A Game Of Love And Obsession – Episode 15

� Lewis Dampson

Although Jesse said those words in his moment of frustration, he still felt different about Sandra. He knew it would be difficult for him to trust another lady, but was he going to stay single forever. He thought it would be foolish to do so. �I won�t give up. I will continue to search until I find the one who will be true to me. There is no victory without strife and trials. I need to overcome this trial. The only person I know can be true to me is Sandra. That lady has a pure heart. And as far as I know, she is not dating. The only way I can forget about Jasmine is to enter into another relationship and Sandra is the perfect choice. My only prayer is she survives and recover quickly so I can make my intentions known to her, � Jesse said. He smiled and went to the bedroom to have a nap. Day would be breaking soon and he had to be in the office and the hospital.

Jesse startled from his sleep with the thoughts of Jasmine and everything that had happened the previous day. He looked at the time and realized it was 5:30 in the morning. He got up and started preparing for work. He wanted to pass by the hospital to see how Sandra was doing. Within minutes, he was done and was out of the house en route to the hospital.

Jesse was at the hospital in no time. He needed to be fast to get to the office. As expected, he saw the policemen keeping watch over Sandra. He stopped and hesitated.He was thinking if they would allow him to enter the room to see Sandra. They refused him entry just the night before and he had no choice than to go home. He gathered courage and walked up to them. �Hello, Officers. Good morning,� greeted Jesse when he got nearer to the police officers. �Good morning, Sir. How may we help you?� One of the policemen answered and asked. �Please, I am here to see the patient. I came last night, but I wasn�t able to see her. Please can I see her now?� Jesse implored. �You can go in, but you have to be searched first. We are investigating a murder case and we can�t take any risk,� said another policeman. �No problem, Sir. You can go ahead,� Jesse responded.

With that Jesse was searched and allowed entry. He opened the door and was shocked by what he saw. He saw another guy in the room sitting beside Sandra. What even drew his attention was how the guy held Sandra�s hand. He held it so passionately. He wept as he spoke. Fortunately, Sandra was conscious, but was too weak to speak audibly initially. It seemed she just woke up from her sleep. Sandra was also sharing tears. Both of them seemed to be lost in their world that they couldn�t notice Jesse�s presence. Jesse stood there and eavesdropped on their conversation.

�Sandra, I am very sorry I left your side. I am feeling responsible for everything you are going through now. If I were to be by your side, I believe the story would have been different from this,� the guy said amidst tears. �It is not your fault, Desmond. You had every right to go. I was happy when I heard you were dating. I knew you loved me with all your heart and I am sorry for not reciprocating the feeling,� Sandra said almost indistinctively.

Now, Jesse was lost. He had no idea of where the conversation was getting to. First of all, he didn�t know Desmond. Sandra never mentioned his name in their numerous conversations. Jesse was wondering who Desmond was to Sandra. Was this how all his relationships were going to be? He just thought of Sandra as the right person and here she was catching up with God knows who. He was tempted to interrupt the conversation, but courtesy wouldn�t let him.

�I am here for you, Sandra. I won�t go anywhere this time around. I tried to find happiness elsewhere, but it all ended in misery. Do you think I will leave your side again? Never! I won�t dare. I will stay by your side always. I have realized that bad things happen to us when we are separated. We are meant for each other, Sandra,� said Desmond as he wiped tears from his eyes with the back of his hand. Jesse couldn�t stand the scene anymore. His emotions were completely imbalanced at the time that he forgot about how late he was to the office.

He wouldn�t have minded if it didn�t appear that Sandra was thinking about what Desmond was saying. Sandra was also weeping alongside Desmond. Jesse unintentionally kicked the door with his shoes out of nervousness. It was then, the two realized they had company. Sandra looked over Desmond�s shoulders and saw Jesse. �I am sorry for intruding. I will come back later,� Jesse said and began to fidget with the doorknob. �Jesse, I want you to meet, Desmond. He is my best friend,� Sandra said. Jesse left the doorknob and walked into the room nervously.

He shook Desmond�s hand and went over to Sandra. �How are you feeling?� Jesse asked. �I am better today. I am just glad that your crazy girlfriend didn�t send me to the grave at my prime,� Sandra said teasingly. �I am really sorry for that, Sandra. Another thing, I don�t want you to refer to her as my girlfriend. It is over between us! I cannot be in a relationship with the devil,� said Jesse. �I hear you, Sir. I believe you are dressed for work?� Sandra asked. �Yes, but I decided to see you before going and I am glad you are doing okay,� Jesse said and smiled. �The doctor said I will be discharged in three days� time. I will join you when I am discharged,� Sandra assured Jesse. Jesse just smiled and Sandra reciprocated.

Meanwhile, Desmond was feeling uncomfortable with the way Jesse and Sandra had become so acquainted with each other. To the best of his knowledge, he was the only one who had that rapport with Sandra. He thought after the horrible breakup with Bella, he would come back to meet Sandra unattached. He was wondering how Jesse was able to get close to Sandra in such a short time. He knew Sandra to be a reserved person and only he had had the opportunity to penetrate her walls.

Jesse excused himself after speaking with Sandra for a while to go to work. He shook hands with Desmond the second time and said goodbye. Although he was happy he had the chance to talk to Sandra, he wasn�t feeling good leaving Sandra alone with a guy who was just professing love to her. But, there was nothing he could do to help the situation. He just needed to have hope. He was already late to work and he needed to hurry.

�I can see you have gotten yourself a new friend, Sandra,� said Desmond. �Oh, Jesse. He is my coworker. He is from the other company my company is having a meager with. We have indeed become close during the past few weeks. Actually, we are working together on a project,� said Sandra. �I see. That was why I wasn�t hearing from you anymore. I guess he is good at keeping company, �said Desmond jealously. Sandra just smiled and refused to comment on his statement.

Desmond realizing the silence decided to ask more questions to satisfy his curiosity. �So are you guys dating or something? Because I can really see the closeness,� Desmond asked. �Oh, no. His girlfriend was the one who ran me over with her car and tried to suffocate me yesterday. She almost killed me, Desmond out of jealousy. She thought Jesse was cheating on her with me,� Sandra responded. �You got to be kidding me! You mean that maniac is his girlfriend? �Desmond asked. �Was, Desmond. He broke up with her yesterday after the incident,� Sandra blurted out.

Desmond was immediately troubled when he realized that Jesse was single. He knew he was a real competition. �What are you thinking about, Desmond?� Sandra asked. �Nothing in particular, dear. Was just thinking about what I would have done if I had lost you. Considering the fact that I haven�t seen you in months. It would have been very difficult for me. I am just glad you survived. I am happy that you didn�t slip away from me, Sandra,� Desmond said passionately almost at the brink of shedding tears .

Who will win the battle for the love of Sandra?

…to be continued


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