A Game Of Love And Obsession – Episode 6

© Lewis Dampson

Desmond was very disappointed on hearing the new development. He thought that he might be lucky this time to win the love of Sandra. But, that didn’t happen. He had tried everything in his power to make Sandra his own. He had put his life on hold for almost four years all to wait for that moment Sandra will accept him. He left Sandra’s house very heartbroken although he told her he was okay. He was far from being okay. His hope had been deferred and he felt like he had wasted four years of his life.

Meanwhile, Jasmine was snooping around the hall when Jesse went out for the drink. She chanced upon the portrait Jesse had hung on the wall leading to the kitchen. She was perplexed as to why Jesse would still be keeping a portrait of a girl who broke his heart. She looked at the portrait for sometime and went to sit in the sofa because she heard the footsteps of Jesse.

Jesse returned with a glass of fruit juice and some pastries. “Jasmine, this is the only processed food I have in my fridge. Please manage it for now till you are done cooking,” Jesse said as he served the drink to Jasmine. “Thank you, Jesse,” Jasmine said in appreciation.

Now, Jesse could perceive the mood change on Jasmine’s face. Her gestures towards him had changed totally. She seemed to be worried about something. “Jasmine, is anything the matter?” Jesse asked. “No… Yes! What is Theodora’s portrait doing on your wall?” Jasmine answered and asked. ” I am sorry, Jasmine. I didn’t mean for you to see that. I will take it down. It is about time I move on. I can’t hold on to the past. In fact, I am going to take it down now,” Jesse said and got up from the sofa.

Jesse walked straight to the portrait and brought it down while Jasmine looked on with smiles and a sense of accomplishment. “Well done, dear. I am so proud of you,” said Jasmine. “You are my future now, Jasmine. I need to keep that in mind,” Jesse said and smiled at Jasmine.
With that, Jasmine moved to where Jesse was standing, hugged him and went to the kitchen to cook. They ate the food together. Jesse escorted Jasmine to her car after they were done eating. Indeed, Jesse’s face had begun to glow with happiness. He was no longer gloomy as before.

“Jasmine! Where are you? I have been trying to reach you for the past six hours.” A voice inquired the whereabouts of Jasmine on phone as she was driving home. “Madam, don’t be angry. I mistakenly touched the airplane mode on my phone. I just discovered it and turned the network back on. I am really sorry,” Jasmine lied. “I see. Anyway let us forget about that. I have a new assignment for you and I need you in my house right now. Leave whatever you are doing and drive straight to my apartment right now!” the woman said authoritatively. “Okay, madam. I will be right there,” Jasmine responded.

Jasmine arrived at Madam Diaz’s house. She drove in a rush, got down and hurried into the house. “Madam Diaz, what is the problem? It seemed so important,” Jasmine asked immediately she saw Madam Diaz. “Yes, dear. It’s very important. One of our top class customers called. He said he needs ladies now and he specifically named you. So I had to call you immediately. You are leaving for Paris right now. He has his private jet In Nigeria. You will pick a flight to Nigeria and meet him there to board the jet. Don’t worry, I have bought your ticket and have packed your bags already,” said Madam Diaz.

Jasmine was taken by surprise. She knew Madam Diaz was unpredictable, but she caught her off-guard this time around. Since she was introduced to this job, all she had known is emptiness. She had intimacy with men she felt nothing for. In order to stay focused, she was introduced to drugs which further deteriorated her state. She only entered into the business to pay her fees, but it seemed there were many things involved she wasn’t made aware of. Now, she had made a covenant with the pimp, Madam Diaz which had made it difficult for her to stop the business. She finally thought that happiness had come into her life when she met Jesse. She knew Jesse adored her and was happy to meet him single. Now, with this new business deal to Paris, how was she going to explain things to Jesse. They sort of came together not long ago and leaving to Paris was not the best. But, what could she do? She had sown an oath to Madam Diaz and wouldn’t dare to say no to her. She knew the consequences that came along with such froward attitudes. She decided to remove her sim card from her phone.

“Madam, this is so sudden. At least you should pre-informed me yesterday so I could get some stuffs from my house,” Jasmine lamented. “Come on, Jasmine. Don’t talk like an amateur. You know how this business is. When a customer calls, we have to be there to satisfy their needs. Remember, it is all about the money. Don’t worry about whatever you are going to pick from the house. This customer is very wealthy. He will buy anything you need. Now, get going or else you might miss your flight to Nigeria,” said Madam Diaz.

With that, Jasmine went to pick the things Madam Diaz had put together for her. Although she was sad leaving the country without telling Jesse, there was nothing she could do. She will pick up from where she left off when she comes back from Paris. There was no way she was going to let Jesse go. Although she was into prostitution, she needed a man to call her own. Someone she could always go back to after her rendezvouses.

Meanwhile, Jesse was trying to reach Jasmine on phone, but her line wasn’t going through. Her phone had been switched off. He was happy that his broken emotions were being healed gradually. He had nostalgia about his time with Jasmine. He smiled to himself occasionally, but was becoming worried about his inability to reach Jasmine. After several failed attempts to reach Jasmine on phone, he gave up and slept.

Jesse was in his office when he saw a familiar face approaching. “Hello, Jesse, it has been quite sometime. Where have you been,” Sandra asked Jesse. “I have been home,” Jesse responded sharply. “I have not been seeing you at the stop lately,” Sandra said trying to ignore Jesse’s sarcasm. “Oh that, I have been picking taxi of late to work. The bus always makes me get to work late. But, if I may ask, what are you doing here?” Jesse asked.

“Hey, Jesse, I believe you have met, Sandra? I can see you guys are getting along,” a voice from behind said. Jesse turned and realized it was his boss. “Yes, Sir,” Jesse answered. “That is very good. She is from Silicon International and you will be working on the meager with her. She heads the account department in her company. You guys will be working on the accounts of the two companies together ahead of the meager,” the boss said. “Yes, please,” Jesse responded politely. “That is good, Jesse. Now, let me leave you guys alone to work,” the boss said and left Jesse’s office.

Jesse was surprised about the latest development, but Sandra didn’t feel the same. She was very excited to be working on the meager with Jesse. It was like a dream come true for her. Just when she needed to get close to Jesse, an opportunity had presented itself. This could be the opportunity to know more about Jesse because they would be seeing each other often and would even be working together if the meager should go through. The more she thought about it, the more thrilled she became.

…to be continued


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