Behind The Mask – Episode 13

� Jones K. Tagbor

*The spiritual warfare*

The lawyer became very sure that where he placed the money, no one could temper with it so he decided to leave his office workers out of it.

The appealed case was ruled at the High Court this time around and surprisingly, the Judge at the High Court happens to be Amos. My old SHS friend and partner in crime.

After taking critical look at Enyonam my wife, he knew she was not the Enyonam I was taking my wife for.

Now Xorsenyo’s lawyer was supposed to provide the evidence of bribe to the court which he failed to do. The case almost went against him but what helped him was the text message he sent to Enyonam telling her his displeasure in taking the bribe. The judge called for Enyonam to provide her phone for confirmation with regards to the date the message was sent, time it was sent, and what it entailed, if they were the same. The next evidence was an audio recording that was played. The audio was about the second meeting after the first court hearing.

Judge Amos had no other option than to fine Enyonam for false accusation and fined the lawyer for conspiracy. Xorsenyo was found not guilty and released of all his charges. That day was a day Xorsenyo wouldn’t forget in his life. Instead of jubilating, he rather went down on his knees, cried and thanked God for his mercy upon him. After the court ruling, Judge Amos invited me to his house where we shared some old and fond memories. He said my wife does not look like the Enyonam who was the Senior Girl’s Prefect during our days in school. According to him, he met the original Enyonam when he was outside the country doing his law program. We concluded that she said she had another accident after that fire outbreak in school. I told Amos that Enyonam equally suffered memory loss so could not even remember she attended the same school with me. Amos advised that I should be very careful with her if not she will lead me into bigger problems just as she did with the case of Xorsenyo. From that day, I begun to monitor every movement Enyonam makes in the house.

I was equally disappointed in her when we got home that day. “But why will you do such a thing?” I asked her. “Sweetheart, I’m sorry but what I was telling the court was true just that the money I gave to the lawyer spoilt the case for me.” She explained. “If you know what you were saying was the truth why should you go and be bribing his lawyer? I didn’t even know you did that. Now you payed but exposed yourself again. You’ve just brought disgrace to me and to yourself.” I said feeling very frustrated. While shedding some crocodile tears, she said she was sorry for what she did. I went to take my bath that evening and slept very angrily.

At dawn the following day, my father called me on the phone.

Me: Hello daddy…

Dad: John so is it that you’ve forgotten you have a father or you thought I died from my illness? Even if I should die, you never bothered to know if I was buried or not.

Me: Dad Please I don’t understand why you are saying this. I know you are not dead. Besides the doctor who attended to you happened to be my friend at school and he assured me that you will be fine.

Dad: I don’t expect you to understand you ungrateful child. Make sure you don’t step into my house as my son again. Don’t ever call me your father again and I’ve also disowned you as a son. Your wife should be your everything because she is more precious to you than your father. If you step foot in my compound, I will report you to the police as a thief.

Me: Dad why are you saying all this things this morning?

Dad: Don’t ever call me your Dad. Enjoy your life with your wife. (He hanged up the call.)

I became confused the more that morning. “What is the problem?” Enyonam asked. “My father says he ceases to be my father and I don’t just get him.” I said with my confused voice. “Ah! So that’s why you’ve made your face like this? You ‘koraa’ you are not serious. Is it that you don’t know a heavy load has just been taken off your head? Look, none of his expenses will be your problem again and you will also have time for your work and your beautiful wife. Just look at this beautiful body sleeping beside you? Come on, I miss your magic hands. (She started removing her night gown in a very seductive manner with eyes as if she was already in hell fire) I want you to ride on me like a horse saddled for war. She said.

Enyonam started kissing me and before I could see myself, we were seriously enjoying ourselves. I forgot I had some issues to deal with. She made me to see her as the only thing I needed in this world. That morning, she prepared breakfast which I ate some before going to work.

Xorsenyo was giving two weeks to put himself together before resuming work. My boss under whom I served the national service called me to his office and also told me the same thing that Amos (The Judge) said. He said I should be careful with my wife. “But why is everybody saying I should be careful with my wife? Ah! sir please I wish you people give me some break of this “be careful with your wife brouhaha.” I’m sick and tired of it.” I said to my boss.

“John I can see you are not yourself. Alright take care of yourself and have a nice day.” He said and I left the office.

Anytime Enyonam went for choir meeting, she will pass through one of the elders place and have fun with him. She was able to distribute STIs to almost all the men in the church and the men also gave it to their wives and girlfriends. It will surprise you that the head pastor himself was battling with an STI. This revelation came up when an NGO group took it upon themselves to educate the church on STIs and later did blood screening. Per their statistics, out of the 500 people that did the test, 300 of them were STI positive. You know STI is not all about HIV. Gonorrhea, Hepatitis B Chlamydia, Chancroid , Crabs (Pubic Lice) , Genital herpes, Genital warts, Human, Papillomavirus (HPV), Trichomoniasis (parasitic infection) , Yeast infections etc are all forms of sexually transmitted infections. These above mentioned infections were identified in the blood of the 300 people tested positive. Investigation showed that a major carrier of the infection was in the church and was spreading the virus. Little did they know that the host was the Enyonam they were all craving for.

Actually that was her major aim. She was to take absolute control of the church and wipe it away, with her mission almost accomplished. For me, I was just a living dead because she has got me submerged into herself. During the test, both of us were not present so I couldn’t know my status.

After a week without calling my father or going to talk out issues with him, our pastor back home called me to come home. He warned me not to inform my wife before leaving. He said that was the instruction given to him by the holy spirit so just after work, I should set off. After work that day I took the company’s car and set off to see the pastor. I switched my two phones off before leaving. Enyonam called several times but my line was unreachable. Before I got there, the pastor with some of the elders and women leaders of the church were already singing worship songs. I made my presence known to the pastor and he asked me to join the prayer team. I had no option than to join. We sang songs of worship and of prayer. The pastor said we should all pray as if the world was coming to an end. I just didn’t know why I was to pray so I was just opening and closing my mouth as if I was praying but nothing was actually coming out of my mouth. The next was for the team to pray for me so I was called to come forward. “But why are they to pray for me? ” I asked the pastor. He said that was the instruction by the holy spirit. They opened serious fire of prayer on me casting every demon out.

The fire opened on me started having effect on Enyonam back at home. She was sitting down watching television and same time thinking about why I was not returning home as I usually do when she felt a sharp pain at her back. The first “holy ghost fire” got to the house. She stood up and checked herself but there was nothing wrong with her. The next fire, third and fourth knocked her down this time around. She now knew some bigger force was at work! She went into her secret room and disappeared into her marine kingdom for protection. I started feeling an unusual itch on my genital. I told the pastor that my genitals was on fire.

Pastor: John, listen to me. I don’t know who is doing this to you but I want to tell you that some spirit has taken over your life. The spirit has blindfolded you to the extent that you can’t even realise who your families are. They’ve just made you a walking dead. What is happening on your genitals will come down just focus on the prayer for now. Church begin to release our son from this bondage.

The prayer was intensified this time round. I started shouting and saying things that I don’t even know where they were coming from. Probably I was hallucinating. The marine spirit started speaking through me as that of a warlord. “Who and what do you people think you have that you want to challenge me? It will be better you leave my boy alone or I make you face the consequences.” I said using the voice of the spirit.

Pastor: You are a joke. You have no power or authority over John. We are releasing him from your kingdom now in the name of Jesus.

They continued with the prayer and before they could see, I held the shirt of the pastor and gave him a heavy slap. They held me and bombarded me with more thorns of fire. They prayed until the spell on my face removed. I vomited all kinds of substances on the floor. The marine spirit in me left leaving me empty.

I became conscious after some time and asked the pastor where my father was. He told me in a welcoming manner that he is at home. The pastor said hallelujah to the most high God. I was made to bath at the mission house and was given a different shirt to wear because the one I came with was soiled. Together with the pastor and some other three people, we went to my father’s house..

Dad: And where are you people bringing this boy to? Pastor, he is no longer my son and he knows that. I will be glad if you let him leave now before I call the police to arrest him.

All this while, Enyonam was at the marine kingdom figuring out how to face the battle that has just began. God have mercy on our souls.

…to be continued


  1. Your pastor back at home is a true defination of a man of God, how i wished all other pastors are like him then these world would have been a better place.

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