Cracked Sources – B02E07

“Thank you all for coming.” Andrew said again. It was the
second time he was repeating the sentence; as he struggled with his choice of
words, he hoped the murmuring from the members of press and stakeholders of the
Firm present would subside. He wondered which of his announcements made them
clamor the most; was it the one where he announced his mother as the newest Director
of the firm, or the one where he revealed he now owned 55% of the firm’s assets.

The men and women of the press present at the briefing counted
themselves lucky enough to have been granted permission to listen first hand as
the events broke inside one of the biggest firms in the country. They all were
in a frenzy as they eagerly awaited the most important announcement of the day
The new name of the firm.
Andrew exchanged a quick glance with Ramon, he could see the happiness
written all over her face, they matched with the beautiful dress she had on
today that for once didn’t threaten to pop out her mammary glands. The glance
was quick, he needed to keep his head clear. He started with the usual epistles
most people were known for before getting to the interesting part, �I present to you, the new face of legal
backing in the country,”
he said as held onto the edge of the veil
that would covered Firm�s new logo.
“Lewis Chamber,� The new logo read.
Ramon was the first to stand up from her seat; she ignored the other
members of the audience who were giving a standing ovation and walked towards
the podium as she always intended to do. The flashes of cameras didn’t deter
her movement; she walked up and tried to disrupt the setup that projected the Firm�s
new logo. The media feasted their flashes and lenses on the show � �An unknown lady tried to stop Lagos Law
Firm announcement�,
would look very good as a headline.
Andrew’s security detail whisked him away to safety. He followed
diligently as he knew how violent Ramon could get when betrayed; years of their
relationship had taught him all he should know. As he hurried away, he heard
the words, �You promised� from Ramon;
he took a moment to look at her and all he could see was pain.
Mark could tell something was different with Anna today, she looked
and acted pale, and he couldn’t but wonder if it was reason why he hadn’t seen
nor heard from her in a while. He thought he hurt her the last time and
apologized, should it be that was the problem. The way she cringed her eyelid
made him realize something else was wrong and that the words she said to him
were lies. He pressed further.
“I’m pregnant,� Anna finally yelled, she couldn’t take it no
longer. The laughter from the two wardens sanding close on her side of the room
gave her slight goosebumps: Maybe they thought her announcement a confession,
and laughed in anticipation of how her lover would react. She couldn’t look up
to Mark even when he asked her to; she felt she had further complicated their
lives; Andrew’s suggestion sounded meaningful to her now even though she had
out rightly refused to commit murder then. “I’m
getting rid of it,�
she finally looked up to say.
“No!” Mark pleaded. He
already loved his unborn son, as he already claimed his embryo to be a boy.
Anna found herself slightly giggle; her thoughts countered his words with a
proclamation of the embryo a girl. But she had to face reality: How was she to
do this alone without his help?
Mark asked that she find the strength for as long as it took. He knew
he wouldn’t be here forever, no matter how long his trial was being delayed.
Anna should find the strength to carry on. For their love and for the love of
their unborn child.
Andrew knocked again, just in case she didn’t hear him the first time.
“I’m coming,� that familiar voice spoke. Soon Anna was before him. Though
she wore a surprised look as to his mission at her home late that night, it
didn’t deter him from saying his mind as he wanted to since he arrived
“Stay away
from me,�

Anna turned her back on him. He was wasting her time by not speaking, perhaps,
he thought she still loved him, she had to prove him wrong. It took him holding
her arm firmly and drawing her back with force to stop her from slamming the
door at him. She resisted his embrace, his familiar scent and hold that sent
her into frenzy when they were together. He finally let her go.
Andrew wanted her to get an abortion, he said so again. �It�s for your own good,� he tried to convince
her. Unlike the first time, she had the courage to resist his suggestion or
compulsion, whichever effect she felt he was having on her, “Stay away from me!” She
yelled better. He tried to hold her hand again, and she gave him a weak slap, �Better that than nothing,” she
thought, and ran into her house with hurry.
If there was a recurring theme in Andrew’s life today, it had to be
rejection: It was becoming unbecoming, and he needed a break. Behind the wheels
of his G-Wagon Benz, he thought of whom to roll up to. He had succeeded in
alienating most of the woman who he knew cared deeply for him: Anna, Beatrice,
Ramon and a few others he couldn’t recollect easily. All he had left were bo*ty
calls, the likes of Patricia, Imelda, and that girl with the delightful
honeypot who ran away because she thought he was a ritualist for boldly
referring to his mother as Cruella. Her memory mattered less the closer he got
to feeling Imelda again; he could mentally feel her skin press against his, his
groin mused at the reality he was about to face.
The door opened and the goddess of lust stood before him. Imelda
pulled off sexy effortlessly with a loosely fitted silky red robe that exposed
her heavy assets scantily coveted with a matching purple lingerie; judging by
majority of her clothing having that touch of purple, Andrew could tell that
was her best color. She kissed him deeply before leading him by the hand to her
bedroom down through the dark passage of her rented bungalow. Andrew could wait
no longer, he began to devour her breasts at the entrance to her room, and
wasted no time in jacking her to complete the journey to her bed. Imelda got on
her knees, she wanted his clothing off so he could give her his thing she
clearly needed in her.
The thought of Anna suddenly visited Andrew, he tried to rebuke them
but they persisted, he could hear her rejection replay in his head, they
replayed consistently and louder with each turn. He let go of Imelda’s left
brea$t which had suffered dearly at his mouth’s action, he sat on the single
bar chair present at a corner of the room and begun to scratch his head
violently as though they would make the haunting thoughts disappear. “Don’t get pregnant for me,� he heard
himself say without much thoughts.  He
felt confessing those words were a means to confronting the demons haunting him
Imelda couldn’t believe he could say such a thing, as long as she was
concerned, this was her body and she would do whatever she wanted with it, no
one had any right to dictate to her how she should use it. She certainly had no
intention of getting pregnant now, not even in the nearest future; her toned, flat
tummy couldn’t be exchanged for anything in this world, at least for now. She
still wanted him, even though her libido weren’t as pushy as they were when he
called to say he was coming over. She grudgingly stood up from the bed where he
left her for the chair. As she moved, she completely removed all forms of
clothing she had on to Andrew�s delight.

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