Curious – Episode 5

By Paula Keyne

The kissing was getting intense and Samuel couldn’t control his urge and kept wanting more from Kylie,in a flash of an eye his shirt was off, next came her shirt and her shorts and then she was on him and he was helping her to get rid of his trousers when he struck him that he had a wife at home who was probably getting worried about his whereabouts while he was
here trying to cheat on her. He pushed Kylie off him and quickly picked his clothes and dashed from her house and was on the way to his house on full speed like he was being pursued.

Adanna glanced at the clock and saw the time was late,she decided not to worry since the last time it turned out her husband was perfectly fine so
she headed for bed and slept.

Samuel got home safely,went straight to the bathroom to wash off Kylie’s scent on him,when he was through he walked into the bedroom to see his wife fast asleep

He climbed to his side of the bed and then rolled over to her side of the bed and gave her a peck he did gently so as not to wake her up. He laid down back to think about his life,the complications that came with having kylie in his life at that moment he decided he would cut all ties with her,it wasn’t worth loosing his marriage over,for goodness he was married to one of the most beautiful woman on earth and he will be dammed if he
messes that up. With all this thoughts he slept off.

Adams was laid up in his bed thinking about his next door neighbour. He kept wondering what was drawing him to her,the fact that he knew she was married did not seem to stop the attraction at all. Well he has never been the kind of guy that comes between people’s marriages so even tho he was attracted to her he decided he won’t act on it. He will respect the ring
she wears.

The next morning……..
There is a knock on Samuel’s door,he looked up to see his secretary walk in wiith the files hr had asked for earlier. She handed the files to him and
then told him Kylie called earlier asking for his schedule for the day. He told her to tell Kylie when she called back that he travelled to another state for a conference meeting and from there he will go to see some
clients and will be away for two weeks. The secretary looked shocked for a second but composed herself and did as she was told.

The next couple of days for day for Adanna was hectic for her,after her chores she called Adams over and she posed while he painted. They talked alot during this times and she got to know him better the same way he got to know her well. She always looked forward to a new day so she can spend time with Adams. After the first few days she invited him to eat with her after
he was through painting her for the day and since then they ate together each day.

Adams has gotten everything he needed for the portrait buy he kept on coming back to Adanna’s under the pretense of painting her. She seem like a blessing in his life because since he started painting her he has been able to finish all his paintings for the show case. He even added new paintings.

Somehow she made him motivated from their little talks and he wanted to go out of his way yo impress her and made sure that she doesn’t regret confiding in him.

Kylie was tempted to fling her phone across after she just listened to the crap Samuel’s secretary just told her. Hmm conference meeting indeed well it simply means its time she switched things a bit since she wanted the
cool way and he did not to play well she will just show him who the queen is in their little game she thought.

Over the next couple of days she made it a habit of sending nudes to Samuel’s phone randomly,she called him at night when she knows his wife was around she even started sending him love messages. She checked out his work calendar and started showing up at events he was to attend dressing seductively and making sure people saw them together. Well let’s see how
long he is going to ignore her she thought within her.


The past few days have been terrible for Samuel, Kylie decided to make his life hell and his work was not making it any easy for him. The most annoying thing now was his wife was always too tired for anything, he
wondered what she did during the day that makes her so exhausted at night.

First he has to deal with all those sexy nudes Kylie sends and then his wife doesn’t have his time. Anytime he reaches out to her she is always very tired or she brings up one excuse after the other. Another disturbing
thing has been the late night phone calls he has been receiving from Kylie,it has gotten to a point that Adanna has been looking at him suspiciously for a while now,he tried ignoring the calls but she kept calling.

To prevent his wife from thinking he was cheating he had to change kylie’s name to Office in his phone. Things was definitely getting out of hand. He will just have to see Kylie face to face and settle this once and for all.


Adanna and Samuel walked hand in hand into the gallery. It was the day for Adams’ gallery show and she decided to invite her husband along she did not
tell him about the painting because she wanted to surprise him.

She did not have to wait for long because as soon as they stepped into the place her portrait stared down at them. It just seemed like she was looking at a mirror, she was spellbound and just kept walking towards the
portrait till she stood in front of it.

“Its beautiful right?” She heard behind her,turning around she discovered it was Adams talking.

“Yes it is,its marvelous. I must commend you for the pic and congratulations on your show case it looks like every body is pleased with all they have been seeing.

” thanks” he replied

At that moment her husband joined them and she introduced them to each other .

“You are incredibly talented” her husband said to Adams who shrugged it off like it was nothing.

At that moment one of the reporter for one of the major magazine in the country walked up to them and introduced herself and then asked Adanna and Adams to take a picture together while they were posing for the photo she asked

“So are you guys dating?”

“No,we are not” Adanna replied quickly and pointed at her husband telling the reporter that she was married.

“Okay sorry my bad, you must be lucky to have married a man who did not mind another man painting you, well have a lovely evening” she said and walked away.

“Am really sorry for that” Adams said

“There is no need for that” she replied.

He couldn’t argue more as his dealer Susan walked up to them and after a little chit chat she took Adams with her to go and greet other clients and people who were in attendance.

As soon as they left her husband grabbed her by the arms

“You never told me anything about this painting” he said pointing at her portrait.

“Well I did not say anything because I wanted to surprise you,isn’t it lovely?” She replied smiling at him

“If I may ask where did you guys stay to paint the picture”

“In our house of course”

“You mean why I was in the office working my a$$ off so we can eat and you are inviting men over right?” He said

“Excuse me, what men did I invite over, just because someone painted me doesn’t mean anything” she replied not trying to hide the anger in her voice as she spoke

“Well it shouldn’t repeat it self again” he said

“Lord Samuel last time I checked we both lived in that house so I can invite who ever I want”

“Really huh,so tell me whats the next thing ,you are going to invite him to our bed too” he said but before she could replied a very beautiful lady
walked up to them

“Hi Samuel its been a while”

“Hi Kylie nice to see you again, you remember my wife right?” He said as the two women exchanged pleasantries

“Honey this lady here is the one that decorated our home” he said

“Oh my goodness you did a marvelous job,I love everything you did” Adanna said

“Thanks am blushing right now” Kylie replied

“So Kylie I never knew you were an art fan” her husband said

“Oh yes I enjoy art but more than that my sister is Adams’ dealer.” She said as she looked at the portrait above them and then turning to Adanna she said

“Wait,you are the person Adams used for the painting, how long have you been modelling?”

“Am not a model,I just posed for Adams since we are friends” she said

“Oh,now I see, well then you must have a very understanding husband. Well I come around to visit Adams once in a while”

“Wow, maybe next time when you come to see him you can drop by and visit me” Adanna said

“Well I just might” Kylie said as she bade them goodbye but not before hugging Samuel in an embrace that did not seem to end.

After greeting with people who came to see his art Adams stood by a corner slowly sipping his champagne while he digested his success.

“Adams we finally did it” he heard Susan said as she walked up to him
“Everybody is saying good things about everything but everybody is also wondering why you won’t sell the portrait I mean we already have offers going towards eight figures”. She added

” Well it seems we might get the critical acclaim we have always wanted” he said avoiding her question.

“Yes you are right but why don’t you want sell that portrait?”

“Its just special to me okay,let’s just leave it at that” he said.

They talked about other things and then mixed with people who came to the event.

Adanna is busy in the kitchen when she heard the doorbell ring,she was surprised to see Adams with flowers at her door. They exchanged pleasantries and she invited him in,he stayed with her as she did her
chores and they talked about a lot of things including his success the previous night. They ate together before he left her to go run some errands.

Samuel is through from work and decided to go and see Kylie so he can put an end to her childish acts. He prepared his speech in the car on his way but became tongue tied the moment she opened the door due to what she was wearing,he knew it was a bad idea to go in with her but he couldn’t help himself and followed as she led the way.

She did not go to her living room as she usually did rather she went into her bedroom and after she sat down on her bed with her legs crossed seductively she asked what he wanted from her.
He really wanted to speak but somehow couldn’t even say a word and without being in control of himself he walked forward and kissed her and one thing led to another.

Samuel woke up hours to see Kylie lying beside him on the bed and her legs wrapped around his waist,he looked around while he tried to remember where
he was and what led to their current situation while trying to get his thoughts together Kylie woke up and seeing him she broke into a smile and reached out to kiss him.

He did not want to disappoint her so he allowed the kiss and after a while he told he wanted to go back home to his wife,she wasn’t really happy about it but insisted he stayed for dinner before he left which he agreed to and after that he left for his house.

The drive home was slow and steady as Samuel had a lot of things going through his mind,he couldn’t believe he had just cheated on his wife. He always thought he was different from other men who did such but I guess hewas just like every other guy. The thing that troubled him the most was that he had lasted longer on Kylie than he had ever done with his wife. Is it that his body did not find his wife attractive or is it because he found
his wife boring in bed. Wait, did he just say his wife is boring in bed?

Where are all this thoughts coming from he had never thought of her in this way but he had to admit compare to Kylie his wife had nothing on her. He was in no way saying Kylie was more beautiful than his wife,I mean she doesn’t even hold a candle light near his wife but she knew everything he wanted,she knew just the right spot to touch and she did not just lie there like a piece of wood.

He got home safely and headed up the stairs and straight to the bathroom as usual. When he stepped into his room after his bath his saw his wife sleeping on her side of the bed and he felt a pang of pain wash over him. How on earth could he have stoop so low and cheat on his wife. He slept late that night with his thoughts running wide.

…to be continued


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