my foster parent that I would visit the Stanleys and Kelvin’s parent, after work.

Mi mom also informed us that she would shop for all the traditional attire to used. As her area of concentration, she took it upon herself to get all the Aso- ebi and other traditional materials needed.

After breakfast we all wished each other luck and after pecking the duo quickly, i dashed out.


Work was not really fun, since much work was not assigned to me. Probably because of my new found status.

At exactly 12:00pm, i signed out of work and left for the stanleys.

Since i wanted to make my visit a surprise, i did not bother to inform them.

I got to the stanleys residence after about thirty minutes of driving. I could not help to remember memories of Nelly as i walked into the livingroom. Her picture was the first thing that caught my eyes when i got to the livingroom. If her death could still hurt me that much after years, i could not help but wonder how her parent would feel anytime they see her picture. For a moment, i said a silent prayer in loving memory of her.

“It’s a lie! When did you get in my child?”

Mrs stanley’s voice interupted me from the dining room. With a napkin in her hand, i realised she had been in the kitchen.

I rushed to Nelly’s mom and hugged her tightly. She held me close to herself and gently rubbed my back.

I released myself after a long embrace and asked after her health. I also asked after Mr. Stanley and she informed me he was home.

I waited in the livingroom has she went to call her husband inside the house.

I knelt to greet Mr. Stanley on sight but he held me half way and engulfed me in a hug.

Nelly’s dad turned me around as he appreciated my outfit.

I could not help but wish i could bring Nelly back to the lovly couple.

Few minutes later, we were all on the dining table, having a lovly lunch of garri and vegetable soup.

The whole room was filled with laughter as we chatted and talked, bringing back old memory. During lunch, i got to know that the couple adopted a ten years old daughter, who was in school when i visited. For once, i saw the need to have a child.

After lunch, i informed the couple of the reason for my visitation. They were happy i would be getting married but the atmosphere changed to a sad one when Mrs. Stanley brought back memories of Nelly. I took my time to wipe her tears and promised to be there for her, before i left.


After leaving the stanley’s, I went to Kelvin’s apartment.

I was warmly welcomed by his parent and Loretta was a sweetheart as well.The president could not hide his excitement and just like Mi dad, he also promised to invite the whole world to my wedding with kelvin.

I did not spend up to thirty minutes at kelvin’s when khole called and informed me that she was waiting for me at home.Though leaving kelvin’s residence was a bit difficult with his mom asking me to stay and gist with her for awhile, i left later on, after spending twenty more minutes.


“Hey buddy” I said immediately i got home.

“Over here” khole said from the dining room.I met my foster parent with her as well.

I hugged the duo and pulled khole’s hair.

“You better handle me with care” Khole said and i hitted her playfully.

“Dad, whatsup?” i asked as I settled in a chair.

Mi dad adjusted his sit and said ” Good news princess. Immediately they heard who our inlaws is, they all agreed. Some of them even said we should fast forward the wedding plans.Right now Mike’s wife is in charge of Aso-ebi from their side”

I was so excited at Mi dad’s news.I rushed to hug him and said “You are the best dad in the universe”.

“Mtchew, useless people.

Baby, your dad transferred two million naira into my account. With that i will get the trad honey” Mi mom said and i hugged her too after thanking dad.

Khole coughed to get attention and said “Okay everybody,Now its my turn to break a news”

We all looked at eachother in surprise and waited for her to go on.

Khole continued “Mom, Dad, Sis…In nine months time,am going to have a baby!!!”

“What?!!” We all screamed out like school children.

My foster parent could not hide their excitement has they danced around the house.I jumped on khole not minding her plea not to hurt her baby.I was super excited for her.

“What more can i ask for God? First you doubled my joy by giving me another daughter and now, one is getting married while the other one is carrying my first grand child.I will serve you forever father” Mi dad said with his hands raised up in to the roof. We all danced to “Morire” by “Mike abdul” for God’s blessing.


We thanked God and celebrated all the happenings of the past years as much as we could.

At the end of it all, we all held our glasses of wine up (except khole who had Juice) and made a toast to more blessings.

After the merriment, we settled in the livingroom to discuss my wedding arrangement properly.

Khole disclosed that she would not be able to travel with me because of her early stage of pregnancy and she would be going to Abuja with Josh after completing her resignation process in less than three days.

According to her, Josh wanted her to get all the rest she deserved. Though i was happy for khole, i was a bit sad because she would not be there with me to make choices while shopping for my wedding. I was left with Mi mom to shop with, though i didn’t love the idea,i had no choice left. “I had always wanted to have a all girls shopping instead of a mother/daughter shopping” i said to myself.

After all the arrangements were made, I gave my foster parent a quick peck, before myself and khole excused ourselves to my room.

I was so amazed at the news of khole been pregnant that i looked at her every minutes to find changes. This made khole ask if she had turn a celebrity. I hitted her playfully and we both laugh. She was glowing so much that i could not help but think of how carrying Kelvin’s seed would feel like.

After placing a call through to Josh, in a bid to congratulate him, Myself and khole made a comprehensive list of all we would be needing for my wedding. I decided to shop at the places khole got her wedding materials as well, in order to have a quality wedding.

At exactly 6:00pm, Khole left and i retired to my room.


The ringing of my phone woke me up, Time checked 7:30pm. The caller I.D was kelvin, so i accepted the call and said “Hello”.

“Hey babe! You’ve been sleeping?” Kelvin said and i replied yes.

“Sorry for disturbing you, i wanted to ask if it will be fine by you for Loretta to join you guys for shopping. We will be having our pre-wedding pictures in two days” kelvin said and my mouth was left open.

“Pre- wedding what? In two days? Why are you just informing me?”

I questioned.

“Actually dad made the appointment before he left. I was informed few minutes ago. He was suppose to leave for the Aso rock a week ago, but he’s been here claiming he hasn’t been feeling fine. Instead of taking care of his health, he has been making different plans for our wedding. You will be amazed to hear all the plans he has made behind our backs. He left few hours ago, leaving us all in awe with his bundle of surprise. I gusse i take after him when it comes to that”

kelvin said and we both laughed.

It was alittle difficult to believe a whole president would abandon the country’s work for his son’s wedding but that explained the amount of love he had for his son.

I agreed to meet with Loretta the next day and get ready for the pre-wedding pictures the day that follows.

After ending the call with kelvin, i left for the dining room, where i joined my foster parent for dinner.

In the middle of the meal, i informed my foster parent of my arrangement with kelvin and Mi dad promised to debit my account the following day. I expressed my gratitude with words, after which i pleaded with Mi dad to take few months break from work on my behalf. Mi dad agreed to have a chat with the chairman and if things went well, i might not be completing my service year.

I left the dining room excitedly after dinner and had a long chat with kelvin in my room before i finally hugged my pillow.


I woke up 7:15am the next day. Since i had no intension of going to work, i stayed back in my room after saying my prayer. I decided to see a movie in my room. About an hour later, i was lost in the movie when i received a new message alert. I sluggishly got my phone and checked the message content. My eyes widened as I glanced through the content.

Without reading the whole message, i jumped to my foster parent’s room happily.

I rushed at Mi dad immediately i saw him and i hugged him as tight as i could.

“Thanks dad” I said has i released him from the hug. “For what princess?” he replied in a low tone.

“I just received the alert” I said and Mi dad frowned.

“Alert? Am yet to make the transfer, ” Mi dad said and i was left confused. I rushed to Mi mom and asked if Mi dad was fooling me but she also testified to the fact that Mi dad was just waking.

At first i thought the duo were joking, but when they maintained a straight face, i realised they were not playing pranks on me.

“But dad this is the message” I said as i brought out my phone. Mi mom collected my phone from me and read out the message content.

“Acct: ******231

Amt: NGN 5, 000 000:00cr

Desc: Cash deposit-KELVIN SMIT.

Avail balance: NGN 6, 000 000:00.”

“OH MY GOD” was all i could say when i found out that the deposition was made by kelvin.

…to be continued


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