In The Dark – Episode 9

A Story By Stanley Oluwatosin

I woke up on Saturday morning early, i had so many thought on my mind, part of it was about Nelly’s health condition. I got out of my night wear and went to my mom’s room. I met her dressing up already, i greeted her and she hugged me before responding. She noticed my mood and she asked what was wrong with me. I told her how worried i was over Nelly’s health, she then went ahead to explain that Nelly is a sickler because her dad is also a sickler but he is able to stay healthy because of his regular medical checkup and treatment. She also pointed out that the same treatment is been administered to Nelly and i have nothing to worry about. I hugged mom and felt relived, i also told her about our outing with Jordan and she was in support of it. I had breakfast with mom before she left for her super market.
Nelly called at 9:00am to inform me she was already on her way,i also called Jordan and he told me he was already at the gym. I got ready for the gym and informed kelvin of my departure. Nelly arrived by 9:30am and we both left for the gym in her car.
We got to the gym but i could not locate Jordan,i was about calling him when i heard somebody say “Looking for me?” behind me. I turned and saw Jordan sweating and drinking from a bottle of water. He was wearing a body hug shirt which revealed his well built muscle, i could hear Nelly murmuring ‘Woah’. I do not blame her even myself at that particular moment was tripping for Jordan’s body. I smilled and hugged jordan and i could tell he was suprised but he received the hug. I released myself from Jordan’s arm and introduced Nelly to him. He expressed his suprise in words and joked about hoping to marry the two of us in future. We all laughed and i hit him playfully. After spending close to an hour at the gym, i suggested we call it a day because i was starving due to the exercise.Both jordan and nelly laughed at me before I left the gym with Nelly and she had fruit with me before leaving. After Nelly’s departure the Saturday was boring and so was the early hours of sunday.
Mom got me a beautiful and sexy pink gown to grace Jordan’s party with a beautiful set of diamond jewelry. She practically dressed me up for the party and my mom’s fashion taste was awesome,even Kelvin could not hide his surprise when he saw me fully dressed for the party. He showered me with compliment before i left for the party.
I arrived at Jordan’s residence at 7:00pm and he could not hide is suprise as he kept on saying “You look beautiful Nancy”. Jordan’s parent welcomed me warmly and he led me to the party. The party was more of a get together than a birthday party. People were sitted in groups as they chat and laugh loudly. Jordan introduced me to some of the guest, after which we settled down with them. The weather was getting cold and my short dress did close to nothing in protecting me from the cold, Jordan noticed i was feeling uncomfortable and he asked if i would love to go inside,i agreed and we excused ourself from the gathering.
Jordan opened the door to a room and he said “Welcome to my beautiful room”. Indeed the room was beautiful but his self praise would not let me agree to it. Jordan excused himself to the rest room after we entered. I looked around his room and i was shocked to see a huge picture of myself and Jordan. I looked at the picture closely and i remembered it was the picture we took together at Vectoh’s studio. I could not help but admire the picture, i touched the big frame and memories of that day came into my head. Judging from the picture we will make a perfect match.
” Why not touch the living me,instead of the lifeless picture?” Jordan said from the door.I turned and smilled. He came close to me and said “seriously touch me” i stood fixed to a point without a response. He took my hand and placed it on his chest. I looked away shyly and he said “can you feel my heart beat? Its beating for you Nancy. I don’t know how but am falling uncontrollably for you every second
. I know you feel something for me,please dont say no to Us” I did not know what or how to feel,i opened my mouth to utter a word but it was dry. My thought was interupted with Jordan’s touch on my cheek,i could feel my body vibrate as he placed his lips on mine.
I wanted to stop but i ended up wrapping my hands around his neck as we kissed. It felt so real and beautiful,i was in paradise. Jordan brooke the kiss and lifted my head to meet his gaze before saying “Will you be mine Nancy?” I responded with a nod and he said he needed an answer. I said yes and he lifted me from the ground into his arms. It felt too good to be real but i felt love and comfort.
My phone started to ring and the caller I.D was my mom’s,without been told i knew its time to leave.I told Jordan and we made for the door.I was about opening the door when he pulled me back and claimed my lips.



After ending the kiss with Jordan,i left for home. Throughout the ride home,i was feeling fly and my joy knew no bound. I rushed into mom’s arms immediately i got home,she could tell i was happy but she thought i was been greatful for the dress. After hugging mom,i went to kelvin’s room and i told him about Jordan,he was happy for me and he hugged me before i left. When i got to my room,i called khole and she kept on screaming ‘yes!’ into my ears. She promised to come over the following day to celebrate. Jordan also called before i slept, he made beautiful promises of love and i was overwhelmed. When joy know no bound,it brings about tears. I cried to bed feeling too happy and greatful to the lord. Most especially for having love around me.
The following morning,Jordan woke me up with a phone call,after which he sent a beautiful sms,love is beautiful. I greeted mom and prepared for school. Getting anxious at what Nelly’s reaction would be when i tell her about Jordan. I went to school in a happy mood.
I had lunch with Nelly and i told her about Jordan.Actually she asked after Jordan first. I could sense that Nelly was not genuinely happy when i told her about my new relationship status with Jordan so i had to change the topic. The day ended on a boring note as Nelly started acting cold.
On my way home,i called Khole and she told me she was on her way already. I got home 3:00pm and mom was fully dressed for shop. I hugged her and she asked if i would love to come with her. I told her khole was coming over so i had to be home. Mom said she felt like driving herself and she left alone in her hilux without a driver. I had a change of cloth and informed Kelvin that Khole would be coming over.
Khole arrived at 4:00pm and i was super excited to see her. She did not wait to settle down before she started asking me about jordan. I told her everything that happened and she started teasing me. She brought up the happenings of the day we met Jordan and she had fun laughing alone. I made to pull Khole’s hair but the ringing of my phone stopped me. The caller I.D was my mom’s so i hurriedly pick the call and said “Hey momma” i was expecting my mom’s laughter from the other end but all i heard was the voice of a complete stranger. “Please the owner of this phone was involved in an accidents and she has been rushed to general hospital,please be there on time” the stranger ended the call and i could feel sweat all over me, everywhere became dark and i was lost for a minute. Khole noticed my mood and asked me what happened, i stammered and said “My mom…accident…hospital…” khole quickly picked up my phone and called my mom back. The stranger picked up again and i heard khole asking questions from him.
I did not know how i got to the hospital cos i was so destabilized but i saw myself there with khole and kelvin. Immediately we got to the hospital i rushed to the reception,i asked the nurse on duty about an accident victim that was rushed in some minutes ago. She told us her ward and said the doctor was stil attending to her so we had to wait. Few minutes later a nurse came out of the ward and she asked for ‘Nancy’ she said the patient was requesting to see me. I rushed into the room and what my eyes saw shattered my world.
I could not believe my eyes, my mom was healthy some minutes ago and now in great pain. My mom had a deep cut on her head,and i could not even see her legs. Is it that her legs disappeared or Was it my eyes? I do not know. I moved closer to mom and held her hand, her hand was shaking but she managed to touch my cheek. She looked deep into my eyes and said “My baby….Nancy…..Be STRONG….”. That was mom’s last word before she started breathing heavily,i grabbed her hand tightly and kept on screaming “Mom!!!! Dont leave me,remember you are my world! My pillar! My everything!!. Mom without you…without you mom there is no me. Mom say something! Talk to me mom!! Why cant you be strong? For me mom, BE STRONG!”. I started to cry as i screamed, mom continued to shake and a nurse forcefully took me out when the doctor said she would be rushed to the E.R (Emergency Room). I came out of the ward and went into khole’s arm,she was also in tears as she asked me what happened. I was yet to answer Khole’s question when my mom was wheeled out of the ward.
Mom what is life, if you are not here with me? theres no love without you mom,everywhere is dark! So dark that i cant see whats before me mom. Why did’nt I go with you when you asked me to come? Come back to me mom! Dont you ever think of going away!” i shouted without minding the people staring at me. Kelvin moved closer to me and said there was stil hope, doctors perform wonders in E.R and all we had to do is PRAY! I cried and prayed, hoping for a miracle.


I was together with khole and jordan as we waited for the doctor to come out of the E.R. I prayed,hoped and prayed again. I got tired of praying while sitting so i went on my kneels and prayed,hoping my new position will hasten the miracle. I stood up immediately i saw the doctor coming toward us,i rushed to him and asked after my mom. The doctor held my hand and said “Time of death 5:30pm. Am sorry ma’am” and he left. The doctors’ words were simple but too difficult for me to decode. I held khole and asked her what the doctor said but she did not respond,i moved closer to kelvin, tap him on his shoulder and said “Kelvin what was he talking about,i asked after my mom not a dead body” kelvin held me close to himself and looked away without a response. I could see the tears he was trying to hide. The truth was right before me but i was so blind to see it. Everywhere became dark suddenly and the last thing i remember before i passed out was my mom’s last statement “My baby….Nancy….Be strong”.
I did not know for how long i have been unconscious but i finally opened my eyes on a hospital bed. When i became fully conscious,i saw khole,aunty Oyinkan,kelvin and jordan beside me. I made to sit upright and aunty oyinkan rushed at me, she held my hand and said “Nancy… my dear, i am here for you,we are here for you, be strong for us” i could feel the sadness and pity in her voice but that was not what i needed, all i ever wanted was my mom,my world,my everything and my mentor. Aunty oyinkan urged me to say something and all i could say was “Aunty where is my mom?” She did not respond, she only buried her head in her hands and i could hear her weep. I did not have the strength to ask further questions so i turned to the wall and thought about my life, my mom and my future. Everywhere was silent.
I woke up the following day to the sound of argument, jordan was the only one with me and he was sitting close to my bed. Few minutes later i could hear the voice of my uncle arguing with the doctor and aunty oyinkan. He was requesting for me to be discharged,in order for the burial arrangements to commence. At the mention of burial,the truth i was not willing to accept became real to me, so mom is dead and she would be buried soon. I could not fight back my tears. Jordan held my hand and kissed then in a bid to console me,he told me everything will be alright and he promised to be there for me. Though i knew nothing will be alright, i was consoled by his words.
I was discharged the same day and aunty Oyinkan took me home. I arrived my compound and saw cars everywhere as alot of people came to pay there last respect. I could not respond to people’s greeting as i walked into the main building ,it will only make me break down. Immediately i entered my house i went to my mom’s room and requested to be alone. Everybody honoured my request and i locked the door behind me. Mom’s room was still as i left it and her scent was everywhere. I took some of her clothes and sniffed it,her scent filled my noise and i wished for death. This is the woman i have lived with all my life, a true mother, a friend and a teacher. Why mom? The torture her scent was giving me was too much for me so i dropped her clothes and took her picture from the wall. Mom was smilling beautifully in the picture and i wondered if she would stil smille now without realising the pains she left behind. I was still in tears when I heard a knock on the door and i reluctantly open up,kelvin came in and informed me that my presence was needed downstairs, he did not wait for a reply before leaving. I took one of my mom’s dress with me and left the room.
I got to our living room and i saw most of my mom’s relative gathered, i sat on the floor and held my mom’s dress close to my nose. Mr. Ikebe, the oldest man in my mom’s family cleared his throat and said ” i greet you all my children, i know that our gathering here today is that of pain and sorrow but this meeting is a very important one.

The D-day was saturday, the day my mom was buried. I woke up sad but i gathered all my strength and i tried to stay strong. I was able to hide my tears as we all left our compound dressed in white, heading to the cemetery to burry my world. I thought i was strong,i thought i gathered enough strength until when my mom’s coffin was brought out of the ambulance, i wanted to go crazy. I released myself from jordan’s grip and ran to the coffin, i screamed,requesting to see my mom’s lifeless body but nobody listened to me, i cried my eyes out, if only mom was there, she would have listen to me, she always listen to me!! I shouted. Kelvin carried me away from the coffin and consoled me. I was calm for a while and when the coffin was taken away, i became more calm.
We got to the space provided for my mom to be buried and the coffin was brought out again. My mom was lowered to the ground as the priest ended his sermon with “From dust we were made and to dust we will return”. I was called upon to pour sand on her coffin and i could not bear it any longer. It was so difficult, so difficult for me to see my mom,my world, my present and my future been buried while i stay put. I wanted to jump into her grave but kelvin and jordan were too strong for me to escape their grip. what wil be my reason for staying behind when the reason for my existence was been buried? Just like yesterday, dad was been buried but mom was here for me and she gave me a shoulder for me to cry on, now that she is gone, on whose shoulder will i cry on? My mom the most loving Mrs.williams was covered up with sand and that was the last i saw of her.
After the burial, a flamboyant ceremony was organised, people ate and drank as if mom’s death was been celebrated. I stayed in her room throughout the ceremonial period. Khole,kelvin,aunty oyinkan,jordan and nelly took turn to visit me but none of them could feel what i felt,i lost a mother while they lost a family friend.
By the third week of my mom’s death,most of the visitors left and the house was empty. I was left with kelvin and the other workers. Kelvin did alot for me and he tried all his possible best to console me but my mom is irreplaceable.
On monday afternoon of the fourth week My uncle seek to meet with the workers and myself. We all settled down in the living room and my uncle said ” I greet you all for honouring my invite and am greatful for your support during my late sister’s burial. Without beating about the bush, My reason for calling this meeting is to inform u all that your appointment with this family has been terminated, you all have been relived of your duties. The sum of a hundred thousand will given to all of you now and you are to vacate this premises latest tomorrow evening. Ones again Goodafternoon”. My uncle ended his speech and he left. I looked at kelvin and he looked back at me, i did not know what to feel anymore as tears rushed down my cheek. I met with my uncle and pleaded with him to allow kelvin stay but he refused and said,this is now his house and his bussiness. He is the only determinant of who leaves and who stays. I left in tears and rushed to mom’s room.
I felt a tap on my shoulder and i looked up, kelvin was infront of me. He smilled at me and asked if i was crying because i wont find a great cook like him. I forced a smille and he sat beside me. Kelvin took my hands and said “Nancy, i want to offer you my penny, please listen attentively. You need to be strong but you should not fight for yourself Nancy. Look around you, everybody is hungry for you mom’s wealth, if you play hard, they will end up using you as a stepping stone. Sometimes you have to play the fool to win the world. Now is not the time to fight for yourself, just watch, play along and learn…” kelvin ended his piece of advice and i went into his arm. He released himself from my grip and i offered to help him pack his bag.
Early tuesday morning, kelvin and all the workers were ready to leave, they all offered their condolences and promised to check on me. Kelvin was the last person to leave and before he left he took my hand and dropped some naira note and said “this is fifty thousand naira,you will need it, remember be strong and i will keep intouch”. I could not hold back my tears when kelvin left, the sacrifice he made got me emotional. Even though he was brooke,he gave me half of his pay off.

…to be continued

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