In The Dark – Episode 26

A Story By Stanley Oluwatosin


My alarm woke me up the next day, time checked 6:00am. I lazily opened my eyes and went on my kneels after which i said my morning prayer. I took my bath and dressed up for work afterwards. I could not figure out why but i had an exciting feeling running through my veins that morning. I carefully selected a blue jump suit and a pink wedge. I used a simple but classy black jewelry and packed my things in a black bag. I applied a not so heavy makeup and wore a generous amount of smart collection perfume. Satisfied with my look in the mirror, i took a last glance at my room and left.

I met my foster parents on the dining table, having breakfast already. I took turn to hug the duo and settled to have breakfast with them.

“You look exceptionally beautiful” Mi dad said as he passed me the sugar box. I smiled and thanked Mi dad with a peck. “So am not beautiful abii?” mi mom said with a jealous face. “Mom you know i got my beauty from you?” I told Mi mom as i gave her a quick peck. We all laughed and continued our meal.

Time checked 7:15am, i gave my foster parent a quick peck each and left for work.


I got to work quarter to eight and i could not help but notice how most people forgot there eyes on me. Especially the opposite sex, this made me feel fly and i carried myself graciously to my work space with my hair flying.


Immediately i got to my department, i learnt that my co-workers were preparing for an important outing. My name was not on the list of assigned workers and that was why i was not informed early. I did’nt know how important the event was, but i wanted to be there. Since staying back at work would earn me nothing but an uneventful day. I made to Mr.larry’s office in a bid to plead with him so that, i could be on team.

“Morning sir” i said, as soon as i got to Mr.larry’s office. “Nancy, how are you?” He responded and i told him ” Am just fine”.

Myself and Mr.larry talked for awhile before i informed him that i would love to go with the selected team to the event they were preparing for.

“Oh Nancy i would have love to help, but there was a strict order that i shouldn’t involve you. Maybe next time” Mr.larry said and i wondered who gave the order. I knew it would be pointless to ask him about the giver of the order, so i thanked him and made to leave. I was almost at the door when Mr.larry called my name. I turned back and he said “You look drop dead gorgeous Nancy”. I faked a smile and left his office, causing him beneath my breathe.

Time checked 12:00pm. Since my department was empty and boring, i decided to call khole and inform her that i would be coming over to her house. I was about to place a call through to khole when i saw an incoming call from Kelvin. I accepted his call and said “Hello handsome”

kelvin laughed and said “Hi ugly” I scoffed and threatened to end the call if he doesn’t take back his statement.

“Taken honey” kelvin said and i asked why he was calling in a harsh tone (preatending to be angry).

“Common, queen of my heart, don’t get mad at me. If you do i will just die for love” kelvin said and we both laughed. Kelvin cleared his throat and said “Am almost at your working place. Am coming to pick you up”

“For what?” i asked. “Hmm… Lets just say, its a surprise” Kelvin said.

I could not figure out the kind of surprise i would be getting so i pleaded with kelvin to give me a hint.

“Just get down here ma’am. You will get to know when you see it” kelvin said in response and ended the call. I quickly packed my bag in anxiety and rushed out of my office, not having the slightest idea of what Kelvin’s wanted to surprise me with.

I saw a black tinted Prado packed in front of my work place. Without been told, i knew it was kelvin’s. I graciously walked toward the car and the door was opened for me by one of kelvin’s security. “Hi love” I said to kelvin has i sat close to him, occupying the back sit. Instead of responding, kelvin held my face and took full claim of my lips. The kiss came has a beautiful surprise. i eventually released my lips and said “is this the surprise?”. Kelvin spanked me playfully and said “you look breathe taking. I just could not fight the urge to kiss you”.

I smiled and murmured “thank you” as the driver started the engine and we left for the unknown destination.


The car stopped at a point, after abour thirty minutes drive. I could not make a gusse of our location since the car glasses were tinted. I was about asking kelvin of our location when i noticed he was on the phone.

“yes… We have arrived..She is here with me…Okay.. See you soon” kelvin said and ended the call.

“who was that?” I asked kelvin immediately he dropped the phone. “ehm, lets just say somebody you don’t know.” kelvin said with a smile and alighted.He opened the car door for me to alight.

“What the hell is happening here?” was the first statement i made as soon as i alighted. I was lost for a moment.


“What the hell is happening here?” was the first statement i made as i alighted. I was lost for a moment.

Kelvin held my hand and said “You are about to find out” as he pulled me along playfully.

Though i knew where we were but i could not wrap my head on what we were doing there. We were at the airport and i could not help but wonder if kelvin was going to take me on an unplanned trip. “Kelvin, i cant travel without informing my parent” I managed to say as i followed him.

“And who said you are traveling miss?” Kelvin said as he grinned widely. “So what are we doing here?” i asked confused. “You are about to find out” Kelvin said and he squeezed my hand.

At that moment i wished i could look into kelvin’s head. I looked at the distance we had covered behind me and i could not help but wonder what the surprise could be. I still had my eyes fixed at my back when i heard a loud shout. I looked before me and i was surprise to see a crowd of people. They were mostly press. They carried the identification of different mass media and they got to work immediately myself and kelvin came to the spotlight. Kelvin’s security men performed their duty and we were secured from the crowd. I knew getting involve with kelvin would make me a public figure but i never expected it so soon. I was for once grateful for the way i was dressed. “Kelvin! What is going on?” I unconsciously screamed out, not minding the crowd. Kelvin bent over to me a bit and said “We are here to receive….” kelvin was interupted by the loud scream from the crowd. I followed kelvin’a gaze and i got the shock of my life. “OMG! forreal?” I murmured.

Coming toward us was the President himself and a pretty lady, heavily surrounded by force men.

Saying i was surprised was an understatement, i did not even realise when i covered my mouth with my hands. I knew kelvin could go to any length to surprise me but the shock i got was just overwhelming.

“Dont do that in public” Kelvin said has he removed my hand from my mouth and held my hand. We walked toward the president together, with me following kelvin’s lead from behind.

I stood at a point feeling inferior as i watched kelvin hug the president and the lady with him one after the other. Though i also belonged to the rich class, i did’nt have political power attached to my family status. This made me feel alittle inferior. I was still lost in my thought when kelvin tapped me on my shoulder. That was when i realised the lady with the president was right in front of me.

“Have heard alot about you” she said with a smile. She came forward to hug me and i hugged her with the “Who is she expression” on my face.

She later released me from the hug and said “I am Loretta, kelvin’s baby sister”

“Ohh” i exclaimed and hugged her again.She only smiled and hugged me back. “I see you two are getting to know eachother” kelvin said, interupting myself and Loretta.”Yes and will love to spend more time together at home, once dad is done” Loretta said as she released herself from the hug. We all laughed and i looked around for the president.I ended up seeing him addressing the press.Kelvin also excused himself to greet some of the top politicians present.

Thirty minutes later, the president was done with the press and he was escorted to his car with loretta. Myself and kelvin was also guarded to his car. I was almost at the car with kelvin when someone called my name from behind.

Surprisingly, i saw Mr.larry. He was coming toward me but was stopped by a security man. Kelvin signalled to the man to allow him and he came forward.

“I never knew we are going to end up at the same event” i told Mr.larry.

He smiled and exchange pleasantries with kelvin before requesting to have a picture with us.I agreed and we did.He had a bright smile on his face has he left.I gussed he wanted act familiar.Who wouldn’t?


We arrived the president house and was ushered in by the security. It was in the same compound with kelvin’s apartment but it was a different and bigger building.

All the people present went back at the door and only the family members were left.

“You are welcome” kelvin’s mom said with a smile immediately she came out of the house. She hugged the president and asked after his well being before moving to loretta. She hugged me next and then kelvin.We all settled in the livingroom with me sitting next to kelvin after receiving a warm welcome from kelvin’s mom.

The room was silent for awhile before kelvin cleared his throat and said “Dad,meet my Fiance. Nancy Williams”

“Oh! Come over here dear” the president said and i could not help but feel shy as i walked over to him.I bent alittle and he hugged me, patting my back lightly. ” I must confess am not disappointed at my son’s choice.I hope you are ready to walk down the aisle with him in few months.I will love to meet your parents too” The president said with a smile and my heart skipped abit at the mention of marriage. I looked at kelvin for reply but he only winked and looked else where.

“I hope your parent wouldn’t mind having dinner with me on sunday.Am really eager to know my inlaws” the president said, interupting my thought.I smiled and told the president that i would inform my parent.

“No my dear, let kelvin do that. Boy am sure you are man enough” the president said and kelvin noded.

I returned to my sit beside kelvin with lots of thought running through my mind. Everything felt too good with kelvin but i could’nt put out the fact that I was rushing my relationship with kelvin.I could remember how sweet Jordan was when we started but along the line i found out how aggressive he could be. Though i trusted kelvin completely but he was just too good to be true, and this made me honour the thought that just maybe,he could be lacking in some areas as well.Since i was yet to figure out the areas where kelvin was lacking, i felt as if i needed to slow down a bit with kelvin but the president was talking about marriage already.I silently prayed never to regret my actions.

“Nancy, why are you so quiet? Are you shy?” kelvin mom’s voice brought me out of my thought.I smile and told her i was fine before she ushered us to the dining room.We all had a nice meal of pounded yam and melon soup. According to kelvin’s mom,she personally made the meal.We all showered her with compliments, in a bid to appreciate her cooking skill. After the meal, the president went upstairs with kelvin’s mom and i was left with Kelvin and Loretta.Loretta was fun to be with, she took me to her room and told me alot of things about herself, we also had fun arranging her wardrobe.

Time checked 5:30pm, i announced my departure and though the siblings did’nt want me to leave,they saw me off to the door after informing their parent.

I said my goodbyes to kelvin’s parent before i left with kelvin, in his car.The drive home was quiet, just has i had alot on my mind, i gussed kelvin’s mind was heavy as well.


Kelvin alighted first and opened the door for me immediately we arrived my compound.We both walked hand in hand into the house.

We met my foster parent in the livingroom and we took turn to hug the both of them.

“Get a drink for kelvin” Mi dad said immediately we settled and i rose to get the drink. Kelvin stopped me half way with the excuse that he was full.

“Sir am actually here to seek a favour” Kelvin said, facing Mi dad.Mi dad fixed his gaze on Kelvin and said “Go on my son”.

Kelvin composed himself and said “Sir, Ma’am, my dad is here in Ilorin and he would love to meet the both of you. If your schedule will allow you sir, my dad wants you and your family to come over for dinner on sunday.”

I could see the shock in my foster parent’s eyes.They both exchanged a glance and mi mom winked at me.I could not help but smile, wondering what was going on in the adults mind.

“Of course, anything for my princess.Am suppose to travel on Saturday but am staying back now” Mi dad said with a smile.

Kelvin showed gratitude to my foster parent before he took his leave.

After kelvin’s departure, My foster parent put me on the spotlight and made me narrate the day’s event to them before i finally escaped to my room after a long talk with them. I called khole and informed her of all that happened before i got ready to sleep. I went to bed with mixed feelings, i was happy my parent would be meeting kelvin’s and i was worried about making the right decision or not.

Throughout the week, i anxiously waited for sunday to come.


Time checked 6:00pm, on sunday evening.I wore a blue flowing gown and a pair of wedge sandal.I had my hair neatly packed and with little makeup,i was ready for the dinner at kelvin’s.

I was surprised to see Mi mom look drop dead gorgeous in a matching native attire with Mi dad, when i got to the livingroom. She also had a set of expensive jewelry on.I teased her about planning to seduce the president and all both laughed.

Kelvin arrived some minutes later and i left with him, in his car while my foster parents followed from behind in theirs.


We were warmly welcomed when we got to Kelvin’s residence.Mi dad and the president talked and laughed out loud as if they were long time friends while mi mom chatted with kelvin’s mother like sister.I also had fun playing games with kelvin and loretta after the meal, giving the adults time to talk.

At exactly 8:05pm, Mi mom informed me it was time to leave with a phone call. Though i felt at home already, i could not stay behind.I said my goodbyes and left with my parent in their car.

I could not hide my anxiety in knowing the outcome of the adults meeting.” Mom, Dad, whatsup?” I said immediately we settled in the livingroom. My foster parent exchanged a glance before Mi dad said

“Be ready to get married in a month baby!”

“WTF” was the only statement i could make, as my jaw dropped. I was lost for a moment. I already had thoughts my relationship with kelvin was in a rush and to make things more complicated, my foster parent were talking about getting married in a month time just after their first meeting with the president.

I knew my foster parent loved me as much as they could love their child but again, i could not help but wish that my parent were alive. Seeking their opinion and having the go ahead from them would have been nothing but the perfect thing to do.

“Baby, what is wrong? Are you not happy?” Mi mom’s voice interupted my thought. I only looked at her without a response. “I thought you are inlove with kelvin.You should be happy you are going to be his bride” Mi dad added and he asked me to sit beside him.I slowly walked up to him with my eyes fixed on my toes.

“did you have a misunderstanding with kelvin? If you do not love him enough to marry him, let me know. I can never support anything you do not like because am doing everything just for your happiness” Mi dad said has he lightly caressed my hair.

I felt love from my foster parent after Mi dad’s statement and i saw the need to confide in them and let them know my fear.I took my time to express my feelings to them and They gave me a listening ear.When i was done, I felt a sudden relief.

Mi mom came closer to me after taking a deep breathe, she touched me lightly and said

” I know your fear baby but i do not want you to be scared of anything, just go with your heart.I want you to know that their is nothing like Mr.right and their is no human that is perfect, only God is.It’s fine for you to think you are rushing things because everything came alittle faster than expected, but i want you to know that even if you date a man for ten years, court for five years and get married after fifteen years of a good relationship, it doesn’t guarantee a happy marriage.Moreover, we are all destined with different luck. It took Josh more than five years to propose to khole but it took kelvin less than a week.That does not mean that khole will have a more happy home than you just because of the long relationship before marriage. though i wish the both of you a happy home.Am advising you like a mother Nancy, its not how long the courtship lasted but how productive the relationship is.Once you are sure you love him enough,we are solidly behind you and if you think you need more time,we will always consider your opinion dear.Just don’t keep me waiting, i need babies”

Everything Mi mom said was the truth and i digested all her words.I thanked my foster parent and promised to get back to them.I left for my room after hugging the duo.

I called khole immediately i got to my room.I took my time to make her see my fear and i told her about my foster parent opinion.Just has i expected Khole adviced me to go on with kelvin.According to her she saw kelvin in a completely different view from Jordan and she believed that kelvin loved me enough not to hurt me.Khole’s words came has a relief and i felt i was on the right track.Putting khole’s, my foster parent opinion and the fact that kelvin was there for me even in need, into consideration.I looked forward to walking down the aisle with kelvin.

I took my bath and said my prayer, after receiving a goodnight text from kelvin.


Time checked 6:00am.I lazily got out of bed and did the necessaries before having breakfast with my foster parent after which i left for work.

I was addressed strangely at work and lots of my co workers were nicer to me.I gussed the event of the previous week was still fresh in their minds.I settled in my office and got occupied.

I was on my way to get lunch at about 1:00pm,when i received an incoming call from kelvin.I accepted his call and said “Hello”.

“Hi miss, kindly bring your gorgeous self down for lunch”was kelvin’s response. At first i disagreed but i eventually got my bag and left with him after much persuasion.

Kelvin already had the V.I.P section reserved at a nearby restaurant and i was woahed by his arrangement.

Kelvin ordered a bowl of ice cream while we waited on the main course,immediately we arrived the restaurant.

I was about to take a spoon of ice cream when kelvin said “Is a month okay for you?” i feigned ignorance and said “What?”

kelvin held my hand and said “The thing is that my family love you and dad can’t wait to have grand children.If possible, am ready to marry you right now but i do not know if a month is fine by you.I just want you to live your dream, have things done your way and be happy. I promise to love you with all i have and be the best husband if you will let me Nancy…. I do mean it”

I looked into kelvin’s eyes and i saw nothing but passion and love.I did not have the right words to express my love for kelvin that moment.I only pulled him to myself and kissed him fully on his lips, as a sign of my love for him.

…to be continued

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