In The Dark – Episode 21

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A Story By Stanley Oluwatosin


Kelvin urged me to have a meal with him, i hesitated for awhile but i later agreed. We had a meal of fried rice and plantain with assorted meat. Kelvin was naughty throughout the meal. He kept on putting alot of meat into my plate claiming that it been long he had seen me eat and i should eat all the meal i had missed with him. I would put the meat back into his plate and he would return it, this was how we behaved like a child till we ended the meal.

After the meal, we went back to Kelvin’s room with our drinks. Kelvin requested me to tell him all that had happened to me over the years and i did but i skipped every part that included Jordan. I could not tell him about Jordan without including the part where he betrayed me, so i kept everything about him from kelvin. I was still telling kelvin about my past when my phone started to ring. Before i could reach for the phone, it stopped to ring. I unlocked the phone and saw more than twenty missed calls from Jordan. I saw new messages from him as well. Not until i read the messages did i remember that we were suppose to be on a date that evening. I murmured “OMG” and dialed his number. The line went through but he did not accept my call. I became worried, i sent a message but did not get a reply. I became worried, hoping Jordan was not mad at me. I was lost on what to do as stared at the screen of my phone.

“Any problem?” kelvin’s question brought me back to reality. I sighed and said “I was suppose to be on a date”. “with me?” kelvin asked with a smile. I hissed playfully and told him no. “Are you in a relationship?” kelvin asked. I thought for a second and said “No”. Kelvin hummed and said “I want you to meet my mom, she is in the next building”. I agreed and we left.

We got to a bigger apartment behind kelvin’s and kelvin ushered me in. We met his mom in the dinning room, having her desert. She replied casually to my greetings at first before kelvin whispered something into her ears. She then stood from where she was sitted and hugged me warmly. She held me close to herself and said “You are welcome my wife. Am sorry about your lost, am sure you are stronger now. Please feel at home and see me as your mother”. I blushed at the mention of wife and looked at kelvin, he winked at me playfully and looked away.

Kelvin’s mom made me join her on the table and she continued to ask me questions, i felt relax with her during the chat.

The ringing of my phone interupted my conversation with kelvin’s mom. The caller I.D was mi mom’s. She asked why i was late and informed me that Jordan came looking for me. At the mention of Jordan, i realised i was yet to get to him. I told kelvin and his mom that i would love to take my leave and they both saw me off to the car. Kelvin wanted to drive me home while a driver would drive my car but i objected with the excuse that i would be going to see a friend before heading home. I drove out of the compound with both mother and son waving at me.


I tried Jordan’s line continuously until i got to his house with luck, the line went through but he did not answer my call. I rushed into his house immediately i parked. I met his mom in the livingroom,she turned to face me immediately she noticed me and said “My dear, what are you doing here? Jordan said you have a date” I greeted her and told her i could not meet up with the date and Jordan had not been picking his call. Jordan’s mom called Jordan with her line but he did not answer his call as well. I sat with his mom, waiting for his arrival with worries.

Time checked 8:00pm, Jordan’s dad arrived from work. He was as well surprised to see me,he asked why i was looking worried and Jordan’s mom told him all that happened. Jordan’s dad laughed and told us not to worry about a grown up man. He told me to go home and wait for his call and i left for home reluctantly.

Throughout the ride home, i tried Jordan’s line without luck.

Mi mom welcomed me with question immediately i arrived home, and i took my time to narrate all that happened to my foster parent. They were happy about my reunion with kelvin and mi dad saw kelvin’s position as a plus to our family. I told Mi mom i was yet to reach Jordan and she consoled me with the probability of him been bussy. I could not have dinner that night, i went to bed with worries about Jordan’s where about. I also called Khole and narrated the whole event of the day to her before i slept, she was also happy about kelvin.


The ringing of my phone work me up the following morning, i slowly opened my eyes and got my phone from my table. Before i could unlock my phone, it started to ring again, the caller I.D was “Maami”( Jordan’s mom). I quickly accepted the call and said hello. “Nancy you need to come over immediately, its Jordan”. She said hurriedly and ended the call. I froze..


I froze immediately, i could not make out on what to do. I quickly tried Jordan’s mom line again, it went through but she did not answer my call. I could not even take my bath, i rushed out of my room bare footed. I was in tears already, i could not bare to lose someone i love again. I rushed to my foster parent’s room and quickly told them that Jordan was in danger. Not until Mi mom told me to change my cloth, did i realise that i was still in my night gown. I quickly rushed to my room and wore the first top and pant i laid my hands on. I could hear my foster parent calling out on me to take things easy as i ran out of the house. Not until i made to open my car door did i realise that i was not with the key. I ran into the house and ran back with the keys before i zoomed off.

I could not wait for the gate man to open the gate when i got to Jordan’s house. I quickly parked outside and rushed into the house, ignoring the security man greetings.

I was so astonished when i met Jordan’s dad reading from the daily newspaper in the livingroom. I greeted him briefly and asked him of Jordan’s whereabout. He smiled and told me he was fine before asking me to take i sit. I impatiently took a sit opposit him. Jordan’s dad cleared his throat and said “Nancy, he is fine, believe me” i smiled nervously and noded. He then continue and said

“I dont want you to see this discussion as a way of poke nosing into your private life please. I believe you know that my son is madly inlove with you? He love you to the extent that he can hurt himself if you fail him. Take for instance, just because you could not make the dinner arranged yesterday, for reason best known to you. Jordan went ahead and got himself drunk, he got involved in an accident on his way home. Thank God it was just a minor accident but what if it was a serious one? Who will be blamed? Will you be blamed for disappointing him and making him feel dejected? Or will he be blamed for loving you and acting foolishly out of the fear of been rejected? Please whatever he might have done to hurt you do forgive him, and do not allow another incidence like this occur again, please my dear. Am not in the position to advice you relationship wise but please accept my advise. He is my only child and i want the best for the both of you. I hope you understand?”

I breathe a sigh of relief and told Jordan’s dad that i understood him perfectly well. He smiled and told me to give him a hug, i did and he patted me lightly on the back. I felt sorry for making a father worried over his only child. I asked for the address of the hospital Jordan was been admitted and he told me. I hurried out and head to the hospital with the determination to be a better girlfriend to Jordan. “I never knew he love me this much” I thought with a smile.


I hurried out of my car immediately i got to the hospital. I went to the reception and asked for the ward an accident victim was brought into. The nurse on duty helped me in getting to Jordan’s ward. I met Jordan’s mom sitting in a chair beside him, immediately I greeted her, she raised her head from the bed and responded. “How is he?” i asked as i moved toward the bed. “He is fine, he only obtained a slight injury on his leg” she replied. I breathe a sigh of relief and touched Jordan on the forehead to feel his temperature. I thought of how bad i would feel if anything serious had happened to him and i could not help but shake my head. “Sorry for alarming you my dear, i was also informed this morning, and thinking that it was serious, i called you while rushing here. As if his father knew that it was nothing serious, he felt relaxed even after telling him. I wonder why men have the heart of stone” Jordan’s mom said and we both laughed. I told her it was no problem and she seek to be excused, claiming there were other things she would love to request from the doctor. I agreed to stay with Jordan and she left. I replaced Jordan’s mom on the chair and stared at Jordan. He was sleeping peacefully in bed. I saw the part he obtained the injury and i lightly touched it. “Ouch! That hurts” Jordan said and i was startled. “were you even sleeping at all?” I said composing myself. “of course but i can’t just resist that angelic touch” i hit Jordan playfully and he shouted, pretending it hurts. “you should’nt be hitting a sick man, you know?” Jordan said. “Oh yea?” i replied as i continue to hit him. This went on for a while.

“Oh so you have been pretending to be asleep” Jordan’s mom interupted us from the door. Myself and Jordan laughed and welcomed her. I stood up from the chair for her and she sat down beaming with smile. “Am happy to see you two together happily” She said and we all laughed. Jordan’s mom did not say much before leaving me to take care of Jordan. I also called Mr.larry to inform him i would not be present at work.


I called my foster parent to inform them that i would be staying with Jordan as well. Mi mom spoke with Jordan on the phone as well, to confirm he was better before i ended the call.

After the phone call, i decided to make use of the bathroom to clean up, since i was yet to take my bath, when i was done i went to get food for myself and Jordan.

I met the doctor in the ward with Jordan when i returned, i greeted the doctor and asked about Jordan’s health. “He is getting better, thanks to God he did not sustain any serious injury. He should be discharged latest by tomorrow morning”the doctor said. I breathe a sign of relief and thanked the doctor before he left. I sat beside Jordan and told him have gotten him breakfast, He hissed. He looked at me and said “I do not want food, am not hungry for food”. I held his hand and asked him what he was hungry for. He smiled and said “You, am hungry for you” I hitted Jordan playfully and released my hand . I unwrapped the take away pack i got and placed it on the bed before handing a spoon over to Jordan. “Lets eat Mister” I said. Jordan frowned abit and said “The accident took my hand. I need someone to feed me”

I smiled and said “Thats okay let me call your mom” as i made to get my phone. Jordan held my hand and said “No, i want you”. I just smiled and agreed to feed him. I would sometimes dance and play with the food before finally feeding Jordan with it while he would frown and beg for me to feed him. He was not able to finish the meal, but he ate a better part of it. After eating, i disposed the food pack before giving Jordan his drugs.


We talked about alot of things with me intensionally skipping the one question i wanted to ask him. “Lets take a selfie” Jordan said. I frowned at first and ask how we could take a selfie with him on the hospital bed. He insisted and i agreed to it.

I got my phone and i took pictures of us. Jordan requested to see the picture and i bent over to him to show the picture to him. I noticed Jordan was bussy staring at my b**bs instead of the picture, i raised my head up and asked Jordan if he wanted to see my b**bs or he picture. He winked and said “I prefer the first option” I smiled and made to leave but Jordan pulled me to himself and i fell on his chest. I could feel his heart beat has he looked into my eyes. He held my face and said “I love you Nancy”. I smiled and told him i love him too. Jordan ran his hand across my hair and said “promise me you won’t leave me bby, if you leave i will die. Hun? Promise me.” I told Jordan i would never leave him and before i could say JERK my lips was on his. The kiss felt beautiful and real, it was as if we were renewing our love with the kiss. I felt every part of his mouth.

Lips in lips, tongue in tongue, mouth in mouth as we continued to kiss. We were interupted with the ringing of my phone. Not until my phone started to ring did i realise, we were in the hospital, we were so lost in our world. I ended the kiss and got my phone from my pocket. The caller I.D was kelvin’s. I contemplated on what to do for awhile before i mute my phone and dropped it in my pocket. “Your mom?” Jordan asked and i replied no. “from work?” Jordan asked again and i replied no. “Then who is it?” Jordan asked and i told him it was a friend. “A friend i do not know?” Jordan asked again and i noded. I sat close to Jordan in bed and kissed him lightly before i asked him what happened to him the day before. “Hmmm nothing really” Jordan said. I rested my head on his shoulder and said “baby, i just need to know. What happened to you yesterday? You need to tell me”. I slowly massaged Jordan’s chest as i asked. Jordan cleared his throat and said “ehm i was just depressed. I planned something big for yesterday but all my effort went to waste. I was worried, i even went to your house and your working place but you were not there. I thought maybe you are chilling with another nigga” i smiled and told Jordan to shut up and he asked for my where about, the day before. I told him i was with a friend. “who is this your new friend miss? I should know all your friends you know?” Jordan said forming angry. I raised my head from his shoulder and held his face. I kissed Jordan on his nose and said “Where i was yesterday is in the past. What matter now is that we are together here bby. I just wanna let you know that i love you so very much and i will never leave. Heart that honey”

Jordan smiled and buried his face in my chest.


I stayed with Jordan utill late in the evening when his mother arrived.She would be staying with him till the next day, so i was free to leave. Jordan’s mom thanked me profusely for staying with her son before i made to leave.I kissed Jordan lightly and left.

I met my foster parent having dinner when i got home, i greeted them and joined them on the table since i was also hungry.Mi dad asked about Jordan’s health and i told him he was fine.We were still in the middle of the meal when mi mom told me that the Stanleys came over during lunch, according to mi mom, they came purposely to see me but they met my absence.I decided to call Mr. Stanley later in the night or go over to there apartment later in the week.After the meal, i retired to my room.I went to the bathroom first to have a better clean up.

After taking my bath, i dressed up for the night and bounced on my bed.

I got my phone and unlocked it, to my surprise, i had more than twenty missed calls from kelvin.That was when i remembered that i activated the silent profile when i was with Jordan.For a moment, i asked myself a reason for my action. “Why am i hiding Kelvin’s reappearance from Jordan so much? Why am i hiding anything pertaining to Jordan from kelvin as well?” i asked myself.The only reason i could give for hiding kelvin from Jordan was because i do not want Jordan to see kelvin as a threat and my reason for hiding Jordan from kelvin was because i knew kelvin would never approve of my relationship with Jordan if i should tell him about the act of betrayal i caught Jordan and nelly in, years back.I took a deep breathe, hoping my reasons were good enough.

The beaming light from my phone brought me out of my thought.I looked at the screen and i saw an incoming call from kelvin.I breathe in and out before accepting the call as i searched for the excuse i would give to him.

“hey! Where have you been all day?” kelvin said almost screaming into my ear.”have been around the world.You missed me? I replied.gKelvin laughed for awhile and said “I know you’ve been around all the four walls of your room. Have been trying to reach you since dawn.At a point i thought you gave me a wrong number yesterday. What happened to you?”

i hummed and told kelvin that i was in the hospital with a sick friend.He asked after my friend’s health and i told him he was fine. Unlike Jordan, kelvin did not insist on knowing who the friend was.For the first time, i compared the duo.

Myself and kelvin talked about alot of things before i finally decided, we call it a day. Kelvin agreed and he said “Goodnight Love” before blowing me a kiss.At first i wanted to ask what he ment by “love” but i kicked against the idea.I told him to rest well and i ended the call.

I then called Jordan to ask after his health.To my surprise he asked for who i was on the line with for the past one hour.I frown and asked him “why?”.

“Been trying your line for an hour now and the reply has been, number bussy.Who were you talking with?” Jordan said.I told Jordan it was a friend and he insisted on knowing who the friend was.I told him he does’nt know that particular friend and he said “Ok, goodnight” before rudely hanging up on me.I stared at my phone for sometimes, trying to make out what was wrong with him.

I decided to wait till the following day instead of calling him back.

I layed on my bed to sleep with Kelvin’s last word echoing in my head.


At exactly 6:00Am, I woke up. I slowly came out of bed and said my prayer.I took my bath and i dressed for work afterwards.I packed all i would be needing and i went out of my room.I had a quick breakfast before going to greet my foster parent.I bid them goodbye and left in my car afterwards.

Immediately i got to work i called Jordan’s mom to know if he had been discharged. She informed me that the doctor was yet to arrive,she also said she would be leaving him soon because she had an appointment to meet.I told Jordan’s mom i would get him whenever he would be discharged and she thanked me with prayers before ending the call.

There was little work to do at my department and at exactly 12:00pm i was through with the work on my table.I signed out and left for the hospital.


Jordan was sitted in bed with his earphone when i got to the hospital, i gave him a peck and unplugged the earphone.”I thought you would’nt come for me” he said with a smile.”You know you are always on my mind no matter how naughty you are” i replied.”am sorry about yesternight mom, i just wanted to hear your voice so badly” Jordan said.I hitted him playfully and told him he was forgiven.Jordan told me he had been discharged long ago and i started to pack his things.I picked up his suit to fold and i noticed a small case in it brea$t pocket.I removed and opened the case. “what?!!” i screamed staring at me was a shinning DIAMOND RING!

…to be continued


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