In The Dark – Episode 3

A Story By Stanley Oluwatosin

khole is a realy great dancer,she has attended a dance training school be4 nd according to her shes aiming at becoming a great dancer and performer like jenifer Lopez. Myself on the other hand do not have two left legs like some people i know but am not a good dancer as well. I got exhusted after trying different dance step with khole,we did belly dance,whinning, twisting and even twerking. The list wont be complete without our special Nigerian dances like Shoki,Shakiti bobo, skelewu,etigi and azonto. Khole is realy an energetic dancer which made the competative me wanto beat her at her game but she ended up beating me. If there were to be a judge am sure the score would have been ratio 20:80. I exhusted my energy while dancing so i attacked my meat pie immediately after d dancing session. I was stil eating when mom called nd said she was sending the driver and makeup artist over. Time checked 4:00pm. I hurriedly finished my snack nd informed khole to start getting ready. We took turn to have our bath after which the make up artist form ‘Nana Aisha beauty saloon’ arrived with a photographer from ‘Josh collage photography’. The beauty agents gave us body massage before dressing up for the party. Our makeup us done in beautifully and we had our first birthday sh00t.

We took a selfie with my iphone and posted if on my social media. Lots and lots of comments was been made.

Time checked 6:30pm. Mom called again to confirm if we were ready for the party and she informed us that our driver is on the the way with one other guy that will drive khole’s car home. 5minutes later the driver was at the hotel. The Hilux mom sent was beautifully decorated like a wedding vehicle. I hugged khole so tight out of excitement that i thought i over squeezed her.

We got to my compound and through the front screen i could see cars everywhere,the side glasses is tinted so i could not get a better view. The driver told us that my mom said we should not step out of the car before she gets to us since she will be the one to lead me to the event. Five minutes later we heard a tap on side glass and i opened the door. There she was looking breathe taking,my mom ‘Mrs.Lillian William’. I got out of the car excitedly and hugged my mom,she was so happy and she kept on muttering ‘Oh my baby, u look so beautiful’. The hug was interupted with the M.C, who was shouting loud into the microphone, saying ” Give it up for the beautiful celebrant and her mom…Miss and Mrs.williams”. Mom released me and told khole to bring what she gave to her,khole brought out a blind fold and gave it to my mom. I had my mouth open, how can u keep such a thing from me,do u people want to kidnap me? They both laughed and wore the blindfold on me. ‘All of me’ by John legend. Mom led me gracefully to the event and finally stopped somewhere. The M.C asked me to gusse where i was and i said in front of my car. Everybody laughed but they cant understand can they? Have always wanted to drive a car,my car. Mom removed the blindfold and i could see a very huge cake in front of me fully decorated in pink. Everybody was on there feet when i cut my cake and fed my mom with some. I went to my sit which was beside mom and mom was later called for an opening speech. She thanked everybody present and talked about me when i was little and the sweet and loving memories of my dad be4 ending her speech. During mom’s speech khole told me Josh was present and she will do the introduction later. I was happy i will be meeting Josh for me to know if khole was truthful him. I was called to dance with my mom first be4 anybody wil be on the dance floor. .Because you love me’ by ‘cellien dion’ was played and all the words in the song got to me. If not for this lovly woman who has been loving me,where will i be? My tears was flowing freely and my mom pulled me to herself. People were clapping and appreciating the mother and daughter display of emotion and the photographers were doing there work. After the dance with my mom,we went to our sit and the M.C announced it was game time. People won different prices like iphone,ipad,rolex wrist watches,designer bags and lot more. During game time mom told me theres a friend she would love me to meet now before people will start leaving since it was getting late. I followed her and we got to the a table. She greeted the woman as if they are sisters and the husband like a brother. She introduced the husband as a minister and the wife as an international bussiness woman. I greeted them and the woman hugged me so tightly like a daughter,the man also shook my hand. The woman looked as if looking for someone before she happily said ‘thank God my son is here’ A young guy came to the table and bent down alittle to greet the couple he then greeted my mom.. I did not take note of his face until his mom said he should greet the celebrant,he moved closer and i remembered him. Yes


The smile on my face turned to a frown when i saw him,he also had is innocent smile replaced with a wicked smile. In order not to disrespect the elders i took his hand and greeted him. The timely arrival of khole saved me from lashing out my hidden anger on him. I was called on stage to receive gifts from guset. My friends took turn to hug and complement me before dropping their gifts. After the gift collection, i was asked to come on stage and deliver an appreciation speech,after which the party ended officially. Mom told me she will retire for the day after see her friends off. I promised her to be a good girl and she left. Khole invited me over to her table where i met josh. Khole did not over rate the dude instead she underated him. He was so handsome with a charming smile. Minutes later Josh told us he would love to be on his way and u should see him off to the car together with khole since he would love to deliver my gift personally. We got to Josh’s car and he brought out smth big wrapped. I collected d gift and left the couple to have their privacy. I could not take d gift back to d stage so i decided to take it to my room. I was heading to my room when someone behind me said ‘too heavy for ur tiny hand?’ i turned and i saw Mr.rude,i hissed and continue walking without a reply. He came close to me and grabbed the gift from me, he then asked ‘where?’ and i told him ‘hell’. He smilled and said ‘common am an only child,cant die now’. I kept on walking without a response while he followed. We got to the front of my apartment and i asked him to return the gift,he refuse and said he will take it inside. He ended up following me to my room. I expected him to drop d gift and leave but he refused. He said he wont leave until i thank him for his kind gesture and apologise for me rude. I smilled and fold my hands. He did the same and i told him he his the king of rudeness and i wont apologise for defending myself. He then said ‘ok i apologise,how about that? An apology wont reduce my worth,will it?’ I was surprised and wonder where the humble behaviour was coming from. I also said thank u and he was about to say smth else before khole call interupted. She asked of my where about and i told her to wait for me. I told jordan it was time to leave and he turned to leave without an argument. I wonder wotsup with the rude jordan. Khole saw us first and she came over,jordan introduced himself and apologised again. I saw some of my friends hanging around so i left jordan with khole. Khole later came to inform me that jordan wants me to see him off,i excused myself and went to him. On our way to his car he held my hand,i frowned at him and he smilled as if he did nothing. We got to his car and he said ‘goodnight angel’ after releasing my hand. I waved at him and he left.

The party finally came to an end by 10:00pm, myself and khole also retired for the day. Khole told me how cool jordan his during our chat before we bid ourselves goodnight. I ended up staying awake on my bed thinking about the event of the day. Everything was all have always wanted apart from the encounter with the stranger who turned out to be jordan. Talking about jordan he held my hand on our way to his car,what was that for? I was stil thinking about this well i fell asleep.

Hey people am sweet sixteen!!! (that was my last thought in my semi conscious mind)

…to be continued


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