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Cracked Sources – B02E16 (Finale)

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The loud siren from the many police cars packed round Lewis Chamber
attracted the attention of everyone within the firm and its premises. The men
of the police force came prepared to arrest Imelda’s implicated murderer, who
worked at the firm.
The police went in armed, and within five minutes came out with the
suspect already handcuffed. The Commissioner of Police had addressed the press
before his men came out; he said they received a tip from someone who they
choose to keep anonymous for security reasons. He said their informant had
given them detailed info that implicated the suspect they had come to take into
Andrew walked down the stairs of the firm’s main entrance. His eyes
caught his mother’s as she was escorted in cuffs into the armoured police
vehicle. He cut her an eye, and smirked.
“Mr. Andrew, how do you intend to move on after what has just
happened,” A young reporter asked him. He thought her beautiful, but quite
skinny; not exactly his kind. He managed to answer her question by reminding
her he was The CEO to the many staffs under his wisdom and care, and he had a
responsibility to the country at large.
“Until the moment I step down as CEO, my full allegiance is with Lewis
Chambers.” He pointed at the large emblem of the law-firm that stood at
the center of the stairs where they were all gathered.
“What is the current state of things?” Andrew threw the
question to no one in particular, he buried his head into the paperwork he had
been on for the past fifteen minutes. Patrick moved to silence the growing
murmurs in the conference room; Andrew unusually didn’t seem to care today
about the rowdiness of his meeting with the Executive’s today, or even about
the few empty seats in the hall.
“Officers from The Psychiatrists Association of Nigeria are
here,” Patrick announced.
 Andrew wondered what they were
doing there, and was told it was the Federal Government’s concern about the
incessant and very much connected deaths in the firm over the past few months;
all staffs were expected to be psychically analyzed. Andrew didn’t seem to have
a problem with the update, and even termed it a welcomed development. The
murnurs continued; people could tell something was up.
Mark and Anna walked into the room; through the piercing eyes of
confused Executives they passed round to get a seat close to Andrew. The
murmurings continued.
“I asked them to join us,” Andrew announced without a care
for their feelings. He understood old men and women always nagged for the wrong
reasons. Akin watched in silence from the corner of the seat he sat on, just
the same way he’d been doing since he entered. His gaze ran from Andrew to Mark
to Anna, and back again, in that order.
 As the couple walked round to
take their seat. Andrew observed Anna’s pregnancy still wasn’t showing. He
wondered when her bump would start announving itself; although it wasn’t his
business, he cared; but his concerns would have to wait till after the
important announcement he had to make.
 Mark and Anna were to become
co-CEOs of the firm with immediate effect, if they’d just sign their own part
of the document legalizing it. It was Andrew’s early wedding present to the
both of them.
The decision to hand over power this way didn’t go down well with most
members of the board, who felt they should have at least been given a chance to
vote on his choice of successor(s), or better still select someone from amongst
them, who was already a Director of the firm. Andrew watched them rant in
After a while of venting, Akin stood up and spoke, he was of the
opinion that young bloods such as these if given the chance would do wonders
for the firm far more than any of them old folks could ever do – He gave his
support for Andrew’s decision, not because it was his son and lover, but
because he believed they would do a good job raising Lewis chambers to greater
heights. His speech was immediately supported by Patrick, and the final verdict
was given by Andrew again; he was still CEO and the laws of the firm gave him
the final say in every situation, and hr had spoken. Akin used the opportunity
while still standing to show his resolve to want to mend fences with Andrew as
a stepping stone to earning the forgiveness of every other person he had hurt
one way or the other in his quest for power. Andrew agreed to this, and they
both walked outside together to talk.
“The sensors are off. Move fast!” Patricia’s voice sounded
through the gear into his ear. He walked fast accordingly and met up with the
“Go now!” She gave another command. He moved faster, and
appeared through the corridor to the conference room were the signing of the
power handover document was in effect, and caught the eye of Akin who was
looking off Andrew’s shoulder in his direction.
“That’s Dimeji right?” Akin asked his son. “Looks like
him,” Andrew replied. Both men wondered why he walked funny, they started to
walk towards him, slowly.
“Look up!” Patricia’s instruction came as a warning to his
ear this time. He obeyed, and saw both men fast approaching him. He quickly ran
into the conference room. Andrew picked up the pace to chase him. He rushed
after him, and stretched his hand to hold the entrance door before it closed. A
blast emanated from the inside that removed the door from its place, and
carried with it Andrew. Akin who had almost caught up was thrown off balance by
the magnitude of the blast. They were both unconscious.
The End of Book 2!
Book 3 will begin soon. 
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