Love Really Is Strange – Episode 3

By Lydia Jonathan

The next day I had was a lecture free day for me,so i decided to stay home and do my laundry,after I was done,took my bath and ate and decided to watch a movie, I heard I knock on the door. I went on to open it and there he was

Ok,my heart’s gotta skipping a beat whenever I see him

Evans: do you know I still don’t have your phone num

He said smiling

Me: well, hello to u too,come in

Evans: that’s not why I’m here,you need to get dressed,I’m taking u somewhere.

Me: aiit, sit down let me get dressed

Evans came in and sat down. So i went to my room to get changed in a simpe skinny jeans and top,wore a sandal and applied very light make up. When i came out to the living, Evans looked up and smiled at me.

Evans: are you ready?

Me: yea, but where are we going?

Evans: you’ll see

So, he escorted me out to a car,and opened the passenger side door of the car for me to enter.i went in and told him thank you. He smiled and closed the door and went round to enter himself.

Me: so, you have a car? I didn’t know that

Evans :yea, there are many things you don’t know about me

Me: right. So are you gonna tell me where we are going now

Evans: nope

And with that we drove off, chatting and laughing. Soon afterwards we were parked in front of a restaurant.

I turned to him and asked, a resturant? He shrugged and said, I wanted to take you out on a date. ‘Real smooth’ i said with a smile, and he smiled back and led me in to a table. A waitress walked to us and asked for our orders, i just ordered for a fried rice and chicken with an orange juice, and she turned to Evans and as soon she saw him, she started tucking her invisible hair back her ear, (her hair is short) and she smiled wildly at him and asked for his order batting her lashes seductively. He ordered same thing i did without even sparing her a glance. She looked back at me and i smiled and she just walked away.

Me: she likes you

Evans: who?

Me: the waitress, didn’t you see the way she looked at you and was flirting

Evans: I didn’t notice, because of the beautiful girl sitting across me

My stomach did a flip, and I felt all giddy on the inside. So I smiled and then the waitress came back with our orders and we ate in silence. When we were done we were back on the road and he took me to a cinema and we watched a movie, and later he took me back to my house.

So, I’ll see you later? He said after walking me to my door, yea, I nodded and he hugged me and walked away not forgetting to take my number this time. I waved him good bye grinning like a child that just got a Christmas present, then he drove off.

I turned back, opened the door to a a frowning Miracle who came immediately and hugged me

Miracle: where have you been? I’ve been looking all over for you, I called and you weren’t answering, cuz you left your phone in the house, I thought something bad happened to you, I thought you had been kidnapped

Me: whoa whoa, I’m okay, and I’m sorry I forgot my phone at home cuz Evans came without notice and took me out on a date and I’m……

What! She shrieked cutting me off, he took you out on a date, I so saw this coming. So how did it go? Did you guys kiss or did you do something else? she said wiggling her eyebrow.

Ok first of all, you need help I said pouring myself a glass of water and second, nothing happened, we just ate and watched a movie.

I see twins in your future she said smiling and walking away to her room. You’re crazy I replied, and Mimi? She turned to look at me, sorry I made you panick and thanks for everything. She came back and gave me a hug, don’t mention it, plus, you’re like the little sister I never had. You know we’re same age right? I pushed her away smiling, believe what you want, but I’m older in here she said pointing to her heart and walked into her room. Yes you are i whispered and went to my room took my bath and went to bed still smiling.


The next morning i woke up early cuz I had 8am lectures, I got off my bed and started stretching and then my phone buzzed. I picked it up and read the text ‘ hi sleeping beauty, you awake? You know you have a morning class’.

I read the text and smiled, but then wondered how he knew I had morning class since i never told him, but shrugged it off and texted him back ‘ I’m up,just gonna prepare and go’ and with that i went to take my bath, got dressed and went to the kitchen poured myself a cereal and milk. When I was done it was already 7.30am, so i yelled Mimi’s name telling her I’m leaving, cuz i know she has no class in the morning, cuz we both have our time table pasted in the palour wall. Okay, be safe, she yelled back and went back to sleep i think. I walked out closed to door,turned around to see Evans leaning on his car.

What are you doing here, I whispered, I came to take you to school he whispered back and asked why are we whispering?.I don’t know I said and smiled. Come on, you’re gonna be late.I got in and we drove off to school.

So how do you know I had morning class? I asked as soon we got to school. I know many things was he’s reply and that was just one of them, plus, we’re doing same course,only difference is I’m a year ahead of you. My mouth formed an ‘o’ then I nodded and got off the car to walk to my class but he grabbed me by the waist and pulled me closer to him

What are you doing? people are watching I asked trying to get away from his grasp but he pulled me closer and whispered ‘i dont care’ in my ear which sent chills down my spine. I’ll see you later he said and kissed my temple before pulling away and got in his car and drove off. I walked past the people watching hoping no one says anything and thank God they didn’t, so I just walked to my class.


The next day he came again and did same thing and i thought to myself, will this become a routine? But I shrugged cuz I liked the idea of it.

I’m gonna come pick you up after lectures today, he said as we got to school that morning, I nodded cuz so far, our dates have been fun with him taking me to the beach, out shopping and sometimes we just sit and talk for hours about ourselves.

After class, I stood up and began walking out the lecture hall when my phone buzzed in my pocket ‘will take a rain check about picking you, I’m sorry, something came up, talk to you later’.

I sighed and tucked my phone in my pocket and started walking home. When I got there, it was empty, that means miracle’s not home. Perfect I say to myself dropping my bag and lying down on the couch cuz I was exhausted.

Few minutes later I heard a knock, I grumbled and got to answer and asked who’s there but there was no reply so I peeked in the small hole on the door but saw no one, so I slowly opened the door and sighed in relieve when I saw him at the door.

What are you doing here? I couldn’t wait he replied and before I can let him in his lips were already on mine, my legs suddenly turned jelly and he noticed cause he held me by the waist for support, came in, his lips still on mine, closed the door. He asked requested passage and i willing opened my mouth cuz i wasn’t really thinking clearly at that point and he deepend the kiss. We pulled out away to catch out breath, and he smiled and said much better, kissed me again and then opened the door and walked away,with me just standing there unable to move.

I stood there, and instinctly my hand went to my lips, tracing on it for the warmth that was on it minutes ago

Whoa! Was all i could say and later went back to sit on the couch suddenly not being able to sleep anymore, and my stomach rumbled. Okay now I’m hungry I said to myself and went into the kitchen to prepare dinner for myself and Mimi.

10mins into my preparation, I heard the door open and close and my name being called from the parlor.

I’m in the kitchen I replied and then came in Miracle slumping on a chair tiredly

Mimi: I hate school, there’s so much reading, and writing and learning, its tiring

Me: you do know it’s just our first yr and the first semester too at that

Mimi: why do you think I’m complaining( turns to look at me)

Me: you are a strange one(smiling)

Mimi: you’re smiling way too much, oh my gosh your glowing

Me: what are you talking about?

Mimi: you’re blushing

Me: that’s not possible, blacks don’t blush you know, it can’t be seen

Mimi; whatever…. Now tell me, did something happen

Me: okay fine, its not like i can hide it anyway,Evans was here

Oh my gosh! She squealed, so guys finally did it, you bad girl she said poking me. So how was it, did it hurt? Did you enjoy, was he big she said wiggling her brow

I swear you need Jesus, and no we didn’t, we just kissed I said, remembering what happened and smiling

Must have been one heck of a kiss, see the plenty plenty smile wey you dey show me. So, was there tongue action? She asked now mirroring my smile

Ha ha very funny, and yea, he is such a good kisser,he’s lips are so warm, I couldn’t breath cuz it felt so good on mine, and his tongue did wonders in my mouth, and boy does kiss real good and……

Whoa whoa, breath Liz, It was that good? Yea i nodded, these past few days have been amazing, and i really like him, you think he does too?

Of course he does, he’d be crazy not to,and i see the way he looks at you,that is the face of some one who is crazy about you

Thanks Mimi, I said going to hug her, you’re the best. I know she said smiling and hugging me back, now what’s for dinner I’m starving

Okay, I’m preparing jollof spaghetti, t’will be ready soon.

Alright I’m gonna go change and come join you she said and walked out to her room

Soon we were done cooking and eating and discussing about our day till we got tired and retired to our rooms.


Days past after the kiss and i haven’t heard from Evans, i was beginning to get worried, if he’s sick, if he’s alright, if he’s tired of me already. Maybe I was not his type, heck he is really hot and it didn’t help that every girl wants him in school or just to get to his pants. I was pondering as i walked down to a supermarket to go get some things i need.

Hey beauty, some one called out with a familiar voice, and I turned round immediately and my thoughts went blank, and my heart started beating so hard i wondered if he could hear it from where he’s standing

Hi rrrrrr, i stuttered unable to form coherent words cuz of the really gorgeous boy now standing in front of me, damn this boy’s hot, and he’s gonna be the death of me

evans:hi girlfriend

Me: girlfriend?

Aren’t you my girlfriend? He asked placing he’s hand on my waist, cuz I’m pretty sure I can’t do this to any other girl, he added placing a little peck on my lips

Hey! No PDAs I said nudging him away, folding my hands, and I thought you were done with me, making plans to pick me,then cancelling, then showing up later in my house and given me a breathtaking kiss, and then not contacting me i said frowning a bit.

I take your breath away huh? Glad I have that effect on you, he said smiling, his grip on my waist tightening sending cold chills down my spine.

Breath Liz, I chant in my head looking up to his smiling face, don’t flatter yourself, I said trying to wriggle free from his hold but he didn’t budge.

I’m sorry, there was an emergency with the parentals and i had to go spend some few days with them he said, and I nodded feeling a bit sad cuz I have none, but glad it wasn’t something i did.

So? Did you miss me? He’s hand on my waist again

Whatever, was my reply and tried to move but couldn’t

You know you have to let me go so I can go get what i want right? Yea sure he said and let go only to take my hands in his and walked me into the supermarket.

So? What are are getting?

Just some basic stuffs I replied grabbing a basket and started picking. After i was done, and we began arguing on why I need to pay, we comprised and he payed,I don’t even know why I bothered to argue with him, cuz he didn’t even flinch, he just gave me that killer smile that made my insides turn, I swear this guy will be the death of me.

We walked out of the supermarket and he asked if i had any plans. Of course I didn’t but I wanted to play it hard

I don’t know, maybe I’ll go see a guy friend of mine, he invited me and all, so i was thinking on honouring his invitation, I said twisting my hair(I did a long weavon that rested on my back).

Nice try, i know you’re lying, but its cute that youre trying to make me jealous, he said smiling.

Wait, how do you know?

You play with your hair when you lie, and with that he grabbed the bag and put it in his booth and nudged me to come on.

We drove to my house, dropped the things off with Mimi, she’s home, since its a saturday and he asked permission for me to be taken away. I eyed her hoping she’ll notice and say no but she just smiled and said have fun and closed the door. So much for being my best friend I murmured, but followed him anyway.

After driving for a while! We stopped at a bungalow. He parked, we got off, then he brought out his key opened the door and got in and i followed suit, then he turned around with a smile and said ‘ welcome to my humble abode’.

…to be continued

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