A Game Of Love And Obsession – Episode 7

© Lewis Dampson

Jesse was surprised about the latest development, but Sandra didn’t feel same. She was very excited to be working on the meager with Jesse. It was like a dream come true for her. Just when she needed to get close to Jesse, an opportunity had presented itself. This could be the opportunity to know more about Jesse because they would be seeing each other often and would even be working together if the meager should go through. The more she thought about it, the more thrilled she became.

Meanwhile, Desmond was in serious thoughts about what took place at Sandra’s house. He realized that he was growing in age and needed someone to settle with. He came to the conclusion that the “Sandra project” was a façade and a lost cause. He needed to be realistic and accept the situation on the ground. “I have to find another person to love who would reciprocate my affections. It is clear that Sandra would never enter into a relationship with me. She sees me as a brother and that will remain. But, who am I going to approach since I have practically made all those girls lost interest? Think… Think boy… Think!!! Yeah, let me try Bella,” Desmond said and took his phone to search for Bella’s contact.

He was finally able to find Bella’s number on his phone. He immediately called her. “I can’t believe who is calling,” was Bella’s response when she received the call. “Why do you say that, Bella?” Desmond asked. “I can’t remember the last time you called me and even if I call, you don’t pick my calls,” Bella lamented. “I am sorry about that, Bella. Everything is going to change from today,” Desmond said. “Really?” Bella blurted out. “Yeah! In fact to proof to you that I am serious, I will like to take you out for dinner. That is if you will love to go with me,” said Desmond hoping Bella would agree to the dinner. “Err… Err… I have a tight schedule this week, but I will reschedule to make time. When do you want us to go?” Bella asked. “A day after tomorrow,” Desmond responded immediately. “Okay, Desmond. I will make time for it,” Bella responded. “Thank you very much, Bella. I will call you,” Desmond said. “Really? There is no need to thank me for that. In fact, was waiting for a day like this. I will be expecting your call,” Bella responded.

Now, Desmond took out his wallet from his pocket and took the passport-sized photograph of Sandra. He looked at it for sometime, folded it into two parts and placed it in the chest pocket of his shirt. He was done with Sandra for good. It was now time to start a new life with Bella. He closed his wallet and slipped it into his back pocket.

Meanwhile, Jesse and Sandra were enjoying each passing moment they were spending together. Jesse had tried severally to reach Jasmine, but all to no avail. The only available person around was Sandra and he was gradually getting acquainted with her. Sandra on the other hand was glad that she was now able to penetrate the wall Jesse had built around himself. To her advantage, the work they did together always brought them together. She now spent most of her time in Jesse’s office. They sometimes go home together when they close from work.

To Jesse, Sandra was just a colleague from work. Little did he know he was growing fond of her. In the absence of Jasmine, Sandra had begun to take over. “Jesse, don’t you think it is about time I got to know your house?” Sandra asked one day after work. “Oh, that is no problem. We can go there from here. I was even thinking about that,” Jesse responded.

With that, they both took off to Jesse’s house. Jesse led the way to his house when they got down from the bus. Sandra was surprised that his house very close to hers. “Jesse, I never knew you lived here. Do you ever come out?” Sandra asked. “I don’t like going out, Sandra. I am an indoor person,” Jesse responded. “Are you sure about that? I think you are an outdoor person trying to be an indoor person. This can only happen when people have had an unpleasant experience and want to protect themselves. Are you trying to protect yourself from something?” Sandra asked.

Jesse looked at her in surprise. “Welcome to my house, Sandra. Make yourself at home. We still have some work to do. We need to finish the review before tomorrow,” Jesse said to change the subject. He didn’t want to answer the question because his mood always changed when he did. But, it seemed Sandra wouldn’t back down until she received her answer. She repeated the question and Jesse had no other choice than to answer.

“Yeah, I am protecting myself. I haven’t been lucky when it comes to my love life. I have suffered a lot of breakups in my love life. So it is difficult for me to trust again. A lady I was planning to get married to surprised me with her wedding invitation card. It has taken me several months to overcome that shock. That was the reason for my behavior when we first met,” Jesse explained. “Oh, I see. I now understand you. I am sorry to hear that,” Sandra said to console Jesse.

“So are you in any relationship now, “ Sandra asked. “Not necessarily. I mean it is complicated. I met a friend of mine few days ago at the supermarket. Actually, she was my crush back in school days. I proposed to her and she rejected my proposal for a sugar daddy. It was as a result of that hurt I entered into a relationship with the lady that left me to marry another guy. We came here after we met at the supermarket. Indeed, we had a nice time together. She said she wanted us to enter into a relationship. She said she had changed and had learned her lessons. So I decided to give us a chance. It is strange though that I haven’t heard from her since she left my house that day. I don’t know what has happened to her and that makes me worried,” Jesse said.

Sandra was sad when she heard of a new lady in Jesse’s life. She would have loved it if she was the only lady in his life. Sandra was very surprised as to why she had grown so fond of Jesse in such a short time. No time in her life had she been so quickly attracted to someone. Jesse had something that kept drawing her to him. She just wished everything will go on well. For the meantime, she had to give her support since the new girl wasn’t around. She just hoped in her heart she wouldn’t return. So that she could have Jesse all to herself. Apparently, she knew that wasn’t possible.

“I am sorry, Jesse for all that you have been through. I am proud of you for staying strong. Many people do silly things when confronted with such situations. They are deceived into thinking that their world is over. Little did they know that there is someone waiting for them at another junction in their life. They allow their present situation to rule their thinking and do unimaginable things. Very sad! You really handled the situation well, Jesse,” Sandra said. “ Thank you, Sandra. No one had ever spoken to me in such a manner before. Thank you for the encouragement,” said Jesse thankfully.

Sandra looked at the time and realized it was getting late. “Jesse, we have been doing this review for almost three hours. Aren’t you hungry?” Sandra asked. “I began to feel hungry once you mentioned it. I was enjoying your company so much that I totally forgot about food,” Jesse confessed. “That is so flattering. In that case, let me get to the kitchen and fix something for us to eat. I am hungry as well. I hope you have groceries?” Sandra asked. “Yeah, I bought some from the supermarket. They are in the refrigerator,” Jesse answered.

Sandra got up and made her way to the kitchen to cook while Jesse continued with the office work. There was a knock at the door and Jesse got up to see who was at the door. He was surprised to see Jasmine. She was appearing and disappearing like a ghost. “Would you just stand there? I thought you have missed me?” Jasmine asked. “I am shocked. Where have you been? I have tried to reach your line severally since you left here the other time. What happened to your phone?” Jesse asked. “Please let us go inside, Jesse. I will explain everything to you,” Jasmine said and entered the house.

…to be continued


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