Love Really Is Strange – Episode 4

By Lydia Jonathan

Humble? your definition of humble must be different from mine cuz this is not humble at all. This place is amazing…….whoa,that’s a huge TV,You live alone or something?i ask looking around.

Yea, i like to live alone cuz,im kinda a neat freak plus i like the privacy he winked. you don’t say i replied going to where the tv is noticing it has controllers plugged in it. video games huh?

yep,i like to keep myself busy….what are you doing?

trying to play,now come on

you play? he asked coming closer, of course now come on,i beckoned to him.

okay,just so you know,i wont go easy on you cuz you’re a girl he said smiling.

awwww, you almost hurt my feelings i said,dramatically putting my hands on my chest.

after playing for two hours with the score 10 to 8, so, what were you saying about me being a girl i teased.

Fine,you win,i gotta admit that was amazing, how did you learn to play?

i practically grew up with 3 guys who eat and breath video games.

you know,what turns me on,he said moving closer to where i am putting his arm around my waist, a girl that shares the same hobbies as i do

you know what turns me on? i say trying to flirt,moving my lips closer to his ear……, his head jerked away, i’m hungry i added smiling. He smiled shook his head and told me to hold while he prepares something and with that he walked away to where i’m assuming is the kitchen. i took the opportunity to look around and saw the picture of his family and that of his mum pulling both sides of his cheek which me smile a bit. you have a beautiful family i yelled

yea, he replied making me turn almost immediately,hey!….you scared me scared, how long have you been at my back?

not long,so what about your family? he said biting on an apple, you’ve never told me about them

yea… head fell a bit,and i turn around walking to sit on the couch, i never did huh? i tried smiling but failing

Babe? are you okay?

Yea, my dad died when i was really small, i never even got to see him,he got really drunk and got hit by a car when he left my mom and i,tragic huh? his death never really bothered me though, yea i craved a father figure but my mom and i, we were just fine.

I’m so sorry babe.

yea, its not your fault

so, how’s your mom?

you remember my birthday and how you thought i ditched you?


i actually didn’t, my mom got into an accident,died on the way to the hospital i added now sobbing, she didn’t even get to see me enter uni,and we prepared everything,and……i broke down in tears and Evans enveloped me in a hug whispering sweet nothings to me, its not your fault you know, you don’t have to keep beating yourself for that

you don’t understand,she came to see me,if she didn’t leave work at that time to come see me at my party she wouldn’t have gotten into the accident and died, i added sobbing

hey, look at me, its not your fault okay? things happen for a reason, God knows you wont be alone in the world,cuz you have Miracle and her family, and also cause he knows you can survive the world cuz your smart,and funny and beautiful,he said wiping the tears away, which made me smile, there you go, that’s the smile i love seeing.

I’m sorry, i’m an emotional wreck

its fine he said pecking me on the lip,it just makes me want to take care of you more he smiled, now come on, the foods gonna get cold. i nodded and followed him.

this is really good did you make this? taking another spoonful of jollof rice, yea? i don’t mean to brag but,i cook really good he winked. Way not to brag i teased and continued eating, he smiled and when we were done eating, we did the dishes and went to his room.

wanna watch a movie? he asked opening his laptop…….

sure,what are we watching

i don’t know, you choose,

i went through his files and saw insidious 3, and smiled, clicked on it and placed it on the bed, he came and cuddled and asked if i could handle it, of course i can i smiled and we started watching and that was all i remember cuz i fell asleep in his arm.

I was awoken by the light coming from the window. Why can’t a girl sleep without daylight interfering? I groaned

After what felt like hours rolling on the bed, I got up, stretched and started walking head down out of the room but hit something that felt like human I’m guessing, but not really sure cuz it was hard. Mumbling and rubbing my forehead I went backwards a bit to see what I hit but immediatelly a gasp escaped my lips

Standing right in front of me is a Unclad Evans smirking at me, and boy do i wish i could just wipe that smirk right of his face

Evans: good morning

Me: *unable to form coherent words……errrrrrrr go, go, good morning……….. You’re Unclad

Evans: *smirking even more….I wouldn’t call being in my boxers Unclad if you know what I mean. Unless you want me to take it of

Okay, I can’t breath no more, how do people breath again cuz I don’t think I’m doing it right. I swear this boy will be the death of me.

To be fair, the closest I have to seeing a Unclad guy is watching Mimi’s brothers flexing their muscles and walking around their house bare chested for only God knows why. But now that I think about it, I think they’re just showing it off to see who’s got more packs. But standing right here in front of me is my hunky boyfriend, with very defined abs, and I just wanna touch it,there is no doubt he frequents the gym

Moving forward, I raise my hand and placed it on his chest and he tensed almost immediately. Smiling at the effects I’m having on him, i continued by rubbing circles of his chest. Feeling his heartbeat increase. I went a bit further by tracing my hand down his abs, and boy are they hard. Tracing my hand down to his abdomen, he suddenly grapped my hand, I looked to his eyes and they were intense with lust

Babe, he growled, I’ve been trying so hard to control myself,but you’re not really helping right now

Why are you controlling it then? I whispered seductively in his ears and with one swift movement, I was on his table with him kissing me passionately like his life depends on it. Following his pace, I kissed him right back with both out tongues fighting for dominance. Not breaking the kiss, he took of my shirt and my jeans followed, and he carried me and lay me on the bed gently. With one clasp, my bra was gone and he pulled away to soak in the sight of my Unclad b**bs. Lowering his head he took my Tips in his mouth prompting a groan from me. He went further trailing kisses down my belly button down to my waist and pulling of my panties. Smiling cuz of my wetness he lowered his head and started lickin me of, causing me to breath heavily. And all of a sudden, he pulled away, looking me in the eyes, he asked if he should stop?

Dont stop, i growled, my voice sounding alien to me

Evans: dont stop what?

My eyes flinged open immediately and i sat up. Oh my God that was a dream? And the devil himself is standing Unclad in front of me smiling, making my breath get caught in my thoat. Can’t he put on a shirt or something, why must he torture me?

Evans:You didn’t answer my question you know, ‘don’t stop what’?

Me:*getting off the bed…….. No_ none_ nothing

Evans: were you dreaming about me * now smirking

Boy you have no idea

Me: you wish

And with that I ran away from a smirking Evans, right into the bathroom. ‘I’m never leaving this bathroom’.

After showering and staying in there for a while, I opened the door and peeked but he wasn’t there. Thanking my stars I walked out of the bathroom with just my bra on and my jeans cuz my shirt looked slept on. I went to his wardrope to look for a shirt I can wear. Finding one, I put it on, although it was a bit big, it was better than mine.

I walked into the kitchen seeing him preparing pancakes. I sat on a chair admiring his back and smiling.

You know? Most people find it creepy, staring at someone like that, but I don’t mind, he turned smirking and going back to his cooking. Looks good on you by the way, he added not looking away from his cooking,making my smile even bigger.

After eating, we cleared the dishes, and he decided to drive me home with me still me wearing his shirt. Mimi is not gonna let this one go, i thought smiling

After giving me a kiss, he dropped me off and drove of. I walked in, to a smiling Mimi wiggling her brow and pointing at the shirt I’m wearing. And then she frowned

Mimi: you know? If you weren’t gonna come home last night, you would’ve giving me a heads up,leaving me alone in this house. I almost thought you were gonna move in with him or something

Me: I’m sorry, it just happened, and it was just one night………..Mimi?

Mimi: yea?

Me: I had a sex dream.

What do you mean you had a sex dream, you mean you didn’t actually do it she said smiling

Mimi! I’m serious, what do you think it means?

Okay I’m sorry, but you really don’t know what it means?

Yea, I nodded

As if telling her I don’t know what the English alphabets are for, she gestured dramatically,and ever so slowly “it_ means_ you _ want_ to _ have_ sex_ with_ him”

No, I mean yea, I don’t know I murmured

Hey, if you’re don’t want to or you’re not sure about it don’t do it okay?

Yea I know, but what if he reaslises I’m not his type and decides to dump for someone else more prettier and advanced than I am. I really like him you know,? No, actually I love him and I’m not sure he feels the same way

Look, you’re a great girl and any guy would be crazy not to see it, plus he’s a great guy alright?

Yea, you’re right…… Thank you

Come here, she said and hugged……plus its not really that bad loosing you’re V.card you know

I paused trying to figure out what she meant, then it hit

Oh my God Mimi! You lost it?

Liz calme down, I really like him and he likes me, and he’s a really great guy and you’d………

Who’s he? I cut her off

‘David’ she replied feeling guilty, her head falling

From the party?

She nodded

Hey,look I’m sorry okay? it’s just, I don’t want you getting hurt its all, if you really like him then its fine, I said smiling

She looked up and smiled right back

So, did it hurt?

Like a b***h she replied and we both laughed

The next day school started with the normal routine of Evans taking me to and fro school and Mimi sometimes joining if she wants to

Evans and I were going on strong, with him calling me always just to check up on me,and me doing same. Sometimes he’d take me out,and sometimes we’d just stay in his house and just relax or chat or play games.

But then one day he didn’t come to pick me up one morning. Seeing as I’d be late, I tried calling but he didn’t reply, sent text messages asking if he was okay? But no reply, so I went to school hoping to see him there but no luck

After classes, and still nothing, which is unlike him,i got home and told Mimi about it, but she assured me that he’s fine and maybe he’s just really busy cuz its nearing exam period

I nodded in agreement and let it go

The next day, still not hearing from Evans, I went to school but the lecture for the day was cancelled due to the Lecturer not being able to come. So I decided to use the opportunity to visit Evans in his house to check up on him

On getting there I knocked but no reply, so I used the spare key he gave me and got in.

I called out for him but no reply, so I went straight to his bedroom and stopped dead on my tracks

There he was, on his bed.

Evans? I called out

His head jerked up immediately and as if regretting doing that, his head fell back on the bed almost immediately with him groaning

What the hell Evans? I’ve been calling, texting, why haven’t you been answering? Do you know how worried i was? I asked moving closer

He sat up and tried standing but failed miserably cuz he was falling and with instinct I rushed over to his side to help him up

“Are you okay?”I asked trying to help him up but he just mumbled ” yea”

Are you sick? I asked placing my palm on his forehead, he was running a temperature

Oh my God! You have a fever, We need to get you to hospital……my voice filled with panick but he just chuckled

Whats funny?you’re burning up and you think its funny I said a bit too high

“You’re face right now is priceless” he said trying again to heave himself up but winced in pain

“Don’t move”

And with that i rushed to a nearby pharmacy explained to the doctor in charge and got him some drugs

When i got back, he was sleeping, so i got a bowl with cold water in it and a towel, wet the towel and placed it on his forehead

After doing that for a while, i went to prepare something for him to eat, woke him up later gave him food, which he took just little, gave him the drugs and let him go back to sleep

After staying with him for sometime, I went to the sitting room to keep myself busy but made sure to check on him until I eventually fell asleep in the sitting room couch.

I woke to a staring Evans and I sat up immediately

“Are you okay ? How are you feeling?” I asked placing my hand on his fore head and his temperature had gone down

“I’m fine”

You know, I thought i was dreaming seeing you in my room. I could have sworn you weren’t real he said smiling caressing my chin and pulled me in for a kiss

I pulled back worried for his health

Are you sure you don’t need to go to the hospital, you scared me real good you know?

Babe? I’m good, but If you still want me to go, I’ll go tomorrow okay?

“Okay” I replied smiling

Then he pulled me closer and whispered the three magically words which made heart literally stopped beating for seconds

“I love you”

” i love you too” i said smiling after getting the pace of my heart beats to normal and pulled him in for a kiss which he returned

He carried me to his bed and asked for permission which I gave

That night i had my first sex with the first guy I fell in love with, and it felt kinda right

The day came and he was feeling much better

I returned back home and he went to his family house to meet his doctor as promised


“How did it go? I called and asked as soon as he came back home”?

“Its fine”

I’m fine, I told you its nothing to be worried about he answered

After talking for a while he hung up, but not before saying he loves me

Days went by and though he seemed distant after what happened, he was still there and we were still together and still did things and our normal routines,and that was all i needed, cuz the best feeling in the world is knowing the person you love, loves you right back

Well, that was until I got the text when I got home from school days later

“We need to break up”.

…to be continued


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