A Game Of Love And Obsession – Episode 13

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Jasmine was confused. She paced her room for several minutes in confusion. “How could this girl survive the accident. I intentionally hit her hard because I wanted her dead. Now this is worse. Jesse will now be spending more time with her because she is in the hospital. I know him. He is always drawn to weakness. I have to do something. But, what should I do? Should I go to the hospital and finish what I started? No! that is a bad idea. I might get caught. Most hospitals have surveillance cameras and my face will be captured. What should I do now? I think I should call the girls to discuss this with them. Friendly Tigress and Sheila always have solutions to issues like this. Yes! I will call and go to them for more ideas. Sheila can help me. Come to think of it. Would she? Considering what happened yesterday. Oh, that is nothing. I know Sheila. She had a lot to drink yesterday. I think she won’t even remember what happened yesterday and even if she does, it is no big deal. Stuffs like this happen all the time. She will forgive me,” Jasmine brooded over these thoughts as she paced in her room.

With this in mind, Jasmine tried to reach her friends on phone. As expected, Sheila didn’t pick her calls and she couldn’t get through to Friendly Tigress. This made Jasmine more confused as she didn’t know what to do at the time. Finally, Sheila picked up. “Yes!! What is it!!? Why are you bothering me at this time of the night!!? Eh!!? After stealing my customer from me, you dare call my line again!!? You ingrate!!” Sheila exclaimed. “Sheila, I deserve all those words you are using. I am so sorry for doing that to you. The truth is that, i was going through a tough time at that moment and didn’t even know he was your customer. I should have apologized immediately, but I had so much to drink that i wasn’t thinking clearly. Please forgive me. You know you are family. I have nowhere to run to except to you,” Jasmine apologized.

Sheila remained silent on the phone for a while before she spoke. “I know you are apologizing because you need something from me. I know you, Jasmine. I know you both internally and externally. Anyway, as you said, we are family. So I have forgiven you. Now, let us discuss the reason you called. What can I help you with?” Sheila asked. “Yes! Can you believe that goat is still alive?” Jasmine said. “Which goat are you referring to?” Sheila asked in amazement. “I am talking about, Sandra. The lady chasing after my man. She survived the accident, my dear. I don’t know what to do again. I thought she died. Jesse has been spending all his time with her. I can’t even get through to him. I need to do something about it, Sheila and I need your suggestion,” Jasmine lamented.

The line was silent for a while again. “Hello… Sheila… Are you listening to me?” Jasmine asked. “Of course, I am. I was just thinking about how to help you solve this problem once and for all. Now listen to me carefully. If you allow this girl to recover, you will lose your man to her. I suggest you finish the game while she is still in the hospital,” Sheila suggested. “I thought about that earlier, but it didn’t sound like a good option,” said Jasmine still confused.

“Listen to me. You can do this secretly in the hospital without anyone knowing. I believe Jesse will be in the hospital by now. Just go there and pretend you are sad about what is going on with that girl. Gain his trust to gain access to her. Then finish her off when no one is watching,” Sheila suggested. “Hmm… What about if I am caught? What will I even use to finish her off?” Jasmine asked. “You are a smart girl, Jasmine. I know you will figure something out once you are near her,” Sheila responded. “If You say so. I am leaving my right now to the hospital. I will give you feedback when I get back. Thank you very much , Sheila,” said Jasmine thankfully. “The pleasure is all mine,” Sheila responded and hung up. Jasmine immediately dressed up and headed to the hospital.

Jesse was still at the hospital although it was very late. Sandra was worried within because Jesse would have to go to work the next morning. She had tried severally to make Jesse go home, but he still stood his grounds on staying a bit longer. “Sandra, life is more important than work,” was what Jesse often repeated when Sandra tried to persuade him to go home. Sandra knew there was no way she would win the battle. She gave up and slept while Jesse stood outside the door, but peeped through the glass in the door to watch her. He was so much into his own world when a tap on his shoulder brought him to reality. He turned to see who had tapped him. He was kind of surprised to see Jasmine in the hospital at that ungodly hour.

“Jasmine, what are you still doing here? Don’t tell me you went to my house to look for me?” Jesse asked. “I didn’t do that, dear. I knew you will be here so I came straight to this place. You know, I can’t leave you to bear this alone. I can see you care so much for this lady and I am here to support in any way,” Jasmine told Jesse. Jesse was impressed by the words of Jasmine. “That is so nice of you, Jasmine. It is very helpful and encouraging,” said Jesse. “It is late, honey. You have work tomorrow. I think you should go and rest and come back tomorrow. How can you help her if you get sick by stressing yourself. I will give you a ride home,” Jasmine suggested. “You have a good point there, Jasmine. Let us go. I will pass by to check on her in the morning before going to work,” said Jesse finally.

Jasmine was happy that her plan was going according to plan. She intentionally left her bracelet on the floor close to the door where Sandra laid. She gave a wry smile and went along with Jesse.

“Jesse, have you seen my bracelet anywhere,” said Jasmine as she began rummaging through her bag when they got into the car. “I am sure you left it in the house,” responded Jesse.” No, it was on my wrist when I entered into the hospital,” Jasmine insisted. “Really!!? Then maybe it fell off your hand while we were coming out. Go and check in the hospital. For all you know, it will be lying on the floor,” Jesse suggested. “I think so, Jesse. Please wait for me, okay? I will be back in no time,” Jasmine assured him and stepped out of the car. She went back into the hospital.

Jasmine was discrete about her movements. She made sure that she wasn’t noticed approaching Sandra’s room. She was able to unlock the door without being spotted. Lo and behold, there laid Sandra on the bed with Jasmine standing right next to her staring at her. “Stupid girl! You think you can mess with my boyfriend and go scot-free. I will give you a free visa to meet your Creator,” Jasmine said in her mind as she picked a pillow from the bed Sandra was slept on. She immediately pressed the pillow on Sandra’s face suffocating her in the process. Sandra woke up from her sleep, but was helpless. She couldn’t scream for help or fight back because of her broken arm and leg. She was at the mercy of Jasmine. Jasmine continued to suffocate Sandra. She wanted to achieve her goal in the short time she had. She mercilessly added her weight to fasten the process.

All of a sudden, two police officers barged into the room and caught Jasmine red-handed trying to ki*ll Sandra. They immediately stopped her and arrested her. The policemen alerted the nurses who immediately attended to Sandra. Sandra was immediately put on oxygen. Jasmine was dragged out the room in handcuffs. She was shocked and surprise. How could the police find her? There was no policeman around when she was entering. She knew she was in serious trouble. Right at the reception, she saw Sheila. Sheila looked at her and gave out a wry smile. Jasmine immediately knew that it was Sheila who alerted the police. It was Sheila who betrayed her. She thought she was a friend. It seemed Sheila meant her threat at the nightclub.

…to be continued


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