Behind The Mask – Episode 1

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“…. Oh my God! how could I have allowed myself to rub buttoms with the porcupine? Nevertheless, it is said that it’s only a fool whose testicles are stepped on twice. How could some humans be so heartless and cruel to their fellow humans? You present and project yourself as an angel of God sent from above whiles you just cover yourself with a sheep’s cloth and wear the heart of a wolf. Hmm, some people just have wickedness ingrained in their veins. “I sat with a bleeding heart under the tree in front of the house thinking aloud. I just saw myself to be fooled and falsely accused of messing myself up. In no time, the clouds began to gather. They did so quickly that one would have thought they were under the spell of an esoteric being. It was accompanied by heavy winds so I decided to go into the room. I dashed into my bedroom and lied on my bed feeling very frustrated and devastated. Little did I know that I would fall asleep in a few minutes. I saw myself in a forest doing ‘only God knows’, when this hungry young antelope spotted me from afar and rushed my way. I never knew I could win an Olympic Marathon race until this moment when my speed increased faster than the antelope. Looking at things, there was no one around to help so I made up my mind to stop and fight it. “Hey, hey, Johnny! What is the problem with you?, wake-up. Why? Is the world crashing on you? “

Xorsenyo, my colleague from work came into the room to check on me.

With some terrible fear and panic, I woke up. “Xorse, it’s you. When did you enter into the room? Charley, it wasn’t easy oo, I was having some bad dream. But answer me, how did you enter?”

“You left the door open and besides that, I overhead you shouting for help when I entered the hall so I decided to come into the bedroom to see what was going on probably, Sis Enyonam is canning you so that I can plead on your behalf. Haha. Look at you, ‘ _you dey here dey dream_’ “. he explained. “Charley, I was dreaming about some antelope chasing me in a thick forest. Let’s leave that for now. How was work today?”, I asked. “Where is your wife, Enyonam?, and why has everything changed in your room like this?”, Xorsenyo asked.

Me: Xorsenyo, hmm, I went to marry a wolf which was nicely dressed and packaged in a sheep’s clothing. If you care to know, I’ve sent her away to wherever she came from.

Xorsenyo: You did what! Has the antelope in your dream finally gotten hold of you and affected your reasoning level? What did I just hear you rattle like that?

Me: Man, you heard me loud and clear. I’ve sacked her, if that would make comprehension easy for you. She is just a gold digger. I don’t know why her parents didn’t name her Golder.

Xorsenyo: Hey!, my friend watch your tongue . Have you forgotten my lady’s name is Golder? But What has come over you? After that expensive and ceremonious wedding which is not yet a year old?, or have you forgotten so soon that you proclaimed in public that for better for worse, and till death do you apart?

Me: For better for worse my foot. So I should allow my head to be chopped off before I know the chains are tightening my neck, is that what you are insinuating? My friend I need to be a man. Look, that lady who claimed her name is Enyonam is not real. All these while she was just hiding her true identity *behind a mask.*

Xorsenyo: Seriously I’m lost and surprised to be hearing this from a whole you, our love doctor. So was that why you didn’t come to work today? You, let’s put work aside and tell me what exactly went on.

Me: Hmm. My man, I’m not in any good mood to narrate anything to you now. I’m just not myself. I wish you could give me some time to be alone and relax my muscles. I will tell you everything after work tomorrow. But I believe manager was not very furious at me for not coming to work today?

Xorsenyo: Forget about that man. I just don’t know what type of human being he is. He always suspects people for doing nothing. Can you imagine that he misplaced the internal memo given to him personally and he’s blaming me for that? Charley put yourself together. I will come back later in the evening to check on you. But you better go back for your wife oo. I don’t agree to what you are telling me.


Many of us are allured by the notion that effortless relationships exist. Whether it been happily ever after marriage, or friendship that last forever, or parent/child bond which supersede the need to believe and understand each other, we’d all like to believe that our most intimate relationships are unconditional and strong enough to withstand whatever may come.

There is this popular saying that, love is blind. Well, that can be true if we enter into such relationships with all our heart leaving our brains behind. We can only see what the future holds for us if we should exercise a little bit of patience to study each other, taking into consideration, the other person’s personality trait and comparing its compatibility to our own personality trait and strike the level of harmony between the two. With that, we will be able to determine the future of the relationship from it’s budding stages as we rule out unnecessary disagreements and unhealthy suspicions.

Out of experience and with issues of relationship, I will want to share my history with you so you can be well informed before what happened to me, happens to any of you.

Many of us hide behind the mask of lust and give impressions that do not match who we really are. I wish I can turn back the clock to have a new beginning. Anyway, at some point in our lives, most of us need to face the fact that relationship requires effort to keep it strong and positive and even wonderful. We need to understand our own personality trait and that of our partner to achieve this goal.

You can call me John but my friends prefer calling me Johnny. I’m only 32 years of age and I work as an Internal Auditor. I do ponder over this question, “Is man by nature, good or evil?”. Yeah! this is because I’ve come to the realization that, as human as we are, we are very unpredictable. Well, the good book in Isaiah 45:7 says, “I form the light and create the darkness, I bring prosperity and create disaster; I, the lord do all these things.”

Follow me to the next episode let me walk you through how it all started and why I’m very bitter within myself.



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