A Game Of Love And Obsession – Episode 11

� Lewis Dampson

Suddenly, he had a thought. �When the woman I spoke to earlier today talked about the accident, she said the name of the victim was Sandra. Could it be my Sandra? No way!! Why am I even thinking this way? I saw Sandra this afternoon. It can�t be her. Let me not think about these things or it might happen,� Jesse thought about these things as he was approaching Jasmine. �Hello, baby. I have really missed you. Come give your honey a hug,� Jasmine said and went to hug Jesse. �I have a surprise for you this evening ?� said Jasmine. �And what can this surprise be? I have a lot on my mind, Jasmine. I am stressed already,� said Jesse. �Don�t worry dear. That is why I am here. By the time I am gone, stress will be history to you,� Jasmine said and wrapped her arms around Jesse. �Let us go inside first. I can�t surprise you while we are still outside,� continued Jasmine. She entered the house with Jesse.

�Okay, we are now in the house. What is this big surprise that couldn�t wait until tomorrow?� Jesse asked. �Why are you in a rush, Jesse? Okay, I will tell you now. I have come to spend the night with you today,� said Jasmine. �Really!? Why didn�t you inform me before coming?� Jesse quizzed her. �I don�t understand you Jesse! Should I call to book an appointment to spend some time with my boyfriend?� Jasmine asked I return.

Now, few years back, Jesse would have been thrilled to be granted this opportunity. The girl he had been daydreaming about was now offering herself to him on a silver platter. But Jesse wasn�t so enthused about the whole thing. He was so worried about the whereabouts of Sandra and that was the only thing on his mind. �Jasmine, I am not saying that. I have told you about the pressure from work. I have some work I need to finish before tomorrow. A work I can�t finish if I take time off to keep you company. I was even waiting for Sandra to show up to help me with something, but she hasn�t come. She is good with those stuffs. I can�t seem to know her whereabouts. Only if I could see her so�. � Jesse�s statement was interjected by Jasmine. �Why is it that you always bring that girl before me! Any time I want to spend time with you, she is either here or you let us spend all the time discussing her. What is going on between the two of you? Am I not good enough for you?� Jasmine lamented.

�That is not the case, Jasmine. I am not putting her first. It is just that I am worried about her. I feel so uneasy. And we need to go through this work before tomorrow,� Jesse explained. �Please, give me a break! Sandra this, Sandra that!! I am so tired of you. I even wish she is dead so that she would stop interfering in my relationship,� Jasmine flared up. �How can you wish that sort of thing on a fellow human, Jasmine. I didn�t expect that from you at all,� said Jesse. �I am sorry, dear. It was just a slip of tongue,� Jasmine said trying to explain. �Please, I have had enough of this. I want to continue with my work since Sandra is not coming. I have to stay up all night to figure things out. I will see you some other time, � said Jesse. �Jesse, are you sacking me from your house?� Jasmine asked. �No, Jasmine . I am just asking for an excuse to work. Please don�t misunderstand me,� said Jesse. Jasmine got angry and left. She banged the door on her way out, walked to her car and sped off lividly.

Jesse sighed and brought out his briefcase. He brought out the account statements and began to work on them. While he was still at it, his doorbell rang. He quickly dropped what he was doing and went to see who was at the door. �Hello, are you Jesse?� the man standing in the doorway asked. �Yes, I am, Jesse and how may I help you?� Jesse asked. �Err.. Do you know of any young lady by name Sandra?� asked the man. �Yes, please. She is a very good friend of mine. I was even expecting her this evening, but she hadn�t shown up,� Jesse responded. �Well, that is understandable since she is at the hospital,� the man said finally. �Hospital? Why is she at a hospital? She didn�t tell me she was sick this afternoon when we came back from work? How then would she end up in a hospital?� Jesse asked rhetorically. �She was knocked down by a car this afternoon on her way from work. I happened to be part of the people who took her to the hospital. She has been mentioning your name since she regained consciousness. She finally gave us your address. That is why I am here. You need to go and see her, � said the man.

Jesse became confused. He didn�t know what to do to himself. What he feared most had happened. It occurred to him that the accident the woman was talking about was concerning her own Sandra. He had assumed it for a different Sandra. Without much thinking, he locked his door and stepped out with his bathroom slippers to the hospital. He boarded a taxi with the man and headed to the hospital where Sandra was admitted.

Jasmine was so bored that she wanted to go to the club to blow off some steam. She could channel her anger into work. She wouldn�t mind who her customer would be. All she needed was to engage in something that would take her mind off Jesse. �Look at all I did because of him and he still thinks about that girl. Just imagine him asking me to leave his house. I went to offer myself to him and he rejected me like a plague!! Just imagine!! Does he know how much people pay to spend an hour with me? People pay huge sums of money to patronize me and this guy treated me like I didn�t matter. Upon hitting that stupid girl with car, I still don�t have his attention. I risked everything for him. I could have gone to jail for that,� Jasmine complained as she drove to the nightclub.

There were lots of activities going on in the nightclub when she got there. She went to the bartender and bought few drinks to calm herself. She lit a cigarette and started smoking. As she sat down puffing the smoke from the cigarette, a gentleman walked up to her. She had been in the business for long and she knew what that meant. She knew the guy was a potential customer. �Hello, pretty. Can I sit beside you?� the gentleman asked. �Please, Mister. Cut to the chase. We all know what you want so stop pulling out those cards. Hit the nail on the head. I am not your girlfriend for you to flatter,� Jasmine said harshly.

The gentleman smiled and went straight to the point. He told her he wanted to patronize her for the night which she agreed. She agreed on a low fee which she wouldn�t if she wasn�t depressed. She followed the young guy out of the club to a hotel.

Few minutes later, her friends also came to the nightclub. They were now coming to start work. One of them moved to the bartender. �Have you seen any gentleman in a dark-blue suit around? He said he was waiting for me here, � Sheila asked the bartender. �Oh, yes. He was here some minutes ago,� the bartender answered. �And where is he? Do you know which way he went?� Sheila asked again. �He went out with Jasmine before you guys came in,� the bartender responded. �What!!? That is my favorite customer. Why would Jasmine do that to me? Everyone knows he is my customer. Why is that girl so greedy. After all the customers that are at her disposal, she wants to steal this one too from me!! She will come and meet me here!!� Sheila exclaimed and went to sit on one of the seats in the club waiting for Jasmine to show up.

Jasmine finally came back in an hour. Sheila confronted her immediately she set eyes on her. �Thief!! Thief!! Why are you so greedy, Jasmine? Eh? Tell me! After luring all the customers with your charm, you dare come and steal this one too from me? Do you know how I struggled to nail him? After all I did for you, is this how you appreciate my efforts?� Sheila asked in anger. �What are you ranting about? Is it the guy I just went out with? Is he the reason you are trying to disgrace me? Let me tell you something, that guy is not my class. I even considered him because I was not feeling well. I am done with him. He is all yours now. Not that I need him anyway,� Jasmine said and shoved Sheila aside. Sheila grabbed her by the hair and slapped her. Jasmine retaliated and a fight broke out. The other girls came to separate them and they were both sent out of the club. �I will deal with you, Jasmine. Watch out!! And I mean it,� Sheila threatened. �There is nothing you can do, my friend. Go to hell!!� Jasmine retorted, entered her car and drove off.

…to be continued


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