By Afolabi Kayode

Sisi Eko
So much I have missed you
the glow of your multi-colored face
laid on a feeble foundation
which makes your loving smile exacerbate
Sisi Eko
How is Baba Alaanu?
that can’t sleep without hearing your voice
does he still shower you with gift
without getting a glimpse of your cleavage
Sisi Eko
Come serenade me about your trip to Dubai the week before
it must not be you I saw down the road
but the face really look like your’s
surely it must be your twin
Sisi Eko
I have missed the gospel of your truthful lies
your testimony of living according to the bible
only a few can turn down men like you do
though there is always one that passes the night in your room
Sisi Eko
Pay no heed to the envious eyes
continue to wash away your melanin on the altar of vogue
live everyday like there won’t be another
Sisi Eko
One of a kind
the beautiful Animasahun
Agbanidarego of our time
for a taste of your exquisite meat me too I plead

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