A Game Of Love And Obsession – Episode 14

� Lewis Dampson

All of a sudden, two police officers barged into the room and caught Jasmine red-handed trying to ki*ll Sandra. They immediately stopped her and arrested her. The policemen alerted the nurses who immediately attended to Sandra. Sandra was immediately put on oxygen. Jasmine was dragged out the room in handcuffs. She was shocked and surprise. How could the police find her? There was no policeman around when she was entering. She knew she was in serious trouble. Right at the reception, she saw Sheila. Sheila looked at her and gave her a wry smile. Jasmine immediately knew that it was Sheila who alerted the police. She thought she was a friend. It seemed Sheila meant her threat at the nightclub.

Jesse was sitting in the car when he saw policemen entering into the hospital. He didn�t seem much bothered initially since he thought they might be there on night patrols. He waited for some time, but Jasmine wasn�t coming out of the hospital. �What is keeping this girl? Doesn�t she know I have to return to this hospital early in the morning,� said Jesse in frustration.

Jesse became tensed with the intensity of the police presence. He was wondering why there was a heavy presence of the police at the hospital at that time of the day. �I have to get inside and get Jasmine. It seems there is something wrong. Yea! That explains why she has kept long inside the hospital. I need to get her,� Jesse said and got out of the car.

To his amazement, he saw Jasmine coming out of the building surrounded by two policemen. He also noticed her hands were behind her. He was glad to see her. He thought the police were evacuating the building and had found Jasmine. He ran towards her direction only to be stopped by a policeman. �My friend!! Where do you think you are going to?� The policeman asked with a harsh tone. The look on his face frightened Jesse. �I am going for my girl. There she is,� Jesse responded while pointing at Jasmine. �That! She is under arrest,� said the policeman.

Jesse was shocked and confused at the same time. But, his eyes were not deceiving him. Jasmine was indeed in handcuffs and he was dumbfounded. Nothing could express the shock on Jesse�s face as he watched Jasmine being tossed into the police car. �Please sir, what did she do?� Jesse asked the officer. �She has been arrested on murder charges. She was caught red-handed trying to ki*ll a patient,� The Police Officer explained. �What!! Are you sure of what you are saying? I was with her in the car just some minutes ago. How can this be possible?� Jesse asked back in surprise.

The Officer began to suspect Jesse. �You mean you were with her before the incident took place?� the Police Officer asked ignoring Jesse�s initial question. �Yes! I was with her. A friend of mine is on admission here. I was with her when Jasmine came. We decided to go home together before we realized she had left her bracelet in the hospital. She had to go back for it,� Jesse said trying to explain himself. �And what is the name of this your friend?� The Officer asked. �Sandra is her name,� Jesse answered. �Sandra� Sandra� That is the name of the victim she tried to murder. Her name was given as Sandra,� the Officer blurted out. �I think there is a mix up somewhere. Why would Jasmine want to murder Sandra!!? This is insane and ridiculous!! It doesn�t make any sense!! They are not enemies, Officer!� Jesse exclaimed. �I am just giving you the facts. Anyway, since you know both the victim and the accused, your presence will be required at the station. You need to answer few questions,� the Officer finally said. Jesse had no other choice than to follow the Officer to the Police Station.

After answering few questions in the police station, Jesse came to know the truth about Jasmine. He felt sad for not being able to see those evil traits in her. �Why would Jasmine want to do this evil thing all in the name of love. And the fact that she is a prostitute is killing me. Stealing from all those men after sleeping with them? Jasmine, the one who calls herself my girlfriend is on a police wanted list for fraud? I can�t believe this! Why is this always my case? Why do I always encounter ill-lucks in relationships. Theodora left me for another man and slashed my heart into pieces. Now, Jasmine has succeeded in ripping my heart out of my chest,� Jesse said and cried on his way home.

Jesse was greatly troubled and depressed. The only thing that gave him some sort of Joy was when thoughts of Sandra came to his mind. �I have to go to the hospital to see how Sandra is doing. Oh, that poor girl! Innocent and calm as a sheep. Through no fault of hers, she is battling with death all because of that maniac called, Jasmine,� Jesse said and changed his direction from going home. He headed for the hospital.

Jesse got to the hospital to find Sandra on oxygen. The door to her hospital room was being guided by policemen. Jesse knew there was no way they would allow him to enter. He stared at Sandra through the glass in the door for some time, turned around and went home.

Jesse was greatly troubled when he got to the house. It was very late, but he couldn�t sleep. Sleep was not part of his problem. He was thinking if he was under a sort of curse that always lands him in the wrong relationship or he had wrong priorities. He thought about these things for a long time. �I have always wanted to be in a lasting relationship all my life. But, the more I search, the more i get unlucky. It is as if I am immune to happiness in a relationship. I poured out my heart into every relationship only to be disappointed with betrayal. How will I ever trust another woman again after this? They are all the same. The only difference is their curvatures and calving. They are all made up of the same component-betrayal!!� Jesse exclaimed as he laid on the sofa.

Although Jesse said those words in his moment of frustration, he still felt different about Sandra. He knew it would be difficult for him to trust another lady, but was he going to stay single forever. He thought it would be foolish to do so. �I won�t give up. I will continue to search until I find the one who will be true to me. There is no victory without strife and trials. I need to overcome this trial. The only person I know can be true to me is, Sandra. That lady has a pure heart. And as far as I am concerned, she is not dating. The only way I can forget about Jasmine is to enter into another relationship and Sandra is the perfect choice. My only prayer is for her survives and recover quickly so I can make my intentions known to her, � Jesse said. He smiled and went to the bedroom to get a nap. The sun would be rising soon and he had to be in the office and the hospital.

Would Jesse be able to find happiness with Sandra?

…to be continued


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