Love Really Is Strange – Episode 13

By Lydia Jonathan

True to her words, Mimi was better in the morning, although there were traces of sadness in her features

Mimi: so I was thinking,

Me: yea?

Mimi: we’ve not done something together, just the two of us, for a long time now

Me: and?

Mimi: how about we go out, go shopping or to the beach, anywhere at all

Me: we’ve got the caf� to take care of Mimi

Mimi: I know, but it’s Saturday, plus I’m pretty sure the place is practically gonna be empty

I raised my brow as if she just spoke in alien language

Mimi: okay fine, it’s gonna be packed, but you’ve got Abigail and Co. Which means the caf� is in capable hands

Me: alright fine, but once we’re done with your outing, we’re going to straight to the caf�

Mimi: yes ma’am, (she fake saluted and giggled)

Me: you’re a weird one, you know that?

Mimi: I do

we laughed and then there was a ringing from my phone. I picked it up and smiled when I saw the caller id

Me: hi you

�who’s that? Mimi mouthed

�stephanie� I did same

Stephanie: please tell me you aren’t occupied and you can make it. Is Mimi there with you, is she busy?

Me: whoa! Easy there, what’s going on?

Stephanie: I’m in a mess right now and I need both your help

Me: where are you?……

Mimi and I left for the place stephanie directed and now we’re standing in front of a huge fashion house

Mimi: remind me what we’re doing here again

Me: I don’t know (I shrugged). Come on let’s go in

We went in and was stopped by a lady behind a counter

Lady: excuse me? (she smiled at us) how may I help you

Me: were here to see stephanie

Lady: okay, do you have an appointment?

Me: no, we don’t, but she’s expecting us, she told us to come he……

I was cut off by a shrieking stephanie

Stephanie: don’t worry, they’re with me

She told the lady,(who smiled and nodded) and then she turned back to us leading us in

Me: okay, you’ve got to stop doing that, are you trying to make us deaf?

Stephanie: sorry, I was just so glad you guys could make it

Me: no problem. Nice place by the way, you work here?

Stephanie: (smiling) I own here

Mimi: like a designer? Or something?

Stephanie: yea

�What�?? Mimi and I both chorused, shocked at the revelation

Stephanie: you didn’t know I’m a designer?

Me: no, (I shook my head)

Stephanie: but I always talk about clothes and stuff, how could you not tell

Me: sorry, I just thought you are really passionate about clothing

Mimi nodded in agreement

Stephanie: well, I’m a designer and I own this place and I have a serious problem and you guys are my last and only hope

Mimi and I turned to look at each other and back to her

She took us up to her office and then to the dressing room and boy was I amazed. Mimi also was wearing same look on her face. The clothes are beautiful and the people in here a very fashionable and the place is amazing. I can’t believe there’s such a place like this, then again I don’t go out much, so…..

Mimi: so, let me get this straight, you want me to wear this?( pointing at the dress stephanie was holding)

Stephanie bobbed her head, with eyes wide open like a doll I had when I was little, which made me laugh whenever I played with it, and seeing her doing that is making me wanna laugh but the seriousness in her face told me better

Mimi: are you been serious right now

Stephanie: very

Mimi: why can’t your models do it?

Stephanie: I’m short of one model, she had an accident on her way here, broke her leg and it’s last minute and can’t get another model. The fashion show’s tonight and you’re my only hope. Pleasssssssse(she begged)

Me: fashion show?

Stephanie: yea, and it’s gonna be huge, I have a long guest list and can’t disappoint

Mimi: but……but…..(she turned to look at me)

Me: hey don’t look at me, my b**bs and bum won’t fit into that(i pointed at the dress)

Stephanie: please Mimi(she whined)

Mimi: okay fine (she breathed out) but if it’s too tight, I’m tearing it off

Stephanie: hey, it’s a master piece it took me four months to make that (she whined)

I giggled at the thought of Mimi wearing that

Me: you’re gonna look like those model in magazines( I joked)

Mimi: are you sure you don’t have something for her to model( she turned to stephanie)

Me: (the smile on my face dropped immediately) you don’t right?(I turned to stephanie)

Stephanie: relax Liz, you should see your face


After speaking to my girls, I went back to the dressing room to see Mimi and wow, she looked beautiful. I know she’s my best friend and we live in same house and all, but seeing her in that dress with make up on, she looked amazing.

Growing up, she was all about looking good and wearing good clothes and she made sure I did same(although it was never my forte, a T Shirt and Jean is okay for me)but as we grew up, I guess she grew out of it too, because she didn’t care anymore

Me: you look beautiful

Mimi: you think so?

Me: of course

Mimi: thank you

Minutes later,stephanie walked in and had the same reaction I had earlier and turned to me, �you’re turn� she said and started pulling me in.

Me: where are we going?

Stephanie: to get you changed

Me: isn’t what I’m wearing okay(i looked at the top and Jean I was wearing)

Stephanie: you’re kidding right?

Me: fine, but I better be able to breath and walk in whatever you’re going to make me wear

Stephanie: I’m making no promises

Soon it was time for the fashion show, and the place was packed. Stephanie led me to the hall and left me to mingle while she went to tend to business, but knowing myself the chances of that happening was zero.

I stood there, a champagne in one hand and a clutch in other when I heard my name. I turned around and saw Princess together with Henry and she looked stunning and Henry looked dashing in his tux

Princess: you look beautiful (she hugged me)

Me: thanks, so do you

Henry: wow, you look amazing(he said to me)

Me: why thank you Henry, and you look dapper

Henry: I try (he winked)

I smiled, glad the old Henry is back

Me: what? You couldn’t leave your ego at home

Henry: sorry babe, we’re a package deal

�Hi� I turned around to see who but felt my breath caught in my throat. Wow, he looked so handsome I couldn’t help but drool. A clear of the throat snapped me back to reality

I turned to see Henry smirking. � can we go now, it’s about to begin� his smirk grew wider

Errrrr, yea, of course, my face heating up from embarrassment and we turned to enter. I can’t believe I did that

�Don’t worry, he didn’t notice cause he had the same look on his face too” Princess winked and walked in leaving me alone with a goofy grin plastered on my face

It was a front row seat, so I sat in between Evans and Henry and princess sat on the left hand side of Henry

�Where is Mimi anyway? Princess asked as soon as we sat. I shrugged and smiled and immediately the lights got dimmed indicating the start of the show cutting her off from any other question she was about to ask

Stephanie came up to the stage and there rounds of applause. She gave a little speech and left the stage making way for the models, and in they came with beautiful dresses and applause resounding from the audience

Soon later, stephanie came back on stage

Stephanie: and now ladies and gentlemen, for my latest master piece I present to you……

And in came Mimi and the crowd went wild, there were applauses and standing ovations and I felt Henry tense up, as soon as she came up, I turned to look at him and his eyes where affixed on Mimi.


Standing alone in a crowded atmosphere and six glasses after, I was pretty convinced there are many twins in the building or I just might be a bit tipsy and seeing double

Henry and Princess left me to go socialize with friends, and Evans was busy talking to a lady( who is very beautiful I gotta admit) who in turn was laughing like what he said is the funniest thing she has ever heard. Frustrated I turned to drinking about anything been passed to me. I was about gulping down my seventh glass when Evans took it from me and downed it in one go

Me: heyyyyyyy (I slurred) I was gonna drink that (I giggled)

Evans: you’re drunk

Me: no I’m not. Okay maybe a little bit tipsy

I giggled even more and tried moving, but tripped and was about hiting the ground face down when he grabbed me and stood me up straight

Henry and Princess saw us walked towards us

Princess: Is she okay?

Evans: she’s drunk

Henry: we need to get her home then

Evans: right

They spoke ignoring my protests about not leaving

Me: hey! I’m right here!!

Stephanie approached us later on.

�heyyyyy” (I slurred and ran to hug her

Me: that was a beautiful show, the dresses where amazing, the models were beautiful, the place is nice and you’re beautiful ( I finished giggling)

Stephanie: okay? (she turned to the group) what’s wrong with her?

Princess: she’s drunk and she needs to go home

Me: no, I’m not going without Mimi, where is she? (I turned to look around)

Stephanie: she already left, said she was really tired

Me: ohhhhhhh(i slurred)

Evans: come on i’ll take you home

He turned to the group, they nodded and he led me outside to his car

Minutes into the ride, I felt my stomach churn and I felt nauseous

Me: Evans, (he turned to me then back on the road) I feel queasy, I think I’m gonna……

I stopped to cover my mouth with my palm making a gag sound. Evans parked on the side of the road immediately and I jumped out of the car, emptying the contents of my stomach

I got up from my bent position minutes later and Evans handed me a handkerchief

�Thanks� I wiped my mouth and we got back on the road with me resting on the windowpane

Me: my head hurts (i placed my hand on my temple

Evans that’s what you get for drinking too much (he laughed)

Me: not funny (I groaned and we went on).

Me: Evans? (I called out)

Evans: yea?

Me: I never stopped loving you(i turned to look at him but he was focused on driving) I always thought you’d come back and tell me it was a joke and we would go back to how it was before, or I’d wake up from the horrible dream I was having, but you never came and it was never a dream( a tear rolled down my cheek) I waited, all day everyday, telling myself, maybe you couldn’t make it, maybe you’d come the next day, but you never made it. I cried myself to sleep most nights but you were never there which got me thinking, maybe we were never meant to be and that was the universe’s way of telling us. It sucks doesn’t it? (I gave a sad chuckle)

Evans remained silent, eyes focused on the road

Me: it’s fine, (I smiled turning away) I know you moved on and there’s a high chance I won’t remember what I said(resting my head back on the windowpane, sleep enveloping me

�Lizzy� I heard a faint call, not sure if it was real or my dream �I never stopped loving you too� and I passed out


I woke up to a killer headache and saw Mimi frowning down at me

Mimi: I left just for a few and your came home knocked out?

Me: good morning to you too (I winced in pain)

Mimi: it’s 12 noon

Me: owwww( I winced holding my head in my plam) stop yelling, my head hurts

Mimi: then why did you drink? Here(she handed me aspirins and a glass of water)

Me: thanks(i gulped it down)

Mimi: how much did you drink anyway?

Me: I don’t know (I shrugged) 3, 4 or maybe 5 glasses I don’t remember. How did I get home?

Mimi: you really don’t remember?

Me: yea (I nodded)

Mimi: Evans brought you home

Me: he did huh?

Mimi: now freshen and come on down

She got up and left my room, and I lay back on the bed groaning

We decided to be lazy since its Sunday and just eat and watch movies since it was Sunday and we’re two singles living the single life.

Unto our second movie, Mimi phone started ringing, she picked it up checked the caller id then placed it back on the chair. The phone kept ringing on but she ignored it

Me: aren’t you gonna answer (I finally spoke out)

Mimi: it’s not important

she waved it of and we went back to our movie. Thank God the ringing finally stopped but then a text popped up on the screen but she still ignored. Not able to handle my curiosity anymore, I cornered her, grabbed the phone got up and read the text while she fought to get her phone back


�Are you okay? Please talk to me� it read

I gave her back her phone and we sat back down

Me: why are you avoiding him?

She shrugged

Me: you know you’ll have to talk to him sooner or later

Mimi: I pick later, now come on, we’re missing the movie

I sighed and we went back to the movie

The next day was work as usual, with Mimi still avoiding Henry with various excuses everyday and in some occasions she would leave through the back door when they entered the caf�

Mimi left as usual one day when they were to come in but Princess alone came without the gang

Me: Hi Princess, you’re alone?

Princess: yea, everyone else is busy, plus I wanted to talk to you about something

Me: okay,(I went to sit close to her) what’s up?

Princess: it’s about Henry……..

…to be continued

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