Behind The Mask – Episode 6

� Jones Kwesi Tagbor

When it was getting late, I suggested we go to my house so that she get to know there. Behind my mind, I wanted to break my virginity that day. But come to think of it, the following day will be a Sunday and Enyonam would have to lead the church in praise and worship. Anyway she agreed to go with me. She instructed her driver to take us to where I stay. I was fortunate things were well arranged in my room that day Just that there was not enough things. When we were in the car going to my place, I was not comfortable that we had a third person who was the driver. He also knows me as a member of the church so I wasn’t that happy in the car. When we got to my place, Enyonam asked the driver to wait for her in the car so she won’t keep long. “Oh why should he be left alone in the car? Allow him to come with us” I said even though not from my heart but to show some sense of humor. The driver himself said I shouldn’t be worried about him so he will wait for her outside. That was heart warning to me but I agreed as if that wasn’t my will. I held Enyonam’s hands as we moved inside. I had only one chair in my room and besides it was a single room self-contained. “You are welcome to my small room. Make yourself comfortable let me get you some fruit juice.” I said to her as she sat down on the chair. “You have a very nice place. But why should a whole accountant be living in a single room? ” she asked. “Oh this is Just a temporal accommodation. I will be moving to a different place after my service.” “Are you on national service?” “Yes, I am, but I thought you were already aware about that.” I replied and went to open the fridge for the drink. She kept staring at the things in the room as she was sipping her drink.

“Bro John I really enjoyed the outing with you today. You are such a darling.” “Wao really! then that’s nice. You also made it more fun. I couldn’t Just believe my eyes seeing you in your bikini. You are very beautiful. I Just can’t describe your shape. ” I replied with a face full of joy and a bit of surprise. “Hahaha so which part of my body attracted you most? ” she asked. “Honestly, I’m not sure I can be selective here because everything was Just on point. But since you asked, your hips and lips were so charming. How I wished you are mine. ” I replied with a low tone this time around because I was getting aroused with her questions. “John close your eyes Let me show you something.” She commanded. Okay. I closed my eyes but she asked me to turn and face the wall which I obeyed. Within two to three minutes, she said I should turn and open my eyes.

Ladies and gentlemen, I wouldn’t love to describe what I saw in my room that evening . My very first time of seeing a woman’s complete nakedness. Oh Sorry, I said I won’t mention it. Soft and protruding front and back mechanical defenders. Oh my word, the African beads on her waist, oh let me Just stop it because I couldn’t resist the temptation. She moved slowly to me and lifted up my polo-shirt exposing my hairy chest. It was as if I was placed in a deep freezer, I froze and couldn’t do anything to help myself. She passed her hands through my hairy chest and down to get my belt out of the hook. The kiss started from that place. As novice as I was, I was the one doing the shouting as she was Just grooming and moaning within herself. The forbidden forever riped fruit was finally exposed to the hungary bird. I released all my stored energies into her that Saturday. There was nothing like a condom, we went flesh for flesh. After a successful three good long rounds, I became very weak to the extent that waking up from the bed became difficult for me. She asked for my towel. I pointed at it and saw her going to take her bath. Before she returned from the bath, I was fast asleep.


Hmm, This was not the Enyonam I knew from school. This Enyonam was a marine spirit sent into the church to destroy the youth of the church. She was able to overcome the big wings of the church so the church was Just operating as a corn husk fire. Hardly will you see them preach about salvation or about the sovereign power of God. She was able to seduce the leader’s of the church and slept with them. I think I should say they were all dead spiritually. My advice to men of God who thinks they are Just taking advantage of their female members Is that, you might have been feasting with the devil in the name of enjoyment. You are dead in spirit. Enyonam is also able read the minds of people to know what they actually wanted. You may ask how I got to know about this. I will tell you later.

After taking her bath, she did something like a charm and had some plenty money. She looked at me sleeping helplessly and smiled. She left the money on the bed and left without me knowing the exact time she left. I woke up around 10pm only to see the money beside me. Initially I got scared because I thought she was the one who turned into the money. I went to check the bathroom and kitchen but she was not there. I went out to see if the car was there but they were gone. I came back to the room and called her on phone.

As soon as she picked the call, she said, “My sweet boy, I guess you Just woke up. You won’t believe I’m missing you already.”

Me: yeah but I woke up some few minutes ago. I saw some money on my bed my bed after I woke up. Were you the person who left them?

Enyonam: Sweetheart, I left the money for you. It is a gift from me to you. Use it to replenish your energy lost because I will be coming for more of such wonderful times.

Me: Really? Aww thank you so much. This money can even take me till the end of my national service.

Enyonam: I should be thanking you rather because you gave me the best I had ever wished for. That is Just a token. I love you.

Me:I love you more Enyonam.

Enyonam: Hope to see you at church tomorrow.

Me: what! Will you be able to go to church tomorrow? I believe we won’t be clean in the presence of God tomorrow. Also remember that tomorrow is the lord’s supper Sunday. Me am not sure I can go. I will be feeling guilty in the house of God.

Enyonam: Dear, I hope you are aware that we are no longer under those Moses law again. Have you forgotten that, God has paid for all our sins already and has now placed us under grace? now the grace abounds so don’t worry. Your sins had been paid for long ago. Meet me at church tomorrow.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is how sometimes the devil tries to play tricks on us. He quotes the Bible to influence us simply because we ourselves do not know much of what the Bible says. Shall we continue to since because the grace abounds? Certainly not.

I became convinced about what she told me so I agreed to go to the church. The following day at church, Enyonam was present and lead the period of worship before the word of God came. Nothing had changed from her standard of worship. Her songs were spirit filled but my question was that was that power in the songs she sang coming from God? During the lords supper time, we both took it. I was actually feeling guilty for what happened but she was very Okay with it. After church, I received a call from my father that my mother had fallen sick severely. He said they’ve rushed her to the hospital and at the time, she was on admission. The following day will be Monday and I was supposed to be at work but I had no other option to absent myself and go and see my mother. I called one of the permanent staffs at my department, Xorsenyo and told him my problem. He assured me of telling my boss when he gets to work. I also informed Enyonam about it so in the evening of that Sunday, I travelled back home to see my mother.

It was a sad scene. My mother became paralyzed and couldn’t even talk. My daddy said the thing Just happened to her. My father was asked to pay some money so that they refer her mother to 37 military hospital. I paid the money on his behalf because I took Enyonam’s money on me. At the hospital, our pastor back at home came to the hospital to pray for her. Even though they prayed as a church during church service. The pastor said he saw from the spiritual realm that, some stronger force has taken over our house and we needed to fasten our belt in prayer. By then, my other siblings were abroad but heard about our mother’s condition. The pastor said we needed to fast for one week in order to overcome that force if not we will lose our mother. Enyonam called my phone at the time the pastor was talking. She said she wanted to find out how my mother was doing. I told her what was doing on. I made her to understand that the pastor has seen the source of my mother’s problem. She sympathized with Me. Not knowing, she realized the pastor was beginning to spoil her plans of breaking the spine of my family. My mother was duly refereed to 37 military hospital. The news that came the following morning was that, my pastor was involved in a lorry accident when he was on his way coming to visit my mother. We became sad the more. Thankfully to God, He was not that injured. I gave almost the money Enyonam gave to me to my father to take care of my mother. He refused to take it and I Just couldn’t tell why he rejected it. He said I should rather use that money to establish myself so he will use his own money to take care of my mother. I forgot we were supposed to fast so I took some food.

On Tuesday, my mother gained a bit of consciousness. I went to see her and she spoke to me in a very weak voice. “John, you need to be prayerful. I won’t always be there to carry your cross. ” ” Mum what is the meaning of what you Just said? You are not dying now so stop talking like that. ” I said to her. I began feeling some itch around my manhood, It was irritating but I didn’t pay much attention to it. In some few minutes, my mother started coughing several. I ran out of the Ward to call the nurses around to come to her aid. One of the nurses too ran to call the doctor to see what was going on. The cough also came with blood. We were all sitting on time bomb. The pastor to help us in prayer himself is also on admission due to the accident. All these while, my mother was fighting a spiritual battle on my behalf. Let’s take note that not all that glitters is gold.

…to be continued


  1. You are the weak vessel of your family which the devil already known about and he is using that oppourtunity to the fullest.

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