Dirty Game – Episode 15

By Adebiyi Demola

It was Taiwo, �how come? Has she given birth or what?� those were the questions dangling in my mind while I was still looking at the phone ringing till I lost the first call and finally picked it up when it started ringing for the second time.

�he e ello dear�, I said stammering when she cut in �it�s me, mummy Ope. Thank God o, she has put to bed� she broke the news happily. �Ope o o o! Ha! God, you are wonderful. You are indeed the greatest. You are worthy to be praised. Sister, wait o, a boy or a girl?� I asked anxiously in exited mood.

�In fact, God is really great o. Both nio, a boy and a girl (giggling)� she said joyfully.

I couldn�t just believe what I heard, so I tried to confirm to be sure� �Please, can you just recap what you just said now? Do you mean twins?� I asked anxiously while I stretched my ears in an attempt to hear clearly. �Yes o o o, you are now baba ibeji�, she re-affirmed her statement joyfully.

�Allahu Akbar!� I praised God with surprise which means �God is great�� �I�m so happy to hear this good news o. In fact, if anyone rides horse in my belly, he or she will ride smoothly without any hindrance. Thank you so much sister, I�m gonna join you as early as possible tomorrow, but may I speak with her?� I said joyfully and inquired.

�No for now, she is asleep� she replied.

�No problem then, later�, I said.

�Alright o, baba ibeji. Journey mercy in advance and take care of yourself�, she replied excitedly and hung up the call�

I was so happy and felt like I was on top of the world and decided to spread the good news without minding that it was mid night. I put call to Demola but he didn�t pick up which gave me an instinct to delay spreading the development to everyone who deserves to know about it till morning. I couldn�t sleep till the dawn because I was just full of joy forgetting that there was a challenge before me�

The next morning, Demola called me back and I told him about the news which got him exited as well. When it was around 8:15am, I prepared for home but branched at office to get my boss informed and simultaneously took permission which he granted satisfactorily. I got home safely and checked on her at the hospital�

She was discharged after four days and people came from every nooks and crannies to greet her�

I thought I was dreaming when I saw Sophiat who also came around to rejoice with us. I was shocked and confused, we stared at each other with horror face, then she made an irritating and elongated hiss which sent signal to everyone on seat and got them surprised, and then set eyes on her at a time. She stood up immediately,

�Taiwo, I need to see you in camera. Would you join me outside?� she stepped out while our eyes followed her and Taiwo followed�

After some minutes, Taiwo came in with strain written all over her face and everyone on seat started looking at her with worried wondering what could have happened but couldn�t say anything.

�Where is Sophiat that you followed?� I asked so as to emanate the unfavourable situation on ground because most of them (well-wishers) were in darkness.

�She has gone, but promised to come back later�, she replied in sour tone.

In the evening of that very day, I asked her about what Sophiat told her but she didn�t open up.

�Don�t mind her jawe. It was all about your past which I�m less concerned about. Though, I�m not happy but I have no option than to accept my fate�, she responded while her eyes were saturated with tears.

Though, I was not satisfied with her stance and response but due to her present status, I needed to take things lightly with her which made me changed the topic to naming ceremony plan.

�Dear, what are the names you would like to give the babies�, I asked with smile on my face while expecting her to reply in an excited mood but my expectation turned otherwise.

She looked into my eyes with sympathy and shook her head left and right, I was expecting her to say something, but nothing came out from her mouth. Her action got me scared, then I move closer to her and petted her

�Dear, what�s the issue? What happened? This look is nothing to write home about, please, tell me something�, I pleaded with strain all over my face. Then, the babies started crying which made my sister came around to assist her. She breastfed them but yet they refused to stop crying till around 3:05am. And around that time, I got a call from my boss telling me that my attention is needed and I needed to report as early as possible. I left my sister and wife very early in the morning.

I was about to enter Ore town when I saw a man in the pool of his own blood almost lifeless struggling to come out from a devastated jeep that ran into the bush. I felt care less about the incidence and drove off, but my mind couldn�t just allow me to do so. Then, I stopped but didn�t ki*ll the engine of my car and tried to rescue him. The driver has joined his fore-father, then I carried the man into my car not minding any implication that could come out of it and drove him to a nearby hospital in the town and he was urgently carried to A&E (Accident and Emergency) unit first and later transferred to ICU (Intensive Care Unit ) just because he was unconscious.

I did the necessary things and my number was collected by the doctor in case of any assistance while road safety officials was called before I proceeded with my journey. I Joined my colleagues at work and when I asked of the boss, I was told that he just left the office as a result of a call he got, then I decided to move out and put call to him but he didn�t pick up�

Then, I decided to call my wife so as to know about her well being and that of my twins but she also refused to pick up which made me called my sister and the story was the same. I called both of them several times but no response. My mind was disturbed and I didn�t know what to do �these people are not matured enough to be using mobile phone, where have they kept their phones now?�, I murmured.

I went back to the office where Emeka, a colleague at office challenged and delivered a message to me �where did you go before?� he asked inquisitively.

�Just to make calls�, I replied.

�Alright, Oga said you should work on this and submit the report before 6:00pm�, he handed a file to me and winked me with smile written all over his face.

I collected the file from him and started the assignment immediately with no time wasted. Though, the work shouldn�t have taken more than three hours but due to the pressure on me which made me spent additional two hours but yet, it was ready some minutes to 6:00pm and that was when my boss came around and the work was handed to him.

He went through it and said �in you I trust. Kudos for the work well done. How was your family at home? I wouldn�t have disturbed you but just because you are the best to carry out this assignment for me. Next tomorrow is the naming ceremony right?�

�Yes sir.� I replied and shook my head in affirmation with smile.

�Good! Be expecting me and my people� he said.

�Alright sir. Thanks a lot sir�, I responded.

�You are free to go back home, the family man�, he said in a jokingly and left the office and I replied �thank you sir.�

Then, it was already past 6:00pm and I decided to call the mother of my kids again which I expected her to pick up but picked by my sister�

�Hello dear, where have you put�?�, I was about to query her when she cut in, �it�s me, your sister. Mama Ibeji is not in good condition, she is bleeding and she has been taken to hospital. In fact, she is in a critical condition and she said she needs to see you. Therefore, you will have to show up as urgent as possible�, she said with tremble in her voice.

On hearing this, I was shocked and felt sad�

�I will join you very soon�, I replied in sad mood and dropped the call.

I quickly got the car key and started the car, I got to the hospital after six hours journey�

�Where is she?� I curiously asked my sister who lead me to the doctor�s office and we went to her together�

I met her on bed looking very sick and started wondering what could have been the issue.

�Welcome dear�, she said and she started struggling to get up in order to rest her back against the wall which I assisted her in achieving that.

I sat beside her while the doctor and my sister stood looking at her�

She looked into my eyes passionately and tears started trickling down her cheeks.

I wondered what brought about that and quickly wiped off the tears with my right volar.

�Dear, what�s the issue? What happened?� I asked out of worry while the doctor stood looking at the drama.

She sighed and kept on staring at me passionately before she spoke out�

�I�m very sorry dear. I love you so much and care for you a lot, but it pains me a lot and wound has been created in my heart as a result of the medium through which we met and the silly mistake I made where I served as a stooge. Hope you will forgive me when you read through a letter I�ve written to you which I kept in the wardrobe? I�m gonna miss you a lot.� she said and smiled while still looking into my eyes.

�Why all this dear? I also love you and care for you as well�, I responded out of tension.

�Take care of my babies very well dear� she said and took the last breath�

…to be continued

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