Happy Birthday Talius Dike

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If there’s a lovable person
It qualifies no-one else but you
If there’s a meek and mild person
It no-one other but you
If there’s a chap who had dreamed and memorized his future to the palm of his hands
It’s no-one but you
If there is a man who had buried his fears to embrace comfort
It’s no-one other but you
If there’s a man so addicted to words
Words that pierces through metallic and stony hearts
words that pours the fluid of solace to every melancholic hearts
I pray the pulthcritude of your words paves way for your greatness
I perceive the earth crumble at your feet
I see a thousand fall by your right hands
And ten thousand by your left
Greatness shall lie with you all day
Happy birthday Sir
© Modest King
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