Love Really Is Strange – Episode 12

By Lydia Jonathan

I entered the caf� that morning feeling on top of the world with Mimi tailing behind

Memories of last night came flooding and I didn’t even realise I was smiling

Mimi: okay this has got to stop (she came to stand in front of me. What is up with with you? You’ve been wearing that goofy smile ever since we left the house this morning. Did something happen with George (she winked and smiled)

Me: George? ( I smiled) I don’t know what you’re talking about

I walked in and went straight to go to tend to my work

Mimi: you’re hiding something and i’ll soon find out what

She called after me, but I smiled shook my head and went on my way

Abigail: good morning ma

Miriam: good morning ma

They both chorused. �morning� how is it going?

Abigail: good ma

Me: okay, I’ll go check on the baking. Go on with what you’re doing

They nodded and left. After checking on it, the place was open for business and customers started trooping in and out. Everything was going as usual until Henry arrived

Mimi: yay, d�pshit is back(she said sarcastically and rolled her eyes)

Me: be nice

Mimi: I am being nice

Me: whatever

I rolled my eyes and went to greet him but stopped when I saw who he came in with

They walked up to me

Henry: Hi babe

Me: Hi yourself, I see you brought your friend ( I smiled)

Henry: okay, I know you both are not on good terms, but at least try to……

He paused when he saw us both smiling at ourselves

Evans: Hi Lizzy

Me: Hey Evans

Henry: hold on, I’m I missing something here?

Mimi: that is what I’d love to know too

I turned to see Mimi with furrowed brows

Mimi: what’s going on, are you too ( she gestured between Evans and i)

Me: no, no, we talked and decided to put it all behind us and be just friends (I turned to him and smiled)

Evans: yea, just friends

He looked at me and smiled

Henry: Right, well we better sit then

Me: of course, what would you guys have?

Henry: gimme something sweet babe( he winked)

Evans: (turned to look at his friend then back at me) I’ll just have coffee and a sandwich, thanks

Coming right up, I nodded and turned to go get their order but was stopped by Mimi who was staring down at me squinting as if trying to figure out something

Mimi: you’re smiling

Me: is it wrong to smile at customers?

Mimi: you know what I mean

Me: nope, I don’t ( I smiled and went to get their orders)

�here� I placed their orders on the table and sat across them. Mimi came and joined us

Evans: I see you guys have met Henry

Mimi: freak (she turned to henry)

Henry: babe (he smiled at her

Evans turned to look at his friend

Evans: oh, she loves me but I don’t feel that way about her

Mimi: I’m not that crazy �sshole

Henry: it’s okay babe, I understand (he winked)

I smiled and shook my head

Me: so, how did you guys become friends anyway?

Henry: our mothers are friends, so we became close right from childhood

Evans: and he followed me when I was flown out

Henry: he can’t live without me

Evans: are you sure? Cause I’m pretty sure you’re parents pushed you out, since I’m not gonna be around and you’re a nuisance

Mimi turned to me and burst into laughter

Me: okay, so I get you’re the CEO of that ( I pointed across to the firm) what do you do?

I turned to Henry

Henry: just this and that

Evans: He’s a doctor, a very good one actually, owns a very big hospital too

Me: wow

Mimi: so,you’re actually useful?

Me: why, ready to admit your feelings now?

Mimi: not in this life time, just assumed you are a bum.

We were still chatting and laughing when suddenly we heard a shriek, we turned to the direction of the noise and saw two beautiful girls smiling at us

�Evans!! One of the girls ran towards us and hugged him.

Mimi and I both turned to look at each other then back to watch the Indian movie scene going on before us

� I’ve been looking all over for you, the one hugging Evans left him and started whining, why haven’t you visited since you came?

I’ve been busy, sorry I didn’t come to you to see you Evans smiled at her

� Apology accepted she chipped happily and started giggling like a school girl in front of her crush

�Hi Henry� the other girl smiled at him and I am a girl but even I gotta admit she is beautiful. And almost immediately Henry started fidgeting in his seat

�Hi….hi princess, he stuttered

Princess? I mouthed turning to Mimi who was staring at Princess with mix of anger and constipation on her facials. I smiled enjoying the scene before

Princess: you forgot me (she went to sit close to him)

Henry: I can never forget you you know that

She smiled and turned to Evans. �so what are you you guys doing here? And who are they? She turned to smile at us, (a genuine smile) making the look on Mimi’s face became even funnier

Evans: this is Lizzy (I smiled and waved) and this is Miracle (she gave a tight lipped smile). They are friends and she owns the place( he pointed at me)

Princess: This Stephanie (she pointed to the other girl who waved an smiled) and I’m princess ( she extended her hand for a hand shake)

I shook her hands, and turned to Mimi but she had already gotten up and was walking away

Princess: Is she okay?

Me: yea, I’ll just go check on her

I got up smiled and and went up to Mimi who was busy cleaning an invincible dust from the counter

Me: what was that about?

Mimi: what was what about? (not looking away from her cleaning)

Me: she’s beautiful

Mimi: I guess, they both are

Me: is that jealousy I hear?( I grinned, enjoying this way too much)

Mimi: jealous? (she scoffed, why will I be jealous

She finally dropped her rag and turned to me. If anyone should be jealous it should be you see the way she’s sticking to him like glue

We turned to look at the the group

Me: why would I be jealous? ( I shrugged) we’re just friends

I turned to go check on Abigail who looks like she needs help

Mimi: keep telling yourself that (she snickered)

After a while the group got up and decided to leave. They said their goodbyes, with stephanie still clinging unto Evans. It kinda stung a little to see them smiling, walking hand in hand, but we’re just friends, so I guess I’ll have to get used to it

Henry and princess also walked out holding hands, chatting and smiling. I turned to look at Mimi but she looked away

The days rolled by and days turn to weeks. My friendship with Evans was going great, he comes to visit,and sometimes Princess and stephanie came along with them. I gotta admit they’re good company

Henry and Mimi seemed distant though, they didn’t bicker like they always did whenever they see each other. I guess seeing the girl he likes made him more mature I thought

� Hi Lizzy” stephanie ran to hug me

Me: Hi

I turned to see the rest of the group were coming from behind

Princess: Hi Lizzy

She greeted when they were all sat.

Princess: where’s Mimi? I don’t see her around

Me: she’s in with the baker, learning some stuff

Princess: oh (she smiled)

And just then Mimi walked in

Mimi: Hey guys

She greeted, and they all replied, except Henry who just nodded and looked away

OK weird, I thought and she noticed too

Mimi: I’m just gonna go

She turned and started walking out but was held back by Stephanie

Stephanie: but you just got here, are you okay?

Mimi: yea, just gonna go check on something

Stephanie nodded and let go of her and she walked away.

I’ll go get your orders, I got up and also left them

While my girls where tending to their orders, I excused my self and went out back to check on something but stopped when I saw Mimi her back facing me, and it seems she had company. I decided to go closer to check on her but stopped when I saw who she was with. They seemed like they were arguing about something and we’re to absorbed in it to notice my presence. Not wanting to spy on them any further, I decided to walk away when suddenly Henry pulled her closer and planted his lips on hers.

There I stood, to stunned to walk away.

Why I’m still standing looking at them is a mystery cause I so much want to move but my feet isn’t getting the idea

After what felt like hours(when it was merely seconds) Mimi pushed him away, slapped him on the cheek and ran off, accidentally brushing me in the process without even stopping to check on me, but I saw her eyes glassy with unshed tears

After composing myself, I looked up to Henry standing there, the feeling of guilt showing visibly in his features.

He looked back at me and we both stood there waiting for someone to break the akwardness

� I….i…. I’m just gonna go….. I stuttered and pointed but he still stood rooted on the spot and he still didn’t say anything

I later turned and walked away feeling sorry for both of them. Must be hard….

I got into the caf�

And saw the group still chatting

Princess: hey Lizzy, have you seen Henry, he’s been gone a while

Me: errrrr…..yea, yea I think he was out back or something

And just then Henry walked in and took a sit close to Princess

She threw him a �everything alright frown� and he nodded and he munched on his now cold burger

Me: guys? (they all turned to look at me) have you guys seen Mimi? Can’t find her around

Princess: she came in and walked out

Stephanie: rather urgently I’d say, she didn’t even look at us (she whined)

Okay, it’s so hard to hate this girl, she’s just so adorable (for a grown up)

Princess: Is she okay?

Me: yea, she’s just not feeling too good

Stephanie: oh my gosh! Is she gonna be okay? Does she need to go to the hospital?

Me: no, no she’s gonna be fine, she just needs the rest is all (i waved it of)

They nodded, and Evans’s phone broke the silence that suddenly erupted. He got up, excused himself, and went to answer it

Stephanie broke the silence and we all went back to talking while Henry remained silent throughout our conversations, even when I tried to look at him, he avoided my gaze.

Evans walked in minutes later

Evans: That’s was the office guys, they need me, I’ve gotta go

Me: oh, alright

Princess: we have to go too

She got up and Henry and stephanie followed suit. They said their goodbyes and left

I tried calling Mimi but she wasn’t answering, I called over and over but still no reply. Suddenly I got worried, maybe something had happened to her, or maybe she had done something to herself. Ready to go out and search for her, my phoned beeped indicating a text. I opened it and it read….

~~i know you’re worried, but I’m fine, I’m just gonna rest at home~~

It was from her. I read it a bit relieved but still worried about her

I went home, at the end of the day and saw Mimi draped on her bed

Me: Hey, you okay?

Mimi: yea

Me: wanna talk about it?

Mimi: No (she sniffled)

Me: are you crying?

I pulled down the blanket covering her and saw her in tears

Mimi: I’m fine

Me: no you’re not

Mimi: I like him okay, is that what you wanna hear(she heaved herself up and sat on the bed)

Me: I’m sorry

Mimi: I’m so stupid, how can I like someone that already has a girlfriend he really likes and is serious with (more tears rolled down her cheeks) and she’s really beautiful and very nice and I can’t even hate her even if I wanted to

Me: hey you’re not stupid ( I wiped the tears with my palm) we can’t control who we like, it’s human nature

Mimi: I know, but it’s just so….so…. hard (she breathed out) and why did he kiss me?

She turned to me

Me: I wouldn’t know. (I shook my head) I think you should talk to him

Mimi: no way (she got down from the bed) I don’t wanna see him again, I can’t face him

Me: but Mimi…..

Mimi: no but Liz, I’m serious and don’t try to convince me otherwise

Me: alright fine, (I raised my hands in surrender)

She got back into bed and covered herself

Me: aren’t you at least gonna eat something?

Mimi: I’m not hungry ( she peeked her head out from the blanket) don’t worry I’ll be fine in the morning. I’m just gonna rest

I nodded and she went back to being draped. I sighed and got up to leave her room. My best friend is having a hard time and I don’t have the slighest idea on how to help. Why is love always so hard? I thought as I left her room.

…to be continued

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