Behind The Mask – Episode 14

� Jones Kwesi Tagbor

*Enyonam’s magical pregnancy*

All this while, Enyonam was at the marine kingdom figuring out how to face the battle that has just began.

The pastor and with the other people who brought me to the house pleaded that my father should permit them explain why they were in the house. My father was actually angry. My presence in the house was like a well known man of God missing the rapture to him. Initially he didn’t even want to listen to the pastor but because of the respect he had for him, he allowed us in.

“But Dad what I have done to you to deserve all this? Why are you angry at me? ” I asked when I got closer to him. “Look, I believe you are not here to tempt me? ” He asked in an angry manner.

Pastor: Daddy I wish you take it easy with your son. He might not be conscious of what he was doing but I can assure you that the lord has been good to us by winning him from the hands of the evil one. You know the battle was for the lord which He is is fighting so just calm down.

One of the elders who came with us raised a song of praise which we all joined in singing. This was around 8:30pm. My phone was still off.

*At the camp of Enyonam.*

Enyonam and her people now planned a new way of revenging. They were like how could the pastor stand against them. They devised a way of destroying the reputation of the pastor by forging false information about him. One of them decided to wear the face of the pastor and come into the church and act like the pastor then do something that will bring disgrace to the pastor but their leader was not in support of that. She rather came up with a different plan. She said one of them will go and posses one of the beautiful ladies in the church and go to the pastor’s wife and report the pastor of harassing her. They all felt that idea was the best. Plans against me was that Enyonam will act very nice to him when he returns then later cause him to suffer a serious illness. They did their permutations and combinations very well and got ready for action.

My good friends, until it is over, never give up on prayers because he that is chasing you is never tired.

*At my father’s house*

The pastor continued with a short prayer of peace after the song. After the prayer, he explained to my father all that I was going through or doing. He said they were not my making but there were forces behind them.

He explained that he can feel in his spirit that what was about to happen would be bigger than what has already happened so there is a need for intensive prayer.

Dad: Pastor, I’m not cutting you short. Every stubborn child is manipulated by something. If not social as in upbringing or psychological, then it could be spiritual. The whole world can attest that we gave this boy the best parental care but he decided to join bad company since his secondary school days. How won’t other spirits find their ways of manipulating him? I’ve had enough of him so I say he is no longer my son. If he were to be a child that would realize his mistakes, he would have called back or come home to beg me to forgive him after telling him this on the phone. I don’t see it that he is being chased by any spirit but he has just grown to become an ungrateful child.

Pastor: Daddy you need to understand that it is a spiritual battle which you won’t understand. The war has just began so we need you to partner with us in prayers so that we completely loose your son from bondage.

I went on my knees and asked my father to forgive me for all that I did wrong. I told him that I was surprise as to all that was happening. The pastor added that my father should accept me back because it wasn’t my intentions to show such behaviours.

Eventually, my father accepted me back but said he will watch to see if I’ve become a good son. The pastor and elders thanked my dad for accepting me. He asked the maid my brothers left in the house to be taken care of him to prepare some food for us to eat but the pastor said he and his people are on a one month fasting to clean up the evil in the church so they should just get me something to eat. I equally told them I don’t feel to eat anything but the pastor advised I eat something.

By the time we were done with all talks, it was very late so I was supposed to spend the night over at my dad’s place and wake up at dawn and go to work. Enyonam was also back from their strong room.

I switched my phone on and saw a text message from Enyonam asking where I was. I decided to call back to let her know where I was.

On phone…

Me: Hello dear! I’m sorry to keep you in suspense for this long.

Enyonam: Please are you safe? I’ve gone round the whole town looking for you. It was later that one of your people from work told me that you travelled with the company’s vehicle. Darling you should have just called to tell me something before leaving. So where are you now?

Me: Sweetheart I’m sorry for not informing you before leaving but that was the directive given to me by my pastor. He asked me to put my phone off and come home so that he lead me to beg my father for forgiveness.

Enyonam: Hmm John, So your pastor asked you to put off your phone before coming so you couldn’t just call me to tell me something before putting the phone off. I can see your family is trying to say I’m the devil against you. I can see you don’t even value me as your wife.

Me: sweetheart that’s not it. You know it that I love you. Hmm I have a good news for you. Pastor prayed for me and seriously, some spirits were behind all my problems. But thank God I’ve been set free from them.

Enyonam:Really! then we thank God. So who do he say was behind that?

Me: The pastor said he doesn’t know the person. All he did was to make us pray.

Enyonam: ohk. I wish he points out the person so that we descend on him or her. Darling I also have a good news for you but I won’t say it over the phone. Come home and hear it.

I asked her to take care of herself so first thing in the morning, I would set off to the house before going to the office. We assured each other of love and later we went to bed.

I should have known better by not telling her anything that went on but I never thought my wife could be the source of my problems. As early as 4am, I got ready to leave. I left Ghc200.00 on my father’s table before leaving. I reached Tema around 6:15am. Enyonam was still in bed when I got there but she woke up when I entered the room.

Emyonam: You are welcome. I wish you know how I miss you.

Me: Thank you. I miss you more dear. Baby but why has your face changed for me? You look different. Aren’t you the Enyonam that I know?

Enyonam: How did my face change? I’m your one and only Enyonam. Have I become more beautiful or less beautiful?

Me: Oh come on, you are looking sweet.

Enyonam: But dear I’ve not seen you in this dress before.

Me: Yeah. The pastor’s wife gave it to me when I went there.

Enyonam: Is she into fashion? Anyway you look good in it.

Me: Thanks dear. (Slept on her in a playful way telling her how I missed her. ) So tell me. What is the good news you are still keeping away from me?

Enyonam: Guess first. What do you think I could be hiding from you? (She rolled the eyes and ready for a kiss.)

Me: eemm.. I know it’s not your birthday. Have you gotten new consignments for your shop?

(She shook her head.) “Dear you know I’m not good at guessing.” I said. “Just try for the last. Okay let me give you a clue. You just said I’ve changed so base your guess on that. ” She said and smiled.

Me: Have you won some jackpot?

Enyonam: Ah Johnny, you are not a good observer. This is even more than a jackpot. Your wife is pregnant!!!!!!!!

Me: woow!!! (I jumped out of the bad) I said it. My enemies have finally been muted. Father I thank you oo. Wao! Meaning I will soon become a father of a bouncing baby boy. This calls for celebration. I must invite Xorsenyo to join this celebration.

Enyonam: Not just a baby boy but twins. I know I will give birth to twins. But why must you invite Xorsenyo after he tried killing me? Have you forgotten so soon?

Me: Sweetheart, I think we were not fair to him. I’m actually feeling guilty for letting him go through all that. I will be back.

“Where are you going? won’t you go to work? ” She asked. “I will go just want to see Xorsenyo. I will be back to the house before going to the office. (She didn’t say anything)

I left without any wastage of time. When I got to Xorsenyo’s house I felt very bad because I didn’t really know how to go about it. I pressed on the door alarm and heard a lady’s voice saying “hold on I’m coming!!” That was Golder, Xorsenyo’s girlfriend.

Golder: What do you want from us again Mr John? My guy is not yet awake.

Me: Golder Please I’ve come in peace. I know how you feel but I just want you to allow me speak with Xorsenyo.

Golder: He is at the Nsawam prison serving his ten years there. Maybe you can go and speak to him there. Look, leave us alone in peace.

She shut the door in my face and went back into the room. Xorsenyo asked who was at the gate. “Oh never mind, It’s one of those ‘abochi’ guys selling some sandals. Golder lied simply because Xorsenyo at the time was not in any good health so she didn’t want him to have any additional emotional pain.

I came back home not in any good mood. Enyonam never asked me how my meeting with Xorsenyo went so I equally didn’t tell her anything about it. She prepared some breakfast which I took before finally going back to the office. I was late though but there was not much to do that day.

At the office, I called the pastor and thanked him for the deliverance. The pastor said I need not relax in my prayers. He asked how my wife received me when I returned and I told him it was not bad. I said she missed me and did what any other lady will do when her husband gets missing like did. The pastor suggested that I come along with my wife the following weekend for another prayer session. I told him that won’t be a problem. I even went on by breaking the news of Enyonam being pregnant. I called my father after that and also asked how he was faring. I asked if he saw the money I left and he said he did.

After work, I told Enyonam about the pastor’s request. She said the midwife who declared that She was pregnant advised she doesn’t travel long distance with the pregnancy and besides, she was not also very well to travel. “You don’t worry, I will let you know if I will go or not when the date is due. ” she concluded.

After one evening service at my father’s church back at home, this beautiful lady went to meet the pastor’s wife to have a tet � tet with her.

Lady: ‘Osofomaame’ meaning pastor’s wife. Please there is this thing that is going on that I feel it’s drawing me far away from God and drawing me close to hell. I want to tell you so that you help talk to pastor so that he stops what he is doing.

Osofomaame: My dear, go ahead and tell me what the problem is. And is the problem coming from pastor or how is it just tell me.

Lady: Pastor has been proposing love to me and harasses me for some time now. I told him I’m already dating and besides I don’t want to date anybody’s husband. Pastor wouldn’t listen to me. He kept chasing me here and there. Now my guy Is suspecting me and he threatened to end the relationship if I don’t stop this church.

Osofomaame: lady are you sure of what you are telling me? My husband won’t do what you are claiming. Never.

Lady: I don’t think I could just walk to you and tell lies to you about your husband. He is even older than my father so I don’t even want him. If you won’t believe me then I think I would bring you proof when he starts sleeping with me. Yeah. I will not afford him the chance to do whatever he wish doing.

Osofomaame: Please don’t do any such thing. I beg you with the name of God. I will confront him and warn him. By the way what’s your name?

Lady: Miranda.

Osofomaame: oh okay. Thank you for alerting me. I will stop him.

Actually that evening the pastor himself didn’t come for the evening service because of stress after a hard day’s work. Osofomaame got to the house very worried. She kept the issue to herself and made sure everyone was asleep in the mission house before confronting her husband.

Osofomaame: My husband, tell me what you needed from me that I couldn’t provide? Have I become too old that you are fed up with me being your wife?

Pastor: And where from all these questions? What have you heard or seen?

Osofomaame: Stop pretending you don’t know what I’m talking about. We’ve been hearing on social media that some pastors do take advantage of their female members. Least did I know that this is also happening in my own house. Ayeekoo!!!!

Pastor: What has come over you to say this against me?

Osofomaame: Look don’t come and provoke me the more. I’m warning you to stop if not your disgrace will be more than those already in the news.

Pastor was confused almost angry because he didn’t know what his wife was talking about. He nearly picked fight with the wife.

Pastor: The devil is at work. This time they’ve brought their battle field to my own house. They will never succeed. Woman, I have no idea about what you are saying. All I will task you to do is to be firm in prayer if not the devil will use you as a vessel.

Osofomaame: I’ve heard what you are doing with Miranda or what soever. I’m warning you again.

She said and went to bed.

Pastor: Miranda. Who is Miranda? I don’t even know anybody by that name. Father, any Miranda that is trying to set fire into this house, I’m leaving her under your control. Deal with her and let all men see that I’m serving you in spirit and in truth.

Pastor prayed and also slept.

That night, I had a dream and in the dream, I saw myself fighting with my mother in-law. She said my wife’s pregnancy was not mine which I was also protesting. I woke up and told Enyonam about the dream. She said I was too happy about the pregnancy that was why I took it into dreams. I slept back and honestly, a continuation of the dream came. This time, my pastor was telling me not to accept the pregnancy.

I woke up again and asked Enyonam to join me pray for the pregnancy. “John you are disturbing my sleep. You can pray for yourself.

…to be continued


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