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A Game Of Love And Obsession – Episode 3 - Youngicee

A Game Of Love And Obsession – Episode 3

© Lewis Dampson

To proof how much you mean to me. To proof you mean the world to me. Why are all these going unnoticed. Is it that your are still putting my loyalty to test? I know within that, you are doing exactly that. I will wait for you my sweetheart. I will prove my loyalty to you, “ Desmond said fantasizing about the picture. He placed the picture back into his wallet, smiled at it for the last time went to his room.

Jesse got up the next day to realize that he crushed on the floor. He still had the portrait of Theodora in his bosom. When he looked at the time, it was 5:00 am in the morning. He had to prepare for work. “Oh gosh!! So I have been sleeping on the bare floor all this time? I have to prepare for work.“

Meanwhile, Sandra couldn’t wait to see her mystery man. She wanted to know why he behaved the way he does. “I have been trying to decipher what could be the problem with this guy all night, but I couldn’t come up with any tangible answer. I guess I have to get closer to him. I can sense he is hurting inside. What might have caused this? He seemed to be a nice person just that he is too introvert. There is only one way of finding out,” she said as she picked her bag to go to work. She checked the bag to see if she didn’t forget the money this time around. She didn’t want a repeat of the incident that occurred the previous day with the bus driver.

When Sandra got to the stop, she was expecting to see Jesse. But, to her disappointment, he wasn’t around. She stood in the queue hoping he would show up, but he didn’t. The bus came and she boarded it along with the other passengers. She looked through the windshield to see if Jesse would approach the bus, but he didn’t. The bus drove off and still Jesse was not in sight. She was really disappointed.

Unknown to Sandra, Jesse had been to the bus stop earlier. He didn’t want to be delayed like the previous day, so he just picked a taxi to work.

Sandra alighted from the bus and walked to her office. Her phone rang and as usual , it was Desmond. She received it this time. “Hello Sandra,” greeted Desmond. “Hello, Desmond,” she responded. “I hope you are fine?” He asked. “Yea, I am doing great,” she replied sharply. “I tried all night to reach you on phone, but I couldn’t get through to you,” said Desmond. “Oh yea, my phone was on low battery. Sorry for that. I slept while charging it. I planned to call you this morning, but had to get to work,” Sandra explained. “It is okay, Sandra. Can we go for lunch this afternoon? I have booked a reservation at a very nice restaurant,” Desmond asked.

There was a long pause on Sandra’s side. “Hello… Hello.. Sandra… Hello..” “Yes, Desmond. I am here,” Sandra responded finally. “Thank God. I thought your line went off. Will you go with me?” He asked again. “I am sorry, Desmond, I don’t think I can make it. I have a lot of work to finish today. I have a deadline to meet. Please let us make it another time,” said Sandra. “Hmmm.. If you say so. Anyway, I would like to see you after work. I could come pick you up and give you a ride to the house,” Desmond said trying to convince Sandra. He wanted to do everything possible to have fellowship with Sandra. “Ermm… That wouldn’t be necessary Desmond. I don’t know the time I would be closing. Don’t worry, we will catch up some other time. Please I have to go. My boss is coming,” Sandra hung the call before Desmond could even say goodbye.

“Ah! This guy can really be a bother. I don’t enjoy doing this to him. I have tried to explain things to him, but he wouldn’t listen. Now, he has left me with no option. Maybe if I do this, he might get fed up and find another girl. A girl who will love him. I can’t be that girl. I don’t want to mess up our friendship by entering into a relationship with him. What if it doesn’t work? Which I know it won’t. Then I lose Desmond as a friend. I can’t let that happen. Desmond is too good for me. I pray he gets another girl that will suit him better,” Sandra said undertone as she approached her working desk. She sighed and placed her bag on the table and begun to work.

“Jesse, come over to my office,” said his boss over the telephone. Jesse quickly got up from his desk and headed for his boss’ office. He knocked and entered. “Jesse, I would like you to take these letters to a friend for me,” the boss handed the letters to him. “I believe you are aware of the meager between our company and Silicon International?” Jesse nodded. “Very good! I want you to take these letters to the CEO of Silicon International. He will give you some drafts in return.

I want you to work on those drafts. Go over the accounts so that we can proceed with the deal,” said the boss. “Yes Sir, consider it done,” Jesse said and took his leave.

He called the company’s driver and headed for Silicon International which was few blocks away from his office.

He quickly went into the company’s building when he got to Silicon International. He was in a hurry because he knew the kind of work that followed after taking the draft from the CEO. “Hello, please I am Jesse from Xilic Company Limited. I am here to see the CEO,” Jesse said. “Please wait for me to verify your appointment,” the receptionist said, while making a call. “Mr. Jesse, the CEO is expecting you in his office,” said the receptionist finally. “Thank you,” Jesse thanked her and headed for the CEO’s office.

He came out of the office with a bunch of files in his hands. He tried to pick his phone from his pocket to call the driver to come help him with the loads, the phone fell from his hand in the process. He left the files on the ground and begun to pick the separated pieces of his phone. While picking the shattered pieces, Sandra walked in his direction.

Sandra was so perplexed to see Jesse at her workplace. ”What a coincidence!!” She thought. She hurried walked down to where Jesse was. Upon reaching, she realized what had happened to Jesse’s phone. She bent down to help Jesse pick up the pieces.

Meanwhile, Jesse didn’t notice Sandra. He was so worried about his seemingly spoilt phone that he didn’t see Sandra walking up to him. All he could see was a hand going to pick a piece of his shattered phone. He was actually going to pick that piece himself. He looked up to see who it was and lo and behold, Sandra. He was quite surprised to see her in the building as well.

”Please don’t bother. I will pick them up myself,” Jesse said trying to restrain Sandra from helping him. ‘Don’t worry, I got this. You helped me yesterday. Today is my turn to help you. After all, you are in my company’s building. So I insist,” Sandra insisted. ”Okay, if you say so!” Jesse replied sharply.

Sandra was happy within that she had finally gotten through to Jesse. This is the first time she had had a complete conversation with him.

“Jesse, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for what you did for me in the bus the other day. I really appreciate it,” Sandra said as she got on her feet. ”Sandra right?” Jesse asked. ”Yes,” she responded. ”I heard you when you thanked me at the bus stop. It is kind of embarrassing if you keep repeating it,” Jesse said and began to walk away. ”I am sorry, Sandra, but I have to get going. My boss is expecting me and I am running out of time,” Jesse said. ”Yes please. I guess we will see again some other time?” Sandra asked. ”Sure! But, it is not a promise,” Jesse said as he walked briskly out of the building. Sandra stood and watched him enter the car. She stared until she could no longer see the tail light of the car.

…to be continued


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