In The Dark – Episode 24

A Story By Stanley Oluwatosin

I pleaded with kelvin not to go after Jordan, i even showed him the text message Jordan sent but he refused my plea and stormed out of the house.

Kelvin angrily walked to his car and i followed him. He opened the door to his car and was ready to close it when i held to the door and pleaded with him not to go again.

Kelvin sighed and came out of the car. He slowly removed my hand from the door and said “Nancy, i know you don’t want me to do this but i have to. All this has to stop once and for all, okay? Trust me, i will be back before you know it, I promise”

I only looked down at my feet and noded. Kelvin briefly kissed me on my forehead and zoomed off. Since i could not stop him, all i could do was to stare at his car till it went out of sight.

I ran back into my room and went on my kneels. I prayed for peace with the whole of my heart though i knew my request was next to impossible. I had never seen kelvin angry before ever since we met and I knew Jordan would be fuming as well, i thought of what to do to stop their meeting. Calling Jordan was a no go area so i decided to call and tell kelvin that Mi dad would get my things for me, instead of him getting into trouble with Jordan. I tried his number consecutively, it went through but he did not accept my call. This was all the answer i needed to know that nothing good would come out of Kelvin and Jordan’s meeting. I paced up and down in my room, thinking of what to do. I could not bare to see either of them been hurt. I loved Jordan and kelvin was like my everything.


“Nancy, is kelvin with you? His phone has been ringing” khole said at the door. I collected the phone from Khole’s hand and saw more than 20 missed call from me, i hissed and slowly walked to my bed. “What is it sis? Where is he?” I turned to khole and told her everything that happened. “OMG and you did not call me? I was on the phone with Josh. I wish i was there, i would have gladly go with Kelvin to teach that toddler a lesson!”. Khole said angrily. “its not time to fight sis, i just want peace with everybody. Jordan has his reasons you know? I just wish i can have a peaceful breakup and still have that friendship i use to have with Jordan but everything just got messy because of me. Am damn tired of all this!”. I said as tears ran down my cheek. Khole took me into her arms and assured me that everything would be fine, she gave me hope and i held unto her words.

After an hour without a trace of kelvin, khole called in sick for me at work and i was given the day off. I was determined not to step out without seeing Kelvin.


Time checked 12:00pm and kelvin was yet to return. I could not bare the worry any longer, khole’s comforting words were no longer doing a thing on me. All i wanted was to know what was happening between Jordan and kelvin. I rushed to the livingroom and opened all the window in order to get a better view of kelvin if he should get back.

” Nancy, what is wrong?”

i heard mi mom’s voice from behind. I ran into her arms and cried my eyes out. I did not know where the emotions came from but i felt like pouring out my heart to mi mom would be relieving. Mi mom allowed me to cry in her arm before leading me to a chair. I composed myself and narrated all that happened to mi mom. She took a deep breathe and said “even if you had woken me up, i would’nt have stopped him. Let the whole situation get messier and leave them to settle like a man. As for kelvin’s safety, lets give him thirty more minutes before i will inform the police, though i know there will be no need for that. I do not know why but i trust kelvin and i trust his decisions”

“I agree with mom” khole said from the dining room.

I agreed with Khole’s and Mi mom’s decision. I waited with little hope.


At exactly 12:30m I heard a loud horn from the gate and i rushed out of the house.

Words could not express how happy i was when i saw kelvin drive my car into the compound. I rushed at him like a little girl immediately he alighted from the car and he took me into his arm. I got emotional and cried in his arm, there and then, i realised how much kelvin ment to me.

After a long hug, i released myself from his arm and examined him. He had no sign of injury, he only had a small cut on his lips. I gussed he exchanged few punch with Jordan. Kelvin smiled and said “see? Am back with just a little cut” I smiled back and walked Kelvin to mi mom and khole. They were standing at the door, watching our little drama. Kelvin made a slow bow and greeted mi mom. She patted him on the back and said “welcome my son”. Kelvin hugged khole as well before we went inside.

“how did it go?” I asked kelvin immediately we settled in a chair. “Lets just say, we sort everything out like men” kelvin said and we all laughed.

In the middle of it all, my heart went to Jordan.


In the middle of it all, my heart went out to Jordan.A part of me wanted to know how he was faring and i would’nt mind to have him as friend also but i knew reaching out to him might send the wrong signal.

“kelvin, are you sure your lips will be fine? Looks like its still bleeding” Mi mom said. Kelvin touched his lips and told mi mom it was just a small cut.Khole asked further questions about his lips but he refused to disclose any details.”I gusse Jordan won the fight” Khole said and we all laughed.

I could not help but feel special, i had a family who loved me and i had a friend who would stand by me, even to the extent of receiving few punch for me.I felt the need to appreciate the people around me.

I cleared my throat and said “Mom,Khole,kelvin.I want to specially thank you all.I just want to let you know that my life is worthless without you all.You all go extra miles just to wipe my tears, you sacrifice alot just to make me happy and you would’nt mind spending your precious time with me just to lift my sad spirit.Mom their their is no one like you.Khole you are the best and Kelvin you are so irreplaceable!”.I said with smile in a teary voice.

“Awwn thanks baby” mi mom said.

“You will always be the sister i never have buddy” khole said

“let me just say you are welcome princess.Taking care of you is the promise i made” kelvin said and i went over to each of them for a hug.

“Today is a happy day for me, i think we should pop a bottle of wine open!” I shouted excitedly,running out of my chair.

“I agree girl and so is tomorrow a special day for you” Khole said and i stopped half way.”Whats happening tomorrow sis?” I asked.”dont tell me you have forgotten girl? Tomorrow is 7th your birthday!”.Khole shouted.

I ran to my phone and checked the calendar, truly, it would be my birthday the next day.”How can i forget my day?” i screamed excitedly.”Its my birthday guys!” I shouted as i rushed to get a bottle of wine from the bar.Kelvin opened the wine and khole got a glass each for everybody.We all had a loud chat filled with happiness and laughter. It felt as if we were all family.It was also a memorable afternoon for me.

At exactly 2:00pm kelvin left with the excuse of having something urgent to attend to.

I spent the rest of the day watching movies, cooking, shopping, gisting and playing with khole.


“Happy birthday princess!” I heard Mi dad’s voice in my sleep.I did not know maybe it a dream or not but i slowly opened my eyes to be sure “Daddy!” I shouted immediately i saw Mi dad standing in front of me with a big cake in his hand.I hurriedly got out of bed and gave him a quick peck as i bit a portion of the icing sugar. “Easy lady, dont destroy it” mi dad said as he placed the cake on the table.”when did you get back?” I asked as i went into his arms. “at exactly 5:00am” Mi dad said. “I wish you a very happy birthday Nancy, may you continue to grow in health and wealth” Mi dad said and i shouted AMEN.

“is someone trying to compete with me? I usually wish her first” mi mom said as she walked in with a jewelry box.”awwwn thanks mom” i said and hugged mi mom.She said a long prayer before handing me the jewelry box.I was super excited.”where is khole?” i asked, looking around the room.”Oh dear, she had an urgent call this morning. She said she will be back in the evening and i should wish you for her” mi mom said. “Khole left without me?” i asked with a frown and promised to deal with her.

The day was going toward the boring angle until kelvin called.At first i was mad at him for taking time to call but i ended up accepting his apology with the excuse that he had a urgent work.Kelvin told me to get ready for an outing by evening before ending the call.


At exactly 6:00pm i was fully dressed in a Donna Karan gown over a christian louboutin heels.With a Cleopatra clutch i was set for my outing with kelvin.

Kelvin arrived thirty minutes later and we left after he greeted my foster parent.


“what are we doing here?” i asked immediately kelvin opened the door for me to get down.”There will soon be a live football match and i want to see it with you” kelvin said with a smile.”i wonder what kind of a guy brings a lady to the stadium on her birthday” i said.”Only guys like me”.Kelvin said with a smile as he led me into the stadium.

After thirty minutes of getting no sign of anybody in the stadium i told kelvin we should leave since it looked like we were at the wrong place.”I thought there is suppose to be a football match. Lets see the middle of the field” kelvin sad and i lazily followed him.


Just like a magic all the lights in the stadium went on immediately we got to the middle of the stadium.

I looked around me, with my mouth opened, staring at the beautiful light.

“Nancy!” i heard kelvin say behind. “Yes” i said as i turned to him.

“WTF is happening?” i screamed.

I was so surprised to see him on one knee.


He smiled and said “lets say am about to take a bold step and express my feelings like men do”.

“OMG don’t tell me you are about to propose” I said as i slowly shook my head. I did not know what or how to feel. I knew kelvin had feelings for me and i was beginning to fall inlove with him as well but the least i expected for a birthday surprise was a proposal from a best friend.

“Okay, am ready” Kelvin said, bringing me out of my thought.

“If there is any other feeling greater than love, that is what i felt and i am still feeling for you. Though we departed for a long time but fate brought us together again. Falling inlove with you is something i never planned for but it happened and this feelings blow my mind. Regret will be my watch word if i close up my feelings in a bid to avoid been rejected because loving you is the promise i made. Nancy…. Please i just want you to be mine for ever and i promise to take care of you even with my last breathe. WILL YOU MARRY ME is the question i will never ask instead am saying I WANT YOU TO MARRY ME”. kelvin said and he reached for his pocket. He brought out a ring box and stretched it out to me. I could not make out the ring product but saying it is beautiful is an understatement.

I loved kelvin and i wanted to be with him. With him i felt happy and safe. He is the type of guy any girl will wish for but heaven knows i wish he would have asked me out on a date rather than a marriage proposal. Notwithstanding, with kelvin i found peace and rest of mind but i could not bring myself to accept kelvin’s ring when i remembered Jordan. I still loved Jordan but i wanted to be with kelvin. One thing i was sure of was that Jordan would be hurt beyond reasonable doubt if he should find out that i accepted Kelvin’s proposal over his. I did not know what went down between them the day before but i knew Jordan could not give up on me so easily. I was lost on what to do as i stood in front of kelvin with my hands on my mouth. Many voices in my head but i was lost on which to follow.

“Say something Nancy, its just you and me. Do you love me like i do love you?” Kelvin said.

I slowly walked close to him and said “I love you more than you ever think and i really want to be with you, but…”

“But what?” kelvin said cutting me short.

“I cannot do this right now kelvin, Jordan will never forgive me”. I said with tears as i slowly walked away with my back.

Kelvin rose to his feet and looked at me without uttering a word. I could see his eyes but i could not make out the feelings in them. He was the only true friend left and i could not bare to see him been hurt but i knew Jordan would attempt suicide if he should find out am engaged to kelvin. Just when i thought everything was going to be alright, my complicated love life came calling. “my life is such a mess” i said as i kept on walking with my back, creating a distance between myself and kelvin.

I kept on walking with my back none stop until my back hitted something, or was it someone. I turned to face my front and what or who i saw shocked me. I saw the last person i ever expected to see. “and its a bad day!” I murmured as i looked back at kelvin. He only smiled back at me.



“And its a bad day” i murmured as i faced kelvin. He only smiled back at me, getting me more confused. Standing infront of Jordan Guilt came over, i felt like a betrayal, ready to be lashed.

Instead of showing my fear, i braced up and with my eyes on my shoe, i said “Ehm…..ehm… What are you doing here Jordan?”

He came close to me and said “Am here to wish you a happy birthday sunshine”

his words came as a shock. The Jordan i used to know, never had this level of maturity. His smile and the calm way he talked made me doubt if he was forreal. The first thing that came to my mind was that he came for revenge and he was just pretending.

I looked at Jordan and said “Am so sorry for what i did to you, for all the pains i caused you, it was never intensional. I just want to let you know that have always loved you and all i wanted was peace of mind”

“And you find that with him?” Jordan asked.

I was lost on the answer to give. Truthfully, my mind is always at peace with kelvin but knowing fully well of Jordan’s hot temper, I could not bring myself to think of what would happen if i should admit to my feelings for kelvin, before Jordan. I looked back at kelvin and i saw the love i could not deny. I knew the answer to Jordan’s question but i could not voice it out, since i was not sure of Jordan’s point exactly.

“Dont be scared to admit to the feelings you have for him Nancy. Do you find happiness with him?” Jordan asked again, with all seriousness.

I held my clutch close to my chest and swallow hard as i slowly noded.

“Say it Nancy! Voice it out” Jordan shouted and i found myself screaming “Yes!”.

Not considering Jordan’s feelings, i pointed at kelvin and shouted “Yes! With him, i find happiness and peace of mind. Something i never had with you”

I did not know where the bravery came from but i found myself panting heavily after screaming my reply.

Jordan moved closer to me and held me with my shoulder. I did not know what he was up to but i knew with kelvin around, i was safe.


“You are all have ever wanted but when i had you, i misused my chances.Your love, your care and to be with you is my everyday desire but love is not suppose to be a burden.I love you so much that i am now an addict and when you walked out on me that very day, my world crumbled Nancy.I thought it was the end for me but i was determined to make you pass through hell with your new lover.I thought the right thing to do is to pay you back for the heart break you caused me.This made me attack kelvin when he came for your car.I threw a fist at him but he did not retaliate. Instead he told me he came in peace and this gave me the urge to listen to him with a determined heart.

To cut the long story short, after kelvin’s lengthy statement, i realised my mistakes, i realised i am not worthy of this love i wanted so much.I vowed never to give up on you but he made me realise that This is suppose to be LOVE not WAR. If you derive no happiness in the love we share then why not let go peacefully if i truly love you like I claim.This is difficult to admit but Nancy, Kelvin is a real man but if he should ever make you cry, i will surely treat his fuckup.

Today let the earth and sky be my witness baby.Am not letting go because of Kelvin’s words but am letting go because i love you and i will always do.Nancy, please accept this friend request from Jordan”

Jordan said and stretched his hand out to me.I could not believe my ears and the words i heard.I looked at Jordan and i saw tears forming in his eyes.The love i felt was out of this world. I was his first love and he was mine as well.I knew how difficult it was for him but him letting go of me peacefully because of the love he had for me got me emotional. I jumped into Jordan’s arm and cried for the love we shared.Jordan patted my back and told me everything would be fine but i could tell he was trying to hold back his tears as he sniffed continuously.


“Dont keep a gentle man waiting” Jordan said as he released me from his arm. That was when i remembered that kelvin’s proposal was still hanging.I took off my heels and sprinted to kelvin like a child.He took me into his arms and lifted me off my feet.I was the happiest girl in the world at that moment. Kelvin put me down and said “I knew you would always deny your feelings because of Jordan, now miss I Want You To Marry Me”.Kelvin got on one kneel and brought out the ring.I excitedly stretched out my hand and jumped happily as he put the ring on me.Kelvin came for my lips immediately he wore the ring on me.At first i was shy because of Jordan’s presence but i eventually got lost in our world.In between the kiss i wished my family was here to watch the whole drama.Kelvin released my lips and said “have got a surprise for you”.He shouted “SURPRISE!” and I could not help but scream “OMG!” when i saw my family.

“Did they just see us kiss?”

…to be continued


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