Love Really Is Strange – Episode 2

By Lydia Jonathan

Me: oh my God,i have to hide,i dont want him to see me(goes to hide at my friend’s back)….

Mimi: who are u hiding from?

Me: that guy standing over there talking…he can’t see me….

Mimi: well…..I don’t think you’re doing a good job at hiding cuz here he comes

Me: oh sh*t……….how do I look??

Mimi: u look fine….


Hi Evans,how are u?

Evans: I’m good,how are u?

Me: same here

Some moments of silence……

Mimi clears throat……extends hands to shake Evans……. Hi Evans…….

He smiles right back….Hi Miracle he replied

Me: (shocked) u know each other?

Mimi: he’s my bro’s friend

Me: right……

Evans: so what happened? I thought everything was going well at your party,before u left me hanging. I looked everywhere for u,but I didnt see u,did I do something wrong?

Me: no no,of course not,its just something came up nd I had to leave…

Evans: leave your own party?

Me: yea

Evans: okay

Oh my god…..Evans… I missed u so much,someone screams nd runs to hug Evans.

You saw me yesterday Evans replid and pulled away from her

I know…I know,but I just missed u so much, she replied,

Mimi nd I turn to look at each other and back at d scene happening in front of us

Evans noticed, cleared his throat nd said,

Guys, this is joy……

His girlfriend, an overly excited joy jumped in now looking at us

Right….I’m Lizzy nd this is my bestfrnd Mimi…..

And we’re just leaving,right Liz? Mimi said trying to pull me away from d scene

Wait! There’s this party a frnd of mine is throwing nd u guys should come Evans said looking at me intently like my reply as a lot riding on it

I Dnt know,we just got here,and we have a lot of things to take care of, I trailed…….

You dont have to came u know,since u have things to take care of,joy replied with a smirk on her face…….

‘We’ll be there’ Mimi replied obviously bored with the whole interaction and immediately started pulling me away.

And immediately Joy’s smirk turned to a frown,

Great Evans said……. Bye Evans,I waved nd Joy i said and turned to look at my bestfrnd.

What was that about, but Joy was smiling…..did u see her face when I said we’ll go,she went on now laughing,

Yea, that was pretty funny I replied with a smile……..I know she grinned, and I just shook my head and we just walked on our way

Do I really to to wear that? whinnng and pointing at the way too short gown Mimi gave me wear

Of course, I want to see the look on Joy’s face when she See’s u tonight, she said smiling, now come on let me make you up,we have a party to attend

Go on I’ll meet u inside,I just gotta grab something,I told Mimi

Sure,hurry up…

Owwwwwww,I shrieked whilst landing my butt.

OK, this has got to stop happening to me(good thing i’m wearing a short underneath my gown).

why do i always fall on my butt i mumbled whilst looking up to an angry face staring at me like the source of all his life’s problem.

watch where you’re going,or are u blind that you cant see where you’re going to……i’m sorry,i wasn’t looking i said looking at his face more clearly now…..

clearly, if i were u,i’d actually look at where i’m going to avoid bumping at someone.

I’m sorry okay i half yelled now getting pretty annoyed at the guy who was taking aback by my outburst,it wasn’t as if i did it on purpose,now if you’ll excuse me,I’ll be on my way,so you can keep your negative attitude to yourself…and with that i walked away from the guy with his mouth left

Are u okay? Mimi asked me as soon as i got in,

yea im fine just meet some a$$-hat outside who pissed me off, but its all good

ok,she said, now come on,we need to show off your look,she added grinning, i smiled and followed

i gotta admit,but what made me smile was the way Evans was staring at me,made me feel like im the only girl at the party,it kinda feels special,although i know he isn’t mine but at least someone’s looking at me at a party that i know no one

who are these? a guy walks up to Evans and inquired scanning both Mimi and i from head to toe

this is Lizzy and miracle Evans replied whilst flashing me a smile

hello,im David he said and extends his hand for a shake….nice to meet you,

welcome to my party,he added,are you guys having fun?

sure Mimi replied licking her bottom lip whilst looking at David, i noticed her actions and immediately turned to David and said,

‘so are you gonna show us around or what”…….yea yea of course,come on he said stretching out his hands to Mimi,

‘You know what…you guys go i ahead,i’ll go grab a drink i said turning to Mimi,who mouthed a silent thank to me me and went off to David

As i walked down to go grab a drink,i came face to face with the last person i wanted to see again this night or probably ever..

okay,even though a part of me thought Evans will see how not right she is for him and break up with her,i know that wont be the case and therefore she will definitely be at the party. I still thought maybe i wont ever see her ever again cuz i was actually planning on avoiding her,guess that’s not going to work.

Joy: hi Elizabeth

she spit out,like my name disgusts her

i see still came….

me: of course i came,weren’t u expecting me?

I asked feigning ignorance

Joy: you little LovePeddler,you better stay away from my man cuz he’s mine,if u so much as touch him or even talk to him again,i’ll make your life a living hell in this school and not even that little friend of yours can save you

me: ‘standing there staring at her,too shocked to even say a word’, w..what?

she was about to say more when she was interrupted….

what’s going on here?

we both turned around and her face lit up almost immediately


Hi joy, how are you?

im fine, how are you, you came to the party? i thought you’re not gonna come

i changed my mind,and i just ran into one annoying girl that just spoilt my mood this night

me: *clears throat*

James: are you stalking me? it wasn’t enough you insulted me, now you’re stalking me?do you have a crush on me or something?

me: oh get over yourself,if anyone got insulted,it was me and you should be the one to apologize to me

joy: hold on, you know her James?

James: shes the annoying girl that bumped into me and insulted me

joy: so it wasn’t enough u want to snatch my bf from me,but now u go around making trouble? e be like say u no know where u dey.

seeing that we now dragging a crowd,i became uncomfortable and a bit cornered, and just then Mimi comes over and asks whats happening, i tried explaining but Joy just started yelling and keep saying how i want to snatch her bf from her.

Mimi realizing its getting out of hand tried to jump in but just then Evans came over and started pulling joy out of the party after apologizing to Mimi and i and everybody else and with that they left, and soon we followed suit.

I swear that girl is a witch,why cant she just be normal, Joy said when we entered our two bedroom apartment. Joy told her parents she wants to leave off camp and since she’s their little girl according to them, they gave her what she wants and we got an apartment outside campus.

Its fine,i guess i shouldn’t have caused trouble in the first place,

you did absolutely nothing wrong,and that James guy or whatever his name is had it coming, he was lucky i wasn’t the one he messed with else he wouldn’t have let there without being embarrassed

its fine,its in the past anyway,we have to rest now cause we have lectures tomorrow you know i said

i know,i know,but are u really okay joy asked me concern in her eyes, yea im fine, just tired i replied and with that i went to the bathroom took my bath and climbed unto my bed and she did the same.

Ever been in a position where u just wanna punch someone so hard and they’d break a nose, yea? Well I’m in such position right now,and she’s kinda pushing me past a breaking point.

You might be wondering what I’m talking about,

Okay, its been over week since the incident at the party and I’ve been staying away from Evans although he has been trying so hard to talk to me,i just kept giving him excuses,and I’ve also been trying as much as possible not to run into Joy. So the past week has been pretty uninventful,going for lectures and back to my apartment and occasional outing with Mimi but tha was it.

So this Monday morning on my way to d lecture hall,Joy stopped me,

So much for avoiding her,I guess I can’t really avoid her cuz we’re in same sch after all.

She kept going and on about how I made she and Evans drift apart and I’m the reason he broke up with her.

I guess they’re broken up

Me: you do know,I haven’t seen you’re bf or ex,or whatever u guys are now in a while,so what makes u think I’m to be blamed for your split

Joy: oh plz spare me,u think I don’t know u like him,and also the way he looks at u

Okay,maybe I do like him,but there’s nothing I can do about since he’s with her I thought

Me: I have no idea what you’re talking about,so if you’d plz excuse me,I don’t wanna be late for my lecture

And with that I walked away from her,although, I still heard her saying, this isnt over,and other things I really didn’t care about,I just went for my lectures and at the end of the day,I went back to my apartment, Mimi was already home so she welcomed me and I thanked her and went to the sitting room and there he was..

Hi Lizzy, Evans said as he saw,

Me: Errrm, could u excuse me for a sec Evans…..I trailed. Can I have a word with I Mimi?

Mimi: are u sure she whispered, cuz i can give guys some space…..she smiled

What the hell Mimi? You know I don’t wanna see him and I’ve been avoiding him all this while, so why’d you let him in I asked getttin a bit angry no

Hey! How would I know you we’re avoiding him when you’ve been moody for some days now,and here I though its because you miss him, but I guess not,and I’m even trying to be romantic here by bringing you guys together,but what do I get in return? You yelling at me she said pouting which actually made me smile

I know,i know, and im sorry, its just that afte what happened at the party,I just don’t want anymore drama

Hey!you should just leave life u know,and stop overthinking things and leave that bi*ch to me

What will you do i asked raising a brow

Oh nothing,just gonna teach her a lesson,that’s all Mimi said with a smirk

Nope,no way,just leave her alone,I don’t want you to go to jail, the place is scary I said and we both laughed

You still need to talk to Jim you know,Mimi said

I know,I’m gonna to him now,he must be getting suspicious now

And with that we both walked in and she excused herself to give us an alone time(classic Mimi)

Evans: hi, you’ve been avoiding me

Me: yea,I’m sorry,but I dont think we should be talking cuz o Joy and all….,

Evans: we broke up

Me: I heard……she told me,what happened,you two seem to be in love I *smirks

Evans: ha ha! Very funny, she’s crazy

Me: yea,she is

We both smiled

Evans: plus I never said i was in love with her he said and walked closer to me,

W…what are u…….I stuttered

I like someone else,he said and got even closer,always have….he trailed annd got even closer and started leaning in,and me still trying to figure out what’s happening

He started staring at my lips and then to my eyes and leaned even closer

Knowing where it was headed, my eyes automatically shuts and I could feel his breath on my face…..

Hi guys….

Immediately our heads jerked back and standing at the door was a grinning miracle

Miracle: I’m sorry,did I interrupt u guys she said now smiling

Errm, no Evans said looking a bit embarrassed, and I gotta admit,he’s face right now is kinda cute with him avoiding eye contact with miracle

Evans: I should go now,bye Lizzy,I’ll see u later.. .

He said and with that sprinted towards the door because miracle was now closer

Bye Evans I called out……

And turned to miracle to was still smiling and wiggling her brow…..

Miracle: so…….what’d I miss?

Me: *frowns nothing happened

Miracle: what’d u mean nothing happened

Me: I mean nothing happened cuz u ruined it, u had to show up at that time?

Miracle: well I’m sorry but,I didn’t realise what I was wearing until a stupid boy yelled ‘ nice a$$’ at me

That was when I realised she was just wearing a singlet with bum short and her a$$ was, well let’s just say it might be tempting to guys

Me: I’m sorry u had to go out looking like that cuz of me

Miracle: its fine, at least u guys got to talk,cuz I was getting tired of brooding Liz. So?

She asked wiggling her brow

Me: so what?

I asked,trying to walk away

Miracle: oh no,you’re not going anywhere till u give me details

Me: there really isn’t, he broke up with Joy although she kid of told me that already. You think he likes me?

I asked smiling

Miracle: of course he likes you, imean look at the way he looks at you and everything, and I know u like him too

Me: yea, I do

I said and went to pour myself a glass of water and started gulping

Miracle: so I’m I gonna be your bridesmaid or what?

She said and stood in front of me….immediately the water from my mouth splashed on her face

Me: what??

Mirage: first of all…eww….second what to do u mean,with the way things are going,i won’t be surprised,ivthere will be a proposal the next time

Me: you’re crazy

And we both laughed and i wenbon to to tell her about my day and she did same cuz we have different schedules,and later on went to bed


…to be continued

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