Cracked Sources – B02E15

Andrew sat on the marbled floor of the rest room, the sound of the
overflowing water from the wash basin sounded soothing to him, until the
flowing spill started to encroach his position. He revisited the memory of the
painful revelation of the past hour. He wondered if Agnes was truly dead as
Marcus claimed, he wished Marcus show today was just a show. He understood the
man was in pain and thus promised himself not to press charges. He couldn’t
help but remember her very recent fear for her life, it was as though she could
see her death coming and he stupidly kept assuring her safety when he knew he
couldn’t do much. Was it coincidence that his mother threatened her and she
ended up dead? He needed to see a body else he wouldn’t know what to do or be
able to live with himself. This was far harder than anything he’s been made to
suffer through in all his life, he’s always been suffering.
The steadily flowing water finally reached his legs, it touched one
foot of his Italian foot wear causing it to sparkle at the point of contact. He
quickly arose and washed his face, the world needed to see a strong CEO ready
for anything.
“Sorry.” The restroom’s exit hit someone on the other side
as he sent the door flying, and he immediately apologized to his victim. He
recognized it was Patricia the moment he was able to see her face. He called
her name and she returned the favour immediately.
He pulled her in, and shut the door behind them. He pulled her up to
him and comfortably carried her to the finely crafted table top after the array
of wash hand basins, he placed her on it and rested her back against the silver
mirror behind her and lifted her legs, she ravaged his belt buckle like a
little girl desperate for a particular flavour of fruit juice, and he wasted no
time in diving in – This was the only way he knew to feel good.
After about twenty minutes of a go without skin protection, he was
done even though she was just getting started, he tossed her aside like the
piece of trash he felt within – He felt empty. Patricia wondered out loud why
he was acting strange and weirder that usual. He told her Agnes had died last
night. That was all the explanation she needed. She placed her hand around his
shoulders from the back, and gently rested her fore head at the back of his
head, she only wanted to offer comfort but Andrew wanted no pity.
“I have to go see her body,” He announced and broke her moment,
he was already adjusted and headed for the exit. “See you around
Patricia,� he said goodbye. His tone contained his appreciation for the time
they had just spent together, Patricia thought he was more screwed up than he
was letting on – “Andrew never implies a thank you after sex,� her memory
served to remind her.
Andrew’s attention was drawn to her desk, he couldn’t pass because he
suddenly realized that heading to the mortuary to confirm her death took away
every hope he had that this was just a hoax and cheap ploy by Marcus to extort
him and the firm off some money or some unknown plan that he prayed it was all
about. His attention shifted focus to his office door, ajar, it served to
remind him more about Agnes’s absence from her duty. It didn’t help his grieve.
He stormed into the office and saw Mother seated there.
“You killed her,� he shouted at Mother. He gave a powerful three
word as a welcome greeting.
 Mother showed a little
consideration for his pain, it was so unlike her and it made him suspect her
even more, what Patricia told him that morning weighed heavily on his mind.
Mother walked up to his position and calmly pulled him by the hand to have a
seat, he didn’t resist. Andrew thought of what exactly he could do, this woman
was screwing up his life really bad and he didn’t know how to fight back,
“Bleep this illness,� He quietly cursed his agoraphobic
condition: It made him a weakling where his mother was concerned. He thought
about how different life over the months since mother returned would have been
without that condition, things that used to matter before had ceased to matter
now because he had Cruella in his life again – The witch all witches.
“I didn’t ki*ll Agnes,” Mother said in her defense. She
reminded him her threat was almost as recent as when they found out she was
already dead. She made it up to force him to comply with her plan to frame Akin
at that instant. She asked him how he thought her killing Agnes would further
their plan, getting rid of Akin was still her top most priority.
Andrew gave a reserved hiss – How he wished she knew he called her a
witch in his head – Mother attention was divided by an emerging call and he had
the opportunity to express a little emotion. She brought up the issue that made
them fall out hours ago before Marcus’s arrival – Akin’s permanent
incarceration. Andrew wondered how much human blood the witch had drunk in her
entire life time, his grief meant nothing to her that she brought up the same
talk about destroying her enemy again.
“No!” He maintained his stance. She didn’t take it well, and
burst out most of her suppressed anger for the moment, Andrew wasn’t moved –
The saying that anger had a way to strengthen a man’s heart proved true in this
“You don’t know all he has done,” Mother tried to make him
see reason but he maintained his stance, he kept screaming, “Enough of the
scheming. I’m tired.”
“He’s is you father!” Mother angrily announced.
The dropped bomb shell seemed to make him slow down, he relegated his
voice to let hers shine. Mother narrated how he got her pregnant because the
man who Andrew knew as his father never had time to stay home, and beat her all
the time whenever he was around. According to her all Akin’s love disappeared
the moment she took in because his wife was also pregnant at that time and the
wife suddenly became more important. She clearly remembered how she pleaded for
him to marry her and leave her husband, but he refused and even denied her
unborn child, he denied Andrew. She paused to thank God for the death of Akin’s
wife unborn child, the woman couldn’t give birth until the next seven years.
She continued the recount of her ordeals, she had to ki*ll the drunk
Akin knew as his father years later when he began to question and trouble her
over rumoured infidelity charges from village gossips, he would beat her
mercilessly without reason whenever he came back drunk because she was the
usual topic of discussion at the village square where he drank. She had to drug
him, tie him up and torture him with fire until it went wrong and his entire
body caught fire. She had to set their home on fire to cover her tracks. The
fire was so intense that his body was charred completely.
 “I know,� Andrew stood up
to say. Mother’s countenance grew, “Good,” she announced, he was
finally seeing the sense in her entire vendetta against Akin.
Andrew rephrased his subject in case she didn’t get his message the
first time, �I know he’s my father,� He maintained his hard face and blank
stare. He had known for a while now Akin fathered him, he had a private
investigator trail Mother for weeks and knew about her various long distance
secret meetings with Akin, where they argued away from familiar eyes discussing
who knew what. He had the P.I trace their history and he found someone who knew
someone that knew something. He really hated her at that moment.
“How’s it coming?”
Akin spoke into his phone in a low tone, he still remembered his manners
and that the walls all had ears. He wasn’t really feeling the call, the person
on the other side had more bad news than good news especially with properly
taking care of the loose end that was a thorn in his flesh.
Mark still sat uncomfortably in his car as he had done for the past
thirty minutes, with the black sweat shirt and pant he wore coupled with a dark
hand glove it was a surprise why his Air conditioning system hadn’t overheated.
In as much as he would have loved to come out and take a stroll, it seemed
inappropriate especially as he awaited a sign.
‘Flash! Flash!’ The simultaneous trickle of an overhead car light
seemed to announce it was time. He crossed the road to the black Benz packed by
the fence that stretched a little distance. the passenger’s seat glass rolled
down and Andrew appeared on the other side,
“Are we good?” Andrew asked. “I think,� Mark sounded
Both men scaled the mini fence and started towards the bungalow
building, it was just like the one in Andrew’s dream when he was in the police
custody. Mark flashed the dim light while Andrew jacked the police seal on the
door. They opened the front door that immediately revealed the living room.
Both men put on their masks, and walked in cautiously. Andrew searched around the
familiar places he knew hidden cameras were placed. Memories of the cameras and
all the kinky acts they let he and Imelda carry out in this house, they brought
guilty pleasures to his body. He was taking too long, and a terribly shaken
Mark kept on bugging him about leaving, the police could come anytime soon and
he wasn�t ready to go back to jail; they were here to look around for evidence
not search for hidden cameras that Andrew used in making sex tapes in the
living room.
“Finally,” Andrew announced, he had finally located the tape
he was searching for, the one in the right camera.
“Are you kidding me?” Mark sighed in frustration on thinking
Andrew lured him to a crime scene just to fetch his compromising Video. Andrew
ignored him, he was free to leave if he wished, he wasn’t leaving here without
watching the tape: He needed to see the face of the killer.
NB: One more episode for this book to be over. Expect the third book soon.

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